Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My little author

Vander and Oliven both love to read, "The Daddy Book." Deb gave this book to us about 4 years ago, and it has been a favorite from the beginning. The premise is all the good things about Daddy's. For example: Some daddies sing to you in bed, some daddies bake cookies, some daddies have a lot of hair, some daddies work far away, all daddies want you to be who you, Vander and I came up with the idea to make a my daddy book. I can write this in my blog before Christmas because Justin doesn't read my blog.

Vander's book, written by Vander, penned by Mommy:
My Daddy Book by Vander Bruce Katz
Dedication: To Daddy. I love you very much, and Ollie and Mommy; our whole family. December 2011
My daddy reads books to me.
My daddy hugs and kisses  me.
My daddy plays legos with me.
My daddy takes me to fun places like Target and Toys R' Us. He also takes me to Gilroy Gardens, Disneyland, Great America and California Adventures.
My daddy makes dinner for me.
My daddy throws balls with me.
My daddy shares his breakfast with me.
My daddy helps pick my clothes out.
My daddy puts me to bed at night.
My daddy lets me eat grapes and cookies in the grocery store.
My daddy takes baths with me and my brother.
My daddy taught me how to walk and run. He teaches me new things every day.
My daddy records cartoons for me and watches them with me.
My daddy says he loves me every day. He loves me very much.

I think that is pretty awesome for his first book. I hope Justin likes it. I drew some pictures for Vander and he colored them in.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Advent this year

This is the list of what we are doing for advent this year:
1. Making a garland
2. Making a Christmas tree with a paper plate.
3. Breakfast with Santa and Holiday lights in Willow Glen
4. Making a bell necklace
5. Painting a snowman using marshmallows
6. Play Wii with Daddy
7. Roll coins
8. Marshmallow reindeer
9. Gilroy Gardens 4-9pm
10. SV 2008 Christmas party
11. Lights walk
12. Snowflake ornament
13. Play Wii with daddy
14. Polar bear/reindeer ornament
15. Make a fort
16. Make holiday cookies
17. Decorate Holiday cookies (invite Grammy, Pops, Mitch, Katie and Heather).
Hanukkah @ Katz parents?
18. Gingerbread houses and Holiday party SV2010
19. Light walkaround
20. Holiday craft
21. Snowman pizza
22. Hot chocolate
23. candy cane
24. Make a plate of cookies for Santa

GGpa's 80'th birthday

 GGPa's 80th birthday was lovely. It was delicious and everyone had a good time. Salmon with bread, salad, fingerling potatoes and brussel sprouts. We got a group picture. I don't know if anyone else appreciates the pics I take, but they tolerate it pretty well, so I'll take that. I got to work on my cake decorating skills and try my new heart cake pan. Happy Birthday GGPa!


  We were going to put the rest of our Chrismas lights up this afternoon, but...

  So, we had a little scare wasn't a big deal, but Vander almost had to get a rabies shot. He met Zoe, Katie and Mitch's dog, and they got along pretty well. Some how they ended up running into each other and Zoe's tooth scraped against Vander's tummy. It wasn't a big deal, but when blood is drawn the medical community says their is reason for concern.
  It turns out Zoe is not up on her shots because she is a hemophiliac, so Vander had to go to the doctor to get checked out. As it turned out he did not get a rabies shot. The $30 co-payment was all the loss that was suffered- thank goodness. I am really glad he didn't need a shot because I was worried that at 3 years old he would associate playing with dogs with shots and it would be a real bummer if he didn't like or was scared of dogs. All's well that ends well.


I wanted to have a place to showcase the artwork the boys are making without it being all over the place and the fridge is just not big enough. Besides that Oliven just loves to take things off the fridge and throw them on the floor and/or carry them around. So, I decided we needed some frames on the wall to showcase their beautiful hard work. I got some 3 foot frames that came in the packaging of Oliven's crib. They are now painted with 2 coats of magnetic paint, then 2 coats of blue. I think they turned out pretty good and they are looking pretty stable, so all is well. The boys are putting them to good use already.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


 We went to Larry and Theresa's house again this year for Thanksgiving. Mitch, Heather, GGMa and GGPa joined us. We are thankful that we all got to share that time together. We always lovie seeing the GGs. They are in town for a visit. We got to visit with them a couple of times this week.
We tried on Thanksgiving to get a decent picture of our family that we could put on our Christmas cards this year. I would not call it a huge success, but I did get a pretty good picture of the boys enjoying some time with Pops. I attempted to make a chocolate pumpkin pie, but sometimes the original is just better. Justin didn't like it anyway, so it's back to the drawing board.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Dear Santa 2011

Vander wrote his letter to Santa Clause this morning. He knows we are going to a breakfast with Santa. I asked him what he wanted written and here is what he said:

Dear Santa Clause,
  Thank you for all the toys. Vander wants the JustinceLeague movile and Ollie wants the super hero toys. Mommy and Daddy would like something for Christmas too. Plesae would you give me some Sesame Street toys too, and thank you for coming to breakfast. That's it.
Love you, Vander and Oliven

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Chuck E. Cheese's

  The other day when I asked Vander what he was thankful for he included Chuck E. Cheese's. I thought it was a little strange since he has only been there once, in San Diego, when he was like 14 months old. Needless to say, I don't think he remembers that trip. (Sorry Annie and Freddie, but he was really young). Anyway, Justin took the week off of work for a "stay cation" since he has been away so much recently. We thought Chuck E. Cheese's should be on our list of places to go as a family. I didn't realize this previously, but he mostly knows about Chuck E. Cheese's because it is a sponsor of Sesame Street, so there is always a commercial for it before Sesame Street. He always points it out to me when he sees it (that and parks and basketball hoops- apparently that is his thing).
  So, we went to a  2 story Chuck E. Cheese's and both boys had a blast. They ran around and played the games as fast as their little legs could take them. Vander says he enjoyed the "popcorn machine" the best and taking a ride on Clifford the big red dog's back. Oliven was a huge fan of ski ball- who doesn't enjoy throwing balls? I enjoyed the sketch machine, because very uncharacteristically I forgot my camera. Justin got to play 2 free games of Mario Cart, so he was pretty stoked about that. Then the boys got to buy silly straws with their tickets, so everyone came out a winner.
  After all the fun, we were pretty hungry, so we headed over to 5 Guys Burger. Yummmmm in a bun. This is the second time we have eaten there and it's hard to admit, but I think I like it better than In and Out. Please do not tell me how many more calories it is as nobody wants that information. Oliven and Vander are both huge fans of shelling and eating peanuts with there burgers. Overall, a very fun family outing. I know I'm a little tiny bit biased, but I have the two cutest little boys there ever were living with me. I am one lucky lady!

Friday, November 18, 2011


I talked to the boys about what they were Thankful for-Oliven was very straight forward. He is thankful for: books, legos, and cookies. Vander said he is thankful for:food, water, candles, paper, cookies, Grammy, Pops, turkey food day, presents, breakfast seat, placemat, trick-or-treat, having friends over for play dates, Chuck E. Cheeses, painting,magnets, family people, music,ears, and hair. Some are obviously more thought out and some come from what he was seeing at the moment, but overall I think that was a prett good list and he got the important stuff in.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Season of Giving

  It is now the season of giving and we are getting in the spirit this year. We donated 2 boxes of necessities/fun stuff to children in 3rd world countries. One from each boy to two little boys aged 2-4. We did this at our second annual Charity Ball. We got together to fill the boxes with goodies while the kids and guys played with balls in the other room. Some were dressed in their "ball gown" attire. Then we had a hotdog potluck lunch. It was fun and as a group we put together 20 boxes for Charity. The boys helped fill the boxes with stuffed animals and Disney key chains.
  We participated in the Las Madres canned food drive and Vander is donating 12 cans of food to his pre-school's food drive. They are trying to provide food for 75 families between the preschool and the church!    
    One of our Las Madres groups did a Second Harvest Food Bank fundraiser, which we donated bagels, sandwiches and chocolate marshmallows, and then bought food to support the cause. They ended up making $410 for the cause.
   Our other group is working on adopting a family for the holidays.
   I think I will also donate the $ that I would have spent on a Christmas gift for my mom to the MS society for further research.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Children's Discovery Museum

Oliven and I went to the Discovery Museum while Vander was in school today. I felt a little guilty going without Vander, but as Justin pointed out to me- I didn't feel guilty taking just Vander before Oliven was born. Point taken. Ollie had a blast in a leisurely fashion. He made some great art and enjoyed his mommy time.

We also had some fun with the air blower. This is what I would look like as a troll.

Sweet Tomatoes

We went out to dinner with some of our closest friends and got to use the party room. It was lots of fun. It was really fun to have all the 3 year-olds sit together at a table. They really seemed to enjoy each others company. It was fun and only $20 for the whole family. We should definitely do that again! What fun.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Justin out of town for 6 days again!

   No es bueno!!! Justin is in Washington D.C. for a training week again. He is actually really enjoying it and getting a lot out of it. He says he has been leader in several of his groups. Good for him. This is what he wrote to me yesterday, "During my work class at our corporate offices, the project that I helped create at eh financial tool for was mentioned and highlighted. It was even given some credit for it's creation by name which was pretty cool." I thought that was definitely worth sharing. Good for you Justin!!!
   We miss him, but we are doing our best to keep busy. Larry and Theresa were over for dinner last night (thanks!) and are coming back on Thursday, and Theresa is coming back Friday. That is a huge help to me. It just gets overwhelming without help. I honestly think the hardest part is not having adult conversation and someone to decompress with in the evenings.

Flames for breakfast

Sunday morning we decided it would be fun to go out for breakfast since Justin was flying out to Washington D.C. that morning. Time had changed over night (and we forgot) so we were all up an hour early. A little background- the day before we had run into Casey, Jason, Addison, and Jake at Gilroy Gardens and we joked about who was stalking who. Well as we were getting the boys out of the car at Flames Casey and her family pulled up into the parking lot. We couldn't have planned it better if we had actually planned was really fun to have breakfast with them. A little chaotic with all the kids and Oliven decided he loves to eat jelly out of the little single serving container. Then we took Justin to the airport. It was a fun morning.

Oliven's new shoes

Oliven got his new orthopaedic shoes. This is only his second pair. He got the first pair when he was like 4 months old, so it's been over a year. It was about time. His toes were over the edge of the other shoes, but the doctor kept telling me they fit just fine. He's the expert.Anyway, these look like kid shoes instead of baby shoes and his bar is much longer now. You can't tell very well the size difference in the pic, but the old shoes in the little ones in the middle. They gave them back to me in case I wanted to bronze them.

Gilroy Gardens with Nate and Christi

We always have fun at Gilroy Gardens, but this trip seemed to be Vander's favorite with our neighbor Nathanial. Vander was beside himself with joy. It was really fun, as usual.

Rooster T. Feathers

Justin and I went to Rooster T. Feathers comedy club on a date night. Our goal this year was to go on 6 dates, we have now made it on 5. The comedy show didn't start until 9pm in Sunnyvale and had a 2 menu item minimum so we decided we better have dinner there since Justin doesn't drink anything but water, but ordering 4 drinks for myself didn't sound like the smartest plan. So, the doors opened at 8pm and we were there waiting and very hungry as we usually eat at 5:45pm. The food choices ended up being nachos and hot dogs. So that is what we had. I got a warm chocolatey drink to go with it and Justin got popcorn. The first couple comics were decently funny, the headliner was hilarious! We had a really good time and enjoyed each others company very much.
It's nice to know that 7 years in I love Justin so much more than I did even yesterday. He is an amazing husband-he is so thoughtful and helpful. I appreciate him every day and am so lucky he is the father of my children and my husband.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween madness

Wow, 3 Halloween parties and trick-or-treating...what more could two boys ask for? (Actually Vander went to 4 parties). Anyway, Halloween time was a blast. They both really enjoyed their costumes, loved all the sweet treats and really had a great time trick-or-treating. Vander was a pirate, he says he was Jake from "Jake and the Neverland Pirates," Ollie was Woody, I was a red witch, and Justin was a doctor. We had some painted pumpkins from a pumpkin painting party and Vander decorated another pumpkin at his preschool party (where the kids sang Halloween songs for the parents).
We also had two jack-o-lanterns.Grammy came over for a dinner of mummy dogs and candycorn pizza (made with squash, not candy corns). Earlier that week we had brought a squash and greenbean spider and mummy cupcakes as Halloween themed food for potlucks. Anyway, Grammy had dinner with us and Pops joined us when he got off work. They stayed at our house and handed out candy while the boys trick-or-treated. Vander came up with a trick-or-treat song..."We are here to trick-or-treat, trick-or-treat, trick-or-treat." Super cute!!!