Thursday, April 30, 2009

Down in Morgan Hill

Moving in with Vander's grandparents has been a big adjustment. He is not sleeping well yet, but he loves that he gets to see his Grammy and Pops every evening. He has a special weekend ahead of him. His relatives are in town and this is the first time (other than Christmas) that he is staying in the same house as his family, so it will be excitement around the clock. You can't beat a doting family. Vander has been working on mastering the stairs, so that has been an interesting challenge.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Moving day

On Saturday we rallied the troups and moved all of our stuff into storage. The only things left are clothes, computer, tv, Vander's crib and toys, and a blow-up mattress for us. We move out on Thursday and surrender our keys on Friday. I'm really gonna miss this location, but hopefully we will find a house soon that is better suited to our needs. We are going to live with Larry and Theresa (Justin's parents) for a while. I only hope we don't drive them crazy. Anyway, it will be fun for Vander because he really loves his grandparents.

Easter fun

Vander got to have 2 Easter parties with friends. The first one was out in the grass and Vander enjoyed it, but didn't quite know what was going on. At the second one we made Easter cards with the children's hands and the children went on an Easter egg hunt. Each parent brought a few eggs with healthy snacks in them. The children were really interested in the eggs until one broke open then their interest changed. The eggs were filled with puffs, cheddar bunnies and Cheerios. They were so excited to eat what was inside the egg that all children migrated to the one opened egg and began eating all the pieces that had fallen on the floor. The Easter egg hunt ceased to exist. But it was cute watching our children celebrate Easter together. It was his first Easter. I'm glad we got to go to these parties since he was sick on Easter day. (Some of this I took directly from Carrie's blog since she had written it so well and we were at the same party.)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Stand up sit down fight fight fight.

Vander can now safely sit down from the standing position. He is becoming such a big boy!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Crib standing

Well, Vander is feeling better, but now we have a new adventure. Periodically he has been waking up screaming...he keeps standing up in his crib, and he can't get back down. It is very frustrating to him and us as well. Especially when he stands up at 3:30am! Yikes.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sick again

Vander was sick again this weekend, but he is feeling better now. He had all kinds of issues with breathing earlier this week, and Kaiser is a pain in the butt, so now that he feels better they have filled his prescription.

Super sweaty McGee

Vander is a sweaty little dude. He has very clammy hands and feet. He runs hot like his daddy, and because he has moist palms like me the combination makes for very damp hands and feet. Its really quite strange.

Vander, Vander, Mister Stander.

Vander will do anything to stand. He wants to stand all day. He can even balance on his own for a couple seconds until he realizes that he is doing it and then he falls. He is learning how to fall in the least painful way. His favorite is to just take my hand and let me guide him down gently (smart dude).

New car seat

Vander has officially switched over to his big boy car seat. He is still facing backwards since he is less than a year old, but it's a big change for him. I have heard that it is a more comfy seat, but so far today he seemed more cranky in it then has has in a while in his old car seat. I know he misses the sun shade. He liked to pull it down on his old car seat and this car seat doesn't have one. It is a better looking seat, and once he is one year old he will get to face forward and that will really be exciting, because looking at the back seat can't be fun at all. What a boring ride.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

kneeling and standing

Sorry it's been so long, but selling a condo is all incompusing. We have been very busy. Saturday night the contingincies get lifted. Now we have to find a place to live since ours closes April 24th. Wish us luck. We will be staying with Larry and Theresa in the mean time. Vander is going to love it.
Vander is bound and determined to stand holding anything possible. That is his main interest right now, stand holding each thing. He can kneel on his own and then stands himslef up. He has even learned how to get down without hurting himself (most of the time). Though I know a few head bonks are just part of growing up. The poor guy is sick again and is wheezing. He seems to be feeling okay, but doesn't sound too good.