Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sick, but festive.

Well, we survived a week of Vander having a cold. It was rough for a little bit there... he hates the nose sucker and the nose spray with a passion. He had to sleep sitting up in his vibrating chair, which he didn't mind, but made me a nervous reck. Now I am reading books about sleeping and trying to do the best I can to have a well rested baby. He doesn't seem to be a huge fan of their advice though... I am also trying to increase the amount of milk I am making so that I don't have to pump at 4:30am. That is the thing that seems to make me constantly tired.

We are working on learning to sit up. I am trying to buy a bumbo so he can sit in that. I just hope his legs aren't too pudgy to fit in the leg holes...he's got chunky little thighs.

I took Vander to the pumpkin patch and we had a great time walking around. We also got his Halloween costume... he is going to be Batman, so stay tuned for that one. There is a chance of rain on Friday so we are hoping that does not happen, cause that could really "dampen" Vander's first Halloween.

Vander has the cutest laugh...sometimes he laughs so hard it's silent.

I am so in love with our little baby. :)
Vander is hanging out in a friends bumbo (this is the one I am trying to buy).
Vander and I are hanging out at the pumpkin patch in our overalls.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

First day of blogging

This is the first time I have sat down to document my amazing baby boy. He is fantastic. It is truly phenominal what a baby can learn in 4 short months. Being a mom is different than I imagined... when you figure one thing out a new challenge presents itself. I think the toughest thing is when I don't know what Vander wants so it's a string of guesses in the hopes that something works. It's all worth it though for those beautiful, big smiles. He loves to be kissed on the nose. He enjoys staring at Justin and I and just laughing. Vander is just so darn precious. He rolls over, but it's mostly accidental. He "talks" to the people in his light show. He is just so darn cute. I love him sooo much. I'm so lucky and blessed to have him. Justin is a great dad too.