Thursday, February 24, 2011

Children's Discovery Museum

    I decided, despite Vander's recent bought of naughtiness, to brave taking two very mobile boys to the Children's Discovery Museum by myself. The caveat to that being that Hannah and Zade (Vander's buddy) and Elena and Mia (Oliven's buddy) were both meeting us there. (In case you were wondering what the naughtiness has been: playing with soap and getting it all over himself, throwing rocks, throwing a banana, dumping all the books off his bookshelf on the floor, and knocking his brother down...not to mention that he insists on telling me EVERY DAY that he does NOT love me).
  It was a little hectic because so many people go to the Discovery Museum, but both boys had a great time. Vander ran all over enjoying himself while I tried my best to keep an eye on him and chase Oliven around. He is pretty quick. Luckily the Children's Discovery Museum people know this is the case so there is a special area for kids under 4 years old. They can play with sand, do art projects, go into a light room, climb up and down stairs, go through tunnels, play with blocks, read books, dress up, and play kitchen. It's great. There is also a crawlers room, but you can't take anyone who can walk in with you.
  It has been fun, yet frightening, to see Vander gain a real sense of independence.  He was always the kid who stuck to my leg and kept a close eye on me...for at least a year now. I can't say that I don't miss it, but I think it will really help when he goes to preschool that he doesn't need to be my patch.
The boys also had a fabulous time eating lunch and running/crawling around outside afterward.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cute Vander quotes

"No worries, it's no problem."
When he doesn't like something, "uhhhh."
When Justin asks him if he wants to take the freeway, "back roads silly!"

True Love

I have never been more in love in my entire life. I don't think there is a more pure and strong love then the love a mother (and possibly a father) has for their child. If you have kids you know what I mean. I have never loved anyone the way I love the most important two little boys in the whole world to me. My grandma once said that I didn't understand how much she missed my mom, and I told her that I did because she was my mom. I realize now that I had NOOO idea. Don't get me wrong I loved my mother like crazy, but now I know how much she truly loved me. I totally understand now why she wanted us to kiss her before we went's hard to say goodbye to the people you love the most in the world, even if it is only for a couple of hours. I was super lucky to find the love of my life and to have been able to make two perfect little boys who are the loves of both of our lives. I have never loved so much or worried so much!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentines pops

I wanted to do something special with the kids as a Valentines treat. I found the idea for Valentines pops from a blog I follow and thought it was just the thing to try. All the guys got involved. I melted pink and dark chocolate and rolled marshmellows in it on sticks. Vander held the marshmellows by the stick and spun them while Justin (holding Ollie so he had a great view) put the sprinkles on that Vander chose. It was a fun activity that wasn't super messy, but was creative and enjoyable for all of us. Vander very much enjoyed having a marshmellow pop for dessert. Happy Valentines Day everyone!
For a special Valentines Day breakfast I made him and Vander pink pancakes (with food coloring and marachino cherry juice) and chocolate chip pancakes in the shape of x's and o's. For all the boys I made cheesy eggs and fruit.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Vander-Van, Vandizzle, Doodle, Doodle bug, Munchkin, VB, Vander Brutowski, Brucer, Vander Bruceky
Oliven- Ollie, Pizzano, Muncher, Ollie Pi, Mini Muffin, Baby Man

DC over Marvel

The other night at dinner Justin told Vander we were going to watch Iron Man the movie. Vander says, "Daddy, I don't like Iron Man." "Why not?" asks Justin. "Because I like Batman and Superman." Justin could not be happier with that reply!

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year. Vander's Almaden group decided to get creative and instead of a Valentines party (we already have 3 set up), they decided to do a Chinese New Year party. Cute idea. It was fun and the Chinese food was delish. Vander was having so much fun that he didn't get around to the crafts!

Oliven pre-walking

Ollie has been pushing anything and everything around trying to walk and he's been doing a pretty good job. This morning he went walking all around the house. He is becoming such an independent little guy.

Crazy hair

No matter what I do Vander has crazy hair. I squirt it with water and comb it down and it still sticks up in the back. We tried cutting it short to no avail, now we are growing it long...what do you it working?

Preschool mania

It's a jungle out there...all my friends are out scoping pre-schools and to be honest I am overwhelmed by the whole thing. It is soooo expensive! I know we will figure out a way to pay for it because it is so important for kids. I have done lots of research both on the reasons for pre-school and on the pre-schools themselves. I have it narrowed down to 3, but have more thinking and investigating to do. I think they will all be a good fit for Vander. The question is do we go with the cheaper one that is further away...parent participation or not. We have to figure it out soon or they will all be full for the fall already! Yikes. I better get back to my research!!!

Oliven's version of Wiley Cyote

Yesterday Oliven was standing up and he was holding my hands. I gently let go of his hands, he kept standing on his own until he looked down and realized he was not holding on to anything and gently crumpled back down onto the ground. It was pretty cute. His balance has come a long way. My guess is that he will be walking by the end of March.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday picnic

I know it's Superbowl Sunday, but I'm not really into football. This being the case many people were busy so our schedule is wide open. We took the opportunity to take the kids to Lake Almaden for a lunch picnic by the water (with a swaray of geese as our uninvited guests) then we went over and played on the playground. The weather was amazing-a bit windy, but about 78 degrees. There is a reason we live in California. What an awesome family morning. The boys are watching the superbowl and learning all about football (or at least playing in front of the tv, and I got some good quality weed pulling time in today).