Monday, November 30, 2009

San Diego

Our trip to San Diego went very very fast. I can't believe that it is already over. Time sure flies when you are having fun. We drove down on Friday Nov. 20th. We got up at 3:30am and left promptly. Colby came with us. He drove down from Humbolt Thursday night and didn't sleep at all. Vander only ended up sleeping for 40 minutes of the trip, so he was quite the unhappy camper. He did not enjoy the 9 hour drive. We stopped to pick up Grandpa Ken and his dog and things got VERY cramped. Everyone had stuff on their laps and Vander was wineing and crying the rest of the time...over 2 hours! I was not happy at that point either. We had dinner that night with Freddie and Annie as well as Grandma Gretchen and Grandpa David came up to join us. It was nice. A delicious meal of enchiladas. We handed out our Christmas presents since we won't be down for Christmas this year.
Saturday was my 10 year high school reunion. It ended up being pretty fun even though only one of the girls I used to hang out with, Jenny Adams, showed up. Face book is ruining reunions! All of my high school friends said, "well if I want to know what someone is up to I just look them up on face book." So, needless to say it was a very small turn out. I'm glad I went though.
Sunday we went to visit Bubbie and Zadie (Justin's grandparents on his dad's side) and had a nice time with them. Vander loved the rocks in their yard. We had sandwiches and chatted. It was nice catching up with them. Later that day, after Vander's nap we went over to Vander's Grantie Debs house and hung out with her and had dinner. It was good to catch up with the family. Mitch came over and hung out at both places so Vander got to hang out with his Uncle most of the day.
Monday I went down to spend time with Grandma Gretchen, Grandpa David, and Colby. We ended up picking Grandpa Ken up from Karen's house too. Vander stayed and hung out with his Dad at Uncle Freddie and Aunt Annie's place.
Tuesday Freddie had the day off so we hung out at his place with him. We went to Best Buy and bought a new camera....finally! Kodak Easy Share, 12 megapixel. And, it's pink. Freddy got the same one in charcoal.
Wednesday we met Bryan and Vicki at Pat and Oscars for lunch. Bryan decided to stay and hang out with us for the day, so we went back to hang out while Vander took a nap. Later we headed over to Chuck E. Cheese's, which was a blast. Annie got off early and came with us. We had a lot of fun and Vander got some koosh balls to remember the experience by.
Thursday was Thanksgiving of course, so we all went down and spent the day at Grandma Grechen and Grandpa David's. It was no easy task following Vander around and it took a group effort to keep him out of trouble. He enjoyed the meal (though he didn't take much of a nap that day). He was a big fan of the turkey and biscuits.
Friday was black Friday and Justin went to Target at 4am, when he got back Vander got up and they went to Best Buy together. We all went out to Breakfast at IHOP with Grandpa Ken. Later we went down to Grandma's house for Thanksgiving leftovers.
Saturday came quickly and we were in the car by 3:28am on the road. Sadly Colby forgot his phone, keys and wallet at Freddy and Annie's place. Vander wimpered/cried for the first hour, but then he slept for 2. We went through a rain storm and a snow storm at the peak of the Grapevine-scary! Anyway, we made it home at around 10:30am, and Andrea and Josh came to hang out with us at around noon. We made panini's and played games.
We spent Sunday cleaning up and putting up our Christmas decorations. Colby left around 1:15pm. Our house is mostly clean now and very festive. A few touches are still needed, but overall it's pretty good.
Now it's time to get back to real life. A HUGE thanks to Freddy and Annie for letting us stay with them!!!

I miss my family already!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Harvest party-Iron Chef pumpkin

Today Vander, Justin and I hosted another big baby party. It wasn't really our turn, but nobody else stepped up when the girl who was supposed to host had to reschedule. We had iron chef pumpkin, so the idea was that everyone make a dish with the main ingredient being pumpkin. We made a pumpkin risotto, which was really quite good. The dishes were judged by our husbands and the 2 women who didn't participate. The categories were: plating, originality, and taste. We won for plating. I would have taken a picture, but I still don't have a camera. We had a blob of risotta in the middle with 3 sprigs of rosemary around and made a pumpkin face out of rosemary. It was pretty cute. We went against a quiche with a pumpkin crust with a pumpkin mouse in a chocolate cup, a pumpkin bread with glaze, pumpkin pudding, and pumpkin mouse with rum in layers (like a trifle). We ended up winning a $15 gift card to Olive Garden. It was fun, but required a ton of clean-up cause babies are very very very messy people. Vander had a blast playing with his friends and enjoyed the risotto and chocolate.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

dentist says...

The doctor told us to call the dentist about Vander's extra tooth. The dentist said don't bring him in until January (that is when his dental insurance kicks in) because they will probably have to remove the extra tooth, but they won't do it until he is 2 years old. Also, they say it's not that uncommon and is nothing to worry about.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

17 teeth

Yesterday I was checking out Vander's teeth and it looks like he has an extra one. He had a big whole in the front next to his front tooth on the left side of his almost looked big enough for 2 teeth, but there was only supposed to be one because he already had his fang tooth. Somehow he is growing a second tooth in that hole, so I don't know how, but it looks like he has an extra's kind of jagged too like an adult tooth would be growing in. We will have to ask his doctor about it at his next appointment. Strange.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

16 tooth and other stuff

Well, it's official Vander has 16 teeth...a full set until his 2 year molars. He can pretty much eat anything (though he doesn't always chew thoroughly). He has started to really expand his vocabulary and does a lot of copying what we say. On a totally different subject Vander and I went to In and Out Burger to treat ourselves for lunch yesterday and he refused to even try the burger, but he is a huge fan of their fries. His favorite food still seems to be any kind of fish, and of course he is a chocolate lover-big surprise there.

I have felt Vander's new sibling kick a couple of times now, so it is starting to feel real, and I am feeling much better.

Just 2 more weeks before we head down to San Diego on November 20th...the fun awaits.

Friday, November 6, 2009


The other night Justin and I went to get Vander's hair cut. We got a coupon in the mail that gave us a free haircut for a new member of the Sports Clips where Justin always gets his hair cut in Morgan Hill. We figured we would stop by Target and then go grab some dinner at Ragoots, a local restaurant that we had a giftcard to from Larry and Theresa for my birthday. The haircut went great...Vander didn't keep his head strait, but he didn't cry either. He then ate a dum dum sucker while Daddy got his hair cut. He ate it like a semi-pro with just a little stickiness at the end.
The real story begins after we were seated at Ragoots. We had just ordered our meal and we saw Vander start to push. We didn't think much of it because he often pushes in his high chair and nothing comes of it. Generally he just tries again later when he is standing up. Well, not this time. I looked at his back and it looked brown. That's never good when you are wearing a white onesie (his batman onsie that his grandparents got for him). We told the waiter that we were just going to go change his diaper that we weren't gone so they didn't assume we had left. Justin ran out to the car so see what spare clothes we had in there and to grab a spare diaper. I stopped being really adament about carrying around too many spare clothes because he never needs them any more.
Justin came back with a sweater and shorts...good enough. So, we headed into the bathroom and it was a big single stall, thank goodness. It turned out the poop went up and around him, everywhere but down. We covered the floor with paper towels and tried our best to get the onsie off without getting poop in his hair (always a fun challenge). We soon realized that cleaning him off with wipes was futile, so we put him in the sink. He did not appreciate this. We cleaned him off and dried him, then redressed him. I stayed in the bathroom to rince out his clothes and clean up the bathroom. It was one of those times when you laugh because if not you'll cry. It was soooo gross. We told the waiter it would probably be a good idea if someone emptied the bathroom trash and asked for a plastic bag for his clothes, which actually did get completely clean. Thank goodness. Did I mention that his poop is really soft and smelly because of the fiber and miralax laxative that he takes daily.
Needless to say we tipped very well that night and I felt bad for not tipping the other patrons, luckily there weren't that many.
This was only surpassed by the poop-slosion that we had a couple nights ago that came out of his pant legs, now that was a nasty surprise. At least we were at home for that one!

General update

Our computer has/had a virus and has been being worked on by Justin and Staples for the last couple weeks...the saga continues, but I got ahold of his laptop...the camera is still broken, but here is the recent happenings...

Jon and Ruth stayed with us for a couple days and Vander absolutely loved having them here. Ruth and Vander were super friends. I got a terrible migraine and Ruth took care of Vander for a few hours. I have also already been getting acid reflux, so I could be in for a bumpy ride. The doctor gave me Vicadin and Zantac...ack!

Halloween was a blast this year. We took Vander to Willow Glen to trick or treat at the stores. He dressed up as Woody and was super duper cute. He doesn't know that candy is in the wrappers yet (thankfully), but he enjoyed taking a piece of candy from a crazy dude or dudette in a costume and putting it into his baseball basket (from his Grantie Deb).
The next night was Halloween and Vander really "cowboyed up". He walked for about an hour trick-or-treating in the neighborhood and never asked to be carried. He wimpered a little when his feet were getting tired, but he really was fabulous. I dressed as a (pregnant) nun and Justin went as a padre. He wanted to be the Padres padre, but we couldn't find our bat. Anyway, he had a great time.
He is pretty well adjusted to the time change now...we started getting him ready a few days before hand and we were glad we did. It worked out nicely for his late night on Halloween...8pm!
We are currently trying to transition him from 2 naps a day down to 1 and it's a bit rocky, but he was defintely ready to make the switch. He's doing pretty well, but still not taking a long enough nap in the afternoon. It's a transition for me too because I didn't have as much time before all at once. I am missing his morning nap because I took a nap with him quite often recently...being pregnant is exhausting. I am 15 weeks now, so I am starting to feel better-thank goodness. It was rough for a while there. Life is getting back to normal, but I do miss having the computer so that I know what's going on with play groups and what not.
Vander is really starting to talk and understanding really well. He has recently fallen in love with Elmo...he calls him Melmo...we joke that Melmo is the Maroon target brand version of Elmo. He loves to read Sesame street books and likes to laugh like the Count whenever he sees him. It's really cute.
Good news on the pooping front...I haven't seen any blood in a while and he is going in a diaper again. I know that seems like a backwards step, but it really isn't. Well, actually you decide. I will write a different blog about a recent experience and well, things got ugly.
I think that's all for now. Don't forget to read the poop entry.
Much love and can't wait for the holidays to be able to see many loved ones.