Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Yesterday at gymnastics Oliven bent his toe backwards and really hurt his foot. He has been icing and elevating it today. It is swollen and black and blue, but doesn't appear broken - thank goodness. He should be back on his feet in a couple days. The nurse didn't think swimming at Champs this Saturday would be a problem, but wasn't as confident about his going to swim practice the rest of the week. We will see how it goes. He can put weight on it and says it only hurts 2 our of 10, which is good for Oliven as he can be a bit dramatic. (You should hear the complaining about his bug bites...though, to be fair, he does have a LOT).

Camping with Alex and a Colby visit

Alex Brewer asked if we wanted to go camping this summer. Chris isn't a big fan and neither is Justin, so I booked a camping spot. I didn't really want to tent camp and overwhelm myself since we have done that previously this summer with Freddy. So, I booked a yurt. It was at Mt. Madonna and it was great. Being outside is always a joy. We played lots of card and dice games, took a couple of hikes, roasted marshmallows for s'mores, Alex and I hung out and talked by the fire. Colby joined us at 11pm that night. The next day we spent half of the day at the park enjoying nature and each others company - most of the time ;)  It was a fun trip. I just love nature and camping.

Kids' growth stats

height: 4' 4.5" - 20% for height.
weight: 71 lbs. - 49% for weight.
BMI (taking into account weight for height) 73%

height: 4' 1.75" - 33% for height.
weight: 58 lbs. - 53% for weight.
BMI (taking into account weight for height) 66% 

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Murder Mystery Party 50's style and a sleep over

Saturday night was a fun evening for all of us...
   The boys went to see "The Incredibles 2" with their grandparents with a sleepover. They had a great time. They always really love spending time with their grandparents.
  Justin and I stayed home and hosted a Murder Mystery party. Carrie, Peng, Alex, Chris, Nicole and Michael joined us for the fun. It was a very entertaining evening. It is always nice to hang out with friends. I of course love to add acting to it, cause who wouldn't??? It was a 50s theme, which I loved. It was a great way to celebrate my birthday. We also got to have burgers and banana splits, so you can't go wrong there. I guess I can officially be 37 now.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Vander and Oliven got really into making money for the swim-a-thon this year. I'm not sure what inspired them as they have been luke warm about it in the past. They got lots of donations and were very motivated to swim lots of laps. Oliven decided to swim IM's and Vander went with all freestyle. Vander swam 80 laps and Oliven swam 62 laps in 45 minutes. Nice job fellas!

Heather, Heather, Deb, and a piano recital

    Deb came in to town and joined us at a swim meet. She also joined us for our piano recital. Oliven did a great job on his song, "The Flies Adventure". I did great until the last note, which I totally messed up and tried to salvage, but got very carried away. As Craig put it, "you took it to a whole new level." Maybe I should stick to the directing. I think that lack of sleep over the last while has turned my brain mushy. Seriously, I my memory is not at all what it should be. I look at the sleep analysis on my fitbit and I don't get nearly enough REM or Deep sleep. Like you should get 15% and I get 4%. I signed up for a sleep class in October, so maybe that will help??? We also went to Larry and Theresa's for an afternoon and paella dinner. Heather Pint joined us there. It was a lovely afternoon full of lots of bickering, but also lots of love.
    The day of the swim meet my cousin Heather, her husband Marshall, and their baby Carson (he's a little over 1) came into town for the night. We spent a couple hours at the house in between the swim meet and the recital, then met up at BJ's for dinner. We came home and in the morning we spent some time together. The boys loved playing with Carson. He is such a good little dude. I only heard him cry once for like 5 minutes. They were sure to mention that he was not their cousin, but their second cousin once removed. So silly. I wish they could have stayed longer, but they were on their way to Tahoe for a conference for Heather.

Monday, June 18, 2018

So much to catch up on

I am not surprised that all of my friends gave up on blogging a long time ago. Life just gets to hectic when you are working. I don't want to abandon it though because Vander really enjoys reading them and learning about himself and our lives. There are a lot of fun memories that would for sure be lost if they hadn't been written down. (For better or for worse). Here's a funny little story. My birthday was 2 days ago. In the morning I asked them if I looked older. Oliven said, "No, but you should see if you weigh more now that you are older." Too cute.
  Okay, let's see what have we been up to lately...
*Vander had his last band concert as a recorder player.
*Patricia Pollaco came to our school and presented at an assembly. She signed a book for the boys. She was amazing. I wish I would have bought a few more of her books for her to sign. She was very down to earth and kind. I really enjoyed spending time with her. She is an incredibly talented author and illustrator.
*The school year ended. We went out to Chinese food with the Lim family to close out the year. We then headed over to an end of the year celebration party. There was a pool with a slide, and in ground trampoline, and a bounce house. It was pretty cool.
*My birthday was the same day as a swim meet and the swim overnighter. The boys had a blast and stayed up late - Oliven until 11 and Vander until 12! Jon was in town so Camille and her little brother, John, came over and played games and went to dinner with us at a restaurant called "Blue Door". It was a neat ambiance and a fun evening. We went out for Popsicle ice cream after dinner. The real celebration will be a murder mystery party June 30th. I am looking forward to that.
* For Father's Day we went to Katz parents house and had burgers and a lovely, relaxing afternoon.
*Swim has been fantastic again this year. It always is. Now that the boys are at the upper end of their age groups they are whipping up. Oliven got all 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons at the last two meets. He got a 4th place place once this swim season after 3 meets!
*We went camping with Freddy. All of the Grand's were supposed to come up for a visit. Hattie and Annie were going to fly home, while Emmie, Molly, Freddy, Oliven, Vander, and I went camping for two nights at Mt. Madonna. It didn't work out that way unfortunately. All the Grand girls ended up with sinus infections and had to stay home. It was a huge bummer. Despite that, Freddy and I took the boys camping for one night. It was a lot of fun. Being out in nature is so good for the soul. I couldn't sleep because I was sooo cold. I ended up sleeping in the car. (I have been having a lot of trouble sleeping recently. I am working so hard to make sure that I do what I need to for my health and still my body is rebelling against me.) It was super moist air and because of that it was raining under the trees, but not where there were no trees. I have never seen that happen before. Best of all, it was too cool for the bugs to even bother coming out to snack on us.