Friday, September 30, 2011

Long and eventful week without Justin

Justin took off Sunday morning for a 6 day business trip. I did pretty well until about Thursday afternoon. About that time I REALLY needed a break, but obviously that was not in the cards. Here is an idea of what our week looked like in a nutshell. It didn't play out exactly like this as things always change. We went walking with Christi and Nate Monday and Wednesday. Sandra's playdate got cancelled so we had a tea party with Christi and Nate on Tuesday. Friday's playdate is now a pool party.
The funniest mom momentwas Wednesday night after I took Oliven out of the tub and dressed him in a one piece jammie and had his shoes on...I went to get Vander out of the tub and while I was drying him off Oliven snuck over to the tub as it was draining and splashed around. His arm was drenched up to his elbow.  I was already running late for bed and was looking at a 20 minute fiasco just to undress and redress Oliven with the I cut the sleeve off of his jammies and put him to bed. Justin thought that was pretty funny, so I figured I'd post it so other people could enjoy the redulousness and comic relief it brought to me the next day.
The tea party.
Oliven enjoying "The Jungle" ball pit.

On Thursday Vander's preschool had Grandparents day with soup, bread and cookies. The kids brought the ingredients for the soup and helped prepare it. Grammy came to join in the fun and Oliven and I got to come too. It was a very fun hour and a really delicious meatball minestrone soup (seriously, I need the recipe). It was a very special morning. A huge thanks to Theresa for getting off work to join Vander.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our family

 We were talking about who is in our family last night and we made a list. I also got the boys San Diego shirts while I was in San Diego to honor the place where much of our family lives.

At preschool today they were talking about family: Vander said, "I have Olly olly oxenfree, Mommy, Daddy and Me."

Beach afternoon

   Later the same day, after quiet time Vander and I headed out to the beach with Arielle and Sabrina. They are our beach buddies. We always have a great time with them. Arielle just throws a carseat in the back of her car for Vander and we go down and play at the beach for about an hour and a half, then head over to a nearby pizza place for dinner.
    The weather was  a little windy, but we found a big hole to play in so that cut the wind a little bit. Vander loves jumping in the waves. We started out wave jumping, followed by some drip castle making, then Sabrina and Vander made mud pies. I buried Vander in the sand, and we went back in the ocean to rinse off.
  We of course went for some pizza and then headed home. It was fun and exhausting.

Apple picking

We took a trip to Gizdich Apple orchard last year and while we had fun we decided this was a trip best made with 2 parents, so we signed Justin up to go with us this year. We had a great time trudging through the apple trees gathering up the fruits. Vander enjoyed a taste test of all the apples. They both enjoyed having their daddy lift them up into the trees to grab the really good ones up high.
After picking apples for a while we headed over to pick some strawberries. Vander really enjoyed this..."the redder the better" was the mantra he kept repeating. After we got a whole lot of strawberries we walked back to the lunch area. We all had a picnic lunch and then shared a piece of apple raspberry pie fresh out of the oven.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Vander went to his 4th day of pre-school and was super excited about the art project he did today. He LOVES to glue!!! He made a fruit smoothy today and they talked about their favorite foods. 
Before he left we looked at his school syllabus about favorite foods and it spawned a discussion about Vander and Oliven's favorite things so we made a list.
Oliven and I went to the Children's Discovery Museum and had a great time playing with balls and "excavating". His friend Maddie came to play with him too.
Justin and I took the boys to Music and Movement at the library in the afternoon. 
Now, Vander's buddy Hunter is over for dinner. What a bunch of lucky boys.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Larson's come to San Jose

Lindsay and Eric were a couple of our closest friends in Indiana while Justin was attending Purdue University. They moved to San Jose the year before us and we got to spend time with them in San Jose. It was really great. They moved to Minnesota right after Vander was born and we have seen them once since, when Vander was about a year old. They came back to visit and it was really great to get to see them again. Really we didn't see Eric much as he had to work, but we got to spend some time with Lindsay, Austin and Riley. It was nice to catch up in person and see her adorable children. Vander and Austin had a lot of fun together. We got to play at the park and have dinner with them twice while they were here.

San Diego for me, boys weekend for the guys

On Thursday night I was supposed to go down to San Diego, but all of San Diego county was experiencing a black out and lots of planes were being diverted. My flight was delayed and was going to land at 1am, I didn't think Freddie would appreciate that since he had to work Friday, so I changed my flight to Friday morning at 7:30am. Grandma and Grandpa picked me up at the airport at 9am and we stared out quality time together. Grandma has been getting pretty forgetful and it's getting worse over time. I wanted to go spend some good quality time with her while she would still appreciate it. We had a great day together. She is such a fun and positive lady. She made lots of faces in the pictures I was trying to take of her. We spent time looking at stuff in her garage (her second favorite pastime) and in the backyard (her favorite pastime), we picked pomegranates and fed the birds. I also took her down to get a mani/pedi with the works for her legs and a cute flower on her nails. She really appreciated it and every time she looked at her nails she talked about how absolutely gorgeous they were. Then Freddie and Annie came up for dinner. Grandpa made corned beef and  cabbage (my favorite meal). I went back up to Freddie and Annie's for the weekend.
   Grandma and Grandpa came up Saturday around 11am to celebrate what Freddie and Annie call Trudy day. It is a day to remember my mom through her favorite meals and sharing memories about her. We had toaster strudel for breakfast, spicy sausages for lunch with Oreo cookies, slurpies for snack, and hot pockets for dinner. Then a chocolate satin pie from Marie Calendars for dessert. They also bought fudgesicles, but we never did get around to eating those. We watched the American President (one of mom's movies) and Friends. It was a great way to remember my mom. I still miss her every day 7 years later. This day is celebrated in August because that is when she passed away so the month always makes Freddie feel sad. After dinner we went down to FedEx/Kinkos to visit with Heather. She was working there for the evening.
  On Sunday Annie, Freddie and I headed down to visit Grandpa Ken at his retirement home. It was really nice to see him and get to spend some time with him. I always feel so bad that I live so far away. We had a good time chatting with him about his past and the Novak's (his mom's family) coming to America via Ellis Island in 1902. It was especially cool to me because I was just at Ellis Island in June of this year. We went to lunch with Grandpa Ken. They really put out a nice spread there. It was nice to see that he has made some friends. I don't know how much he was enjoying himself, but I hope when I'm 84 I live in a nice place like that.
   At 2pm Heidi came over to Freddie and Annie's and spent some time hanging out and chatting with us. She is such an awesome girl. She wants to be a child psychologist and is an amazing runner. She can run a mile in 4 min 58 seconds!!! She really seems to be enjoying college and has a true passion for running.
  Later that evening Kelly and her boyfriend came over to hang out for a while. Kelly has really persevered. She is working with autistic kids and is getting her teaching credential in June to work with Special Education kids. I really admire the women (Hedy and Kelly) who work with Special education kids. They make such a difference in the kids lives, but it is a very hard job.
  Monday morning Grandma and Grandpa picked me up from Freddie's and I spent the day hanging out with Grandma just enjoying her company and her optimism. Hedy came by as well and we worked some things out between the two of us. It was really nice. I also got a chance to talk to Uncle Ken on the phone a couple of times.
   Overall I would say it was a very productive weekend and I am so glad that I went. It really was great to get to spend quality time with people that I really care about and don't see nearly often enough. I love you guys!!!
  While I was gone all 3 of the boys got sick. I wasn't here obviously, but here are the highlights I heard about: Larry and Theresa came up and brought dinner one night, they went to the Rogerson's house for dinner one night, they went on a stroller walk or two, they went to the mall, they ate doughnuts for breakfast. They had a great time together, but were all happy that I was back with them upon my return. I missed them like crazy. Vander has told me over and over, "I really really love you mommy."

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Vander's 1st day of preschool!!!

I can't believe my first baby is going to school! When did he grow up so much??? He was super pumped up and excited to go and he had a great time. When I asked him how preschool was he said, " We did an awesome craft with glue and they have 2 bags of legos!" He said he loved playing outside- especially the bubbles and he ate a good snack with oranges and bagels. The schedule says they also did a puppet show to teach how to treat friends and learned the classroom rules. Ms. Cindy and Ms. Soroya gave Vander rave reviews. They both thought he was a adorable and mentioned that he was very polite, asked to use the toys, cleaned up after himself and treated the other kids nicely. Yay Vander.
Meanwhile, Oliven went to his first baby playdate without his brother. He had a good time, but was very excited to see Vander again when we picked him up.

Labor Day weekend fun

We had a fun filled weekend. The highlights were going to a friends open house to see her awesome newly remodeled kitchen and living room (and hanging out with friends), going to a BBQ at Larry and Theresa's house with Mitch and Katie, and then ending the weekend with a Labor Day BBQ with Jerry, Arielle, Sabrina and Maddie at their house. (Not to forget that we also got to spend the previous Friday with Uncle Colby and that Thursday night after Vander's haircut we got to go out for Chinese Food.)