Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vander's 2nd Birthday: Elmo

  Vander says his favorite part about his party was, "CAKE!!!" He had a great time. We went to Lake Almaden and played. It was a bit chilly because of the wind, but all the little guys had a good time. They enjoyed bubbles, chalking, eating and playing on the playground. They didn't get to play in the water or color because of the wind, but they didn't even seem to notice. If you ask Vander how old he is he says, "three." We are working on that. Still, I think it's pretty amazing what he can do at only 2 years old...for example he can identify several letters and their sounds, he has an amazing vocabulary, and he can count to 11 all by himself or to 20 with help.

Grandma Gretchen, Grandpa David, and Uncle Colby come to visit.

  It only took me 4 years to convince my grandparents to come to San Jose and visit, but they finally did. They drove their van up on Wednesday morning, May19th, starting at 4am, and arrived in the afternoon. They had a slight setback with the transmission on the grape vine, but everything turned out okay after they had it looked at and were told that it was fine. In the morning while we were waiting for them to arrive Colby and I took Oliven for his pre-op paperwork at Santa Clara hospital and stopped by Sarah and Tom's house to meet baby Emma.
  On Thursday morning Oliven and I took them all to see San Jose State. Grandma Gretchen had attended the college back in 1950. We walked all over campus and tried to find someone who knew where the old buildings were. We eventually found them, but the end result was disappointment as Grandma didn't recognize anything at all. I can't say that I am really surprised...it's been a long time.
   Friday we hung out at our house. Grandma and Grandpa took it upon themselves to trim our hedges and pull weeds. They really seemed to enjoy it, and I appreciate all their help. We also got together all the supplies for Vander's birthday party and I decorated his cake. That evening we had a little celebration for Vander's birthday and let him open his presents from his family. We had birthday muffins and ate Vander's favorite meal-meatballs (in BBQ sauce), beans and corn on the cob.
  Saturday was Vander's birthday party (see Vander's birthday party post).
  Sunday morning we went up to see Grandma's old house-her first house with Grandpa Ken on Gascoigne Dr. in Cupertino. The neighborhood looked like it had a lot of the original houses and Grandma found the one that she thought was hers. We took her picture in front of it, and she shared memories of the house with us. Afterward, Colby, Oliven and I dropped Grandma and Grandpa off at the Winchester Mystery house so they could take the tour (Grandma always tells a story about how she wanted to go when she was a kid, but refused to spend her dad's money to go in), so she finally got her chance. They both really enjoyed it. While they were in the mansion Colby, Oliven and I went to Starbucks and Borders in Santana Row.
  It was really fun having my family here. Grandma was funny...every dinner we had she said it was her favorite. I am so glad that I was able to spend the week with my grandparents. I love them so much!

Vander and Oliven doctor updates

  Vander had his 2 year well baby check up (which is now just an annual check-up since he is no longer a baby). He is 28lbs (50%); 2'9.5" (26%), and his head is 18.6inches (17%). Not too shabby. The doctor said that he is doing great and was glad to see what a smart and happy little guy Vander has become. Vander is also no longer using an inhaler for his breathing-yay!
  Oliven went to the doctor Monday morning and he had a lasceration on his heal, so he is taking a sabatical from his casts until Wednesday morning. It is nice to see and feel his little legs...he is clearly no used to it. His surgery to cut the achillies tendons is June 7th at 8:30am and we have been told to be there by 6:30am and not to let him after 4:30am. He should be home by 1pm, but has to stay until then so that they can monitor him since he will be fully sedated for the procedure. I weighed him today at the hospital and he weighed 10lbs 4oz before he ate and 10lbs 9oz after- I can't believe he ate 5 oz...that is a lot of milk for a little dude!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Teething and Bottles

Vander is having a rough time right now as he is growing his two year molars. Poor little guy keeps telling us that his mouth hurts and pointing to where his tooth is growing in. He is enjoying the ice water and otterpops that help sooth his gums.

Oliven is learning to take a bottle. They say that the window of opportunity is when the child is 3-4weeks and he is doing pretty good taking about 2 1/2ounces from his daddy once a day. It's a work in progress, but he is doing pretty good. He has also recently developed baby acne.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Freddie and Annie visit

Uncle Freddie and Aunt Annie came to visit. They arrived on Friday and Annie left Monday, Freddie left Tuesday. We had so much fun while they were here. They brought Vander his birthday present- a cosy coop car-so far he can only figure out how to ride it backwards. It was great having two more adults around. Vander had a blast being thrown around by Uncle Freddie and Oliven really enjoyed all the warm loving embraces. He would gladly be held all day long. It was nice to have help during the day too since sleep deprivation and new babies go hand in hand. On Friday night we went to Vander's friend, Ethan's, birthday party at a bounce house place, Pump it Up, and I'm not sure who had more fun...the adults or the kids. Saturday was rainy, but Vander and Uncle Freddie still managed to go out and finger paint in the front yard. Monday Annie came with me to Oliven's doctors appointments. Tuesday we took a walk over to the park to play. Overall we had a really good time, ate lots of chocolate, and enjoyed each other's company. Vander did lots and lots of coloring, and Oliven did lots of cuddling.

Oiven's current stats-Vander's coming soon

At Oliven's doctors appointment they said that his is 9lb 4oz (approx. because the casts weigh about 5oz). I don't know what percentile that is because they only gave me the percentile with the casts on which is 9lb 9oz-66%.  His length is definitely wrong because the nurse added 1/2inch cause the casts are slightly bent at the knee, but his toes are pointed, so they estimated 1'11.5" which put him at 99%. His head was 36.5cm- 31%. That one is actually accurate. We were also sent over to see an eye specialist because it looked like his left eye might be slightly lazy. The eye doctor said that he didn't see anything out of the ordinary, but to have it checked on in a couple months to make sure. As for casting, he got his 3rd set of cast on today and Dr. Godley says that he is making good progress. The scale for clubbed feet is from 0 to 6, 6 being the worst. Oliven's started at a 6, and are now at a 3. The heal cord cutting will probably be the 2nd week of June if all goes as well as it has so far.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Michaela came to visit

Vander and Oliven both got to see thier cousin Michaela yesterday. She is going to Sacramento State and one of her friends flew into San Jose. Lucky us. She came over last night and we got to hang out with her. Larry and Theresa came up as well. We got to hear about how college was going for her- she is having a blast and it was great for all of us to get a chance to see her. Justin and I were not the best company because we were both so tired, but it was really nice to see her.
  Oliven also lost his ambilical cord yesterday, so know more little stump on his tummy. :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Second set of casts are on.

  Oliven's second set of casts are on (they have to be redone every week,and I was surprised to see how much progress his feet have made. They didn't look completely turned in anymore, but more like a 45 degree angle. I'm sure if they had left the casts off they would have turned back, but I thought that was pretty good for only a week.
  I had one of the 1st appointments of the day this time and what a difference that made. Last week it took over an hour to cast his feet, this week about 15 minutes...it helps to not have 3 other patients at the same time. He is going to a special doctor, so he's very busy. Early appointments here we come.
  As for Oliven, when they took the casts off I had them weighed (they have to be unrolled, not cut off, so they aren't really keepable), they were 5 oz. I wanted to get an accurate idea of how much Oliven was weighing and if he's eating enough, all the good things you worry about with new borns. Well it turns out that as of yesterday he was 8lbs 13oz...go Oliven! Babies are supposed to gain an ounce a day for the first few weeks and he has gained 17 oz in 12 days so he is doing well.
  Vander is doing well too, he really loves his little brother and absolutely adores having his daddy home full time right now. :)