Monday, June 18, 2018

So much to catch up on

I am not surprised that all of my friends gave up on blogging a long time ago. Life just gets to hectic when you are working. I don't want to abandon it though because Vander really enjoys reading them and learning about himself and our lives. There are a lot of fun memories that would for sure be lost if they hadn't been written down. (For better or for worse). Here's a funny little story. My birthday was 2 days ago. In the morning I asked them if I looked older. Oliven said, "No, but you should see if you weigh more now that you are older." Too cute.
  Okay, let's see what have we been up to lately...
*Vander had his last band concert as a recorder player.
*Patricia Pollaco came to our school and presented at an assembly. She signed a book for the boys. She was amazing. I wish I would have bought a few more of her books for her to sign. She was very down to earth and kind. I really enjoyed spending time with her. She is an incredibly talented author and illustrator.
*The school year ended. We went out to Chinese food with the Lim family to close out the year. We then headed over to an end of the year celebration party. There was a pool with a slide, and in ground trampoline, and a bounce house. It was pretty cool.
*My birthday was the same day as a swim meet and the swim overnighter. The boys had a blast and stayed up late - Oliven until 11 and Vander until 12! Jon was in town so Camille and her little brother, John, came over and played games and went to dinner with us at a restaurant called "Blue Door". It was a neat ambiance and a fun evening. We went out for Popsicle ice cream after dinner. The real celebration will be a murder mystery party June 30th. I am looking forward to that.
* For Father's Day we went to Katz parents house and had burgers and a lovely, relaxing afternoon.
*Swim has been fantastic again this year. It always is. Now that the boys are at the upper end of their age groups they are whipping up. Oliven got all 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons at the last two meets. He got a 4th place place once this swim season after 3 meets!
*We went camping with Freddy. All of the Grand's were supposed to come up for a visit. Hattie and Annie were going to fly home, while Emmie, Molly, Freddy, Oliven, Vander, and I went camping for two nights at Mt. Madonna. It didn't work out that way unfortunately. All the Grand girls ended up with sinus infections and had to stay home. It was a huge bummer. Despite that, Freddy and I took the boys camping for one night. It was a lot of fun. Being out in nature is so good for the soul. I couldn't sleep because I was sooo cold. I ended up sleeping in the car. (I have been having a lot of trouble sleeping recently. I am working so hard to make sure that I do what I need to for my health and still my body is rebelling against me.) It was super moist air and because of that it was raining under the trees, but not where there were no trees. I have never seen that happen before. Best of all, it was too cool for the bugs to even bother coming out to snack on us.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Too much and so thankful at the same time

    Life has been way way too stressful lately. Putting on musicals of "Gold Dust or Bust" for each of the 4th grade classes (which Vander was in and I enjoyed very much), while also trying to put on "Disney Dazzle" with the 5th grade students - all 72 with little teacher support has been too much physically, mentally and emotionally. I can't do that to myself again. On top of that we have gymnastics, piano, baseball and swim started. I recently started doing yoga for health reasons and it has helped a great deal, but it's not really optional so much as a physical necessity...if I want to sleep and not be feeling discomfort all the time, I need to go. Luckily I really like it. I have been so stressed out though that my eye is twitching, my dark circles are really dark, and I can't stop dreaming about all the things I still need to do for the musicals. The 4th grade musicals are over so some of the stress is gone, but summer is already starting too feel too short and a bit stressful and it hasn't even started. Ack! I recently enrolled in a stress management class, and have been seeing a psychologist. She has really helped me sooo much to move past resentment and emotional damage from my past. It has been a huge relief and burden lifted from my heart and mind.
  I sat down and thought the other day about what a charmed life I lead. I am soooo lucky. I have my dream job, live in a fantastic city with great weather, have two healthy happy children that I love dearly, a husband that I adore who adores me as well, we live in a safe comfortable neighborhood that feels like a family with fantastic neighbors and friends. We live very close to Larry and Theresa. I couldn't ask for anything better than my kids growing up next to their grandparents who adore them. So, while life may be stressful, it's also pretty darn amazing! I am so thankful and feel so loved and appreciated. The stress, I suppose, comes mostly from the high expectations that I set for myself (and of course too much to do). I really do love my life.

Vander's extra tooth is pulled out

Vander had an extra baby tooth and an extra adult tooth...we have been monitoring it for years, and it was finally time to take it out. It was a pretty simple extraction. Vander had a quick recovery and you wouldn't even know...easy peasy.

Vander's 10th birthday

How has 10 years passed in such a flash. The days can be long, but the years sure are short. Vander decided this year to go bowling for his birthday. He had Bella and Jeremiah and it was a sleepover. They had pizza at the bowling alley and came home and watched Shrek (which is kind of funny because we had just gone to Shrek Jr. the musical earlier that day...I guess they liked it). Instead of cake Vander asked for cheese puff and oreos. Oliven had requested ice cream sandwiches with mint choc. chip ice cream inside chocolate chip cookies. So, unconventional it is. They played video games and played outside in the morning after hootenanies. They had a good time.

Mother's Day

Vander put on a special Mother's Day performance with the 4th graders and it was so special. He wrote me a special poem and it was very sweet and heartfelt. It made me cry (of course). I missed him reading it because I had to get my class covered to come. He ended up going back up on stage and reading it again even though it made him anxious. I am so glad he did. They also sang a couple of sentimental songs. It warmed my heart.
 We also had a egg sandwiches for brunch at out house with Grammy and Pops and then watched a musical of my choice as my mother's day request. We had quinoa yumminess for dinner. Yum. I felt very loved and appreciated.

Gold Dust or Bust

For the 3rd year I put on a musical with the 4th grade students called, "Gold Dust or Bust". It's a fun musical and I let the kids make up the choreography after teaching them some dance steps. This year it was extra special because Vander was in it. He was an Overlander and a Child. At the beginning of the semester he cried because he has stage fright and just didn't want to be in it at all or wanted to blend into the background, but he came around. He did a great job. I am so proud of him!

Oliven's Earthday birthday

  Oliven loves the Earth, so he decided to have a second birthday with an Earth day theme. He truly is my green baby. His favorite color is green as well. He invited Jeremiah, Evan (who ended up getting sick so he couldn't come), Joey, Jenson, and Vander of course. Vander had a baseball game so he joined us later. Oliven had the first several hours dedicated to picking up trash on the way to the park, playing at the park, picking  up trash on the walk to the next park, playing there for a while, then picking up trash on the way back to our house. Jeremiah was all about the big "jackpot" trash. Jenson was all about the details with the teeny tiny pieces of trash. It was really cool to hear a group of 2nd grade boys saying, "man this is so much fun!" while picking up trash. Jeremiah stayed for a sleepover and they had a great time. We had Grammy and Pops over for his birthday meal and lime cake (Grandma Gretchen's recipe) for dessert.