Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Casting Oliven's feet

  We went to the doctor today for Oliven's feet and they put the casts on. He has 3 months of casts, being changed every week, then his tendons will be cut, another month of casts, then braces full time for 3 months and then braces at night until he is 4 years old. So far so good. He really doesn't seem to mind at all. The casting took 1 1/2 hours and the doctor casted 3 other patients in between Oliven's, so I'm going to try to get appointments at less busy times from now on. Either way, the important thing is that Oliven's path to healing begins now and he doesn't have any hip or neck issues (which are apparently very common with clubbed feet).
  In other updates, Vander is being an absolute sweetheart to his brother. He loves him very much and is being kind and as gentle as he can. 
  A friend mentioned to me that Oliven was born on Earth day, is named after a superhero (Oliven Clark-after Superman) and he is born in the year of the white he may just save the World some day. No pressure. :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Baby Oliven joins the world!!!

Oliven Clark Katz was born April 22, 2010 at 7:30am. He weighed in at 7lbs 12.3oz; 20 inches long. He is absolutely adorable. He has a full head of dark brown hair.
Labor: I have had 3 different days where I thought I was in labor after 3 hours of contractions about 10 minutes apart, so I figured this was probably just another bought of false started some time around 2:30am ish (I was doing my best to ignore it/sleep through it), but around 3:30am things were getting to be pretty painful. I woke Justin up, called the Hospital. He called his parents and we called Michelle (our friend and doula). At my previous doctors appointment my cervix was dialted to a 4, but could easily stretch to a 6. When I got to the hospital (Michelle picked me up; Justin actually beat us there cause they didn't ask him the admitting questions) I was already dialated to a 9 and having contractions every 3 minutes. They put me on an IV immediately and gave me some drip (fentinel I think it was called) to help calm me down and numb the pain a little. I was told if I just stuck with this and didn't get an epidural that the pain I was currently feeling would be about 85% of what I would feel total. SO NOT TRUE!!!
Delivery: I could never have imagined that much pain. It turns out Oliven was face up, which makes for a very difficult natural delivery. They had me lie on my side, then get on my hands and knees (I thought I was going to die when they suggested that), and back on my side. They had me push as hard as I could 3 times on every contractions, which were coming really really fast. They told me that if I wasn't completely silent and using every ounce of energy I had on just pushing that they were going to have to either vacuum or c-section to get Oliven out. He had the cord wrapped around his leg and mid-section of his body. His heart rate was dropping, thought they didn't tell Justin and me that at the time.At that point I was bound and determined to do what I had to do despite the fireworks going on inside my body. I couldn't tell you how long I felt like an eternity and hurt like a @#$%^, but out he finally came...face up (he just wouldn't turn over) and he was perfect. Michelle, my doula, said that she has never seen anyone push a face up baby out so fast. It sure didn't feel fast, but I was told when I had Vander that I was a "really good pusher," I only had to push twice with him. I pushed so hard that my back, shoulders and face were all spotted red from breaking blood vessels.
Afterwards: I got to lay with him on my chest while they patched me up. It was amazing. With Vander they took him away after I saw him for like 30 seconds and only his bottom. We layed their just enjoying each others company and bonding, he even breast fed. About an hour later, they got his APGAR score 9- not sure what he missed. I know Vander didn't grimace, but not sure what Oliven missed. He got his first bath and was returned. We stayed in the hospital the rest of the day and went home Friday the 23rd around 1pm. Oliven only left the room a couple of times...hearing test, circumcision, and some other test. He is absolutely beautiful.
    The last couple of days have been a bit of a blur in a tired haze, but Vander, though a little on the naughty side-testing his boundaries-is really loving Oliven. He wants to be involved, he talks to him, pats his head, has tried "helping" give him a bath twice, (both ending in huge puddles of water and some yelling) but so far he is very well intentioned and kind to his brother. He keeps trying to throw toys at him, but I think it's out of love, because it is mostly his favorite stuffed animals.
   Overall things are going very well. I can't believe how much I love Oliven already. We had his bilirubin checked and he a tiny bit jaundiced, but not very much. His feet are clubbed, but we knew they would be. We are trying to keep him from kicking himself in the crotch when we change his diapers. We go in to see the specialist next Monday.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Simple home maintnance...right? Nope.

  We decided that it would be a good idea to get our air ducts cleaned since we don't know what the previous owners did and we thought it would be a good idea since Vander has breathing issues and Justin and I both have allergies...sounds so much easier than it is. Apparently you are supposed to get the whole system (heating/cooling) cleaned every 5 years and the ducts every year. Well, the previous owners NEVER had the system cleaned-yikes! So, we have to get the whole thing done, and if you get a UV light installed (with a life time warrenty that you can take with you if you move or have put in a new system if you if this one breaks). So we went from our $55 duct cleaning to $1400 vent and system cleaning with a UV light (that will be replaced yearly for free). On the upside it should be really good for Vander (maybe we can even discontinue his asthma medicine and humidifier use) and the air will be clean for all of us. Another plus since Oliven should be here within a week or so. It's just so hard to throw so much money at something you didn't even know was an issue.
We know we need to save up to have our galvinized pipes replaced for copper pipes, but that is going to take a while cause it's more like $7,000. Air and water are rather essential things in life. I guess the backyard will really have to be put on hold. (I want to plant a fruit salad tree and make the backyard more kid friendly). I'm not really complaining though...I'm just so greatful to have a house to worry about that we love in a neighborhood we really like. I feel very lucky to have the life that I do. :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wuz up?

  I have officially had 3 different days that we were sure I was going into labor and after hours of contractions they started to subside and Oliven continues to stick it out stubbornly refusing to be born. I really wouldn't mind or worry about it if I hadn't been warned that he is going to be really big and probably require a c-section if he is full term. I am currently 38 weeks and 6 days. If only the water would break, then birth would be inevitable. Nothing like looking forward to intense pain.
  Andrea and Josh came over the other day and we celebrated Andrea's 28th birthday (Vander helped me make and decorate the cake). We got to play some fun games and catch up. They just completed an 800 mile bike ride!
  As for Vander, we went to another egg hunt was a brunch with one of his baby groups at a park. He loves being outside, playing with rocks, swinging. He also helped make Mandel Bread for Pops for his birthday yesterday. He is very good at stirring. He did however try to sneak a bite of flour. He didn't like the mess it made, but did inform me that it was yummy. Let's see...Vander recently went to the California Sports Center (and we brought his friend/neighbor) Nathanial and got to do some gymnastics, trampoline jumping, summersaults, bar hanging and hula hoop chasing. He has also really been enjoying wearing a hat recently; he doesn't go anywhere without it. He is also become really good at getting haircuts.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Water colors

Vander got watercolor paints for Easter, and when he finally got the chance to try them out he loved them. He is becoming quite the artist. He had a great time, and really loves the color green. worked this time.

Hannah, Elise, Sandra, Becky, Sandra's niece and I went to the Brittania Arms to dance. First we eat and chatted for a while, which was fun...they didn't start playing music until 10:30pm, but when they did I really liked the band...they played some good oldies music. I danced for about an hour. I only had one contraction all night! I was told, "you rock", "you are the prettiest girl here" and some other comments that were meant to flatter. I had actually been having lots of contractions earlier in the day, but they all went away...Oliven decided he was too comfy to come join the world just yet. I did get to wear the bridesmaid's dress again...two uses while it fit is not bad! Here is my current profile picture...37weeks and 4 days.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Little burnt fingers :(

Vander was helping his daddy the other night with the BBQ (throwing a leaf on it) after it was turned off and ended up touching the hot grill just a little. He got a slight burn across 3 of his fingers. Poor little dude. We have been putting neosporin and Handy Manny bandaids on at night to help it heal and I am very impressed with how well he is leaving the bandaids on! Thank you Handy Manny!

Doctor update/Dancing attempt

So, at my doctors appointment yesterday, she said I was 2cm's a start. The baby is around 8lbs any time I can deliver now is good as I am officially 37 weeks! Yay, that is full that I have tried so hard to keep the baby's time to try and get him out so that I don't have to have a c-section. Now I can be a normal 37week pregnant person (other than the diabetes thing)...

So, last night I tried to go out dancing with Ruth and some other friends and they weren't playing music, just can't dance to basketball, so we went over and walked the mall. I wanted to use the bridesmaid dress from Freddy and Annie's wedding. If I'm still pregnant Friday I am going to try again! Either way, it was kinda fun dressing up.

Opening Day Baseball

Yesterday was Opening Day Baseball and we didn't have our traditional party because we just weren't sure if we would be here or not...Oliven is holding we were. Jon and Ruth came over (they were up in San Jose for Passover) and baseball was watched all day long. We made the traditional baseball cake, but only Justin and Vander could eat it due to passover and gestational diabetes, so we brought some over to our neighbors.


Vander had a great Easter. When he got up we started out by letting him look through the Easter basket the Easter bunny brought him. He really loved the Sesame Street coloring book. Afterwards he got to hunt for Easter eggs in the front yard, which he loved. The bunny hid 46 eggs for him! He was a very good egg was super cute. I have a video if you want to see it, but I'm having trouble posting it here. He loved opening the eggs and finding surprises in each one...change, a toy car, stickers, finger puppets, marshmallows, peeps, jelly beans. We put the candy in a baggie, and he snuck as much into his mouth first as he possibly could. It was quite funny. One for my mouth and one for the baggie (my parents will never know). We then made Egg mess for Easter lunch (Lindsay Larson's recipe)...yum! After Vander's nap we went down to Grammy and Pop's house and Vander got an Easter basket filled with new clothes. He did some egg hunting with Pops and got to spend time with Heather too. We all had a very fun day.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Vander's second Easter egg hunt

Vander went to his second Easter Egg hunt today with his South Valley playgroup. He really enjoyed picking up the eggs and putting them into the egg crate, though he was much more excited to find out what was inside them...two neclaces, a hand stamper, stickers, and best of all was the candy. Thank you Easter bunny!