Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New friends

Our neighbor, Nathanial, is 4 and lives across the street. He absolutely loves Vander and is always trying to get him to come out and play with him. He is really sweet with Vander and enjoys his company. Yesterday morning we went for a walk with the neighbors and Nate and Vander really enjoyed each others company....Vander is making a good friend for life... :)

Projectile Vomit

Nothing keeps carpet fresh and new like projectile vomit. Vander finally figured out how to get rid of his medicine...it sadly was all across his bedroom. Fun for everyone. He then finished the job by throwing up on me...always fun. He feels totally fine, but was not happy with his medicine, so he decided to give it back.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Seperation anxiety

If anyone has any ideas please let me know...he is now only staying at the YMCA for 10 minutes...he screams any time we leave the room. It's sweet cause he loves his parents so much, but it's making working out impossible!

words, words, words

Vander's repertoire of words is expanding. He has been saying, ice, blueberry, okay, go, hi, and bye. He is now also saying ball, hey, more, and consistently doing the signs for all done, more, and bye.

Doctor update

So we went to see the GI specialist doctor. He confirmed that Vander is constipated and has caused himself an anal fissure (internal). He has put him on 3 teaspoons of lacralose (a laxative that is stronger than miralax), and told me that he has to have 2 baths a day and needs to poop twice a day, and if he isn't on this dosage then he needs another teaspoonful a day. He pooped twice yesterday, but not at all yet today. The medicine smells good, but is green and Vander seems to think it tastes like sewage...he puts up quite the fight and throws up if there is anything in his stomach, so he is not thrilled with this medicine...the other one was a powder that dissolved into milk or yogurt with no flavor...I miss that one. The GI doctor to top it off wasn't very friendly and seemed to be annoyed by Vander...that was annoying to me. We have a phone consultation to discuss how things are going October 5th.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Marathon doctor visit

2 hours at the doctor today...they told me it was because I was late...the time stamp (after waiting in line and getting all checked in) said 9:52, our appointment was for 9:50, so I don't think that was a very good excuse. Anyway, I love Vander's pediatrician...he really is fantastic with Vander. He's patient, calm, explains thoroughly and Vander loves him. You can tell he loves kids and I love that about him. Anyway, we had some drama with a former prescription...Vander has an anal fissure and he bleeds every time he poops. He is on fiber and a laxative, but is still having issues, so we are supposed to try anusol (appropriately named) and see if that helps. The main hospital pharmacy at Kaiser doesn't carry it, so they sent me to "any pharmacy" over the counter. We went to three...no luck and one told us you have to have a prescription!!! So, Dr. Nachbaur was able to find us a generic similar to the one he prescribed, so hopefully it will help Vander. He is also referring us to a gastro-intestinal specialist. Vander also got his DTP and a flu shot.

Just an FYI, we are back on bottles because Vander wouldn't take a single sip of milk out of a sippy cup, so we are going to have to try that again in a month or two.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Goodbye bottles

We are trying to take Vander off of bottles and start using sippy cups exclusively because his bottles are always clogged (due to fiber and miralax). So, we will see how it goes. Today he refused all milk taking only a couple sips, so I'm hoping he will get less stubborn as he realizes he doesn't have another option...we'll see.

Fun with Jeff

Vander had a blast this weekend playing with Jeff Schneider. Jeff went to grad school with Justin. He is a super sweet guy and we enjoyed hanging out with him. We had our house warming party on Saturday and it was a blast. It was very successful, with lots of delicious food (thank you Hannah) and good friends and neighbors. Vander enjoyed it too because several baby friends showed up as well including Elsa(Mark and Rena's baby girl)!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Chop it off baby!!!

Vander went to Kinder Cuts this morning and got his very first real hair cut (I have cut his bangs a couple of times). He went from being a baby to being a little boy in 10 tearful minutes. He cried during the whole thing, he did not enjoy the comb on his ears or the loud noises, but he stayed relatively still. After the traumatic hair cut was over Vander got a certificate and a sucker for being brave. He also got to jump in a bounce house for like 10 minutes. He had a blast. I got in with him and then some other kids joined in the fun. He loved being bounced around. He forgot all about the hair cut and just enjoyed the bouncy world. I kept a little piece of hair to scrapbook of course. His hair looks even more blond now...he's the cutest little tow head. Justin and I love his new due. I think he likes it too, he was cracking up when he saw himself in the mirror tonight.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Justin and I took Vander on a field trip Friday down to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We were hoping he would nap in the car on the way down...no such luck. When we got there we paid the meters and headed up to see the otters. They were fun and playful. We saw them eating different colors of ice. We also saw the sea horse exibit, which was pretty cool. We let Vander out of his stroller and he was running around like a wild man. He was oooohing and aaahhhing up a storm. He loved seeing the big fish swimming in schools. We also got front row seats for a fish and shark feeding. We saw an interactive show, "You Otter Know," in which I participated as one of the contestants and won Vander an otter toy. It was a fabulous experience and Vander just loved every minute of it. They even had a kids area where Vander got to see Eels and Clown fish at his own level, that was really cool. They had a waterbed-like play area for experimentation that Vander took full advantage of. After we had seen everything we walked down Cannery Row and stopped in for a sea food sampler platter at "Bubba Gumps". Vander was very good the whole time. Justin really enjoyed the shrimp. After that we loaded back up into the car and headed home. Vander and I slept on the car ride home and then when we got home Vander and Justin took a nap. Overall a fabulous experience for all of us. Vander even got to touch a sea slug and star fish. Justin got to feed a bat ray.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

No dinner for me.

Vander is taking perfect naps and going to bed like an angel (he loves the stars on his ceiling...he ooohh's about them, but for some reason he hasn't been eating dinner the last couple nights. Weird. I'm not going to complain though...he' s sleeping from 7pm ato 6:30am consistantly. It's so nice to be well rested. It only took 15 months... He is walking everywhere now and has made friends with our neighbor across the street, Nathaniel, who is 4. Vander loves to slide down his slide. Vander is also enjoying his pool in the back yard (a baby pool), but is obsessed with throwing balls out and then back in etc, which means it is really hard to keep the water in the pool. He loves watching it come gushing out. He also is really into tossing pebbles. I'm not sure why that is so fascinating, but I'm really glad that he is no longer trying to eat them all. (That's a new development this week). He is having a hard time getting readjusted to the YMCA. I'm not sure why, he used to love it, and now he will only stay for like 20minutes and when he is done with his snack he screams. I hope he gets back into it! He is absolutely precious!