Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin carving party with Pops and Grammy

We had a great time with Vander at the 13th Annual Pumpkin Carving Festival at Oakwood last night.  Vander was the sweetest looking pirate ever!  He meet many of Grammy's friends (he wanted to know all their names and if they had "nicknames!") and was thrilled to go to the Scholastic Book Fair.  Vander ate some hotdog and a cookie plus drank lots of water!  He listened to the book, The Woman Who Was Not Afraid of Anything, read by Mrs. Helvey, and participated in the activities (stomping of the feet, clapping of the hands, etc) the book prompted with all the other pre school through Kindergarten Oakwood students.  Vander also played Pumpkin Bowling and Grammy painted a pumpkin on his face.  A very nice friend of Grammy's gave Vander a certificate for a free book at the book fair, so Vander, with the help of his Pops, picked out a fun looking book called Duck at the Door.  We hope he likes it!

It was a great, fun time for Pops and Grammy, and Vander, too, who stayed up way past his bed time, but was a happy, friendly pirate the entire evening!
~ Written by Theresa Katz (Grammy)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Little things

So Oliven is really into coming up to an adult with a book. He hands it to you and says, "READ IT." It's really super cute...not very polite. He also comes in from being outside and looks at his feet and says, "dirty." 
Vander is working in his new preschool workbook and loving it. He gets so excited. His fine motor skills are not too great, but his letter skills are amazing. He knows all the capital letters, what sound they make and which words start with which letters. He can count almost up to 40 with only 16-18 tripping him up and needing some prompting on the numbers 20 and 30. Still, I'm impressed. He has also been doing some adding and subtracting..."well Mommy, I asked for 5, and you gave me three so I need 2 more."

Dr. Godley update

Oliven went to see Dr. Godley (his foot doctor) and was told that his feet are looking good. He still doesn't step quite normally, but he doc says he will over time as long as he wears his shoes consistently, which is does. It is time for him to get a bigger pair of shoes so they are supposed to call for a fitting within a week and we'll get bigger shoes. Thank goodness because the ones he has are from when he was 4 1/2 months old. His feet are much bigger now. :)

Giordano Farms pumpkin patch

We headed out for the boys' second trip to the pumpkin patch this year and my first. We got to pet goats and see bunny rabbits. The boys also got to ride a "fun size" train. It was really sweet because the conductor mentioned that the train jostled a bit at the beginning and she was concerned for Oliven. So, I put Oliven on the end and asked Vander to put his arm over him like a seat belt. He did and he kept it there the whole time to keep Ollie safe. What a great big brother. The kids loved the train ride and really liked when the fake volcano exploded water because it scared them every time. They also both loved the corn maze, but the true highlight was running through the hay tunnels. I think they liked the thrill of running through the dark.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mick's engagement party

Heather came over and watched the boys so Justin and I could go to his best friend, Mick's engagement party. Vander convinced Heather to put the carrots in the oven. He tells me they were really delicious that way. They boys had a great time with their cousin, but I think they were a little post-Disneyland cranky for her. One of these times they are going to be really good for her, I just know it.
  We are so happy for Mick and Marisol. Justin is going to be in their wedding in Hermosillo, Mexico in January. The engagement party was great. Lots of people dressed up pretty and lots of talking and catching up. One of Justin's friends from high school, Paul, was there with his fiance and we had a great time hanging out with them. There was an open bar so I got to have some yummy wine. We also had a great dinner and heard toasts that brought me to tears. Overall a good time. (Sometimes when you drink things get turned upside down).


  What an amazing is named the Happiest Place on Earth for a reason (besides's also pretty fantastic). We started our trip by leaving at 3:10pm on Tuesday afternoon. We drove down to Jon and Ruth's house for one very hot night. We got there around 9ish. On the way we stopped for dinner and a pajama change (we also got gas at the same time). The boys were really good for most of the drive, a little wired when it got past bed time and they refused to just close their eyes. We woke up early, around 6am and drove to the hotel to check-in then walked over to Disneyland. No reason to pay for parking twice. The boys were both very excited. We went from ride to ride and Jon was super awesome waiting in the long lines while we took the boys on the short line rides in the mean time. It was a blistering hot day at Disneyland in the high 90s at least.
Here is a list of the rides we went on in order...Justin's goal was 20 rides per day.
1. Finding Nemo submarine
2. Tea cups
3. Storybook land
4. Tea cups
5. Alice in Wonderland
6. Mr. Toads Wild ride
7. Dumbo
8. Carousel
9. Peter Pan
10. Pinocchio
11. Casey Junior train
Lunch-hamburgers and pizza
12. Snow White
13. Small World
14. Buzz Lightyear space blasters
15. Enchanted Tiki room
16. Jungle Cruise
17. Pooh ride
18. Haunted Mansion-nightmare before Christmas
19. Train around the park
20. Main street parade
21. Mickey's toon town playground
22. Toured Mickey's house and met Mickey Mouse
23. Roger Rabbit ride
24. Small World
Left the park around 6:20pm for dinner.
The highlight of the day for Vander was the Buzz Lightyear blasters. Oliven did not enjoy the carousel, but seemed to enjoy the rest. Oliven and I both liked Small World the best. It was just so much to look at. Oliven took a little nap in the Tiki Room. Justin enjoyed Peter Pan the most, but only by a scosh. Both boys got to meet Mickey Mouse. Oliven liked the idea, but also got a little scared. At 6:20pm the boys were both worn out so we headed over to Coco's for dinner. It was a fiasco. Oliven was whine crying and Vander was climbing up walls, or in this case the booth, so we took our food to go and got the boys into the bathtub. After dinner we all went right to bed. During the night Oliven started coughing. 
  We had a nice leisurely morning since California Adventure didn't open until 10am. We met Jon and Ruth in downtown disney at about 9:30am and they let us in the park early, but not on the rides. As soon as the gates opened the people flooded in. We ran to the Toy Story ride, which was by far, hands down the coolest ride ever...we went on that one twice thanks to Jon and Ruth saving us a place in line the second time. That ride had a 40minute wait 20minutes after the park opened. Turns out lots of people know how awesome that ride is. Poor Oliven rubbed sunscreen into his eyes before 10am and was miserable for a while...he wasn't feeling too hot and his eyes were hurting from rubbing them, but how do you get a one year old to stop rubbing his eyes? 
  We went on a great sourdough bread factory tour and the bread was so delish that even though the temperature was in the 90s Justin still ordered a breadbowl of hot clam chowder. Oliven was just spent at that point so I walked him back to the hotel for a much needed nap while super Vander powered through. When we got back Ruth's sister, Marcy and her son, Garrett, had joined the fun. Garrett is Vander's age, so that was cool. Vander enjoyed some rides with Garrett. Vander and Oliven loved the Disney Junior show where they got to See Mickey Mouse clubhouse pals, Little Einsteins, Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Handy Manny and the Tools. They even dropped gold doubloons and party streamers from the ceiling. Vander and Oliven enjoyed seeing all their cartoon favorites on stage right in front of them. We missed the Phineas and Ferb dance party as it doesn't happen on Wed. or Thursday. Bummer.
At around 5:15pm Andrea Lombardo joined us. We finished up at the animation station with Andrea and went on the Little Mermaid as our last ride. We went to dinner at Tortilla Joe's in downtown Disney. Marcy left before dinner and Jon and Ruth left afterward. We headed back to the hotel and put the boys down for bed. Andrea stayed and had ice cream with us before heading out. Justin and I went to bed knowing we were planning to get up and head home at 4am.
California Adventure
1. Toy Story Midway madness
2. King Triton carousel
3. King Triton carousel
4. Mickey Ferris wheel spinning
5. Toy Story Midway madness
6. Water show and Disney rocks show.
7. The Little Mermaid
8. Sour dough bread bakery tour
Lunch- Chinese food and clam chowder in a bread bowl.
Ollie went back to the hotel for a nap.
9. Tough to be a bug
10. Dots water park
11.  Flik's Flyers
12. Ladybug Boogie
13. Bumper Cars
14. Heimlich's Chew Chew Train
15. Muppets 3D
Ollie and Mommy come back.
16. Disney dancers show with Mickey.
17. Monsters Inc.
18. Flic's Flyers
19. Ladybug boogie
20. Disney Jr. In 3D show
21. Turtle Talk with Crush
22. Animation Academy Sorcerers workshop
23. Little Mermaid
The boys slept for the first couple hours of the drive and when the sun came up we went to Denny's for breakfast at Harris Ranch. Unfortunately Vander developed a cough the second night at the hotel, so throwing up was inevitable for him. He didn't quite make it to the bathroom. (Vander has the easiest gag reflex of anyone of ever met, just like his dad)! The rest of the ride was pretty good. Overall a very successful trip.