Thursday, July 28, 2011

Little Gym gymnastics classes

 I signed the boys up for 1 month (4 classes total) of Little Gym gymnastics classes. They both had so much fun. I was soooo proud of Vander. It is his first non-mommy and me class and he did a great job. I almost cried watching him because he was so independent- my little baby boy is growing up! Oliven's class was at 9:45am, which meant missing his 1st nap and just having non-stop fun for 45 minutes including hanging on bars and doing backwards somersaults. Vander did great sitting outside the room and watching us for 40 min. and had to come in for the last 5, but 40 min. on his own- wow. We spent some time at Michael's just looking around and eating lunch and came back for Vander's class at 11:45am. Little did I know it was an hour long! Oliven was a hot mess by the end. (Since 12:45pm is nap time and Vander didn't get out of class until 12:50pm). It was such an awesome experience though, I can't wait until next week and I know they can't either.

Things didn't go as smoothly for Vander. He cried the whole time. I had apparently accidentally scratched him while putting his shoes on before we left our house to go to the Little Gym and the whole time we were there he kept saying, "I'm sad because my mommy hurt me." Drama, drama, drama. He was fine for his class, but a mess for Oliven's class. Oliven was fabulous.

Today was great. Both boys were super awesome. (Thank goodness cause the last couple of days have been REALLY rough). They both had a great time and are really into the classes. Too bad we can't really afford to keep them in the classes due to cost sans groupon. Vander watched Finding Nemo on the portable DVD player during Oliven's class and Oliven walked around and met everyone and explored everything during Vander's class. What a fun morning. Oliven fell asleep on the way home and Vander asked me if he could cause he was sooooo tired.

I had such a horrendous migraine I couldn't see to drive (aura's) to Oliven's class, so we have to make it up. Vander absolutely loved his class and is excited about he Little Gym camp next week.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

We turned Ollie's carseat forward

After returning home and putting Oliven's carseat back in the car Oliven just seemed ridiculously squished. The new guideline suggestion is to leave the kids backward facing until 2 years old. Despite the parental inconvenience I was prepared to do this, but look at how silly it was...until the carseats catch up to the guidelines it just doesn't seem fair to the baby.

San Jose Giants game

We attempted to take the boys to a (free) San Jose Giants game. We thought they might enjoy it and it wasn't like we were spending a lot of money on it ($10 for parking). It turned out to be really hot and the boys were super antsy, so we only got to stay for about 6 innings. Vander would have been fine, but Oliven was not impressed. They got to have their first baseball park snow cones, which they both enjoyed, and Vander liked the garlic fries. We went with Oliven's Las Madres group.

Vander speaks for those with less of a voice

So the other day we are in the bathroom and Vander is sitting on the an altered voice he says to me, "I don't have any pee pees in me." I say, "Okay Vander, but try anyway." He says in the same altered voice, "No, it's not Vander, it's me Penis."  
Justin and I have always used altered voices to talk for our kids before they were really verbal...I wonder where he got it from ;)
This morning Vander requested blueberries for Oliven for lunch. I got out the blueberries and offered one to Oliven. He promptly spit it out. In an altered voice Vander said, "Nevermind mommy, I don't want blueberries for lunch." He then says, "Mommy that was Oliven talking not me, okay?"

Oliven's Dr. Nachbaur appointment

Oliven is doing great and is a healthy little boy-as we already knew.
His current stats are:
Height: 2'7.25"-54%
Weight: 22lb 2.6oz- 17%
Head Circumference says 18.7", but I don't think that is entirely correct since that would mean that his head shrunk since April which is highly unlikely. It doesn't come with a percentage anyway so it doesn't really mean much to me anyway.

Gilroy Gardens revisited

We took the boys to Gilroy Gardens, which is always fun for them. This time the water area was open. Vander LOVED it!

Colorado with the family

Monday, July18th to Saturday, July23rd we went to Colorado with Justin's whole family. GGMa, GGPa, Larry, Theresa, Grauntie Deb and Cordy, Gruncle Bobby, Cousins: Heather, Drake, Kyle, Ashley (Drake's fiance), Krista (Kyle's girlfriend), Uncle Mitch and Katie (Mitch's girlfriend). Ashley's brother Eddie joined us on Monday evening.
   Monday morning we got up at 4:30am and Christi came over to take us to the airport. Vander was really pumped and excited to go on an airplane. We met Katie and Mitch at the curbside check in and had a mostly uneventful flight to Colorado. I sat by Oliven and he got to have his carseat on the flight since it wasn't full. Vander watched Toy Story 3 most of the way to Colorado. We met up with 1/2 the family in Colorado at the airport where we finally after 5 tries got Oliven's carseat into Drake's truck and headed over to Target for some kid supplies for the week and lunch for the boys. Next stop was Drake's for nap time. We had forgotten to take the pack-n-play out of Kyle's truck, so it was a rough nap for Ollie. We played cards while the boys rested. When they got up we headed up to the mountains to officially start our week. We met up with the rest of the family and got to see the houses we were staying in and get settled in to our rooms. We got to have the room at the top of the stairs which included a closet that was big enough for Vander to sleep in. This was a huge blessing because it meant one out of the four of us got some good sleep during the week. It's just not easy to sleep with 4 people in a room, especially when one snores really loud (Justin) and one wakes up several times a night and yells Mommy (Oliven). There were really loud thunder storms with lots of lightning- a true storm like you never see in California. After Vander had dinner cousin Heather took him out to throw rocks in the stream, which he loved and asked if he could please sleep outside with Cousin Heather and the rocks. We had pulled pork sandwiches for dinner and most of us played a rousing game of Catch Phrase.

        On Tuesday I went on a walk with the other "kids" my age down to Keysone. We saw that they had some kid-friendly free entertainment, so I called Justin and asked if he wanted to come back with me and the kids a little later. So, we returned from our walk and the boys and I drove down to Keystone. The entertainment was a ventriloquist that was over there heads, so we went to the kid area of downtown. The kids enjoyed the playground area and of course the chalk area. We played around for a while, then ate some lunch. We also shared a "Beavertail", which was a dessert pizza with nutella and bananas and reeces pieces. Yummy! While the boys were napping Justin and I went to the grocery store with Drake and Kyle to pick up our dessert supplies. We decided to also pick up supplies for apple pancakes. We came back and played. Vander wanted to go throw rocks in the stream again. We had Fajitas as a family and later went hot tubbing.

     Wednesday morning Justin and I took the boys for a gondola ride at Breckenridge. We went up and saw the snow. Vander loved throwing snow balls, but did not enjoy how cold it made his hands. After their nap we took them on a stroller walk to Keystone to see if we could find a wood carved animal-we could not. The boys had dinner at a place that used to be called "Paisanos". We did a little shopping and some playing and headed back to the house. We had salmon for dinner and played the Newlywed game. Justin and I lost to Mitch and Katie. Drake and Ashley and Kyle and Krista also played- Heather was the hostess.
     Thursday morning was Whitewater rafting- that was a blast! We did class 4 rapids. The water was only 34 degrees in Coldwater Creek so they gave us full body wetsuits with jackets and shoes to wear. Justin, not surprisingly, was hot. GGMA, GGPA, Grammy and Pops stayed behind and had a great day with Oliven and Vander. Kyle almost fell out right at the beginning, but that was our only close call. Afterwards we went to Tommy Knockers for lunch. My thighs starting itching really bad like they were being bitten by red ants- must have been a wetsuit rash. In the evening I had to get some hydrocortisone cream for the itching and we missed the start of the ham dinner. Afterwards we had a surprise 60th birthday party for Deb. Justin and I made apple pancakes that night with berry sauce to have for breakfast the next morning.
     Bright and early Friday morning we headed out to a lookout point to take some family photos. Drake was of course our photographer. We all wore khakis and the girls wore pink shirts while the guys wore blue. After that we were half way to Breckenridge so we went back and took the Gondola up the mountain, then Vander, Justin, Heather, Drake and I went up the ski lift and rode the Alpine Slide back down the mountain. It was fun sliding down, but the ski lift was's like 30 feet up and it made me nervous by myself, Justin had Vander so that had to be really nerve racking. We played in the snow some more, got the guys some lunch in town and headed back for naps. After naps we took Vander up the Keystone Gondola (Ollie stayed at the house to hang out) with the cousins. There was music, horseshoes, we took some pictures and on the way back down everyone was having Vander say cute stuff. We had a delicious Greek dinner and I went hot tubbing while Justin played games.
     Saturday morning we were supposed to leave the house at 10am right after Oliven's nap, but for some reason things changed and it was decided we would leave at 9am. We headed down the mountain, stopped at Kyle's briefly and headed over to Drake's place. Mostly everyone went out I guess to downtown Denver. Justin went out the lunch with Jeff Schneider. I stayed to keep the boys out of trouble and let them take naps. When they got up we headed to the airport. The plane was full so there was no seat for Oliven. He was a NIGHTMARE on the plane- pure awful. We were all tired and cranky from not sleeping enough all week. I think the flight lasted 3 days. He was only happy when I walked him up and down the isle, otherwise he was screaming, kicking, flailing, etc. Christi came to the airport to pick us up. Vander peed in his carseat on the way home, which got on her seat. I felt pretty bad about that. Traveling with little kids is no easy task. I look forward to them being a little older so it won't be such a challenge for everyone!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pump it Up Jr.

Hurray for Groupon...I bought some drop in's to Pump it Up Jr. - what fun! Grammy met us there for a bit. Arielle and Nicole also showed up with their kids. We went down the slide at least 10 times. It was a blast.

(By we I mean a combo of Ollie, Vander and I. We went a couple times all three of us, Vander went by himself and I took Ollie several times). We did lots of bouncing, ball rolling, smiling, and laughing.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

What a great 4th of July. To start off the day we went to the Morgan Hill parade (though I felt like we missed most of it, we will be showing up earlier next time). We stayed and had the boys eat lunch when the parade ended, then headed home for quiet time so the boys could be in their own beds.
When they got up we headed back down to Morgan Hill to spend the afternoon with Grammy and Pops. The boys enjoyed the little pool in the back yard and Oliven enjoyed climbing the stairs and coming back down. Repeat. We had a BBQ sausage dinner and headed over to the firework site.

We joined up with Casey and Carrie and their families. We got there around 7:30pm and the fireworks started at around 9:30pmish. Vander LOVED the fireworks, Ollie liked them, but thought they were a little scary. The boys had a great time running around and playing with their friends. It was a fabulous day.