Friday, February 26, 2010

Arielle and Sabrina

Justin had to work late on Wednesday night so Arielle and Sabrina came over to hang out, play, have dinner, and then Arielle and I played games after they went to bed. They had a great time together. We walked them over to the park, but Sabrina took so long to walk (as she was doing a lot of exploring and back-tracking) that we ended up only having time for the kids to slide twice and then we had to head home to put the rice on for dinner. Vander actually ate almost a whole bowl of vegies and chicken. He always loves meat, but vegies are a real challenge. He then ate 3 clementines. Sabrina was not so interested. After dinner we thought they would be so cute and have so much fun in the tub, but Vander was not at all interested. Sabrina had a blast and Vander screamed and got out. Apparently Sabrina is no daddy substitute...Arielle and I had a good time playing games, and Justin ended up getting home around 8:30pm. I am so thankful to have such supportive friends!

playing in the crib

Vander is (finally) learning to love his crib. He is so funny...when I wake him up in the morning, before I get him out he insists on throwing all his stuffed animals (and he has a lot in there-Justin's influence), his blanket and his pillow out. After his nap he does the same thing, but he also likes to run around in there, look at me through the slats, dance, laugh, count the screw holes in the name it...he plays in there for 30-45minutes some times. If only he could figure out that if he woke up early he could play on his own. He hasn't seemed to figure that one out yet. Though yesterday after crying for a couple minutes he got quite again and when I opened the door he was laying down talking to Elmo. It was pretty adorable. The great part is that he is no longer waking up unhappy a lot of the time because he is getting cheered up before getting out, which is a relief to us all.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Excited (and frustrated)

I'm really excited because Freddy is going to fly up to San Jose March 10th and hang out with us for a day. He is then driving up to Humbolt to hang out with Colby for the weekend. They are both driving back on Sunday the 14th. Freddy is flying home and Colby is going to stay with us until Friday. He is then taking the bus back up to Humbolt. It's just so exciting getting to see both of my brothers in a couple of weeks.
I'm really frustrated because I am doing everything I possibly can to make sure that I hold this new baby to full term and I'm still having so many complications. I am eating exactly what I am supposed to, and only lifting/bending when absolutely necissary. I am still having more contractions than I am comfortable with. I had 5 yesterday. I know that is the safe range, but I didn't have any with Vander. I am having a hard time dealing with this emotionally. Vander ripped a page out of a book this morning, then proceeded to spit up on the floor (which he hasn't done in like a year), and I just broke down crying cause I'm such a mess. The goal is just to make it through today-contractionless if at all possible.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Eating Cereal like a big boy.

Jon and Ruth and Valentines

I almost forgot...Vander had a very happy Valentines. He went to two Valentines Day parties and enjoyed both of them. He also got a helium balloon that he was obsessed with for a while (it is popped now unfortunately). He got cards from lots of family members and he enjoyed every one of them...he has one on his book shelf cause he thinks it's so much fun to look at.

Jon and Ruth came to visit on Sunday and they watched Vander so Justin and I went out to lunch and to see Valentines Day the movie for Valentines Day. It was pretty cute. We both enjoyed it. They stayed Monday and Tuesday and Vander really enjoyed playing with them. It was so nice having 3 adults in the house to play with Vander. One of the days Vander got to go to the park twice...he was in heaven...once with Jon, Ruth and myself, and then Daddy took him for a bike ride over the park later that day. How fun!

Pony Up!

After the playdate on Friday we went to check out a possible picnic area for one of the baby groups later this summer. We were just tagging along, but Vander heard there were going to be pony's and he just wouldn't stop talking about it. It was a couple of miles from where the playdate was so Vander was really excited and saying, "pony, pony, neigh" all the way in the car. There were ponies, ducks, chickens, roosters (which Vander really liked), goats, and rabbits. Vander ran all over checking out all the animals. He also ended up tripping and landing in the mud. He did not like that. We ended up coming home with no pants on...but happy memories.

Daddy's back

Justin went on a business trip to Georgia and Florida. He was gone Wednesday-Friday. It doesn't sound like too much, but it's rough when you aren't allowed to lift, bend, cook, or clean. I had more contractions than I was comfortable with Wed. and Thurs., but thank goodness he is back now. Vander was getting really clingy and missing his Daddy alot. You could really tell starting on Friday. He would not leave my side at the play date in case I went missing.

I was very lucky to have people really help me out. Vander's Grammy came over on Wed. and Friday and made dinner, did the dishes, played with Vander, gave him a bath and put him to bed. Pops also joined her on Friday evening and they both did some weed pulling (which desperately needed to be done. A huge thanks to both of them!!!

On Thursday, Our neighbors helped entertain Vander after nap time, and helped pull weeds on the other side of the house. Then around 6pm Melanie, a playgroup friend, came over and helped with dinner, bath time and bed. She also stayed and hung out with me. It was really nice.

I was also extremely lucky that 3 people brought food over so that I wouldn't have to prepare food while Justin was away. They were all delicious and diabetic diet friendly. Thank you to Su, Paulina, and Michelle O.

I can't tell you what a relief and destresser it is to have Justin back home and I know Vander would whole heartedly agree.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Eating breakfast

Vander is now eating cereal with a spoon in a bowl of milk all by himself!!! He is doing a great job. He doesn't like it when he spills milk or when the cereal gets soggy, but it's a work in progress. :)

Justin is out of town for the next 3 days on business in Georgia and Florida, so wish me luck.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

4 syllables

Vander can say his first 4 syllable word: avacado. I'm pretty impressed myself. It's quite clear for a toddler. He can also, when he feels like it, count to 5. It's not consistant, but it happens.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Vander's first sentence

The other day Vander said his first'll never guess who it involved! Vander said, "Elmo, where are you?" He repeated it several times while looking for Elmo. It was pretty cute.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vander saying cash money

Uncle Colby taught Vander to say this and while he has no idea what it means, it's really really ridiculously cute.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Diabetes update

I just got back from meeting with a nurse who taught me how to prick my finger 4x a day and gave me a very very detailed eating schedule. The timing is going to be tough and a lot of planning is going to have to go into every meal. Each meal is very specific as to how many carbs, protiens, fats, etc.
A typical day is going to look like this:
7am-wake up and prick finger to find fasting glucose level, then eat breakfast (2 starchs a protien and a fat)
8am-prick finger again
10am-eat a snack (either a starch, protien, milk or fruit)
1pm-lunch (2 starches, a protien, milk, fruit, vegetable and a fat)
2pm-prick finger
3:30-snack (either a starch, protien, milk or fruit)
6pm-dinner (2 starches, protien, milk, fruit, vegetable and fat)
7pm-prick finger
9pm-snack (either a starch, protien, milk or fruit)
If I am hungry any other time then I can have a few nuts. If I feel my blood sugar is low then I have to eat sugar---what a downer (no sugar in any food, but then eat sugar packets if I'm low).
So you can see this is a very high maintnence schedule while taking care of Vander, going to the doctor all the time and still following my other restrictions: Drink minimum 100oz of water a day, no cooking or cleaning, no lifting more than 10 lbs, no standing for more than 10 minutes, no exercising, avoid bending and squating, lay down and monitor uterus at least 2 hours a day, avoid any activity that uses ab muscles. Of course I am also having other issues including heartburn.
Any questions as to why this is going to be the last baby I have???

Monday, February 1, 2010

Gestational Diabetes

Could this pregnancy get anymore complicated? The answer is yes. So, I went in for a 1 hour glucose test, failed it and had to go in for the 3 hour glucose test. I failed it too. Apparently I have gestational diabetes. I will let you know more when I know more, but I am an emotional wreck. I don't know how much more I can handle, and I'm only 27 weeks!!!

As for Vander...he is sick. I'm not sure with what, but I'm guessing it's infantium rosella cause that is what one of the babies in his baby group has...bleck.