Wednesday, July 22, 2009

San Diego fun

Vander had a ton of fun in San Diego, and he learned a whole lot. We left Morgan Hill at 4:30am on July 10th to head down to San Diego and got to Freddie and Annie's house around 12pm. We decided to hang out and went for a swim. The first evening when Freddie got home I told him that he could teach Vander to walk since he was almost ready. (He really wanted to teach Vander to crawl in December, but he was nowhere near ready). So, within 5 minutes of Freddy being home, he took his first steps and walked to Freddy!!! Grandma Gretchen and Grandpa David were over for dinner so they got to see it too.

On Saturday we went to the Zoo with Vander's Grauntie Debbie and Uncle Mitch. Vander loved every minute of it. He got to see all kinds of animals with the polar bear being his very favorite. It stopped and played right in front of Vander for like 10 minutes. It was amazing. We got a caricature of Vander riding a polar bear that is really cute. You'll have to come visit our new house to see it up in Vander's room. That night we dropped Justin off in PB to go to Walter's bachelor party. It took us a long long time to get back on the freeway because there was an over the line tournament at the beach that day.

Sunday Aunt Annie, Uncle Freddy, Vander and I went to La Jolla shores and had a beachy morning. It was really fun. Vander the water baby enjoyed splashing around in the water and being a party of Uncle Freddy's antics. Freddie is really good with Vander. They always have a blast together. Vander enjoyed the wet sand as well. We picked Justin up on our way back to Freddy and Annie's from the bachelor party. That afternoon Great Grandma Gretchen and Great Grandpa David hosted a potluck at the park for Vander's family and our old neighbors. It was so nice to see everyone.

Monday Vander hung out with his Daddy and played, while I spent the day with my grandparents.

Tuesday we went out to lunch with Uncle Mitch at the Cottage by La Jolla cove. It was the first time that I have ever been to the cove and not seen any seals. There was only one and it was in the ocean, so Vander couldn't see it. Bummer man. That night Heather, Heidi, and Kelly came over to hang out.

Wednesday we went to lunch with Uncle Freddy at Sea port village. Vander liked all the wind chimes and spinning toys at Sea port village. He also really liked his gyro. After his nap Vander got to have Frozen yogurt for a snack and he even tried to use the spoon all by himself of his own initiative. Steven came over to visit that evening and we decided to have a few cocktails.

Thursday we went out to lunch at Soup Plantation with Vander's Bubbie and Zadie. He really enjoyed seeing them and even gave Zadie a big hug. That evening Justin and I went out on a date to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. It was kind of scary, but really good. We also went to our old La Jolla Ralphs and WOW, they redid it and made it super fancy, we felt under dressed for the grocery store, that's how nice it was. We also saw that Peking Palace, our college restaurant was closed. We were both bummed about that.

Friday Vander and Daddy hung out again and I spent some more time with my grandparents. It was really nice to have some quality time with both of them.

Saturday Uncle Mitch came over to babysit Vander while Justin and I went to Walter's rehearsal and lunch. It was delicious Tai food. Annie and Freddie were out of town throwing and wedding shower. That night we had Grandma Gretchen and Grandpa David over for dinner so they could see Vander again.

Sunday Vander and I hung out while Justin went to help prepare for Walter's wedding. Annie and Freddie watched Vander while I joined Justin for the wedding. It was really nice and very fun. It was cool to see all of our college friends again.

Monday morning we drove back at 3:30am and got back around 11ish. Later that day we went to Target and I tossed Vander a bouncy ball in his stroller. He caught it 5 times!!!

Almost every day Vander went swimming. He really enjoyed his time spent with all of his family members. A huge THANK YOU!!! to Annie and Freddie for letting us stay with them. I hope that when we left their sanity was still in tact! Vander did some extra crying, but he did lots and lots of laughing and learning. He especially enjoyed the blocks his Great grandparents bought him and the game his Uncle Freddy came up with using those blocks. Vander also grew 4 teeth while he was down in San Diego, so he has 16 teeth now.

Words Vander said on our trip: More, yeah, ice, boom, moo (he mood at the cows passing Harris Ranch), done, hi.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Updates for the Vander fans

Lets see...Well, Vander now has 10 teeth and absolutely loves to chew. He is walking with the assistance of one adult hand. He has the balance, but not the confidence to walk. We will see how long that takes. He went to the 4th of July parade today for the second year in a row, only this time he watched it. He really enjoyed the bands and the giant dancing dragons. He was thrilled at all the sights and animals around. Yesterday he went to a pool party and played with Zade in the water. He didn't do much last week because the poor little guy had hand, foot and mouth disease...which are little blisters he got them on his hands, one on his foot and some on his knees. He didn't seem to notice, but since he was contagious we were quarintined. I don't know if that is exactly what he had, but it seemed like it, so to be on the safe side we stayed away from other baby friends. Last night Vander decided that 4:30am would be a great time to start the day. He has been getting up earlier and earlier, but that was just ridiculous. Poor Justin was exhaused and didn't go to the parade because he got up with Vander.
Vander's hair is getting pretty long and he is absolutely adorable. Oh, yea...Vander also got to meet Austin (Lindsay and Eric's baby boy) for the first time last weekend and go swimming with him. Austin is 6 months old, so there wasn't much interaction, but it was great to see the Larsons and to meet Austin. They are our good friends, and they moved to Minnesota not too long ago. Vander is out playing in the baby pool in the back yard with his dad right now. He loves to be in the water!