Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Flickr is not so great

I tried to upload the January pics to Flickr and it said that I have to wait until February. What a hastle of a program, so here are the best pics from January. Honestly I didn't take many more, so here you go for now. Sorry. I you know of a good free site to share photos on let me know.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Staying up late

Last night we went to a dinner group that didn't start until 6:30pm and Vander came with us. He didn't get in bed until 9:15pm! He was happy and energetic the whole time. (Which we were surprised by because we spent time with Deb, Heather, Grammy and Pops for a few hours before and he was climbing stairs and running around like crazy). However, he is super tired and lathargic today. He just wants to watch t.v. and cuddle, but doesn't have the energy to do much else. Well, hopefully he'll take a long nap today. We will see.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Archery article

This is the link to the archery article in the Morgan Hill times. Justin and I are both mentioned in the article. If you want me to email a copy of it to you please let me know. For some reason the blog won't let me cut and paste, but I have it saved as a word document on my computer.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Our 1st major surgery

Vander's favorite bear (his other favorite is Elmo) named Green Bear, lost his bow this morning. Vander was pretty upset about it. So, we whipped out the sewing kit and attempted to sew it back on. The hardest part was that Vander was super clingy while I was sewing it...he needed Green Bear and me to be giving him our full attention, which is not helpful while sewing. It's not perfect, but Vander was very glad to have a functional bow back...he uses it to hold Green Bear. They say all's well that ends well.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Couch climbing

Vander has officially figured out how to climb on and off the couch at will without help. It's a little scary because he doesn't hesitate to sit with his back facing the room instead of the back of the couch. I've caught him once and I just hope he will learn quickly. He is very happy with this new accomplishment. It has taken him a while cause he's a bit of a shorty. I can't imagine trying to climb up on things as high as my ribs all day. Now if only I could teach him to stop touching and opening the dvd players-he hates his time outs and gets really upset, but it hasn't seemed to curb the behavior yet.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Vander's typical schedule at 20 months old

Just thought I would post this as a frame of reference for later. I wrote it out for his grandparents for Saturday, and thought if I typed it then I would have it for later.
7am wake-up, diaper change, breakfast-bottle then Honeycomb, play
8:30ish bottle with 2 tsp fiber and video in computer room. play
10ish snack-generally fruit and water
11ish diaper change
12 lunch
12:45-2:45 nap
2:45 yogurt with 3 tsp miralax and Kix while watching Sesame Street or Word World, play
4:30ish chocolate milk or juice
5:45ish dinner
6:30bath, vaseline on back, jammies, story
7 bed time


For Justin's birthday I made him (with some help from Colby) a bow and arrow cake in honor of The Green Arrow-his 2nd favorite super hero, after Batman. Mark, Rena and Heather came over for dinner. Then Mick and Sol joined us. We played games and had a really good time. Then on Saturday the 16th, his actual birthday I took him to an all day Archery tournament. It was set in Medieval times and was really very cool. You start out at the 40 yard line, do two slow rounds, then 2 speed rounds (only 30 seconds to shoot as many arrows as accurately as you can), then you move up to 30 yards and repeat, then up to 20 yards and repeat. We borrowed some garb and equipment and did our best. Justin ended up with a giant welt and bruise on his right arm (he was shooting lefty). Our final scores were Justin: 8, Ashley: 4, but the important thing is that we had a good time. We left after about 7 hours and went to get some Mexican food for dinner, and headed up to Coldstone for a darkchocolate mint end to the evening. It was a long, fun, exhausting day and Justin finally got to shoot a bow and arrow. He has been talking about it for years. Happy 29th birthday to Justin.

When we got home we were happy to find out that Vander had been a really good boy for his grandparents and they all had a very fun day together. The highlight was going to the park.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Uncle Colby

Vander's Uncle Colby (my baby bro) has been staying with us since Sunday, and I am bummed to say that he left today. I love have my brother around. He is such a sweet and helpful guy. He did weeding for us and took Vander on a couple of bike rides. Vander had a blast with Colby. He wanted to play with him from the moment he woke up until he went to bed at night. He cried like crazy with Colby left. We miss you Colby, thanks for coming to visit for the week.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Orthopedic Surgeon's information

Justin and I went yesterday to talk to Dr. Godley. He reiterated what we had already heard. Casting for about 3 months, then full time braces for 3 months, then cutting the tendon in the back of the ankle, then casts when sleeping for 4 years. He says if you follow this proceedure there is very little chance of relapse and the feet and legs will work like everyone elses. They may have slightly less muscle tone, but nothing serious. The method he uses is called Ponseti. He says these are good websites for research: Posna.org and aaos.org, and he also says that University websites are good.
Apparently when babies are born their legs are still made of cartilige and have not hardened yet, so it is important to start early (like around 1 week of age or earlier) so that the corrections can be as effective as possible. That's about it.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Time flies when you have your husband at home full time. It was awesome. Vander and I miss him when he's at work. We got a lot done, and yet, there is so much left to do. Vander got a ton of new toys that he is loving. He absolutely enjoys his new kitchen (from Santa) and all the food. He loves his swing and is not quite sure about his bike attachment yet...2 attempts so far- one was relatively successful, but it was cold so it didn't last long. He has really come into a love for stuffed animals and is currently obsessed with Elmo and Cookie monster anything (including boxes with thier pictures on them).

We stayed at home this year and hung out with Justin's side of the family. Vander just loves his uncles! He really enjoyed playing with Mitch...not to say he didn't enjoy the whole family, but he seems to really have a special place in his heart for his uncles. He also got to celebrate almost all month as his Grammy and Pops decided to give him his gifts for Hannukah, so he got to light candles and open gifts every night. He was a pro by the end. He is a huge latka fan.

Did I mention that Vander went to 3 Christmas parties??? He also went to 2 gingerbread decorating parties and a breakfast with Santa celebration. Santa was a bit scary this year, but that seemed to be the general consensus amoung all his friends. He loved his chocolate advent calendar. Yum.

As for New Years...we had a New Years Eve party at our house...5 couples with toddlers Vander's age came and we had a good time. We played games and rang in the new year with a baby sleeping in each of our bedrooms and one still awake!

Now it's 2010 and all my crazy stipulations for a healthy baby have kicked in and I'm not allowed to do anything. I'm doing the best I can, but raising a toddler and not lifting or bending is pretty much impossible. I am resting during Vander's naps and drinking 100 oz of water, which means half my day is spent running to the bathroom. I'm also not allowed to cook or do any cleaning...that makes Justin's days tough. I feel like a total slacker, but my doctor says to remember that my body is working really really hard around the clock and the only one freeloading is that baby inside me. My job is to keep him happy in there. The goal is to carry the new baby to 36 weeks so he can be healthy and fully developed...I'm only at 23 weeks now, so I have a long way to go!