Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Vander asked if for his birthday we could take him real bowling. He has played Wii bowling, but this was his first time at the bowling alley. The lightest ball was 6 pounds, which was a bit heavy for our 30 pound son, but he managed and he did a good job. He really liked throwing the ball and loved being with his family, especially as the center of attention. Bumpers came up on the lane every time it was his turn to bowl. Oliven even got to roll the ball a couple of times too. Grammy and Pops came with us for Vander's 1st bowling outing.

Morgan Hill Marti Gras

We decided to head down and check it out...it wasn't too exciting, but Vander was very excited to get his picture taken with Tinker belle and to see her show with Peter Pan, so I didn't want to leave the photo out. She was "party size."

Vander turns 3: Happy Birthday

Vander requested a Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head theme for his 3rd birthday party. So, that is exactly what he got complete with a potato bar (with baked russet and sweet potatos and all the fixin's), potato stamping, potato coloring, potato sack racing, potato head cake and potato head goody bags. We had his party at Los Paseos park (he chose the venue) and had a great turn out. What kids don't love hanging out at the park though really? It was about 70 degrees with light wind until about 1 1/2hrs into the party when it started to rain...we all took cover under the big tree for presents and cake. It didn't seem to phase the kids. When I asked Vander what his favorite thing about the party was he told me he liked eating the candy from his goody bag the best...go figure. At the beginning of the party he said that he was hiding from his friends and his party, but he came around pretty quickly.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Monday and Tuesday

Justin took a couple of vacation days so we would have a weekend with the boys. Monday was a chore day composed of grocery shopping and a trip to Target. Tuesday was a fun day though. We took the boys to The Children's Discovery Museum and they had a blast in the water area. We also took the boys the to park and ended the day by playing in the back yard which they absolutely love.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Los Angeles and Andrea's wedding

We left our house at 6am Saturday morning (so the boys didn't see us and make it hard on Heather). We drove down to John and Ruth's house and had brunch with the Bergs and Walter. It was great to get to see where they are living and it's been a long time since I have seen Walter. We ate, talked and played Mexican train. Justin was thrilled to get to play games.
Around 2:30pm we headed over to our hotel room to check in and get ready for the rehearsal. It was a bit of a rush, but we made it to the rehearsal on time. The wedding location was absolutely stunning. It was in a botanical garden and had pretty flowers and gazebos everywhere. I was paired up with a pretty cool guy named Ted. We had a good time rehearsing. Andrea was so calm...I have never seen a bride so together the day before the wedding. After the rehearsal we met up at the Original Red Onion Mexican Restaurant. It was really yummy chips and salsa, so yummy we could hardly eat our meals we were so full by the time they came.  We stopped by Ralphs to pick up breakfast for the next morning and snacks for the drive home. That night we went straight to bed cause it was late and we were so tired.
At 8am we all met up at the Botanic Gardens to work on set-up. Justin worked on chairs and tables. Shiv and I worked on hanging lanterns. We were such a good team we decided we need a team name...so team Tiger was born. At around 10:30 we were done, but we weren't meeting up to get ready until noon, so Justin and I decided to try to take a nap...I don't think either one of us feel asleep, but we rested. Justin went to go pick up In N' Out for lunch and I put on my make-up. We ate and I headed over to help Andrea.
Justin checked out of the hotel and read a book in the lobby. I helped Andrea with her hair...she did most of it. I just helped with the blow drier and holding stuff. Her hair looked amazing. Andrea is a gorgeous girl, but wow...her dress was stunning and the little hat and veil she made were breathtaking. We took some pictures and headed over to the wedding. It started a little late, but that is girls for you. It was a very short, but sweet and succinct ceremony. The next hours we went and took photos while Justin stood in the shade and got some lawn games started. We sat at the same table as Steven White and his girlfriend Rachel. We had a yummy dinner and did lots and lots of dancing (my favorite part of weddings), and course watched the couple cut the cake. I had the honor of giving a toast. It was a beautiful wedding from begging to end. I am so happy for Andrea and Josh, they really are great together!
 At around 7:30pm the only people still there were family and people in the wedding, so we decided to hit the road. We got home around 1:30am, exhausted in a good way and went to bed. What a great weekend.

Cousin Heather's weekend with the boys

Justin and I went down to Los Angeles for the weekend for Andrea and Josh's wedding. Heather graciously agreed to watch the boys for us at our house.
This is the sheet I left Heather:

Typical Schedule (obviously make any changes you need to):
6:45am put bottle in bottle warmer: 6oz bottle of whole milk ¾ full water in blue water container for bottle warmer.
6:50am feed Oliven a bottle in his room. If time I get him dressed and diaper changed in his room, if not I take his diaper and clothes in to Vander’s room and dress him there.
7am Vander is allowed to get up…he will most likely call, “Mommy, Daddy, open door please!” He may cry for a few minutes or be out of sorts. He usually cries and tells me, “I just want daddy.” Once you distract him, he’s good. I get Vander dressed and diaper changed and we go eat breakfast. Oliven takes 1ml vitamin drops and Vander gets one gummy vitamin.
7:15am ish Breakfast. Vander really likes waffles (in the freezer, he’ll eat 2 and Ollie will eat 1-top oven on “toast” setting, autoset time button is 4 minutes), but can have other breakfast items if he/you want. He also likes one egg over medium with a piece of toast and dollop of jelly. There is also cereal or oatmeal packets.
8am Play. If possible brush Vanders teeth. He spits after each section so he doesn’t swallow the toothpaste. Inside lower teeth. Spit. Outside lower teeth. Spit. You get the idea.
9am Vander gets an 8oz cup of milk with 3/4tsp of Miralax to drink while watching cartoons in the computer room. Video or TV is fine. I usually let him watch for an hour while Oliven naps. Once the cartoon is on, Oliven gets another 6oz bottle of milk (2oz breast milk, 4oz whole milk) same heating instructions. He might not finish the milk. Then sing him a song and put him in his crib with Mickey Mouse in his arm and his mobile on. Put his fan on high. He will probably cry for a little bit (sometimes up to 20 minutes, rarely for his whole nap). If you decide to go somewhere he can skip this nap.
10am Oliven gets up from his nap, usually between 9:45 and 10:15am. Play time or adventure time. We tend to do something different every day. Some ideas: the park, the back yard, taking a walk, the library or a destination like you mentioned. Your call.
11-12 Somewhere in there Ollie and Vander eat lunch. Ollie gets hungry earlier than Vander. You’ll know when he starts getting cranky. They can eat whatever you want to feed them. They eat sandwiches, cereal bars, peanut butter crackers, peanut butter graham crackers, fruit, fruit strips, chicken nuggets, corn dogs, macaroni, spaghettios, whatever you want to feed them.
12:40 Put Ollie’s 6oz bottle in the bottle warmer. Then, put on Ollie’s corrective “shoes” (in Vander’s room) on while Vander picks a short story to read before his quiet time. Read him his story while Ollie plays. Vander gets in bed, you tuck his blanket around him and remind him to try and sleep at the beginning of quiet time, turn on the fan and NO we DO NOT leave the light on (He might try and tell you we do).  Take Ollie to his room, feed him his bottle and put him in the crib with the mobile on. Ollie stays down until at least 2:30pm, but can get up any time after that. Vander can’t get up until 3pm when his clock turns green.
3pm Vander is up. He watches a cartoon that is DVR’d. Usually Word World and drinks chocolate milk with one scoop of chocolate Ovaltine and 2 tsp. of fiber mixed in-orange sippy cup.
3:30 play time
If Oliven gets cranky you can feed him a small snack. Vander too, but generally the earlier the better so they still eat their dinner.
5:30ish dinner time. They should eat whatever you give them. If they are still hungry they can have fruit. There is tons in the fridge. Don’t eat fruit WITH dinner, Vander thinks fruit is dessert and will eat vegetables to get his fruit.
6:30pm bath time. Vander needs his teeth brushed and flossed (if you can’t do the floss it will be okay for 2 days). Vander also sucks on a fluoride pill AFTER his teeth are brushed. Ollie needs his teeth brushed.
When they are done with the bath Oliven needs his shoes on for bed and warm jammies as he doesn’t use a blanket. Throw his bottle in the warmer. Vander can wear summer jammies. Read Vander a story and tuck him in, then feed Oliven his bottle, read him a story and put him in his crib with the fan on high. NO mobile. He doesn’t usually cry for long. 7pm is bed time.
Sometimes Vander wakes up crying. Give him a couple minutes, sometimes he is still asleep and will settle back down on his own. (When this happens it’s usually around 9pm). If he doesn’t settle back down right away you can go in and bring a cup with a little water in it as he will most likely ask for a drink, settle down and lay back down.
If Oliven is super cranky, drooly, etc. he may be teething. There is baby Motrin in the front bathroom. 1.8ml is his dosage, but he can only have that once a day.  There is also oragel in the cupboard to rub on his gums or teething tablets. He doesn’t like the oragel, but it really does help.

Here is the note Cousin Heather left about her weekend:
Justin and Ashley--
  We had a great time! The boys were amazing and super easy. That said, I have the utmost respect for both of you. Theresa and Larry came over both nights to help with bedtime...very thankful!
Here is some stuff we did (to talk about with Vander):
*Walked to Starbucks  -Danced in the store and got hit on by the ladies.
*Went to thee park which was quickly confused for the P-A-R-K   -swings and slides.
*Watched Sunday morning cartoons.
*Opened birthday presents, ate cupcakes and sang.
*Play dough, coloring, books, legos and lots of playing with toys and BALLS.
-Ollie--highlight: 13+ steps before a butt dive...ready to roll on feet!
-Vander did miss you guys...We talked about the special party you were at and I showed him your wedding photos!
I would be more than willing to take the boys again...it was a treat. 
With love, "Cousin Heather"

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Colby's graduation / Boys weekend

Thursday morning Grandma Gretchen and Grandpa David flew up to our house. They spent the day playing in each and every room of our house with the boys and then playing whiffle ball in the front yard and playing in the back yard. It's good to know that Vander loves our house and our yard.

Friday morning Freddie and Annie flew into San Jose and we took a road trip up to Eureka, CA. We met up with Colby and went to a brewery for dinner. Grandpa, Freddie, Annie and Colby enjoyed tasting all the local beers along with their dinner. Afterwards, Freddie, Annie and I went over to Colby's apartment and hung out with Colb and his roommates for a while.
At 6am Saturday morning we went to Colby's apartment and Annie made everyone eggs and hash browns and beer drinking commenced in Annie and Freddie's graduation tradition of "kegs and eggs." After breakfast we drove over to Humbolt State University and found a seat in the stands to watch Colby walk. It was chilli and started to rain towards the end of the graduation. We were very glad to be there for the graduation and to be a part of such a momentous, ceremonial part of Colby's life. We are all so very proud of  him. Freddie and I have ALWAYS said that Colby was a super smart kid, I'm just so glad that he finally realized it and pushed himself to achieve. He is truly an amazing guy and I am lucky that he is my brother. I bought Colby a Humbolt alumni shirt to wear- it seemed like just his kind of thing. :) Colby seemed underwhelmed, but he has been working full time for several months now, so I guess the thrill of officially being done with college has worn off.
After graduation and a few trips to the store for graduation cake and a few other miscellaneous items (there was a paperwork mix-up with the paperwork mix-up with the cake) we met back up at Colby's apartment and went out to lunch at a Chinese food restaurant for the lunch special. We walked around in down town Arcata and partook in some hoola hooping going on, then went back to Colby's place to hang out. A few hours later we took the grandparents back to the hotel to rest and Colb took Annie, Freddie an I on a nature hike. I met my first banana slug, Sebastian, and he was a cute little bugger. We went back and got the grandparents and walked over to a pizza place for dinner. Nothing like a 1/2 vege 1/2 meat lover pizza. Afterwards we all hung out at our hotel for a while and enjoyed each others company. We went our separate ways and asked Colby to meet us in the morning.
We met up and went to Los Bagels for breakfast and headed back on our long road home...in the rain. On the way home we decided to stop and drive through the drive-through tree. Quite an interesting tourist trap. I'm still not sure it was worth $5, but now I can say I've done it.
Freddie and Annie stayed a few hours and played with their nephews. We all had tostadas for dinner and then Justin drove them to the airport. Grandma and Grandpa stayed one more day. They had a good morning at the park with the boys and then Justin took them to the airport in the evening. I am so very greatful that I was able to have a weekend where I got to see all of the people who mean the most to me in the world. It is not often that they are all in the same place at the same time. (Granted Colby wasn't in the same place as everyone when my boys were around), but pretty close....I got to see them all on the same day.

The boys on the other hand had plenty of fun while the Humbolt activities were taking place.  On Friday we walked to Bella and Jeremiah's house for a play group that included a water table, chocolate banana bread and fresh fries. They did the normal "chore" of grocery shopping on Saturady, but also got to have dinner with Grammy and Pops in Morgan Hill.  Vander got to play some whiffle ball, play with Superheroes, and read some books.  He's the only kid I know who is happier to pitch than hit. We also made a trip to the park on Sunday morning before Mommy, Aunt Annie, Uncle Freddie, Grandma Getchen, and Granpa David got back on Sunday afternoon.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Dress"ing up

The weather has been warmer the last week so I have been wearing skirts. Vander likes them and thinks they are very pretty. He has been asking if he can wear them. He asked his friend Ruby if he could wear hers. So, here is a picture of Vander, the pretty princess.

LOL parties...fun and fear

Vander's South Valley group had a special quarterly play date at LOL parties jump house at the Silver Creek Sports Plex. It is a great place and the kids love it...Vander enjoys all the bounce houses and jumping around. Oliven liked it at first, but decided it wasn't really his thing yet. There are 5 big bounce houses and 3 of them are obstacle course bounce houses. The whole area is gated in so the kids can't really get out and the only people there were our friends, so I wasn't really too worried when Vander went into the next bounce house while I was still trying to calm Oliven down. 5 minutes later I was looking for Vander and couldn't find him anywhere. I asked my friend Casey to hold Oliven so I could go look for Vander.
I was calling for him and going through each of the bounce houses. It's a really loud area because all the high powered air machines are keeping the air blowing to keep the bouncers inflated. I heard a very faint, but distinctly distressed, "Moooooooooommy!!!" I kept looking for him and at this point I was getting a bit frantic. I found Vander in the last bounce house in the corner crying. He couldn't figure out how to get out and he heard me calling for him. He could obviously hear the fear in my voice....all I could think was what if he got stuck in between the bounce houses. He was totally fine, but I was so scared I sat down with him and hugged and kissed him for like 5 minutes. He kept asking me, "Why were you so scared mommy?" I told him that it was because he is one of the most important people in the world to me and I didn't want anything bad to happen to him ever. Needless to say this event didn't phase him at all, but I was traumatized and did not let him out of my sight the rest of the time. I swear I haven't stopped worrying since I found out I was pregnant with him. I just love my little guys soooo much!

Mother's Day festivities

   Saturday morning my boys took me to Scrambl'z for brunch. It was really a great breakfast in ambiance and food. Vander is really into having an egg over medium with a piece of toast. He got to add sausage to the plate and really enjoyed that. Ollie loved his pancakes, and Justin snuck his bacon. My breakfast burrito was delish. They gave me a Superhero t-shirt with Bat girl, Super girl and Wonder woman. It was super cute, but unfortunately didn't really fit since they apparently only make super hero girl shirts in junior sizes. We took it back to the mall and got a Green Lantern shirt.
  Sunday we hosted a Mother's Day brunch for Theresa and Robin (one of the other mothers who mean a lot to our family). We made Hootenanies, eggs and blueberry muffins.  Mitch and Katie joined us and provided the fruit. It was a good brunch and everyone seemed to have a good time. Vander even got some whiffle ball in while everyone was around. He loves baseball!

Friday, May 6, 2011


Oliven currently has 8 teeth...the odd part is there are 4 front top teeth, 2 front bottom teeth and 2 left molars (one on top and one on bottom) and he has been crying today and I can tell it's more teething his 2 molars on the right are trying to pop through. Poor guy! What is up with molars coming through before his other teeth?!?

First step

I was waiting until I could get a picture, but it seems Oliven is on a walking hiatus right now. A few days ago Oliven took his first step. He was standing in one spot for a while, he looked around, and he took a step- just one, but that was his first time. He did the same thing for Justin later in the day just so I didn't think I imagined the whole thing. He has taken one or two steps a few times now, but that was a few days ago, so now we know he can do it. Good job Ollie pie.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sprinkler fun

The temperature was in the 90s today, so we decided to have an early dinner and throw in some "surprise" sprinkler fun for the boys. This was Oliven's first time in the sprinklers (he was too little last summer, and was wearing casts then braces). He was a bit hesitant. He liked it at times, was rather stoic, but if his hands hit the grass, he didn't like that at all. Vander decided the rocks really needed to be watered, so he did that most of the time. When we were done he said, "That was really really fun guys!"

Kite flying

We bought a kite and decided the windy weather would be a great time to go fly our kite as a family. Oliven really preferred chasing a baseball around, and Vander also enjoyed ball chasing, but somewhere in there we managed to do a little kite flying. If only allergy season wasn't kicking Justin and I in the face!