Monday, July 30, 2012

Block party success

  Our 3rd annual Houlton Court summer BBQ block party was a lot of fun. I feel like they get more and more fun with familiarity to the people there. We had a couple new families join us as well as all of the regulars. The boys had a good time with bubbles, sidewalk chalk, lots of yummy food. The older kids had a water balloon battle and all the adults enjoyed chatting. I got a lot of positive feedback and we met another 4 year old girl who lives on our street. it's always great to meet more kids on the street.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Swimming with Adam and Evan

   We were invited to go to Van's good buddy, Adam and his little brother Evan's grandma Linda's house to go swimming. We all had a really good time. Vander was very self sufficient; Oliven was in and out of the pool at least 5 times. He got back in every time the dog came around. It was fun to just splash around.

Ollie and Mommy date

   The 2010 Las Madres group had a pool party at the Los Paseos pool. They were afraid there would be too many people so they only invited the 2010 kid and one parent. Oliven and I made a special date out of the occasion. We had a great time swimming with our friends. The whole date idea has been a hot issue at our house lately because Mommy and Daddy go on dates, but why not Vander and we have been taking them on "dates". Vander went with daddy to the Padres game in San Diego, so Ollie and Mommy went to a swimming "date." Grammy and Pops came over to hang out and bought us all Chinese food for dinner. Yum.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Our anniversary

  8 years...goes by in a flash! Justin and I have officially been together longer than my parents were. Sad really, but such is life. I can't imagine being without him. I love him so much. We have been together for 13 years...all of our adult lives (over 1/3 of our whole lives). We met when we were 18 years old and he was not a very good boyfriend that first year. He didn't know the first thing about girls. I'm glad I stuck it out! It's been worth it ever since.
  He did, however, tell me the first month of knowing him that we were going to be best friends. He said he could just tell. I thought he was nuts...and he was obviously right. He is my very best friend in the world. He knows everything about me and I know everything about him. That's pretty special. He promised me at our 5 year anniversary that he would drink alcohol with me at our 10 year anniversary, so that should be fun...only a couple years to go. ;) As for the 8 year anniversary...I think that is the Batman anniversary right??? You know, paper, cotton, leather, china...Batman. So, we wrote papers about what we love about each other. We did this before I went to Italy when we were 21 and it was really special, I thought 10 years later we could do it again. We are going out to see Batman: Dark Knight Rises tonight and then Batman Live in September. That should be awesome. Either way, I'm a happy girl living my life with a great guy.

Music in the Park

   Last year I went to music in the park with my girl friends. It was so much fun. I really wanted to take my family this year. Last night we went to Music in the Park at Greystone park. It was a blast. There was music for me, a park for the boys and shade for Justin. The only down side was that the band didn't start until 6:30pm and the kids go to bed at 7pm, but we figured it would be fine to let them stay up a little later. Oliven got stung by a bee as soon as we arrived at the park. We hadn't even put our picnic blanket down yet. Poor little guy, but he was a trooper and only cried for a few minutes. Thank goodness he had no allergic reaction just a small red spot. Arielle brought Sabrina and Maddie so Vander spent most of his time trying to find/keep up with Sabrina. We brought the fixins for roast beef sandwiches (YUM) and they boys enjoyed swinging. We are definitely going back next year. Vander did some dancing too, Ollie wouldn't let me dance as he was determined to stay seated in my lap. I can't complain- he is such a sweet little guy. I'll take all the cuddles he wants to give me.

Around the county of San Diego in a week

   Spring Valley, La Mesa, Escondido, Carlsbad, Rancho name it we went there last week. We took a summer trip down to San Diego. We stayed with Annie and Freddy at their 5 bedroom luxury palace. couldn't ask for better accommodations and it's with a couple of the people we love most in the world. We drove down on Wednesday morning. We got up at 5am and left...not the best plan...the boys decided that since it was light they didn't need to sleep. It was a rough ride down for several reasons. The first reason was that the further south we went the worse Vander's allergies got. He want through an entire box of tissues on the way down. Not to mention the fact that by 45 minutes into our trip he had already asked us if we were there yet at least 20 times- not kidding!!! They started watching Disney movies at 10 am and Ollie was done and bored by 10:10am...only four hours to go. Yikes.
   We finally made it to Deb's house and the boys went down for a nap, or at least Ollie did. Vander came up with every excuse in the book why he needed help or to come out of the room. He proceeded to go through another entire box of tissues and his allergies turned into a cold. (He later spread that cold on to Oliven, Freddy, GGMa, Deb, Annie, and Heather). We stayed for dinner and catching up. Deb BBQed and it was a nice time with Deb, GGMa and GGPa. We headed up to Freddy and Annie's for the night. Vander didn't sleep much that night, so nobody else did either, except Ollie.
  Thursday morning Freddy dropped me off at the train station to take the train to the trolley to meet up with Grandma and Grandpa in La Mesa. I spent the day talking and spending time with Grandma and Grandpa. It was a really nice day and Grandma seemed to do really well one on one. Grandpa even hung out and chatted, which is not something he usually does. Grandpa dropped me off at Annie's work so I could get a ride back with her around 4 and I had dinner with Freddy and Annie. The boys went back over to Deb's house for the day. Ollie went with GGMa, GGPa and Deb to the park to play with Robin and her granddaughter Sophia. Justin and Vander stayed and had a sick day at Debs. They played some farkle during nap time and came back to the palace after a treasure hunt (which they loved) around Deb's house and some dinner.
     Friday morning Freddy took the morning off work. I let Justin sleep in and Freddy and I took the boys to the beach in Carlsbad. Vander insisted he couldn't go in the water because he was sick. Oliven didn't want to touch the sand. Let's just say it wasn't the easiest or most successful beach trip, but we did end up having a good time and Vander did go in the water. We buried Van in the sand and Freddy helped Vander and a ton of other kids collect and observe sand crabs.
   We got the boys up early from quiet time and headed down to Karen and Uncle Ken's house for a special taco night. Karen shared her family recipe for tacos with me and I helped her make them. We made 60 tacos! It was fun and I really enjoyed the quality time with Karen. Grandma, Grandpa, Kelly and Kyle joined us. The secret to the tacos is that Karen goes by smell. She fries the taco shells, then fills them with flavored beef and cheese and bakes them. Then you dress the rest of the taco when they come out of the oven.

  Saturday morning we met up with all of my family (except the cousins) at the Starlight Terrace Park. Grandma Gretchen invites the boys there every time she talks to them, so at least now they will know what she is offering. She doesn't remember that we live in San Jose, but it's the thought that counts. It was very quaint and relaxed. We had a potluck lunch and took the boys swimming. They also did some swinging. It was so nice to spend time with my family. I really wish it could have been longer, but unfortunately Oliven isn't really ready to skip naps yet and he makes sure that everyone knows that by melting down. Grandpa Ken introduced the kids to "Scramblini." He throws coins on the ground and the kids scramble to get as many as they can as fast as they can. I always loved that game as a kid. You feel so rich with your cup of coins.

    Around noon we took the kids back to the palace for a nap. Justin headed out to meet Walter and go for an afternoon of inner tube Water polo at UCSD. The house adviser (HA or more commonly known RA) reunion was this weekend. We opted not to go, but Justin wanted to see Walter and this was a great venue for them as they LOVED playing inter-mural inner tube water polo in college. That afternoon the boys and I took a hike with Annie over to a park. It was a really long hike for Oliven. He insisted on being carried most of the way there and back. I wish we had his carrier, but it was in the car with Justin. Anyway, they enjoyed the park-of course and Annie and I did our best with distraction techniques to get Vander to walk most of the way back. Heidi came over to see us that evening for vege pasta and s'mores.
"This is the Life"
  Sunday Vander and Justin went to the Padres game together. Everyone else who was supposed to go had gotten sick. Vander went to his first Padres game and they got to sit in some great seats. The Padres won and they had a good time minus  Van throwing up. Meanwhile back at the Palace, Oliven did car racing with Uncle Freddy and myself for several hours. He was really enjoying it. After nap we headed over to the pool and did some swimming while sick Freddy sat by the side and encouraged Ollie to show him his sweet swimming moves. That evening Heather came up and spent some time with us.
    Monday morning we went over to spend some time with Zadie. He seemed like he was doing well.  The boys enjoyed having some pretzels at Zadie's house while we caught up with him. 45 minutes seemed to be a good amount of time- the boys were pretty restless, but were very good and Zadie was going to be entertaining at noon, so we headed back to the palace. Annie was home not feeling well. We played cars in the afternoon with the boys until Freddy got home.We had a hamburger night and enjoyed the company of Freddy and Annie.
   Tuesday morning we got up and left at 5am, but with an entirely different agenda than on the way down. It was still dark so the boys did some napping-yay! We decided to not try and drive straight home, but rather to take the scenic route with several stops along the way. We first stopped in Santa Barbara and went to a place called Sambo's for breakfast. Afterwards we walked out onto the pier.We got to see: seagull, pigeons, pelicans, crab, fish, squid, star fish, barnacles, and seals. The boys were very impressed with the pigeons- go figure. We also got some special candy for the ride home and a smashed penny. Our next stop with in San Luis Obisbo for the Children's Museum with 3 levels and 4 fun areas. They got themselves a little wet, but really enjoyed exploring. They both really liked the train table you could sit inside of. There was a spinning chair and a hippo that ate balls and a clock swing. I liked the bubble you could make around yourself. It was a super fun two hour adventure for all of us.
  We decided to stop in Pasa Robles for dinner at Wendy's at 3pm. I love frosties and am always craving them so why not have one when we have to eat out anyway. Vander and Oliven both had the same sentiment (in Vander's words),  " I like frosties. Thank you so much!" 2 min and 1 brain freeze later, "I don't like frosties. I'm done." 13 1/2 hours after we left, we were home. The boys hopped in the bath and were off to bed. What a great week! We got to see everyone we are related to in San Diego. I would call that a successful trip. Thanks everyone for making it a super awesome week. The only bummer was not getting to go to the Zoo with Hedy, but hopefully that will work out next time we are in town. :)
Highlights: 1. Oliven has been singing "A Miller 64, a miller 64." for a couple of weeks because we had a singing magazine insert and when it comes on TV, he calls it his commercial. Freddy and Annie loved it. 
2. On the way there Oliven was singing the ABC song..."L, M, N, dough P" sings Ollie. "No Ollie, it's L, M, ento P." claims Vander. It's so cute the misconceptions of little kids. "L, M, N, O, P" I tell them. They both disagree with me. ;)
3. The Carly Rae Jepsen song, "Call Me Maybe" comes on and it says, "hey, I just met you... Here's my number, so call me maybe." Van asks, "why does she want to call herself maybe?" He was confused as to why she would want to change her name and be called Maybe.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Living in the Moment- frustration

  It sure would be nice to be able to live in the moment the way that kids do. They can be mad and screaming and then 2 minutes later, they are happy and content. I on the other hand, can't bounce back as quickly. This morning the boys knew we were going to go to Pump it Up Jr. It's an awesome bounce house area. They know they love it. Despite this fact, Vander seemed to not be able to control himself and was naughty over and over. I am so fed up and short tempered do to his morning shenanigans. He brought waffles into my bedroom this morning to tell me he wanted them for breakfast knowing full well that we don't bring food onto the carpet. He then told Oliven to spill his water on the floor, which he knows Ollie will do anything his brother tells him to. He also knocked on Oliven's door while Ollie was sleeping and threw a ball at the mirror. I gave him time outs and he had to spend our first five minutes at Pump it Up on time out. He is happy as can be now, and I'm still angry with him. He is just so challenging. He is constantly disagreeing with me just to disagree, and he asks questions that I can't answer. For example, he put his hand in an ashtray at lunch today (I took them to Chipotle) and so of course we had to wash it immediately. While we were in the bathroom Oliven fell down. My friends were watching him, but he was crying when we got back. Vander asks me what happened. I tell him I don't know I was in the bathroom with you? Why? What happened to Oliven? Why is he crying? Where did he get hurt? What part of "I don't know!" doesn't he get!?!

Vander pondering

"Mommy, do you have like a lot of eyes? Like 17 eyes?" Vander questions.
"No, why?" I ask.
"Then how you do you see in every direction and always know what's going on?"
Good question Vander...

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Staining the fence

We like to make a list of home improvement projects. There is a long list, but money is of course a factor. This year we decided to get solar panels, and that was a huge monetary endeavor. Justin really wanted to do this, and I really wanted to stain the fence. So, project number two, staining the fence is underway.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ollie's potty mouth

  The other day Oliven was doing some word play at his high chair. Justin asked him what one of the things was called. He looks at Justin and says, "they are called MoFos." We couldn't help but laugh. This picture is from when I was helping him eat some pudding. My little man who insists on being clean at ALL times clearly didn't realize what a mess his face had become.

Vacation Bible School

  Vander has been going to Bernal Bible Church for Vacation Bible school this week with his friends Hunter and Jayden. He is loving it and doesn't want to leave. He tells me he does nothing, but some art while he is there. I know that isn't the case. I can tell though from his enthusiasm that he is really enjoying his time.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Favorite things

  Oliven is a giggly little fellow. He lights up the room with his laughter and joy. He was doing his usual giggling this morning at breakfast. Vander says to me, "Mommy, I think that is his favorite thing. Laughing." He amended his comment to be, "Laughing and jumping." I agreed, but I think eating granola bars and graham crackers should be added to that list. 
  I asked Vander what his favorite things are. He says, "water, going to Pump it Up Jr. and LOL Parties." (The last two are both bounce houses that we talked about this morning).
  I asked Vander what he thought my favorite things were. He said, "Hugs and kisses. You also like going places like Disney Land and Pump it Up Junior."

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tae Kwan Do

  Vander has had two individual lessons and one group lesson. He didn't listen at all the first lesson. He kept looking at Oliven and I and saying he couldn't do what they were asking. Oliven was practically climbing the walls, so for the next lesson we left the building. I tried to peek in the window to watch, but Ollie wasn't having it. The group lesson we got to watch because Vander was totally focused. I think having 11 other kids there really helped. Meanwhile Oliven kept yelling, "yah" from the peanut gallery. I asked Vander what he thinks and right after he always claims that he really likes it, but a few hours later he seems to not care much. He says his favorite sports so far are tee ball and swimming. I know he also really likes soccer. I guess we'll just take the free super cheap lessons for now and possibly revisit martial arts at a later date. I don't know that I really like the idea of him being a strong fighter at this point anyway.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Independence Day fun.

Happy 4th of July. What a super fun, packed, day we had. Four places in one day is quite a bit, but we managed to fit everything in!
 We started the day with a parade in Morgan Hill. The theme this year was, "Happy Birthday America." That meant lots of giant birthday cakes and presents. We also saw lots of ponies, firetrucks, bands, and the usual groups with float. We missed Robin this year, but enjoyed some yummy muffins as we talked about her absence.We were joined this year by our friends: Ashley, Chris and Hudson. As we were leaving Oliven said, "That was a good parade Mommy. It was really really fun!"
  Next, we headed over to Hannah and James' 4th of July pool party. I wish we would have had more time there. It was good food, friends, great weather and a warm pool. What more could you want for a party on the 4th? We had a great time splashing around in the pool. Hannah was making snow cones and cotton candy. Vander found the cotton candy delicious, but was a little baffled by how to eat it. Vander liked the floating rings in the pool and Oliven was a huge fan of the "little pool", which was the non-heated jacuzzi. He wanted to hold a frisbee at all times and boogie board.
  We had to leave after only about 1 1/2 hours of fun because we knew that we were going to stay up really late, so Ollie needed a nap. We headed home for a short nap. When the boys got up we went down to Larry and Theresa's house for a leisurely afternoon of playing and hamburgers on the BBQ.
The boys enjoyed the bubble machine and playing in the super duper teeny tiny kiddy pool. Vander also played some tee ball. After some good quality time as a family in the backyard and a yummy dinner with ice cream pie for dessert we headed out to the field.

  We were joined by a bunch of friends- 8 families- at the field in Morgan Hill behind Little Ceasars Pizza. It was really very cool. So many friends to play with while we waited for it to get dark. We set out blankets and chairs and just chatted with friends while the kids ran free. Oliven stayed close throughout the evening, but Vander enjoyed the freedom. While we were waiting the Rogerson's brought out some sparklers. Oliven did not appreciate that at all. Vander thought it was beyond awesome. Ollie got so scared he started shaking. Vander cut his knee, but overall it was a really good time. We sat down with jammies on and got ready for the fireworks. Oliven sat with his daddy and covered his eyes throughout the whole show. Vander sat with me and commented on every firework, "that one is green, my favorite. That one is gold, your favorite." Afterwards we hopped in the car and went home. There was some traffic, but not too bad. Oliven says it was really fun, but scary too. What a great day we had. Like I said before, it was packed, but very very fun!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Gilroy Gardens and Sol's party

  Grammy and Pops took Vander and Oliven to Gilroy Gardens yesterday. The boys had a blast. They were super excited beforehand and were very happy to go with their grandparents. They were very happy when they got back. The strawberry ride seemed to be a favorite for Ollie and Tubs-o-fun for Vander. Pops liked the roller coaster. They had a great day out. Justin and I went to Marisol's birthday party and hung out watching soccer and hanging out in the shade.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Wild and crazy night: bowling and dancing

  Since pretty much everyone cancelled on my birthday last minute it was decided that bowling was going to be Jason's birthday and dancing was going to be for my birthday. I LOVE dancing, so...we went out. We invited people on Wednesday morning to come to a Friday night shindig and it was an awesome turnout. We had soooo much fun! I really enjoyed bowling and then dancing to the Spazmatics was AMAZING.
They really were super awesome. They dressed to the nines like uber nerds and played the most fabulously fun 80s music. I drank way too much and ended up with a killer hangover the whole next day, but what a fun night. It was worth it, but only once every 10 years. ;)