Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fun with bellies

Walkin' man

Here is a video of Vander for those of you who haven't seen him recently.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Toddler world

We have moved out of baby town and into toddler world. Vander knows exactly what he wants now and I am the one in the dark trying to figure out what it is. He is definitely a little man. When he is feeling well (not sick or teething) he is so much fun to hang out with.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Vander devoured a piece of corn on the cob

It was awesome to watch him. First I was cutting it off for him and then I let him try corn straight from the cob and he rocked it. He is better at eating corn on the cob than his dad. Great dinner!

Walking man

My little baby man is officially walking. He has been for a few months, but only a few steps, now he has it down and he is walking everywhere. He is also an expert faller and doesn't seem to mind minor scrapes. He just moves on...he's a tough dude.
He has been squishing the life out of fruit lately and we changed his schedule and it is fabulous. He eats dinner with us every night and while it's messy, it's a great experience to have family dinners on a nightly basis.
We finally got most things unpacked and ready to live. There are a list of things we still need to get done, but we are LOVING our new place- all 3 of us.
Colby stopped by last night so Vander got to see his uncle briefly which is always a treat.
Now that we are settled we are ready for company. Hint hint.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Moving in

We are finally in our new place. Boxes are everywhere and we are missing lots of stuff, but we are in our new house ready to make it our home. So far we are loving it, especially Vander. He is enjoying exploring everything. I have painted 3 bedrooms and we painted the kitchen, only the hall still needs to be painted. Toys are sprawled out everywhere because we don't have the furniture that they go in and Vander absolutely loves that of course. Moving is a process, but it's coming along one step at a time. Give me a few months to get back on track and we will be up and running again. Yay for owning a nice house!