Friday, March 27, 2009

Crawling and kneeling

Vander is into regular crawling full time now. It is really cute, and faster than I expected. He also has been kneeling alot. He knows how to get up into a kneel, but he doesn't know how to get down from there or how to get up to his feet from there. He loves to stand up (with help), but he can't get down, so he just wines and waits for help.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Learning table

Vander is borrowing his friend Alyssa's learning table and he loves it. He was playing on it standing up for 10 minutes straight with help from mommy so he didn't tip over only twice! He also took his first real crawl today, but it was very brief. We will see if he continues to army crawl or if he switches over. As for today, Vander army crawled all over his friend's back yard. We also took him swimming. He has had a very busy day. And, he loved every minute of it.

Monday, March 16, 2009

soft or chunky?

Vander was eating his baby food, but ONLY if it had chunks in it. Now, he wants to chew the chunks with his front teeth and he tongues them out of his mouth. What the heck man? So, we are trying chunk free. It's quite an ever changing process. Vander took his Uncle Colby to Babies R Us on Saturday (he was passing through on the way to San Diego for spring break with Jasmine and baby boy), and showed him all the great baby stuff. Sunday he hung out with Grammy and Pops. I took him to the beach in Santa Cruz last Thursday. It was his first look at the ocean. He was fascinated, but it was really windy and messed up his nap schedule for 3 days. They say babies don't get allergies, but it sure seems like it. I wish he could kick the coughing.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Professional army crawler extraordinare

Vander is still army crawling with his own twist, but he is getting pretty fast. If there is a cord around beware.. he will be there very very soon. We lowered his crib to the lowest level because he is getting very interested in standing up. He gets up on his hands and feet constantly. He is more and more fun as the days go on. We got him a bunch of new toys at an event called "Outrageous Outgrowns" where people try to sell the stuff they are done with. We got clothes, toys and books. He loves the toys we picked out. They make lots of noise.
Recently Vander spent some time with his uncle Mitch when he came up from San Diego to visit. Since our condo is on the market we have been having open houses every weekend so Vander has gotten to spend lots of time with Grammy and Pops. He loves hanging out with them. He is a very happy baby.
Today at 10:30am we are going to work on some baby sign language with some friends. Should be fun.