Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Learning's so much fun

Yesterday Vander seemed to be fascinated by the noises you can make with your mouth... tounge clicking, lip smacking, etc. So, for 20 minutes I just "made music" for him with different sounds (non-verbal). He loved it. I stuck my tounge out for him several times. Last night I saw him stick his tounge out and this morning he was sticking out his tounge and moving it up and down... it is really cute how much he has to concentrate to make this work. He loves it.

I don't know if I have ever mentioned how much he loves laying on the floor in our bedroom between the two mirrored closet doors and playing with the baby in the mirror. He will hang out with that baby for 15 min. at least and not get bored. I wonder what he thinks, or who he thinks he's playing with. He sees me in the mirror and looks up at me, so I think he gets that, but I'm still not convinced he understands that he is seeing himself.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Moving right along

So, Vander is nearing the end of his time at his current residence. We are hoping to sell our condo and buy a house in the next couple of months. We want to find a one story (or 2 story with bedroom on the first floor) house so we can grow our family. Our hope is that we can have a sister (or brother) for Vander when he is about 2. We will see how it goes. Cross your fingers for us that we can sell our condo for a good high price and buy a house for a good low price. Wishful thinking, I know. I think Vander will really like having a back yard, but we will all miss living across the street from Lake Almaden.

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Uncle Colb

Vander's uncle Colby stopped in for a visit and Vander got to hang out with him for a full day. We talked all about what a challenge babies can be, but that cuteness always tends to win everyone over. Vander is just brimming with adorableness. He is playing ball on the floor right now. Since he has mastered rolling, he is every where. When Uncle Colby was out we spent some time at the park playing... Colby got to experience Vander in full force as he tried to carry him and realized 20 lbs is more than you think. We also went over and did some shopping at Trader Joe's. Vander is an excellent shopper. He really enjoys the grocery store. He isn't quite ready to sit in the cart, so I still take him in the front carrier, but he is starting to get very grabby. Vander always seems to enjoy spending time with his family. Colby has affectionately nick-named him baby V.

Vocal Vander our big boy

Vander is quite vocal these days. It seems he has a lot to say, now all we need to do is learn his language. Wait, no, he has to learn ours... that could take a little while.

He is getting pretty big. It's getting really hard to carry him around in his snuggly. It's becoming a very tight squeeze. We are going to have to go find another baby carrier soon.

Our little water baby

Vander is definitely a swimmer. He has had 2 lessons now and he loves every minute in the water. He doesn't want to get out. He is comfy in there. We thought that might be the case because he loves loves loves the bathtub. In fact, when he hears the water in the tub turn on his face lights up and his legs start flailing... it's really quite exciting.
The first lesson he was getting used to the idea of all that water and trying to drink it the whole time. The second lesson was back floating with help and learning to kick and move his arms. He is the youngest in his class by at least a year, but he doesn't mind. He's just happy to be in the water. We had a little seal toy that he was chasing around, and he was swimming laps (with lots of help of course). It is exciting to see him in this new element. He is going to be quite the swimmer some day!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Shot pro.

Vander had his flu booster shot today and he only cried for about 8 seconds. What a little champion. Go Vander.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Vander in the tub

I think this video is hilarious, but let me know what you think. It's a short one with Vander in the tub.

Toys, food, a looming shot, and books

Vander is absolutely loving all his new holiday toys. When I am feeding him he has a hard time focusing, he just wants to get down and play with his toys. He rolls back and forth on the quilt that I sewed for him over the Winter Holidays. He seems to really enjoy anything that makes noise. He likes to smack those toys and hear what they have to say. He also has a squeak toy that looks like it is made for a dog that he absolutely loves. I was told by several people it was a must have toy. He didn't care for it at all for a couple months, and now I can't imagine him liking anything as much as her. Sophie was $20, but now I know why everyone recommended it.
As far as food goes he is enjoying his vegetables and still isn't a big fan of fruit. Unfortunately now that he is eating foods with iron they are making him constipated, so we are sneaking fruit into his vegies and sneaking apple juice in before his milk at 5am when he is the most hungry. It seems to be helping.
Now it's time to take him back in to get his booster flu shot. I'm not looking forward to that at all. I always feel so bad when he has to get a shot.
Vander is also starting to really enjoy books. He still wants to eat them of course, but he likes the pictures now too.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Holiday fun

I know I know it's time for a new post... past time. The holidays are always such a whirlwind and even more so when you have a new baby. Vander was a huge hit with everyone. All of our family members have commented on what a happy little guy he is. I guess we are doing something right... Right? Okay, let's see... we went down to San Diego for 10 day and stayed with Freddy and Annie- the newlyweds. They let us stay in their guest bedroom. I must say that it was awesome to have our own room to stay and then also say that sharing a room with a baby is no easy task. We left our house at 2:50am so that Vander would hopefully do some sleeping on the way down and he did. He was excellent on the car ride down. We stopped and walked around with him twice, and he didn't get antsy until like 40 minutes before we got there. It felt like the fastest trip to San Diego yet. This was probably do to Vander being my focus and not the endless road.
After we got there and got settled in Vander took a few nights to adjust. He woke up at 2am, 3am, 4am, 5am.... you get the idea. 3 days later though he was sleeping through the night again. He sleeps from 7pm to 5am (has a bottle), then back to sleep until 7:30am. We hear he can make it longer, but we aren't pushing him.
He got to meet his Bubbie and Zadie (Justin's grandparents on his dad's side) for the first time. He also met everyone in my family other than his aunt and uncles for the first time. He was very good being passed from one person to anther. He didn't mind a bit. In fact I think it was fun for him to get a chance to experience different adults that all cared about him. He also got to visit with all the relatives that he was lucky enough to have met before... all his family on Justin's side (GGMa and GGPa, Deb and Heather, and of course his Grammy and Pops) and his aunt Annie and Uncle Freddy and Uncle Colby.
We spent Christmas Eve with Justin's family and Christmas morning as well. We then headed down to my Grandma's house for Christmas day. Santa showed up to greet Vander. It was the most pleasant holiday with my family in a very very long time. Everyone loved Vander. Before we left Vander got a chance to see his Bubbie and Zadie again and his Uncle Mitch joined us this time. His Aunt and Uncles really love the little fella.
Overall we had a great time and Vander learned a lot while we were down there. He is now a master roller. He got his second tooth on Christmas day (what are the odds he would have 2 front teeth for Christmas). Vander got to experience his first Christmas and his first Hannukah... I think he enjoyed the paper that his presents were wrapped in the most, but he loves the toys, books, and clothes that he got for Christmas and Hannukah. In fact he is playing with his caterpillar now and is wearing his Hannukah "GAP" onsie. It is adorable. He has become a good eater now, though he much prefers vegetables to fruits... crazy kid. Uncle Freddy also taught him to make the Indian call and he has practiced that a lot... he loves it.
The trip back was much harder because Vander slept a lot less... what can you do? We spent a week as a family just hanging out. Now Justin is back at work and Vander and I are getting him back into his routine. We have been going on walks in Toys R' Us to combat the cold and rainy weather. He loves it. Much love to you all.