Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunday fun

When Vander woke up Jon and Ruth were still here. When they left Vander went to pick up Uncle Colby. He stayed until about 6pm and even went on a nice bike ride with Vander and me. Then in the middle of the day Pop's came up. Vander got to see 4 of his favorite people. Miraculously Ollie was pleasant all day and took a nap. What a great Sunday!

Pony Up!

On Saturday afternoon we went to the Willow Glen yearly summer picnic at Pony Up Ranch in Gilroy. It was really very cool. Vander got to take a ride on a pony around a small corral. He was the first one and he wasn't scared at all. He enjoyed the pony and we happy to move right along to the petting zoo. He spent quite a while petting bunnies and chasing them around.

He got pecked by one of the chickens and it was really funny when one of the employees asked if the chicken kissed him and he quickly informed her that he was not kissing, but was biting. He enjoyed watching the ducks and hanging out with the animals, including a baby potbellied pig (I didn't see him driving a go cart, but "it's been said that pigs can drive go-carts." You will have to ask Freddy about this one).

We had a picnic dinner of BBQ chicken and Vander very much enjoyed the cornbread. He also did some swinging and tried out a power wheel. It was an enjoyable Saturday afternoon.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ollie is wheezing

Ollie made it 4 months without gettings sick, but he didn't make it to cold season. Last night he started wheezing and today we spent 2 1/2 hours at Kaiser getting him breathing treatments and seeing the doctor. He doesn't seem to be feeling too bad, but his breathing is loud and labored. Poor little dude! Oliven is weighing in at 14lbs 6oz.

Beach Day

Vander and I went to the beach with Sabrina and Arielle yesterday afternoon. The weather has been mild all summer, but yesterday was a scorcher. The weather in Santa Cruz was pretty mild, with a little breeze. The water was fridged at first, but you get used to it. Sabrina and Vander enjoyed the sand for a while.
Vander kept flinging sand, so I drew him a circle and told him that he could fling sand ONLY if he was inside the circle. It seemed to be a good compromise for us all. Then, we decided to see what the water was like. Well, Vander is not one to turn down the chance to splash around in water no matter how cold it may be. In fact, we got out because he was freezing, even though he insisted he was not cold and wanted to stay in longer. Sabrina decided that if Vander liked the water maybe it wasn't so bad after all.
After we were done playing in the water, we got the kids changed and went to have some pizza at a local pizza by the slice eatery. Little did we know, it was $1 cheese slice day...the price was right, but the wait was loooooong. Overall the kids had a great time and I'm glad Vander got to play in the ocean this summer!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Best Family Photo yet

Happy Birthday to Grammy

We had Grammy and Pops over for Grammy's bithday dinner last night. Vander and Ollie always enjoy hanging out with their grandparents. Vander was also a huge fan of the birthday cookies. Happy Birthday to Theresa.

Vander and the Bruces.

The other day I told Vander he could name the octipi (sp?) and he said okay. He said their names were Bruce. I said I was confused because there were two of, "Big Bruce" and "Little Bruce" were born. I thought it was pretty cute. We, Ollie and I, asked who they were named after and Vander said, "Vander Bruce" and gave us a big smile. So, here is Vander with Big and Little Bruce.

Too cute to pass up

This was just too cute not to post!

Dora's birthday party

I totally forgot to write about Vander visiting Walmart for Dora's birthday party. It was so much less exciting than they pumped it up to be, but Vander did get a cupcake and a picture with a Dora background, and as you can see...he enjoyed it. Dora turned 10 last Saturday and Vander is a huge fun. I call her his "cartoon crush."

Friday, August 20, 2010

Ollie's got blisters :(

The poor little dude has popped blisters on the bottoms of his feet. I feel so bad for him. The doctor says it doesn't matter the braces have to stay on!

Uncle Colby stops by for a day

Colby drove back from camp, where he was working over the summer. He had a blast all summer and already can't wait to go back! He came in late on Wednesday night. Thursday we went went him to run errands and enjoyed his company, and he was off already this morning. It was nice to see him, as I have only been able to talk to him twice all summer.

Stressed out last week

This post is so in several years when my kids ask me what it was like when they were little and I say..." I don't remember." Thursday and Monday were beyond aweful! Seriously I was at my wits end with the boys. One or both of them was screaming and/or crying from 7am to 11am and I was going out of my mind. Two year old meltdowns..."I want to watch more TV!" and "I want to see more pictures." It was just hard to handle because I couldn't get Oliven to nap or calm down. ACK! Monday there was no nap for Ollie. I put him in his crib to cry himself to sleep...he did the crying, but not the sleeping. I didn't know how I was going to make it through the week. They were much better after that. I literally though had to stop the car and get out to breath and calm down, then go back and get Vander to breath and calm down.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

GGma and GGpa come to visit

Oliven got a chance to meet his great grandparents on his dads side. Vander was very happy to see the GG's again. We didn't get to see very much of them this trip, but hopefully we will get to see more of them on their next trip. They came over for dinner on Tuesday. They are such sweet people. We enjoyed their company!

Vander's 1st baseball game

Heather, Justin, and I took Vander to his first baseball game this past Saturday. We were hoping he would last at least 4 innings, but he didn't...he lasted the WHOLE game! He really enjoyed himself and it was a good time for everyone. Justin got free tickets to the A's game from work, and the time was moved to 1:05pm start...right at nap time, but Vander was a total trooper. He ate a Subway sandwhich with the rest of us, and was quite a good cheerer. He enjoyed yelling for Coco and Rajai. He also liked saying, "Go A's." He wore his A's hat and was quite a supportive fan.