Monday, January 31, 2011

I kazoo, can you?

Oliven picked up the kazoo and just started playing it. He's really very good at it, and he's super proud of himself.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oliven's 9 month doctor appointment

We took Oliven to see Dr. Nachbaur today for his regular check-up. His current stats are:
Weight- 19lb 4oz (28%)
Height- 2' 4.5" (58%)
Head circumference- 17.9" (55%)

This was a familiar face today.
So, overall, he's a pretty average sized guy. He is doing well. He apparently has yeast in his elbow pits, knee pits, and arm pits, so we will have to put some over the counter cream on that for a month. No big deal. I am glad I know what it is now because putting aquafor on it wasn't clearing it up- without looking at it I guess those are common spots for exema, but instead Ollie gets athlete's foot cream in his creases.
While at the appointment today Oliven had to get blood drawn to test for lead and hemoglobin (standard at 9 months), but they couldn't find a vein so they were searching around in his arm with a needle. It was really hard to see my baby going through that. I've had it done to myself before and it really hurts. After he was done screaming and crying, Vander looked at me and said, "That was heartbreaking."
Other than dropping his VReader on the floor and breaking it (I sure hope we can fix it!) Vander blew his nose several times because he found the trash can that opens by foot fascinating and needed a reason to use it. He enjoyed some quality chatting time with the doc, and got several stickers from various people. As we were leaving Vander said, "I had fun mommy." It's always more fun when it's someone else's appointment. :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

9 months and 2 2/3 years

Oliven is 9 months old today; Vander is 2 2/3 years old. Wow, time flies when you are busy raising children. It was almost nap time for Ollie, so I was having a hard time getting a smile out of him.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Toddler bed

Vander is growing up and it is time for him to learn to sleep in a regular bed. This is a big step-I'm not sure who it is bigger for...Vander or his parents. I didn't want to move him out of his crib until there was a good reason to do so. He loves his crib and never tries to climb out. In fact, he sometimes tries to climb in. Well, we have several fun vacations planned for the boys coming up (including a trip to Disneyland for their birthdays and a family trip to Colorado in July), so we decided it was time to grow up and move into a toddler bed with a brand new full size Toy Story 3 blanket. Vander was hesitant and asked why we broke his crib. There were a few tears, but he did a great job in his toddler bed for his first quiet time (apparently nap time is for babies, toddlers prefer quiet time). I only hope bedtime will go as smoothly. :)

Vander's second dentist visit.

Vander was an absolute dream at the dentist. He did everything that was asked of him perfectly without hastle or complaint. I couldn't believe how good he was. His dental hygenist was great with him and super kind and gentle. They also had Toy Story 3 on tv with headphones so Vander could here it. They started out putting red stuff on his teeth so they could see where the germs were, then brushed his teeth with a green Diego toothbrush. Then they took x-ray photos of his teeth. Afterwhich they cleaned his teeth and then checked them out for cavities. We were told to brush them twice a day and start flossing! Yikes. His teeth look great (the dentist is not at all concerned with the extra tooth). You could see Vander's permanent teeth in the x-ray it was kinda cool. They they painted what they called vitamins on his teeth. Then they let Vander pick a toy and balloon for being so good. They also took his picture with a big tooth for the wall of no cavities and he got to put his name in the drawing for a new bike since he was cavity free. What a super cool dentist. His name is Dr. Rabitz and he wears a rabbit hat. What a great experience. :) Oliven was also a super patient man during the whole visit...he was fascinated by the whole procedure.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Uncle Colb

Notice the facial hair.

I feel like I sold Colby short by not putting in the blog the fact that he came to visit us December 23rd and stayed with us until January10th. It was great having him around. He left for a couple of side trips over the weekends, but it was really super awesome to have him here for Christmas and beyond. We had lots of super fun game time as well as just day to day fun. Colby is very much a cameleon and when he is here he just blends right into our family. Vander is still asking about Uncle Colby for dinner time and sometimes in the morning. We enjoyed and appreciated Colby's company. We went on a couple of bike rides, got to go to Children's Discovery museum, and played lots of board games.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Baby painting

What a fun and messy playdate we just attended...I had to share some photos. Oliven did not like when the paint touched his skin. He cried if his skin got paint on it. His favorite part was being washed off in the sink...does this not scream Justin's child!

Justin's 30th birthday weekend

For Justin's 30th birthday he wanted to play 30 board games. We started Friday, January 14th at 1pm and ended Sunday, January 16th at 8:30pm. We made it to our goal and played 30 different board games! Justin and I played 2 player games on Friday until the boys got up from their naps and we then played kid friendly games. Saturday Larry and Theresa took Vander and Oliven for the day so we could do some serious gaming.  Nicole and Michael came over in the afternoon and played games with us. That evening Hannah, James, Ben, Arielle and Jerry joined us for Chinese food, cake,  and games. Sunday we were joined by Theresa, Mitch, Katie, and Heather for some games and Justin and I finished off the weekend playing a new two player game.
We played: dominoes, Settlers of catan card game, uno, targe, qwirkle, go fish, memory, candyland, chutes and ladders, A to Z, connect 4, man bites dog, sequence, stratego, fobidden island, carcassone the castle, fluxx, scrabble, 25 words or less, snatch, settlers of catan, scene it Harry Potter, scene it movies 2, foodie fight, cranium, quiddler, saboteur, sorry, cranium dice and pandemic.
Justin won 17 of the 30 games. I won 11 (some games are team, some are collaborative, and some we tied, so other people did win as well).
Overall, it was a really fun weekend and Justin is ready to dive into being 30 now.
I made Justin a Settlers of catan cake and quiddler brownies for his birthday.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

"I can do it myself," cruisin', and a tow

Vander is really becoming independent, or at least trying. He wants to get in and out of the car by himself (not including buckling, though he does like to do one of his own buckles). He is also working on taking off and putting on his clothes. He tries to take off his boots, but this usually leads to, "Mommy can you help me?"
Oliven is cruising around like a little pro. He stands up on everything and cruises. It's fun to watch him stand up, then sit down, then stand up again. He's doing a pretty good job holding his own with Vander. He loves hanging out with toddlers.
I went out with Colby, Hannah and James a few days ago and parked in the only parking near her house. I parked there for a couple of hours and my car got towed! I was soooo mad at myself. The towing slip said that I had "abandoned" my car. So rediculous. Colby paid half of the $230 towing fee. I still can't believe I got my car towed. I feel like such an idiot!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

Mark, Rena, Elsa and Taran joined us at our house for New Years Eve this year. We had a crazy dinner with 4 little ones and then after they all went down to bed at 7pm, we played games. We each chose a game, and were able to get 5 games we finished as we were counting down the seconds to the new year. Mark ended up winning Qwirkle, Clue, Scene It, Australia and Famous Name Us! On New Years day we woke up and had pancakes together before they left. It was a good start to what is sure to be a great year!