Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Vander was trying to tell Justin something and Justin wasn't understanding the word Vander was saying. Vander turns to Justin and says, "Mommy would know my word." So, they called me on the phone and I got it right away. There are some things only a mom  knows. :) (Vander was talking about his pointer, by which he meant that he was pointing at something with his finger).

Monday, March 28, 2011

Great America

We took Vander to Great America (Oliven stayed home to hang out with Grammy and Pops), and he LOVED it. I was amazed at how many kid rides there were. 36" is apparently the magical ride height. It was raining most of the day, but that just meant shorter lines. :) Vander didn't mind the rain one bit, in fact, I think he enjoyed it because of all the puddles. Heather joined us for our day of fun, which worked out great because I had a roller coaster buddy. Justin was glad to get out of some of the rides. He is not a fan of spinning, so I got to go on the two spinning rides with Vander. Overall we had a great time and it's always better when it's free! It was Lockheed Martin employee appreciation day. Vander blew through his nap, but fell asleep when we got in the car and when we got home he wanted to go to bed. We made him wait as it was only 4:15pm.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Welcome Spring party

We had a welcome Spring party. It has been pouring lately so we didn't get to play outside. Vander made a colored noodle necklace, painted a pot and planted a flower in it, and ate a dirt cup. It was fun, now if it would only stop raining.

Oliven's 11 months old

Oliven has 6 teeth now, and is 11 months old! Only one month before my baby turns one year old. He is so capable too...he can make a mess almost as good as Vander- pulling all the DVDs off the shelves, dumping over recycling bins, etc. He is now saying: brother, dada, mama, mum mum (a baby rice cracker snack), more, and signing all done! Today for lunch he packed away 4 1/2 chicken nuggets, 10 grapes, 1/4 of a sting cheese and a breakfast bite (about equivalent to a 1/2 a homemade granola bar)...where did he put it all? I have no idea.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Wishing the luck of the Irish was filled with good times this year. The leprechauns left gold coins at the park for the baby group with a friends potluck and in our backyard for Vander's group potluck. No pinching occurred as everyone dressed festively and we all enjoyed the corned beef and cabbage.

Children's Discovery Museum

We decided to take the boys to the Discovery Museum despite the fact that it's raining and so we thought it would be wasn't too bad and both boys had a blast. Vander's favorite thing this time was playing in the shaving cream in the craft area. Oliven liked climbing up the stairs. Justin's favorite part was using huge building blocks to make ball ramps. I liked the floating ball on the was a great Saturday morning activity.

movie funniness

Justin and I were watching the Movie Tootsie. Vander got up when there was like 3 minutes left of the movie. We told him we were going to watch the end of our movie, and then he could watch his cartoon. Okay...we press play and Vander sits down to watch. He looks at us confused and says, "This isn't a movie it's a commercial. You gotta be kidding me. You guys are kidding me right? This isn't a movie." That was just too funny not to share!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Out of the toddler bed

Vander has been in his toddler bed for a few months now. He still treats it like a crib and calls for us whenever he wakes up. He doesn't get out of the bed until we come in to his room....until today. He was crying, but it was way too early to get up. I went in to feed Oliven and suddenly Vander's crying got really loud. I went to see what was going on and Vander was curled up in a ball on the floor of the hall crying. He finally figured out that he could not only get out of his bed, but also open his bedroom door. We will see what lies ahead with this new found was good while it lasted.
 We ended up baby proofing Vander's doorknob  because he kept wandering out and crying in the hallway.

Oliven's 1st word

I'm not 100% sure that this counts, but I think it does. Oliven repeats when we say Mama or mum mum (which are little baby rice biscuits), but the other day he said his first word that wasn't just copying. Vander started crying and Oliven looked toward his room and said, "bru er". How cute is that...Oliven's first word was BROTHER. Love it! He is also now saying more and doing the sign for all done, both in context.

I told you not to do that!

Sometimes it's hard to listen to your mom when you are two (or twenty for that matter). On occasion you fall down and realize why she told you not to do that.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cake decorating class #2

I took the first Wilton cake decorating class 2 years ago, and I have made some awesome cakes. I figured it was time to take the second class. This class focuses on making flowers. I made these using gum paste and fondant.

Double pizza party

Yesterday we were invited to not one, but two pizza parties. For Vander's Almaden group we were invited to pizza lunch with Hannah and Zade. Hannah is my friend who caters. She made her own sauce and dough-her food is always amazing. We each got to make our own pizza and hang out with good friends. Hannah told us while we were there that she is getting married in 6 weeks and wants Vander to be in the wedding with Zade. She is also going to have another baby. I am so happy for her...she loves babies! Her and Ollie are good buddies.Vander, Oliven and Zade played in the backyard after lunch. Van and Ollie loved Zade's power wheel.

 For dinner we went down to Robin's house for gourmet pizzas. We have been missing Robin and her food is always a delight. We were joined by Grammy, Pops, Mitch and his girlfriend Katie. We went down to Morgan Hill early so Justin could get a haircut, but we were still early, so we let the boys play at the park and wanted to let them climb the tree Justin used to climb, but the branches had been cut off. :(

Library book

Vander officially checked out his first library book. Usually we just buy books from the used section, but I thought he might like having a different book for a week of anything he chose. He was really excited about it. He chose a Batman book to read with his dad, and so far we have read it every day. He is really enjoying it and is looking forward to finding a different super hero book for next week.

Full Circle Farm tour

We took a tour with Vander's South Valley group of a food farm. It was interesting, but over the heads of the toddlers for sure. On the upside, they all loved being outside and running around. Vander planted a pea plant (I hope it grows), and got to pet some chickens. Oliven loved just hanging out on his daddy's back. We also got to try organic vegies straight out of the ground. Oliven and Vander both liked the idea, but not so much the flavor.