Friday, December 18, 2009

Recent Vander fun

Vander went to a glow in the dark party yesterday and man did he love that. He got to draw with highlighters and they glowed. He was thrilled.

Vander has been enjoying Hannukah...candles and gifts every could you go wrong? His favorite gifts from his Grammy and Pops have been a Handy Manny tool box and a stuffed Moose. He has enjoyed all his gifts...he also loves his tub ducks.

Advent calendars and Christmas tree lights are also a huge part of Vander's holiday fun. He is eating a piece of chocolate from the advent calendar every day. Every morning he points at the Christmas tree and says, "please." I plug in the lights and he says, "cooooool." It is really adorable.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Little baby Katz

Vander's baby brother has clubbed feet, which we have been told is totally treatable. 2 months of casts, then 2 months of braces, then 2-4 years of braces at night. He probably won't remember it when he's older. We are relieved to know that this is the only issue that he has. We were worried and had amniocentesis done, but he is totally healthy! It will be a little more difficult, but we will get through this as a family.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Another super busy, but fun weekend

Saturday we went to Josh's 1st birthday party at SwaRay in Sunnyvale, which was rooms of fun. Vander got to make music, play with balls, go down a bouncy slide, make a construction hat and eat some yummy food. We headed directly over to the South Valley baby Christmas party, which was also realy fun...lots of baby chaos. We lost Justin's shoe for a while- that was an interesting adventure. Then, with the South Valley members we headed over to Glacier Ct. to see Christmas lights. They were pretty awesome. 3 engineers get together to sink 2 houses worth of lights to music. They create their own music station and it's like the Bellagio of Christmas lights. Very fun to watch. Then, Sunday, we went to Babies R Us to help Sarah decide what to scan into her baby registry...that store is very overwhelming when you haven't had kids yet! That took a couple hours. After Vander's nap we headed down to Grammy and Pop's house for some Hannukah Latkas and fun. Latkas are quite delicious, but everyone smells like oil afterward. Anyway it was lots of fun and the latkas were especially delicious this time. (They are always yummy).

Friday, December 11, 2009

Elmo Santa Vander

Happy Holidays everyone!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What a busy weekend

On Saturday we went to Breakfast with Santa put on by our Loan Officer. It was breakfast, pictures, face painting, balloon making, and ceramic decorating. Vander screamed his head off near Santa. Then we went straight to his friend Isabella's birthday party. She was turning 2. It was a music themed party by the most creative lady I know. All of the food was music themed, little music note sandwiches and pretzels, with music crafts to create and we all did some circle time with Bella's favorite songs and some dancing. It was very cool. Carrie even made little goodie bags (musical print of course) with Bella's favorite music compiled on a c.d., a shaker and a scarf for dancing. Lots of fun was had by all. After nap time we headed over to the Willow Glen Christmas party for some play time and another scream fest with Santa. He is one scary dude. On Sunday we went to the Almaden Christmas party, which was catered, and the food was super delicious. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, but overall it was a fun weekend. I personally am feeling very preoccupied with this pregnancy, but Justin is doing a great job picking up the slack. I hope you all had fabulous weekends. I know Vander did.

Friday, December 4, 2009

It's a ...

Vander will be having a baby brother.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Super cute- toes tickle nose, a must see Vander production

Vander's stats

At 18 months Vander stats are:
23lb 3.4oz : 15%
2'7.75" : 30%
Head measure 46cm : 8 %

So, while he is on the smaller side the doctor tells me that preemies don't usually catch up until around 3 years old and he is within all normal parameters. He is a healthy little man. His bowels are also under control now. He is taking 2 tsp. of fiber and 3 tsp. of miralax a day, but it's working. The doctor says to keep him on it until he is potty trained (which could be a while since he has NO readiness signs yet).

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

a few things

A couple of things...Vander is now officially vacinated with H1N1 vacine (though he has to get another booster in January). He also helped us make cookies the other day (thanks for the idea Erin), and it was so much fun. He is enjoying the Christmas tree ornaments and so far hasn't broken anything. Just a quick few things that were on my mind.