Saturday, April 30, 2011

Gilroy Gardens

In the spirit of getting the most out of season passes, we headed down to Gilroy Gardens this morning. It was great. 2 hours of riding fun little kid rides...Oliven is not the ride enthusiast that Vander is (at least not yet), but he did enjoy himself too. He liked the carousel horses for sure. Justin toughed it out and went on all the rides, even the spinny ones. It was the perfect day, 75 degrees with a light breeze and sunny. Now, maybe this afternoon we can watch a movie and fly some kites. :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Doctor updates

Nothing like waiting...and waiting...and waiting...and waiting...we were at the doctors office from 9:30 to 12:30 and we saw the doctor for about 15 minutes! We had to skip Oliven's nap to be there on time and he was a hot mess. Poor little bugger! Here are there current stats:
Vander: 32lbs (58%); 2'11.75" (12%)
Oliven: 21lb (24%); 2'5.25" (32%) Head circumference 48.9cm (98%)

Oliven's 1 year old- birthday fun!

Oliven turned one year old April 22nd. Wow, he is getting so big! My baby is really growing up. On his birthday we made the dinner we thought he would choose for himself- yams, chicken,  and corn. For dessert we took him out to Baskin Robbin's for chocolate ice cream. It was his first taste of chocolate and he was a BIG fan. He loved it. In honor of his birthday I made pineapple cupcakes a few days before and brought them to playgroup, he enjoyed them, but didn't get to have the ones with chocolate frosting, so that was his big one year milestone. 
On Saturday morning we had a circus themed birthday party at the park. We had hotdogs with all the fixings, cotton candy, peanuts, and cracker jacks. Oliven loved playing at the park. When it came time for his cake smashing he didn't really get into it. He got upset when the frosting got on his hands and tried to fling it off. He likes to be clean...I wonder who he gets that from. He's going to have to toughen up(so is his daddy) so we can go camping in the future. Anyway, we had a good party and he had lots of family to help him celebrate. He is really enjoying all his new toys, especially his new tricycle from Grauntie Deb. Now we need to get him his big boy car seat...sigh.

Egg Deco and Easter

To get ready for Easter this year Vander decorated hard-boiled eggs. He did a really good job and enjoyed himself. Justin enjoyed it too much to his surprise. I have always loved this tradition, and this year I am really looking forward to the egg salad to follow. I have always loved deviled eggs too.
For Easter this year Grantie Deb, GGMa and GGPa came out (it was a double duty trip as Oliven's birthday was Friday, his party was Saturday and then Easter was Sunday). So, we went down to Larry and Theresa's house for Easter this year. We got up and the boys looked through their Easter baskets, ate a quick breakfast, and then we headed down to Morgan Hill. We got in some good family time, Ollie took his nap (which he decided to cry through), and then the boys hunted for eggs in the house since it was raining outside- bummer. They didn't get to hunt for the hard-boiled eggs they put so much effort into this year. We then had a very yummy brunch and headed home for nap/quiet time. It's funny cause Easter has always been an all day affair with my family, and we really didn't have much to do in the afternoon. Hopefully, we will get a chance to see the family again before they leave. Happy Easter everyone.

Children's Discovery Museum

Since we have passes, we headed over to the Discovery Museum again. The boys really love it and we still haven't really taken full advantage of a lot of the museum. It's a crowded place because of field trips, but there is an upstairs area called the Wonder Cabinet that is only for kids 4 and under. That is where we like to hang out. This time Nicole came with Cynthia and Melanie came with Hunter. We spent some time upstairs playing, then we headed over to the bubbles, then the building area, did some dancing in the dance area and ended with a picnic lunch. Vander ate half of Hunter's banana so we shared Vander's granola bar. Apparently that was not Vander's idea of a good time as he cried for 10 minutes about how he wanted the whole thing. He told me he never wanted to go back to the Discovery Museum cause it made him sad. I then gave him another granola bar (the whole thing, since he wouldn't eat the half) and he ate half of it!!! A couple of days later he is asking to go to the Discovery Museum again.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Fun Bunny Hunt

For the second year in a row (and Oliven's first year) we went to the Los Gatos Fun Bunny Hunt. Vander got to go on a pony ride this year. Both boys got to play some carnival games. I helped Oliven do his egg hunt and Justin helped Vander do his egg hunt. Oliven really got the hang of it and liked putting the eggs into his basket. It is plastic filled eggs on the ground along with chocolate and lollypops on the ground  in a big area. Tons of fun. Each boy got a balloon and we had a picnic lunch. Vander also got to give his letter for the Easter bunny right to him.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Appreciation and a bloody lip

When Vander got up from his nap I kissed him 3 times. He looked at me and said, "Thanks for the kissies Mommy. I really appreciate it." I then kissed Oliven, and Vander said, "Thanks for kissing Oliven, I know he appreciates it too." I guess we have done something right in our modeling. 
Later in the afternoon we went over to a friends house to hang out and have dinner (Justin was working late). As soon as we got there I put Oliven down to play and he rammed his head hard into a table. His bottom lip was split open and started gushing blood. I looked in his mouth and he had also split the inside of his top lip the little part of the flesh that connects the lip and gums. I iced his gums as much as I could with a screaming, squirming little baby man. He stopped crying and wanted to play pretty quick. Poor guy. :(

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Andrea's bachelorette party

  What a fun, expensive and exhausting weekend. To start off I have to say I absolutely hated that this weekend came right after the weekend I left on a trip to Guerneville. I don't like leaving my guys at home without me. Unfortunately I can't control the timing of all these events going on right now.

   I flew to L.A. and got in around 3pm. Andrea picked me up and drove me to the hotel. Of the three cars we got there third, so we had to park at the mall down the street (for $10 a day!) The ladies decided they wanted to go shoe shopping...I personally find this to be boring, but figured I was up for whatever. It was Andrea's weekend. A few hours later we got back to the hotel and Bianca and Sharmeen went out to grab Thai food and alcohol. Andrea and I stayed and took a little nap. We ate a really yummy takeout dinner. We drank some rum and diet coke and got ready to go out on the town. We were doing a pub crawl (4 bars for $20). We missed the first bar and arrived at the second one around 11pm - it started at 10. I forgot how long it takes girls to get ready. We had a great time dancing at Echo, and at 11:45pm we went out of the club and headed to the next club. It was a pretty awesome club. It had a fireplace and dancers on a stage dancing. It was a blast. There were lots of cute guys around our age, and even some Aussies-Andrea's favorite. We decided to stay there because we liked it so much. I bought my pre-requisite couple of rounds of alcohol and lets just say that set me back about a weeks worth of groceries. Ouch! We danced until 2am when they turned the lights on. We then stayed and chatted with the Aussies. We walked back along Hollywood Boulevard to our hotel room. We stayed up chatting a little while longer. At around 4:30am I hit the bed hard. Unfortunately my left contact was torn so I had to wear my glasses the next day.  Everyone else was still awake, I really don't know when they went to bed.

   The next morning Andrea and I went and got breakfast at 8:40am since the hotel provided. Andrea's other friends started showing up to join us the Saturday festivities. We hung out and talked at the hotel for a while and headed to a sandwich shop for lunch. Afterward we went back to change and go to a burlesque dance class. The teacher was a very strange lady to say the least. She was very into what she was doing. I felt a little silly, but overall we all had a good time (though it was way too expensive for what it was). We headed over to a nail salon afterwards for mani/pedis. It was the second pedicure I've had in my life and the first was at a beauty college for my wedding. I'm just too frugal for this kind of thing, but it was very nice and relaxing. Afterwards, we went back to the hotel room to get ready. Andrea opened her gifts, which were all very appropriate for a bachelorette party. We went out to a late dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant that claimed to play 20s, 30s and 40s music, but to be honest it was so loud in there I didn't hear the music. We headed out on Hollywood Boulevard for Andrea's bachelorette scavenger hunt, which was absolutely hilarious. Andrea's aunt and cousin (Abby, who was 17) were with us and Andrea's Aunt, Mary, was all about asking strangers bizarre requests. It was a blast. Andrea did lots of crazy stuff: kissed a bald man, got kissed by two guys at the same time, got serenaded by Elvis, got mooned, got three guys to build a human pyramid. Fun times. Afterward, during our quest we met a guy who said he could get us all into a club in a VIP area for free, we went to a club. It was the VIP service with a bottle of alcohol in a tub and a special area. It was interesting...a squishy floor. By 1:30am I was so tired and ready to go back, but the other girls were still holding strong-obviously going to dance until the club closed. Mary and Abby walked back with me to the hotel. I went to bed as quick as I could, but I had one of the only hotel room keys so I had to answer the door a few times, so I didn't actually get to sleep until 3am.
  The next morning I woke up at 8:30am and grabbed breakfast. Got my stuff together and Andrea drove me to the airport. So, that was my blast of a weekend in a nutshell.
  I was very happy to see my boys when I got home. They had had a good weekend together and barely noticed I was gone. They had gone grocery shopping and down to Grammy and Pop's house for dinner. Other than Justin having allergy issues they seemed to be no worse for wear. Justin is such a good dad and a supportive husband!

Dear Easter Bunny

Vander wanted to ask the Easter bunny for a chocolate bunny, so I suggested he write the Easter bunny a letter. Here is what he dictated:
Dear Easter Bunny,
   Thank you for all your help. Can I have a chocolate bunny please? A chocolate bunny pleeeaaase? Can you give me some eggs so I can eat them? What's your name? You'll know my name. Do you live with duckies? You are a little scary. I want your egg. Plastic eggs wiitth chocolate chips in them- with candy.
Love, Vander
p.s. Can you bring some for Oliven too?
p.p.s. Please hide our eggs at Grammy and Pop's house this year.

Monday, April 4, 2011


On Friday Freddie flew in from San Diego at 12:15pm and we went directly on our way from the airport to Guerneville, CA. We stayed at the Haran family cabin. Dooda Haran Abeid was my mom's best friend growing up. I asked her son, Mellad, if they still owned their cabin and if we could rent it. What were the odds's been 40 years, but they DO still own it! They also said we could stay there for free! Talk about amazing luck!!! It took me 7 months to get Freddie and Colby to commit to the same weekend, but I finally got us all pinned down.
  We drove through San Francisco and Freddy's first time crossing the Golden Gate bridge on the way there. We met Colby at a cute little coffee shop. He had left the night before and slept in his car. The 101 freeway had a landslide and was closed, so it took Colby an extra 4 hours (added to his 4 hour drive) to get to Guerneville. Anyway, he slept in his car, once an officer shined his brights on Colby, but left when he started his car. Colby then turned the car back off and went to sleep. He went wine tasting and tried to find a park on his way in. He also saw a super tiny goat and went to see a geyser- Old Faithful of California. This all happened on April 1st, so I thought for sure that Colby was April fooling me, but it turns out he was not. I told the boys that the key for the cabin hadn't arrived in the mail yet as my April fools joke.
  We went up to check out the cabin and it was amazing! These are the notes Eithne gave me. I'm going to put them here in case we even decide we want to go see the cabin again as we would NEVER find it without these directions! These are directions from San Jose
101 N (about 60 miles from golden gate bridge) There will be a center for the arts with a lighted sign.
X River Road
L onto Fiver Road towards Guernville about 15miles it meanders along a river You will see a Safeway on L
Continue through town about 1 Mile
Cross a very subtle bridge RIGHT AFTER take the low road (not high road) onto Lovers Lane.
You will see cabins...the road meanders and veers up to the L
Stay to the right-Cherry Street is 2 or 3 blocks.
L Hidden Valley Rd. Meanders up a steep hill.
L Continue up the hill at the top of the hill on the L
The cabin has no # on it, but says Haran.
It is funky looking...the front of the house entrance is on the L
There is a tree house in front.If you were to continue the last house on the Left was Great Grandma's with dutch door-across the street the red house on the hill was mom's house.
***Bring sleeping bags and pillows and towels.
Be very gentle with shower knobs, don't force them or they will break.
There is a wood stove to build a fire.
There are condiments already there.
There is a fridge and full kitchen.
Bunk bed mattresses can be moved into the living room for a great morning view.
Mom's old cabin
 The cabin is unfinished...great for a summer home, but not the kind of place you would live year round. It is very homey and welcoming, but also very quirky in a good way. The whole back of the house is nature- a really awesome creek and all the nature surrounding as far as you can see. Redwood trees everywhere. Behind the Haran cabin and my mom/grandma's cabin and Great Grandma's cabin. Even though mom's was on the other side of the "street", which is really more of a dirt path. There is a stream and nature behind that cabin too, which is at the very top of the hill.
  We headed down to Safeway and to see town after we knew what we were working with and where we were staying. It is only about a 3 mile drive (maybe less into town), but it takes about 10 minutes to get down the hill because it is a one way dirt road and is very windy and long.  We happened upon a flea market selling what you could probably find all of in Grandma's garage. We saw all the shops in town, which is only maybe 25 or 30. Most are just quirky little places with random stuff. We even found a huge old tv for $10. How's that for random. We explored down by the Russian River and the picnic/park area. We bought stirfry and other food at Safeway and headed back up the hill for dinner. 
  At dinner we toasted with Colby's $30 bottle of wine tasting wine to Family and to Mom with our stirfry meal. Afterwards we decided to try and pour separated shots of buttery nipples (Baileys and Butterscotch schnapps). We ate, drank, and hung out having a good time catching up and bonding. Freddy decided to make popcorn in a pot over the fireplace, which didn't really work until he tried it over the stove. At around midnight Colby fell asleep. Freddy and I stayed up talking until about 3am. I came up with the genius idea of freezing oranges to use as ice cubes in fruity beverages.
   We all got up the next day at 11am. We headed down to the end of Armstrong Woods road to do some hiking. We went on a 5ish mile hike through the redwoods. We took it slow to enjoy the wilderness. When we were done we had to go back to the cabin so I could pump since I am still nursing Oliven. We then went to a Mexican Food restaurant for dinner. Afterwards we headed back up to the cabin to spend the evening hanging out. I went to bed at 11 and the boys went to bed around 12. 
   Sunday morning we got up at 9 and had a leisurely morning. We hadn't seen the beach, but I've seen lots of beaches. I really wanted to explore around the cabins. We popped some frozen pizzas into the oven and went to go on a mini hike behind the cabin. 15 minutes later Colby hustled back to rescue our burnt pizzas. He brought them across the ravine of a creek and we had a burnt pizza lunch picnic. We explored some more and hiked up a little behind mom's cabin. We cleaned up the cabin. I bought a magnet on our way out of town and we decided to do a wine tasting on our way out. Korbel ended up being the closest place, so we had some free wine and champagne (just a very small little taste) and headed home. Freddy and I went by way of Oakland this time. Still lots of traffic, but not too bad.
   We got back to my house around 5:15pm and I got to see my boys, all of whom I missed a ton! Freddy got to hang out and see the boys for a few hours too before his flight at 9:25pm. Colby got home around 10pm. It was a great weekend that really meant a lot to me and my brothers. I haven't felt that close to my mom in a long long time. It really helped me to understand where she was coming from. She has told us about her deep-rooted love for Guerneville our whole lives and we finally got a chance to live the magic. It was truly amazing!