Monday, March 29, 2010

Los Gatos Bunny Fun Hunt

   Saturday morning we went over for a free egg hunt at Los Gatos High school. They made a carnival with games, a toddler area, bounce houses, pony rides, a petting zoo area. It was really very cool. Vander played 5 games and got a balloon. He really enjoyed the games. The highlight of course though was the egg "hunt". They threw hundreds of eggs on a big grassy area along with tons of chocolate eggs. It was a parent/child hunt for kids under 2 years old. The older kids had their own times up to age 10. Vander ended up with 12 plastic eggs and about 20-30 chocolate eggs (his daddy's influence of course). He really liked picking the eggs up and putting them into his baseball basket. More than that he enjoyed sharing some chocolate eggs with his daddy afterwards. I followed them around and tried to take some good pictures. I think Vander will really love this event next year. We wanted to make sure he got to hunt for eggs at least once this year since we don't really know when I will go into labor.
   When we got home I was thoroughly wiped out. I am 36 weeks pregnant this Tuesday, so the hope is to make it one more week (and that is all!)

W says wuu

Vander has an alphabet leapfrog toy that tells the name of the letter and it's sound. The other day he found the W, said, "W, wuu" and put it into his machine. I thought it was a bit of a random letter, but I was impressed none the less. He also knows O and has told me a couple of other letters, but no other sounds yet. He can also count to 11...he doesn't always start at 1, but he does a pretty good job.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lookin' large

I decided it would be interesting to get a 34 week picture of this pregnancy in the same outfit as I did with here is the side by side comparison... I am definitely bigger with Oliven- tummy and thighs...sunglasses with Vander, regular glasses with Oliven.  At my doctors appointment today they said that Oliven was measuring around 6lbs 13oz (Vander was 6lb 7oz)....I am 35 weeks pregnant today.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Legally Blond

Saturday afternoon Justin and I went to go see Legally Blond the musical. Mitch bought the tickets for us for Christmas. The musical was really cute, but man was I miserable...being this pregnant does not go well with theater we know. I just couldn't sit still every well cause every position in that seat was uncomfortable. We were in the back row so there were lots of stairs to climb, which I am not really supposed to do and I'm not allowed to do more than once a day. They sent us up the wrong side and we had seat 6 and 8...the seat they sent us to was 50. In order to get to the otherside you had to go back down the stairs around the building and up again. I almost cried cause there was no way I could do that. We were able to convince the people with ticket 50 and 52 to switch thank goodness. The handicapped section was full...infact the whole show was sold out. I asked them about it and they pretty much blew me off.  Anyway as far as the musical went they made some really funny changes from the movie and the songs were excellent. I really enjoyed the musical...I just wish it had been 2 months earlier! We went to Cheesecake Factory afterwards and had a nice, leisurely dinner. There was not much on the menu that I could eat due to the carb limits, but I found a salad that was pretty good. Justin had a shrimp and bacon sandwhich.
 Vander stayed home and hung out with Grammy and Pops and had a super fun time.

Splashin' around

The weather is warm now...hopefully it will stay that Vander is ready for some water fun. Casey and Addison hosted a water fun party on Friday, and boy did Vander have a blast. He outlasted all the other kids! He didn't want to get out of the water even though his jaw was quivering. He cried when we pulled him out (after almost 2 hours!) He really liked pouring water out of cups and sneaking drinks whenever possible.

Uncle Colby's visit

   Colby decided to come down and spend his Spring break from Humbolt State with Vander and I. The more adult help I can get to stay pregnant as long as possible the better! It really helps to have someone else do the lifting. That tends to cause the most contractions...
  Colby came down with Freddy on Sunday and we all had dinner together, then dropped Freddy off at the airport. It was really quite entertaining how exhausted they both were. They each said they couldn't keep up with the other one. :) Colby was on a different schedule than us to say the least...he tended to go to bed around 2 and get up around 10:30ish. 
  We took Colby to a couple of afternoon playdates...let's face it, making it to a morning playdate was just not very realistic for Colby. At one of them a 4 1/2 year-old girl informed everyone that she was going to marry Colby. Her mom said that he was too old for her, and she said she wasn't going to marry YET! We took a trip to Trader Joes, made a plate with Vander's handprint on it, went to the park, and Colby pulled all the weeds in the front yard--thank you Colb! Vander also got a chance to paint on a big piece of cardboard from Oliven's crib, with his dad. He loved it.
   I think the highlight for both Vander and Colby though was the hike that they took. Vander was in an ergo baby carrier on Colby's back, and they went up a mountain (okay, a tall hill), but they were gone for 2 1/2 hours! That is a long hike...Colby assured me that he has been working on strengthening his core, so he could handle it, and he a pro. He wasn't even sore the next day, which I found shocking. 
  According to Colby the whole time Vander kept saying...up, up, and he cried a little at the top because he wanted to keep going up! They had a great time and both were smiling when they got back.
  We got up early and had apple pancakes for breakfast on Friday and took Colby to the bus station to head home...boy did he cut it close. We showed up like 8 minutes (according to my clock) before the bus left!
  Vander and I both really enjoyed spending time with Colby and Vander continued to look for Uncle Colby for the next 3 days. We love you Colby!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Drama in the airport

When Freddy came up to visit we gave him his birthday just happened to fit perfectly in a Victoria Secret bag. He was exhausted from all the exercise over the weekend with Colby, so he didn't realize that the comments being made were to him. Comments like, "ooh la la," and "Oh baby, what's in the bag." Finally he realized they were referring to his bag so he said, "No, this is my birthday present, and it's from my sister." According to him...things go awkward. I thought that was pretty funny, so I thought I would pass it on to you guys...

p.s. I hope everyone had as delicious of a corned beef with cabbage, carrots and potatoes as we did yesterday for St. Patricks Day. Yum...I LOOOOVVE corned beef...definitely my favorite meat by far.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Cutting teeth

Vander is cutting molars...he has broken through both of the bottom 2-year molars. We barely noticed, I just thought I would check cause he has been sticking everything in his mouth and drooling...and there they were.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Slideshow added

Alright we are going to see if this works...I added the picasa February Vander albulm to the top of the blog...if you click on it, you can see the pictures bigger in another window. Hopefully this will be helpful so that I can just keep everything in one place...I will change it monthly, so if you want to save any of the pictures to your own computer please do it before the end of the month. I try to upload the new pictures within a couple days of the last day of the month (usually between 2 days before the end to 3 days after depending on what day of the week it falls on). Thanks, and enjoy.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Grammy and Pops came to play

Vander was thrilled because when he got up from his nap Grammy and Pops came over to play. They took him for a walk, played in his room, and he got to go outside and swing while the men grilled meat and talked baseball. They stayed and made dinner for all of us. It was nice because Justin and I had a chance to put the second carseat in our car so we can be ready when Oliven is, which is hopefully not for another month or so, but you can never be too prepared. His room is ready to go. We have everything that we need, not everything we want yet, but we're getting there.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Lightning fast Uncle Freddy visit

Freddy flew up primarily to go visit Colby, but stayed for a day to hang out with Vander and I. Vander had a blast. He has never been flung around or laughed so hard in his life. We played around in the morning, then headed over to play with friends at a playdate. Uncle Freddy was shocked to see Vander eat an entire bowl of strawberries and some crackers. Neither one of us were shocked that he wasn't hungry for lunch. When we got back Vander and Uncle Freddy took a bike ride together around the neighborhood. Freddy really enjoyed the "toddler" food. He says that is all it really takes to convince him to be a dad. He was kidding, but he really did enjoy the mini corndogs and the tatertots. He played with Vander and made up stories with him in the afternoon. He borrowed our car and headed up to Humbolt around 6:30 (it's a 6 hour drive). He was going to stay and hang out until 9, but I got an offer to go to Outrageous Outgrowns (a Bay Area kids resale event that happens twice a year) a day before it opens and I couldn't turn that down. Other than being totally exhausted, it was well worth it. I was able to get an entire wardrobe for Vander and an Ergo baby carrier for Oliven. Now Vander will be set when he grows...clothes are darn expensive bought new...most of the clothes I buy are brand new, but the parents just never got around to using them, or got them when their kids had already too big. Love it! I hope Freddy and Colby have a great time together!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Oliven update

I went in to the doctor Friday and they told me I will be getting 2 more progesterone shots (week 34 is the last one). I also learned that gestational diabetes slows down lung developement, so I really need to keep Oliven happy as long as possible. My doctor says to really take it easy this week because 33 and 34 weeks make a huge difference developmentally (I will be 33 weeks on Tuesday). Freddy is coming to San Jose and hanging out with Vander and me this Thursday, so that should be good. I have been controlling the diabetes really well with diet alone. I do feel like I eat cardboard most of the day, but I haven't had any sugar at all for over a month. The doctor says I am doing really well. I told her that I was an A student and we tend to be good rule followers. :)

Oliven's room

Oliven's room is on it's way...Larry and Theresa helped us pick-up and set up the dresser and crib on Saturday. Justin and I have been working on setting everything up and getting it ready for our new little man. We were talking about how he probably won't be able to wear the footsy pajamas if his feet are in casts, but we will have to see what it all looks like. We still need to install the baby carseat bases in both of our cars, so we are planning to do that this weekend. We still need a few things: Miracle Blanket (for swaddling), stoller connectors (for the umbrella strollers), Ergo baby carrier, a humidifier, to get his shelving unit (Babies R Us has until April 5th to get that in). I figure that is pretty good. We went and got a diaper champ, mobile, waterproof sheets, and video monitor over the weekend.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Library story time

Vander loves library time. Here he is dancing during a song time.

Iron Chef signature dish

On Sunday we hosted Iron Chef: Signature dish at our house for the Almaden baby group...the idea is that you make your go to dish. They were judged on plating, originality and taste. Each person who won got a $10 gift card. We won for originality. We made our new spin on what we call "California tacos". We made it up in's our version of a street taco. The original is grilled steak bits, avocado and jack cheese in a corn tortilla. The spin off is seasoned pork, guacamole, cilantro and jack cheese in a corn tortilla. They were of course delicious. The other dishes were very good too: butternut squash soup, Mediterranean chicken and rice, and potato rolls.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Baby shower for Oliven

Sarah Zwingman (my former teaching partner, now friend and monthly dinner organizer) threw me a baby shower this weekend. It was lots of fun. It was great to see how well all my friends from different things got along with each other. We played several games, made scrapbook pages for Oliven's scrapbook and enjoyed food and company. It really made me feel special and I had a great day.This is a fun pic because it's all pregnant ladies (Arielle on the far left isn't sure), Michelle is 7 weeks, Sarah is due in June, I'm due in April, and Carrie is due in 2 weeks in this

Monday, March 1, 2010


One of my goals for this year is to make 3 awesome cakes. Two down and it's only March 1st.
Vander's is going to have to rock.

I was asked to post a picture of Justin's bow and arrow cake from January so here it is.
This is a picture of Sarah's baby shower cake. I'm not sure how to flip it over, but it's a caterpillar.


Tonight when Justin was putting Vander to bed Vander said, "Love you mom." Granted he was prompted, but that is the first time he has said more than love. What a good feeling. This is what being a mom is all about.