Friday, December 18, 2009

Recent Vander fun

Vander went to a glow in the dark party yesterday and man did he love that. He got to draw with highlighters and they glowed. He was thrilled.

Vander has been enjoying Hannukah...candles and gifts every could you go wrong? His favorite gifts from his Grammy and Pops have been a Handy Manny tool box and a stuffed Moose. He has enjoyed all his gifts...he also loves his tub ducks.

Advent calendars and Christmas tree lights are also a huge part of Vander's holiday fun. He is eating a piece of chocolate from the advent calendar every day. Every morning he points at the Christmas tree and says, "please." I plug in the lights and he says, "cooooool." It is really adorable.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Little baby Katz

Vander's baby brother has clubbed feet, which we have been told is totally treatable. 2 months of casts, then 2 months of braces, then 2-4 years of braces at night. He probably won't remember it when he's older. We are relieved to know that this is the only issue that he has. We were worried and had amniocentesis done, but he is totally healthy! It will be a little more difficult, but we will get through this as a family.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Another super busy, but fun weekend

Saturday we went to Josh's 1st birthday party at SwaRay in Sunnyvale, which was rooms of fun. Vander got to make music, play with balls, go down a bouncy slide, make a construction hat and eat some yummy food. We headed directly over to the South Valley baby Christmas party, which was also realy fun...lots of baby chaos. We lost Justin's shoe for a while- that was an interesting adventure. Then, with the South Valley members we headed over to Glacier Ct. to see Christmas lights. They were pretty awesome. 3 engineers get together to sink 2 houses worth of lights to music. They create their own music station and it's like the Bellagio of Christmas lights. Very fun to watch. Then, Sunday, we went to Babies R Us to help Sarah decide what to scan into her baby registry...that store is very overwhelming when you haven't had kids yet! That took a couple hours. After Vander's nap we headed down to Grammy and Pop's house for some Hannukah Latkas and fun. Latkas are quite delicious, but everyone smells like oil afterward. Anyway it was lots of fun and the latkas were especially delicious this time. (They are always yummy).

Friday, December 11, 2009

Elmo Santa Vander

Happy Holidays everyone!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What a busy weekend

On Saturday we went to Breakfast with Santa put on by our Loan Officer. It was breakfast, pictures, face painting, balloon making, and ceramic decorating. Vander screamed his head off near Santa. Then we went straight to his friend Isabella's birthday party. She was turning 2. It was a music themed party by the most creative lady I know. All of the food was music themed, little music note sandwiches and pretzels, with music crafts to create and we all did some circle time with Bella's favorite songs and some dancing. It was very cool. Carrie even made little goodie bags (musical print of course) with Bella's favorite music compiled on a c.d., a shaker and a scarf for dancing. Lots of fun was had by all. After nap time we headed over to the Willow Glen Christmas party for some play time and another scream fest with Santa. He is one scary dude. On Sunday we went to the Almaden Christmas party, which was catered, and the food was super delicious. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, but overall it was a fun weekend. I personally am feeling very preoccupied with this pregnancy, but Justin is doing a great job picking up the slack. I hope you all had fabulous weekends. I know Vander did.

Friday, December 4, 2009

It's a ...

Vander will be having a baby brother.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Super cute- toes tickle nose, a must see Vander production

Vander's stats

At 18 months Vander stats are:
23lb 3.4oz : 15%
2'7.75" : 30%
Head measure 46cm : 8 %

So, while he is on the smaller side the doctor tells me that preemies don't usually catch up until around 3 years old and he is within all normal parameters. He is a healthy little man. His bowels are also under control now. He is taking 2 tsp. of fiber and 3 tsp. of miralax a day, but it's working. The doctor says to keep him on it until he is potty trained (which could be a while since he has NO readiness signs yet).

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

a few things

A couple of things...Vander is now officially vacinated with H1N1 vacine (though he has to get another booster in January). He also helped us make cookies the other day (thanks for the idea Erin), and it was so much fun. He is enjoying the Christmas tree ornaments and so far hasn't broken anything. Just a quick few things that were on my mind.

Monday, November 30, 2009

San Diego

Our trip to San Diego went very very fast. I can't believe that it is already over. Time sure flies when you are having fun. We drove down on Friday Nov. 20th. We got up at 3:30am and left promptly. Colby came with us. He drove down from Humbolt Thursday night and didn't sleep at all. Vander only ended up sleeping for 40 minutes of the trip, so he was quite the unhappy camper. He did not enjoy the 9 hour drive. We stopped to pick up Grandpa Ken and his dog and things got VERY cramped. Everyone had stuff on their laps and Vander was wineing and crying the rest of the time...over 2 hours! I was not happy at that point either. We had dinner that night with Freddie and Annie as well as Grandma Gretchen and Grandpa David came up to join us. It was nice. A delicious meal of enchiladas. We handed out our Christmas presents since we won't be down for Christmas this year.
Saturday was my 10 year high school reunion. It ended up being pretty fun even though only one of the girls I used to hang out with, Jenny Adams, showed up. Face book is ruining reunions! All of my high school friends said, "well if I want to know what someone is up to I just look them up on face book." So, needless to say it was a very small turn out. I'm glad I went though.
Sunday we went to visit Bubbie and Zadie (Justin's grandparents on his dad's side) and had a nice time with them. Vander loved the rocks in their yard. We had sandwiches and chatted. It was nice catching up with them. Later that day, after Vander's nap we went over to Vander's Grantie Debs house and hung out with her and had dinner. It was good to catch up with the family. Mitch came over and hung out at both places so Vander got to hang out with his Uncle most of the day.
Monday I went down to spend time with Grandma Gretchen, Grandpa David, and Colby. We ended up picking Grandpa Ken up from Karen's house too. Vander stayed and hung out with his Dad at Uncle Freddie and Aunt Annie's place.
Tuesday Freddie had the day off so we hung out at his place with him. We went to Best Buy and bought a new camera....finally! Kodak Easy Share, 12 megapixel. And, it's pink. Freddy got the same one in charcoal.
Wednesday we met Bryan and Vicki at Pat and Oscars for lunch. Bryan decided to stay and hang out with us for the day, so we went back to hang out while Vander took a nap. Later we headed over to Chuck E. Cheese's, which was a blast. Annie got off early and came with us. We had a lot of fun and Vander got some koosh balls to remember the experience by.
Thursday was Thanksgiving of course, so we all went down and spent the day at Grandma Grechen and Grandpa David's. It was no easy task following Vander around and it took a group effort to keep him out of trouble. He enjoyed the meal (though he didn't take much of a nap that day). He was a big fan of the turkey and biscuits.
Friday was black Friday and Justin went to Target at 4am, when he got back Vander got up and they went to Best Buy together. We all went out to Breakfast at IHOP with Grandpa Ken. Later we went down to Grandma's house for Thanksgiving leftovers.
Saturday came quickly and we were in the car by 3:28am on the road. Sadly Colby forgot his phone, keys and wallet at Freddy and Annie's place. Vander wimpered/cried for the first hour, but then he slept for 2. We went through a rain storm and a snow storm at the peak of the Grapevine-scary! Anyway, we made it home at around 10:30am, and Andrea and Josh came to hang out with us at around noon. We made panini's and played games.
We spent Sunday cleaning up and putting up our Christmas decorations. Colby left around 1:15pm. Our house is mostly clean now and very festive. A few touches are still needed, but overall it's pretty good.
Now it's time to get back to real life. A HUGE thanks to Freddy and Annie for letting us stay with them!!!

I miss my family already!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Harvest party-Iron Chef pumpkin

Today Vander, Justin and I hosted another big baby party. It wasn't really our turn, but nobody else stepped up when the girl who was supposed to host had to reschedule. We had iron chef pumpkin, so the idea was that everyone make a dish with the main ingredient being pumpkin. We made a pumpkin risotto, which was really quite good. The dishes were judged by our husbands and the 2 women who didn't participate. The categories were: plating, originality, and taste. We won for plating. I would have taken a picture, but I still don't have a camera. We had a blob of risotta in the middle with 3 sprigs of rosemary around and made a pumpkin face out of rosemary. It was pretty cute. We went against a quiche with a pumpkin crust with a pumpkin mouse in a chocolate cup, a pumpkin bread with glaze, pumpkin pudding, and pumpkin mouse with rum in layers (like a trifle). We ended up winning a $15 gift card to Olive Garden. It was fun, but required a ton of clean-up cause babies are very very very messy people. Vander had a blast playing with his friends and enjoyed the risotto and chocolate.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

dentist says...

The doctor told us to call the dentist about Vander's extra tooth. The dentist said don't bring him in until January (that is when his dental insurance kicks in) because they will probably have to remove the extra tooth, but they won't do it until he is 2 years old. Also, they say it's not that uncommon and is nothing to worry about.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

17 teeth

Yesterday I was checking out Vander's teeth and it looks like he has an extra one. He had a big whole in the front next to his front tooth on the left side of his almost looked big enough for 2 teeth, but there was only supposed to be one because he already had his fang tooth. Somehow he is growing a second tooth in that hole, so I don't know how, but it looks like he has an extra's kind of jagged too like an adult tooth would be growing in. We will have to ask his doctor about it at his next appointment. Strange.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

16 tooth and other stuff

Well, it's official Vander has 16 teeth...a full set until his 2 year molars. He can pretty much eat anything (though he doesn't always chew thoroughly). He has started to really expand his vocabulary and does a lot of copying what we say. On a totally different subject Vander and I went to In and Out Burger to treat ourselves for lunch yesterday and he refused to even try the burger, but he is a huge fan of their fries. His favorite food still seems to be any kind of fish, and of course he is a chocolate lover-big surprise there.

I have felt Vander's new sibling kick a couple of times now, so it is starting to feel real, and I am feeling much better.

Just 2 more weeks before we head down to San Diego on November 20th...the fun awaits.

Friday, November 6, 2009


The other night Justin and I went to get Vander's hair cut. We got a coupon in the mail that gave us a free haircut for a new member of the Sports Clips where Justin always gets his hair cut in Morgan Hill. We figured we would stop by Target and then go grab some dinner at Ragoots, a local restaurant that we had a giftcard to from Larry and Theresa for my birthday. The haircut went great...Vander didn't keep his head strait, but he didn't cry either. He then ate a dum dum sucker while Daddy got his hair cut. He ate it like a semi-pro with just a little stickiness at the end.
The real story begins after we were seated at Ragoots. We had just ordered our meal and we saw Vander start to push. We didn't think much of it because he often pushes in his high chair and nothing comes of it. Generally he just tries again later when he is standing up. Well, not this time. I looked at his back and it looked brown. That's never good when you are wearing a white onesie (his batman onsie that his grandparents got for him). We told the waiter that we were just going to go change his diaper that we weren't gone so they didn't assume we had left. Justin ran out to the car so see what spare clothes we had in there and to grab a spare diaper. I stopped being really adament about carrying around too many spare clothes because he never needs them any more.
Justin came back with a sweater and shorts...good enough. So, we headed into the bathroom and it was a big single stall, thank goodness. It turned out the poop went up and around him, everywhere but down. We covered the floor with paper towels and tried our best to get the onsie off without getting poop in his hair (always a fun challenge). We soon realized that cleaning him off with wipes was futile, so we put him in the sink. He did not appreciate this. We cleaned him off and dried him, then redressed him. I stayed in the bathroom to rince out his clothes and clean up the bathroom. It was one of those times when you laugh because if not you'll cry. It was soooo gross. We told the waiter it would probably be a good idea if someone emptied the bathroom trash and asked for a plastic bag for his clothes, which actually did get completely clean. Thank goodness. Did I mention that his poop is really soft and smelly because of the fiber and miralax laxative that he takes daily.
Needless to say we tipped very well that night and I felt bad for not tipping the other patrons, luckily there weren't that many.
This was only surpassed by the poop-slosion that we had a couple nights ago that came out of his pant legs, now that was a nasty surprise. At least we were at home for that one!

General update

Our computer has/had a virus and has been being worked on by Justin and Staples for the last couple weeks...the saga continues, but I got ahold of his laptop...the camera is still broken, but here is the recent happenings...

Jon and Ruth stayed with us for a couple days and Vander absolutely loved having them here. Ruth and Vander were super friends. I got a terrible migraine and Ruth took care of Vander for a few hours. I have also already been getting acid reflux, so I could be in for a bumpy ride. The doctor gave me Vicadin and Zantac...ack!

Halloween was a blast this year. We took Vander to Willow Glen to trick or treat at the stores. He dressed up as Woody and was super duper cute. He doesn't know that candy is in the wrappers yet (thankfully), but he enjoyed taking a piece of candy from a crazy dude or dudette in a costume and putting it into his baseball basket (from his Grantie Deb).
The next night was Halloween and Vander really "cowboyed up". He walked for about an hour trick-or-treating in the neighborhood and never asked to be carried. He wimpered a little when his feet were getting tired, but he really was fabulous. I dressed as a (pregnant) nun and Justin went as a padre. He wanted to be the Padres padre, but we couldn't find our bat. Anyway, he had a great time.
He is pretty well adjusted to the time change now...we started getting him ready a few days before hand and we were glad we did. It worked out nicely for his late night on Halloween...8pm!
We are currently trying to transition him from 2 naps a day down to 1 and it's a bit rocky, but he was defintely ready to make the switch. He's doing pretty well, but still not taking a long enough nap in the afternoon. It's a transition for me too because I didn't have as much time before all at once. I am missing his morning nap because I took a nap with him quite often recently...being pregnant is exhausting. I am 15 weeks now, so I am starting to feel better-thank goodness. It was rough for a while there. Life is getting back to normal, but I do miss having the computer so that I know what's going on with play groups and what not.
Vander is really starting to talk and understanding really well. He has recently fallen in love with Elmo...he calls him Melmo...we joke that Melmo is the Maroon target brand version of Elmo. He loves to read Sesame street books and likes to laugh like the Count whenever he sees him. It's really cute.
Good news on the pooping front...I haven't seen any blood in a while and he is going in a diaper again. I know that seems like a backwards step, but it really isn't. Well, actually you decide. I will write a different blog about a recent experience and well, things got ugly.
I think that's all for now. Don't forget to read the poop entry.
Much love and can't wait for the holidays to be able to see many loved ones.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Eusugi Farms pumpkin patch

I didn't post this yet, but we went to the pumpkin patch Thursday and Vander loved it. It was 65 degrees and windy, which is kind of nice for a day out. All the babies and mommies went on a hay ride together. It was really beautiful. They had corn fields, pumpkin fields, sunflower fields and the best of all a field of over a million marigolds-fabulous and gorgeous! Vander's favorite thing at the pumpkin patch seemed to be hanging out in the pumpkins trying to pick them up. It was pretty funny because I would find smaller ones he could pick up and give them to him, he would immediately put them down and try to pick one up that was huge and move on to another big one. He did this for at least 30 minutes. Then, I brought him over to the baby pumpkins and gourds. He picked a couple out that he liked and tried to eat them. Such is the life of a little person. We had a blast and came home very tired... both of us.

Baby chaos!!!

Vander hosted his first party today. We had a Halloween party and it was crazy!!! 11 babies and their parents showed up. Hannah and Zade made pumpkin pancakes which were delicious. We tried to get a group photo...that caused mass crying. If they would just pose for a minute or two...anyway, it was very successful and they made adorable little footprint ghosts that turned out really cute. It was fun, but really chaotic, and quite frankly exhausting. Now I'm taking a break in between moping and vacuuming, while Justin and Vander are at the grocery store (one of their favorite pass times together. I can't seem to handle the grocery store very well right now. There are too many smells).

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vander is going to have a sibling

It is official Justin and I are going to have another baby. The new addition to our family is due April 27th (or the 29th depending on which doctor you talk to). I am hoping to go full term this time. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I will be taking weekly deep muscle shots in the thigh (starting in November) of progesterone to help carry the baby to term. For those of you who don't remember Vander was 35 weeks, full term is 40 weeks. Apparently 50% of people who have taken these shots have made it to full term, and they all had risk of pre-term labor, so that is good news. Other then feeling sick for 3 months straight and having tons of head aches things have been going well. The baby is healthy and active. We won't know if it's a boy or girl until December 4th and even then, we have to get lucky with the baby's position, but we do plan on finding out. Either way Justin and I are excited. We were hoping to have our kids 2 years apart, and they will be just about 2 years.

The haps

We have been rained out of going to the pumpkin patch twice now, we are going to try again today, so we will see how that goes. Vander and I have had some tree people come out for estimates and we had some stumps ground down in the backyard yesterday. Vander enjoyed watching them. We still have 2 trees that need to be cut down (big ones). Vander is a sweet little dude just doodling around the house growing up day by day.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The past weekend

To start off I will say that Vander broke the camera, so unfortunately there will be no pictures until we buy a new one...bummer. Anyway...this weekend Vander's Uncle Freddy and Aunt Annie came out to San Jose to visit. They flew in on Friday and after a burrito lunch we got started on our backyard project...and what a project it was. Freddy did most of the work and I was his assistant. Our neighbors let us borrow some really tall limb clippers and a ladder , we had a hedger that Larry gave us and we bought a saw (which ended up having to be taken back cause the chain kept falling off). We trimmed the hedges down to 8 feet tall (from like 15 feet) and cut the ones down on the sides of the yard...they still have stumps so there is lots of project left, but thanks to Freddy we got a great start. He did a ton of work this weekend...Thank you so much Freddy!!! We also went to a baby Fall Festival and Vander got to pet some animals, play with some hula hoops and balls, eat a picnic lunch and get a temporary tattoo (my groups booth). We also got his picture taken in a pumpkin, we will see how that turns out later this week, but I don't think he smiled. Later on Saturday we tried to go to a pumpkin festival and that was a big flop, we got lost and didn't end up getting there until 30 minutes before close and everyone was cleaning up. Then, Sunday we stopped doing yard work at 2pm and just hung out and relaxed for the rest of the day. Vander really enjoyed some quality time with his aunt and uncle, and especially with Aunt Annie when she had some alone time. He really enjoys their company and we do too. I only wish they were able to come up for longer visits! Love you guys.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

French themed dinner

We hosted dinner group with a French theme and Vander decided to join the fun.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Okay, for some reason I can't get phanfare to keeps telling me that I am not using all my space, so I have to buy more, which makes no sense at all, so here are the best pictures from this past month.

Following directions

I am so impressed with Vander's understanding. He is really starting to understand what we are saying and communicate back. Justin asked him to bring a stuffed animal to him so that he could hug it and he did. He then asked him to bring it to me, and he did. He is so happy and boisterous and just a joy to hang out with most of the time.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New friends

Our neighbor, Nathanial, is 4 and lives across the street. He absolutely loves Vander and is always trying to get him to come out and play with him. He is really sweet with Vander and enjoys his company. Yesterday morning we went for a walk with the neighbors and Nate and Vander really enjoyed each others company....Vander is making a good friend for life... :)

Projectile Vomit

Nothing keeps carpet fresh and new like projectile vomit. Vander finally figured out how to get rid of his sadly was all across his bedroom. Fun for everyone. He then finished the job by throwing up on me...always fun. He feels totally fine, but was not happy with his medicine, so he decided to give it back.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Seperation anxiety

If anyone has any ideas please let me know...he is now only staying at the YMCA for 10 minutes...he screams any time we leave the room. It's sweet cause he loves his parents so much, but it's making working out impossible!

words, words, words

Vander's repertoire of words is expanding. He has been saying, ice, blueberry, okay, go, hi, and bye. He is now also saying ball, hey, more, and consistently doing the signs for all done, more, and bye.

Doctor update

So we went to see the GI specialist doctor. He confirmed that Vander is constipated and has caused himself an anal fissure (internal). He has put him on 3 teaspoons of lacralose (a laxative that is stronger than miralax), and told me that he has to have 2 baths a day and needs to poop twice a day, and if he isn't on this dosage then he needs another teaspoonful a day. He pooped twice yesterday, but not at all yet today. The medicine smells good, but is green and Vander seems to think it tastes like sewage...he puts up quite the fight and throws up if there is anything in his stomach, so he is not thrilled with this medicine...the other one was a powder that dissolved into milk or yogurt with no flavor...I miss that one. The GI doctor to top it off wasn't very friendly and seemed to be annoyed by Vander...that was annoying to me. We have a phone consultation to discuss how things are going October 5th.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Marathon doctor visit

2 hours at the doctor today...they told me it was because I was late...the time stamp (after waiting in line and getting all checked in) said 9:52, our appointment was for 9:50, so I don't think that was a very good excuse. Anyway, I love Vander's pediatrician...he really is fantastic with Vander. He's patient, calm, explains thoroughly and Vander loves him. You can tell he loves kids and I love that about him. Anyway, we had some drama with a former prescription...Vander has an anal fissure and he bleeds every time he poops. He is on fiber and a laxative, but is still having issues, so we are supposed to try anusol (appropriately named) and see if that helps. The main hospital pharmacy at Kaiser doesn't carry it, so they sent me to "any pharmacy" over the counter. We went to luck and one told us you have to have a prescription!!! So, Dr. Nachbaur was able to find us a generic similar to the one he prescribed, so hopefully it will help Vander. He is also referring us to a gastro-intestinal specialist. Vander also got his DTP and a flu shot.

Just an FYI, we are back on bottles because Vander wouldn't take a single sip of milk out of a sippy cup, so we are going to have to try that again in a month or two.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Goodbye bottles

We are trying to take Vander off of bottles and start using sippy cups exclusively because his bottles are always clogged (due to fiber and miralax). So, we will see how it goes. Today he refused all milk taking only a couple sips, so I'm hoping he will get less stubborn as he realizes he doesn't have another option...we'll see.

Fun with Jeff

Vander had a blast this weekend playing with Jeff Schneider. Jeff went to grad school with Justin. He is a super sweet guy and we enjoyed hanging out with him. We had our house warming party on Saturday and it was a blast. It was very successful, with lots of delicious food (thank you Hannah) and good friends and neighbors. Vander enjoyed it too because several baby friends showed up as well including Elsa(Mark and Rena's baby girl)!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Chop it off baby!!!

Vander went to Kinder Cuts this morning and got his very first real hair cut (I have cut his bangs a couple of times). He went from being a baby to being a little boy in 10 tearful minutes. He cried during the whole thing, he did not enjoy the comb on his ears or the loud noises, but he stayed relatively still. After the traumatic hair cut was over Vander got a certificate and a sucker for being brave. He also got to jump in a bounce house for like 10 minutes. He had a blast. I got in with him and then some other kids joined in the fun. He loved being bounced around. He forgot all about the hair cut and just enjoyed the bouncy world. I kept a little piece of hair to scrapbook of course. His hair looks even more blond now...he's the cutest little tow head. Justin and I love his new due. I think he likes it too, he was cracking up when he saw himself in the mirror tonight.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Justin and I took Vander on a field trip Friday down to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We were hoping he would nap in the car on the way such luck. When we got there we paid the meters and headed up to see the otters. They were fun and playful. We saw them eating different colors of ice. We also saw the sea horse exibit, which was pretty cool. We let Vander out of his stroller and he was running around like a wild man. He was oooohing and aaahhhing up a storm. He loved seeing the big fish swimming in schools. We also got front row seats for a fish and shark feeding. We saw an interactive show, "You Otter Know," in which I participated as one of the contestants and won Vander an otter toy. It was a fabulous experience and Vander just loved every minute of it. They even had a kids area where Vander got to see Eels and Clown fish at his own level, that was really cool. They had a waterbed-like play area for experimentation that Vander took full advantage of. After we had seen everything we walked down Cannery Row and stopped in for a sea food sampler platter at "Bubba Gumps". Vander was very good the whole time. Justin really enjoyed the shrimp. After that we loaded back up into the car and headed home. Vander and I slept on the car ride home and then when we got home Vander and Justin took a nap. Overall a fabulous experience for all of us. Vander even got to touch a sea slug and star fish. Justin got to feed a bat ray.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

No dinner for me.

Vander is taking perfect naps and going to bed like an angel (he loves the stars on his ceiling...he ooohh's about them, but for some reason he hasn't been eating dinner the last couple nights. Weird. I'm not going to complain though...he' s sleeping from 7pm ato 6:30am consistantly. It's so nice to be well rested. It only took 15 months... He is walking everywhere now and has made friends with our neighbor across the street, Nathaniel, who is 4. Vander loves to slide down his slide. Vander is also enjoying his pool in the back yard (a baby pool), but is obsessed with throwing balls out and then back in etc, which means it is really hard to keep the water in the pool. He loves watching it come gushing out. He also is really into tossing pebbles. I'm not sure why that is so fascinating, but I'm really glad that he is no longer trying to eat them all. (That's a new development this week). He is having a hard time getting readjusted to the YMCA. I'm not sure why, he used to love it, and now he will only stay for like 20minutes and when he is done with his snack he screams. I hope he gets back into it! He is absolutely precious!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fun with bellies

Walkin' man

Here is a video of Vander for those of you who haven't seen him recently.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Toddler world

We have moved out of baby town and into toddler world. Vander knows exactly what he wants now and I am the one in the dark trying to figure out what it is. He is definitely a little man. When he is feeling well (not sick or teething) he is so much fun to hang out with.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Vander devoured a piece of corn on the cob

It was awesome to watch him. First I was cutting it off for him and then I let him try corn straight from the cob and he rocked it. He is better at eating corn on the cob than his dad. Great dinner!

Walking man

My little baby man is officially walking. He has been for a few months, but only a few steps, now he has it down and he is walking everywhere. He is also an expert faller and doesn't seem to mind minor scrapes. He just moves on...he's a tough dude.
He has been squishing the life out of fruit lately and we changed his schedule and it is fabulous. He eats dinner with us every night and while it's messy, it's a great experience to have family dinners on a nightly basis.
We finally got most things unpacked and ready to live. There are a list of things we still need to get done, but we are LOVING our new place- all 3 of us.
Colby stopped by last night so Vander got to see his uncle briefly which is always a treat.
Now that we are settled we are ready for company. Hint hint.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Moving in

We are finally in our new place. Boxes are everywhere and we are missing lots of stuff, but we are in our new house ready to make it our home. So far we are loving it, especially Vander. He is enjoying exploring everything. I have painted 3 bedrooms and we painted the kitchen, only the hall still needs to be painted. Toys are sprawled out everywhere because we don't have the furniture that they go in and Vander absolutely loves that of course. Moving is a process, but it's coming along one step at a time. Give me a few months to get back on track and we will be up and running again. Yay for owning a nice house!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

San Diego fun

Vander had a ton of fun in San Diego, and he learned a whole lot. We left Morgan Hill at 4:30am on July 10th to head down to San Diego and got to Freddie and Annie's house around 12pm. We decided to hang out and went for a swim. The first evening when Freddie got home I told him that he could teach Vander to walk since he was almost ready. (He really wanted to teach Vander to crawl in December, but he was nowhere near ready). So, within 5 minutes of Freddy being home, he took his first steps and walked to Freddy!!! Grandma Gretchen and Grandpa David were over for dinner so they got to see it too.

On Saturday we went to the Zoo with Vander's Grauntie Debbie and Uncle Mitch. Vander loved every minute of it. He got to see all kinds of animals with the polar bear being his very favorite. It stopped and played right in front of Vander for like 10 minutes. It was amazing. We got a caricature of Vander riding a polar bear that is really cute. You'll have to come visit our new house to see it up in Vander's room. That night we dropped Justin off in PB to go to Walter's bachelor party. It took us a long long time to get back on the freeway because there was an over the line tournament at the beach that day.

Sunday Aunt Annie, Uncle Freddy, Vander and I went to La Jolla shores and had a beachy morning. It was really fun. Vander the water baby enjoyed splashing around in the water and being a party of Uncle Freddy's antics. Freddie is really good with Vander. They always have a blast together. Vander enjoyed the wet sand as well. We picked Justin up on our way back to Freddy and Annie's from the bachelor party. That afternoon Great Grandma Gretchen and Great Grandpa David hosted a potluck at the park for Vander's family and our old neighbors. It was so nice to see everyone.

Monday Vander hung out with his Daddy and played, while I spent the day with my grandparents.

Tuesday we went out to lunch with Uncle Mitch at the Cottage by La Jolla cove. It was the first time that I have ever been to the cove and not seen any seals. There was only one and it was in the ocean, so Vander couldn't see it. Bummer man. That night Heather, Heidi, and Kelly came over to hang out.

Wednesday we went to lunch with Uncle Freddy at Sea port village. Vander liked all the wind chimes and spinning toys at Sea port village. He also really liked his gyro. After his nap Vander got to have Frozen yogurt for a snack and he even tried to use the spoon all by himself of his own initiative. Steven came over to visit that evening and we decided to have a few cocktails.

Thursday we went out to lunch at Soup Plantation with Vander's Bubbie and Zadie. He really enjoyed seeing them and even gave Zadie a big hug. That evening Justin and I went out on a date to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. It was kind of scary, but really good. We also went to our old La Jolla Ralphs and WOW, they redid it and made it super fancy, we felt under dressed for the grocery store, that's how nice it was. We also saw that Peking Palace, our college restaurant was closed. We were both bummed about that.

Friday Vander and Daddy hung out again and I spent some more time with my grandparents. It was really nice to have some quality time with both of them.

Saturday Uncle Mitch came over to babysit Vander while Justin and I went to Walter's rehearsal and lunch. It was delicious Tai food. Annie and Freddie were out of town throwing and wedding shower. That night we had Grandma Gretchen and Grandpa David over for dinner so they could see Vander again.

Sunday Vander and I hung out while Justin went to help prepare for Walter's wedding. Annie and Freddie watched Vander while I joined Justin for the wedding. It was really nice and very fun. It was cool to see all of our college friends again.

Monday morning we drove back at 3:30am and got back around 11ish. Later that day we went to Target and I tossed Vander a bouncy ball in his stroller. He caught it 5 times!!!

Almost every day Vander went swimming. He really enjoyed his time spent with all of his family members. A huge THANK YOU!!! to Annie and Freddie for letting us stay with them. I hope that when we left their sanity was still in tact! Vander did some extra crying, but he did lots and lots of laughing and learning. He especially enjoyed the blocks his Great grandparents bought him and the game his Uncle Freddy came up with using those blocks. Vander also grew 4 teeth while he was down in San Diego, so he has 16 teeth now.

Words Vander said on our trip: More, yeah, ice, boom, moo (he mood at the cows passing Harris Ranch), done, hi.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Updates for the Vander fans

Lets see...Well, Vander now has 10 teeth and absolutely loves to chew. He is walking with the assistance of one adult hand. He has the balance, but not the confidence to walk. We will see how long that takes. He went to the 4th of July parade today for the second year in a row, only this time he watched it. He really enjoyed the bands and the giant dancing dragons. He was thrilled at all the sights and animals around. Yesterday he went to a pool party and played with Zade in the water. He didn't do much last week because the poor little guy had hand, foot and mouth disease...which are little blisters he got them on his hands, one on his foot and some on his knees. He didn't seem to notice, but since he was contagious we were quarintined. I don't know if that is exactly what he had, but it seemed like it, so to be on the safe side we stayed away from other baby friends. Last night Vander decided that 4:30am would be a great time to start the day. He has been getting up earlier and earlier, but that was just ridiculous. Poor Justin was exhaused and didn't go to the parade because he got up with Vander.
Vander's hair is getting pretty long and he is absolutely adorable. Oh, yea...Vander also got to meet Austin (Lindsay and Eric's baby boy) for the first time last weekend and go swimming with him. Austin is 6 months old, so there wasn't much interaction, but it was great to see the Larsons and to meet Austin. They are our good friends, and they moved to Minnesota not too long ago. Vander is out playing in the baby pool in the back yard with his dad right now. He loves to be in the water!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Duck Races for Father's Day

Two thousand ducks came rushing at me...I didn't know what to do or how to react, so I smiled, laughed, and got really really really excited. I shuddered with joy!
After Vander's first nap we headed over to Vasona Lake Park to see the duck races. When we got there we walked around and enjoyed the atmosphere. Vander visited with the geese and hung out with them in a backpack on Justin's back. Then we went and played on the playground. It was lots of fun, and then the real fun began. Grammy and Pops found a great spot along the creek and we watched the preliminary duck races. 2000 rubber ducks were dumped over a bridge into the water and proceeded down the water in a race to the finish. Vander was thrilled and enthralled. It was really awesome. Afterwards he got to pet a dog, see more geese, and eat some lunch. It was a really nice way to spend Father's Day.

For Father's Day Vander got his daddy Finding Nemo (because it's a movie about a father and son) and Memory, so they can learn to play a game together...these are two of his daddy's passions: DVDs and games.

Pomona Paradise (the theme of the party).

From Wednesday, June 17th to Sunday June 21st Vander and I went on an adventure. He experienced many firsts... We flew down to Longbeach and stayed with Andrea Lombardo (my best friend). Vander got to sit in his car seat on the 1 1/2 hour flight (which was great). He munched almost the entire time, which was good for his ears and kept him entertained. When we got there we went straight to the beach. Vander LOVED it! He enjoyed the sand, kept trying to surf on Josh's board (Andrea's boyfriend), and then we went in the waves. I have never seen him so happy. Every time a wave came and crashed on him (I let him go in up to his waist) he would get so excited and babble and make all kinds of happy noises. He was beyond thrilled. He was entertained by his feet sinking in the sand too. He did not want to leave.
The next day we went and played at the park. Vander will gladly swing for an hour if you let him. He does not seem to get tired of swinging. That night Andrea and her roommate Kyle hosted a party. I am pretty sure Vander thought it was in his honor. He worked the crowd and everyone enjoyed him. They started it at 5pm instead of 7pm so Vander could enjoy the festivities. He definitely did. He was conning everyone out of their food!

On Friday we went swimming, and Vander loves to swim. The water was a bit cold, so we couldn't stay in too long, since he started to shiver, but he absolutely loved it. That evening we also headed out to go for a hike and let Vander play in the creek. Andrea helped him navigate and again he was ecstatic. Andrea patiently was teaching Vander how to drink out of a glass, and he ended up learning how to blow bubbles into it.
On Saturday we stopped in on a South East Asia museum and then went to the park again. We also went shoe shopping and grocery shopping. It's always fun to be out and about.
Sunday morning we woke up dark and early to head to the airport (4:45am). We had a pretty good flight back.
Vander didn't sleep super well while we were there. In fact the first day he skipped his naps all together! He got up between 3:15am and 4:50 every morning for a bottle (which is usually between 5:30am and 6am), and he got up for the day every morning at 6am (which is usually between 6:30am and 7:30am). Though he did some crying, mostly due to being tired, he also did a lot of laughing. I also learned that I can take care of him by myself (though I do prefer having Justin's help especially at bed time, and that is not to say Andrea didn't help with him during the day of course). Vander missed his dad the most at bath's usually one of his favorite activities, but he screamed during bath time every night. I felt really bad, but it's just not as good without your dad.
Vander's first vacation was a success and we had a great time! Thank Andrea! (Her roommate Kyle and her roommate's dad, John, were really awesome too).

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Two new teeth

Vander was extremely cranky yesterday... we looked in his mouth hoping that it was a teething issue... and... there were two new teeth poking through. They are both back teeth. He has 7 up front 3 on top and 4 on the bottom. We didn't see any more until I felt in back and he has one on each side of the top, a couple spaces back. Yow. No wonder he was an unhappy little man.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Out to dinner

Vander's first experience eating dinner at a restaurant was a success. We went to Mandarin Gourmet for Chinese food. He had Moo shoo pork, fried rice, and even had some of the beef and broccoli. He did scream once, but it was a need to go to the bathroom, not anything he could help. Overall, a very pleasant experience.

I'll unplug that, and other updates.

Vander's new favorite pass time is unplugging things and that includes the the socket protectors that are supposed to be baby proof. He also enjoys eating paper and leaves. He likes to pull grass, but that and sand he generally just plays with, he doesn't eat those. He loves playing with pens (luckily he doesn't know how to take the caps off). He is quite the little explorer. When he is in the grass he doesn't like the way it feels on his knees, so he crawls around on his hands and's pretty cute. Vander enjoys standing up at the window and looking out over the neighborhood.

Where food is concerned he is learning to eat all kinds of fun stuff. It appears that quiche is his favorite so far. He also likes bueberries and mangoes quite a bit. Enchiladas, potatoes and bread are all winners. Mushrooms are pretty good too. Graham crackers and fruit snacks are a big hit, as are Kix and cheerios. Vander is drinking organic whole cows milk and really seems to like the flavor.

Today he got a temporary tattoo on his arm and danced it up with some other little dudes at the Mommy and Me event at Westgate mall.

New pictures are up

Finally I got the April and May pictures up on phanfare. If you would like to be added to my phanfare page to see the photos let me know.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Good news, I finally got the camera cord in the mail, so I should be able to upload some pictures soon! Yay...give me a week, I'll do my best. :)

Trim it up

Vander's hair has gotten long and unruly. So, we decided we would leave it long and wispy like baby hair is, but we trimmed his bangs just enough to be out of his eyes. We waited until after his one year appointment for pictures.

One year appointment

Vander has another ear ache...poor guy. We found out when he had his one year appointment. He had to get 4 shots: chicken pox, hep A, Pneumonia, and MMR. Yikes. The doctor also says he needs to eat 3 meals a day and have bottles with his food (slowly transitioning to cups) and two snacks. No 5am feeding. Which is awesome. Theresa says that we have to wait until we move into our own place because she doesn't want him crying. So, I guess he has to be a baby for 2 more months, and then it is time to move on to toddlerhood. He is really growing up.

Monday, May 25, 2009

All better

Vander gets really sick and gets healthy really quick. He's all better now.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


I'm not sure how to spell it, but Vander has Croup. Poor little guy, and of course when he gets sick, he also gets asthma symptoms. I hope he feels better soon.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Vander's 1st birthday party

We were less than pleased when we found out we were going to have a freak extreme heat wave the weekend of Vander's 1st birthday party. It was 108 degress when we got in the car to head over to Lake Almaden from Morgan Hill, by the time we got to San Jose it had cooled down to a mere 106 degrees. Yikes! We didn't think we would have much of a turn out, but we were mistaken. Several of Vander's very best baby friends showed up and lots of his adult friends. Even his Uncle Freddie and Aunt Annie came from San Diego. We found some tables in the shade... Justin went up and reserved them early for us...and had a great time. Surprisingly it was pretty comfortable in the shade. We all ate some snacks and hung out. We then took the babies over to the park for some water fun (they have a motion activated water area). Vander loved it, he was laughing and squeeling with joy. We went back over and had cake. Vander did not disappoint. He got cake everywhere... it was AWESOME! He smeared it all over his whole body. It was so much fun!!! I love a good mess! After he was done we cleaned him off with water bottles, then took him back to the water area, bonus for him, then we changed him into some dry clothes. He opened his presents, all of which were very cool. He got some clothes, some toys, and some books... a good mix. Then, it was time to head home so Vander could do his night routine. We said goodbye to everyone and Vander headed home. Thanks to everyone who made this a special day for Vander. I can't wait until you can all see the pictures!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The other day when we were walking around Target Vander was holding a wiffle ball bat. Justin decided to make a deal with him that if he held it the whole time we were in Target that we would buy it for him. He ended up holding it for about 35min. before he dropped it. I said we should give him one more chance....long story short.... Vander owns a bat, and he only had to hold it for an hour. Good job Vander.

Fetching Fun

Vander's new favorite activity is to take something (usually a ball, but not always) and throw it. Then he waits for it to stop and he chases after it, grabs it, and throws it again. He loves playing this game by the entry way of Grammy and Pop's house because it is raised, so he crawls up and down that stair and gets a real kick out of it. He is so adorable. I really do need to get this on camera.

The perfect gift

Vander wanted to know what I wanted for Mother's Day and I said I wanted a jar of Vander hugs... just bottle them up so I can get one when I need it. So, for Mother's Day I got a jar of dark chocolate dove candies that said, "Vander Hugs, or the next best thing." It really couldn't have been sweeter or more perfect.

Fun stuff

Vander has done some really fun stuff this week.
Saturday we went to a Mother's Day Fiesta and partied with the Almaden group in celebration of Mother's Day and Cinco De Mayo. We had a taco bar and Vander partook in the fun and festivities.
Monday night we went to a Mothers Day BBQ with the South Valley group and we hung out with friends and had some really awesome shish kabobs.
Yesterday we went to the Emma Prush Farm with the Almaden group to see chickens, roosters, bunnies, goats, and pigs. Vander had a good time. The rooster really scared him when he made his noise right next to Vander. He really liked petting the goats.
Today we went to the Silver Creek Sports Plex for a birthday party of a South Valley baby. Vander loved the bounce house maze. I tweeked my neck, but it was really fun. He crawled all over the Sports Plex. He even had pizza for lunch with the big kids.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bummer Dude

To those of you who follow Vander's life via phanfare I have bad news. In moving to Morgan Hill we have some how managed to misplace the cord that both charges my camera, and puts the pictures on-line, so there will be a delay this month. I am sorry about that. Justin and I will be looking for a replacement cord as soon as we can. Trust me I am as disapointed as you all are, especially since technology gets outdated so quickly. Wish us luck that they still sell the cord that we need.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Super fun

In honor of Vander's 1st birthday his Grantie Deb came out to see him. GG Ma and Pa came out to see Vander and surprise Deb. It was a smashing success. Vander has thoroughly enjoyed spending time with his family, and Aunt Heather too. He hasn't slept much since they have been here, but my theory is that it is too exciting being away to be sleeping.

Poop in the pottie

Vander did something totally unexpected today...he went poo on the big boy pottie. He was sitting in his high chair straining and GG Ma said, you should try him on the toilet. One push later a 6 inch poop graced our presence. Crazy how well that worked. The poor guy is always so constipated, I guess we will have to buy him a seat and let him sit on it from now on.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Down in Morgan Hill

Moving in with Vander's grandparents has been a big adjustment. He is not sleeping well yet, but he loves that he gets to see his Grammy and Pops every evening. He has a special weekend ahead of him. His relatives are in town and this is the first time (other than Christmas) that he is staying in the same house as his family, so it will be excitement around the clock. You can't beat a doting family. Vander has been working on mastering the stairs, so that has been an interesting challenge.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Moving day

On Saturday we rallied the troups and moved all of our stuff into storage. The only things left are clothes, computer, tv, Vander's crib and toys, and a blow-up mattress for us. We move out on Thursday and surrender our keys on Friday. I'm really gonna miss this location, but hopefully we will find a house soon that is better suited to our needs. We are going to live with Larry and Theresa (Justin's parents) for a while. I only hope we don't drive them crazy. Anyway, it will be fun for Vander because he really loves his grandparents.

Easter fun

Vander got to have 2 Easter parties with friends. The first one was out in the grass and Vander enjoyed it, but didn't quite know what was going on. At the second one we made Easter cards with the children's hands and the children went on an Easter egg hunt. Each parent brought a few eggs with healthy snacks in them. The children were really interested in the eggs until one broke open then their interest changed. The eggs were filled with puffs, cheddar bunnies and Cheerios. They were so excited to eat what was inside the egg that all children migrated to the one opened egg and began eating all the pieces that had fallen on the floor. The Easter egg hunt ceased to exist. But it was cute watching our children celebrate Easter together. It was his first Easter. I'm glad we got to go to these parties since he was sick on Easter day. (Some of this I took directly from Carrie's blog since she had written it so well and we were at the same party.)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Stand up sit down fight fight fight.

Vander can now safely sit down from the standing position. He is becoming such a big boy!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Crib standing

Well, Vander is feeling better, but now we have a new adventure. Periodically he has been waking up screaming...he keeps standing up in his crib, and he can't get back down. It is very frustrating to him and us as well. Especially when he stands up at 3:30am! Yikes.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sick again

Vander was sick again this weekend, but he is feeling better now. He had all kinds of issues with breathing earlier this week, and Kaiser is a pain in the butt, so now that he feels better they have filled his prescription.

Super sweaty McGee

Vander is a sweaty little dude. He has very clammy hands and feet. He runs hot like his daddy, and because he has moist palms like me the combination makes for very damp hands and feet. Its really quite strange.

Vander, Vander, Mister Stander.

Vander will do anything to stand. He wants to stand all day. He can even balance on his own for a couple seconds until he realizes that he is doing it and then he falls. He is learning how to fall in the least painful way. His favorite is to just take my hand and let me guide him down gently (smart dude).

New car seat

Vander has officially switched over to his big boy car seat. He is still facing backwards since he is less than a year old, but it's a big change for him. I have heard that it is a more comfy seat, but so far today he seemed more cranky in it then has has in a while in his old car seat. I know he misses the sun shade. He liked to pull it down on his old car seat and this car seat doesn't have one. It is a better looking seat, and once he is one year old he will get to face forward and that will really be exciting, because looking at the back seat can't be fun at all. What a boring ride.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

kneeling and standing

Sorry it's been so long, but selling a condo is all incompusing. We have been very busy. Saturday night the contingincies get lifted. Now we have to find a place to live since ours closes April 24th. Wish us luck. We will be staying with Larry and Theresa in the mean time. Vander is going to love it.
Vander is bound and determined to stand holding anything possible. That is his main interest right now, stand holding each thing. He can kneel on his own and then stands himslef up. He has even learned how to get down without hurting himself (most of the time). Though I know a few head bonks are just part of growing up. The poor guy is sick again and is wheezing. He seems to be feeling okay, but doesn't sound too good.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Crawling and kneeling

Vander is into regular crawling full time now. It is really cute, and faster than I expected. He also has been kneeling alot. He knows how to get up into a kneel, but he doesn't know how to get down from there or how to get up to his feet from there. He loves to stand up (with help), but he can't get down, so he just wines and waits for help.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Learning table

Vander is borrowing his friend Alyssa's learning table and he loves it. He was playing on it standing up for 10 minutes straight with help from mommy so he didn't tip over only twice! He also took his first real crawl today, but it was very brief. We will see if he continues to army crawl or if he switches over. As for today, Vander army crawled all over his friend's back yard. We also took him swimming. He has had a very busy day. And, he loved every minute of it.

Monday, March 16, 2009

soft or chunky?

Vander was eating his baby food, but ONLY if it had chunks in it. Now, he wants to chew the chunks with his front teeth and he tongues them out of his mouth. What the heck man? So, we are trying chunk free. It's quite an ever changing process. Vander took his Uncle Colby to Babies R Us on Saturday (he was passing through on the way to San Diego for spring break with Jasmine and baby boy), and showed him all the great baby stuff. Sunday he hung out with Grammy and Pops. I took him to the beach in Santa Cruz last Thursday. It was his first look at the ocean. He was fascinated, but it was really windy and messed up his nap schedule for 3 days. They say babies don't get allergies, but it sure seems like it. I wish he could kick the coughing.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Professional army crawler extraordinare

Vander is still army crawling with his own twist, but he is getting pretty fast. If there is a cord around beware.. he will be there very very soon. We lowered his crib to the lowest level because he is getting very interested in standing up. He gets up on his hands and feet constantly. He is more and more fun as the days go on. We got him a bunch of new toys at an event called "Outrageous Outgrowns" where people try to sell the stuff they are done with. We got clothes, toys and books. He loves the toys we picked out. They make lots of noise.
Recently Vander spent some time with his uncle Mitch when he came up from San Diego to visit. Since our condo is on the market we have been having open houses every weekend so Vander has gotten to spend lots of time with Grammy and Pops. He loves hanging out with them. He is a very happy baby.
Today at 10:30am we are going to work on some baby sign language with some friends. Should be fun.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Sweetest little baby ever

Okay, I know we are biased, but we have the sweetest little baby boy ever. He's always smiling and happy. He just loves life and really makes me glad to be alive. He is such a special and amazing little dude. That's all for now... just that I love him like crazy!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Here are some of Vander's great 9 month pictures.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Vander's on his way to crawling!

Vander has figured out his own version of crawling... he tucks his left shoulder down and with his right leg straight he pushes and reaches with his right arm. When he gets to what he wanted he then reaches for is with his left arm. He also rolls and pivots, so he can pretty much get around, but it's still pretty slow and deliberate... I don't think crawling is too far away now. I was kind of hoping he would wait until we moved. We'll see. I tried to video tape his "crawling", but he won't perform for the camera. He also seems to smile right after I take a picture every time. What's that about???

This is the sweetest picture ever.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another tooth!

Vander got his second top front tooth. He has 4 teeth now... I can't believe how fast it goes. His hair is really cute and fluffy... just thought I would add that in because everyone comments about how cute it is.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend with Daddy

Vander spent the weekend with his Daddy. They had a great time. He also spent a couple of days with his grandparents. Justin says that he started missing me on Saturday. I missed him like crazy. I went to Humbolt with Freddy to visit with Colby. We lived the college lifestyle and played disk golf in the redwoods.

Tooth #3

February 8, 2009 Vander's 3rd tooth popped through. He got his first top tooth!

First word

The other day Vander was in his bumbo in the kitchen. Justin walked into the room, Vander threw his arms up and smiled. He said, "Dada!"

Monday, February 2, 2009

Stomach Flu

Vander somehow came down with stomach flu and was tossin' his cookies. He then passed it to me. I passed it to Justin and it's still there... Yucko.

I'm gonna dunk.

Vander had his last swim lesson on Saturday (for this session) and we dunked him 6 times. He only fussed for about 2 seconds the first time, 1 second the second time and then not at all after that. I was very impressed. He didn't have a problem with being under water at all. I don't think we will re-register for swim lessons now that our house is on the market just due to having to leave at inopportune times and all that jazz.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Learning's so much fun

Yesterday Vander seemed to be fascinated by the noises you can make with your mouth... tounge clicking, lip smacking, etc. So, for 20 minutes I just "made music" for him with different sounds (non-verbal). He loved it. I stuck my tounge out for him several times. Last night I saw him stick his tounge out and this morning he was sticking out his tounge and moving it up and down... it is really cute how much he has to concentrate to make this work. He loves it.

I don't know if I have ever mentioned how much he loves laying on the floor in our bedroom between the two mirrored closet doors and playing with the baby in the mirror. He will hang out with that baby for 15 min. at least and not get bored. I wonder what he thinks, or who he thinks he's playing with. He sees me in the mirror and looks up at me, so I think he gets that, but I'm still not convinced he understands that he is seeing himself.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Moving right along

So, Vander is nearing the end of his time at his current residence. We are hoping to sell our condo and buy a house in the next couple of months. We want to find a one story (or 2 story with bedroom on the first floor) house so we can grow our family. Our hope is that we can have a sister (or brother) for Vander when he is about 2. We will see how it goes. Cross your fingers for us that we can sell our condo for a good high price and buy a house for a good low price. Wishful thinking, I know. I think Vander will really like having a back yard, but we will all miss living across the street from Lake Almaden.

hbv nnb b nbbvv cxvxz r b vc . c .,cx . l .

Uncle Colb

Vander's uncle Colby stopped in for a visit and Vander got to hang out with him for a full day. We talked all about what a challenge babies can be, but that cuteness always tends to win everyone over. Vander is just brimming with adorableness. He is playing ball on the floor right now. Since he has mastered rolling, he is every where. When Uncle Colby was out we spent some time at the park playing... Colby got to experience Vander in full force as he tried to carry him and realized 20 lbs is more than you think. We also went over and did some shopping at Trader Joe's. Vander is an excellent shopper. He really enjoys the grocery store. He isn't quite ready to sit in the cart, so I still take him in the front carrier, but he is starting to get very grabby. Vander always seems to enjoy spending time with his family. Colby has affectionately nick-named him baby V.

Vocal Vander our big boy

Vander is quite vocal these days. It seems he has a lot to say, now all we need to do is learn his language. Wait, no, he has to learn ours... that could take a little while.

He is getting pretty big. It's getting really hard to carry him around in his snuggly. It's becoming a very tight squeeze. We are going to have to go find another baby carrier soon.

Our little water baby

Vander is definitely a swimmer. He has had 2 lessons now and he loves every minute in the water. He doesn't want to get out. He is comfy in there. We thought that might be the case because he loves loves loves the bathtub. In fact, when he hears the water in the tub turn on his face lights up and his legs start flailing... it's really quite exciting.
The first lesson he was getting used to the idea of all that water and trying to drink it the whole time. The second lesson was back floating with help and learning to kick and move his arms. He is the youngest in his class by at least a year, but he doesn't mind. He's just happy to be in the water. We had a little seal toy that he was chasing around, and he was swimming laps (with lots of help of course). It is exciting to see him in this new element. He is going to be quite the swimmer some day!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Shot pro.

Vander had his flu booster shot today and he only cried for about 8 seconds. What a little champion. Go Vander.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Vander in the tub

I think this video is hilarious, but let me know what you think. It's a short one with Vander in the tub.

Toys, food, a looming shot, and books

Vander is absolutely loving all his new holiday toys. When I am feeding him he has a hard time focusing, he just wants to get down and play with his toys. He rolls back and forth on the quilt that I sewed for him over the Winter Holidays. He seems to really enjoy anything that makes noise. He likes to smack those toys and hear what they have to say. He also has a squeak toy that looks like it is made for a dog that he absolutely loves. I was told by several people it was a must have toy. He didn't care for it at all for a couple months, and now I can't imagine him liking anything as much as her. Sophie was $20, but now I know why everyone recommended it.
As far as food goes he is enjoying his vegetables and still isn't a big fan of fruit. Unfortunately now that he is eating foods with iron they are making him constipated, so we are sneaking fruit into his vegies and sneaking apple juice in before his milk at 5am when he is the most hungry. It seems to be helping.
Now it's time to take him back in to get his booster flu shot. I'm not looking forward to that at all. I always feel so bad when he has to get a shot.
Vander is also starting to really enjoy books. He still wants to eat them of course, but he likes the pictures now too.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Holiday fun

I know I know it's time for a new post... past time. The holidays are always such a whirlwind and even more so when you have a new baby. Vander was a huge hit with everyone. All of our family members have commented on what a happy little guy he is. I guess we are doing something right... Right? Okay, let's see... we went down to San Diego for 10 day and stayed with Freddy and Annie- the newlyweds. They let us stay in their guest bedroom. I must say that it was awesome to have our own room to stay and then also say that sharing a room with a baby is no easy task. We left our house at 2:50am so that Vander would hopefully do some sleeping on the way down and he did. He was excellent on the car ride down. We stopped and walked around with him twice, and he didn't get antsy until like 40 minutes before we got there. It felt like the fastest trip to San Diego yet. This was probably do to Vander being my focus and not the endless road.
After we got there and got settled in Vander took a few nights to adjust. He woke up at 2am, 3am, 4am, 5am.... you get the idea. 3 days later though he was sleeping through the night again. He sleeps from 7pm to 5am (has a bottle), then back to sleep until 7:30am. We hear he can make it longer, but we aren't pushing him.
He got to meet his Bubbie and Zadie (Justin's grandparents on his dad's side) for the first time. He also met everyone in my family other than his aunt and uncles for the first time. He was very good being passed from one person to anther. He didn't mind a bit. In fact I think it was fun for him to get a chance to experience different adults that all cared about him. He also got to visit with all the relatives that he was lucky enough to have met before... all his family on Justin's side (GGMa and GGPa, Deb and Heather, and of course his Grammy and Pops) and his aunt Annie and Uncle Freddy and Uncle Colby.
We spent Christmas Eve with Justin's family and Christmas morning as well. We then headed down to my Grandma's house for Christmas day. Santa showed up to greet Vander. It was the most pleasant holiday with my family in a very very long time. Everyone loved Vander. Before we left Vander got a chance to see his Bubbie and Zadie again and his Uncle Mitch joined us this time. His Aunt and Uncles really love the little fella.
Overall we had a great time and Vander learned a lot while we were down there. He is now a master roller. He got his second tooth on Christmas day (what are the odds he would have 2 front teeth for Christmas). Vander got to experience his first Christmas and his first Hannukah... I think he enjoyed the paper that his presents were wrapped in the most, but he loves the toys, books, and clothes that he got for Christmas and Hannukah. In fact he is playing with his caterpillar now and is wearing his Hannukah "GAP" onsie. It is adorable. He has become a good eater now, though he much prefers vegetables to fruits... crazy kid. Uncle Freddy also taught him to make the Indian call and he has practiced that a lot... he loves it.
The trip back was much harder because Vander slept a lot less... what can you do? We spent a week as a family just hanging out. Now Justin is back at work and Vander and I are getting him back into his routine. We have been going on walks in Toys R' Us to combat the cold and rainy weather. He loves it. Much love to you all.