Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Little boys bowling

  We heard through the grapevine that kids could bowl for free from open to 5pm at the 300 bowling alley. You still have to pay for shoe rental, which is $4.50, but Ollie's feet are too small for their shoes, so that's not a bad deal. We headed over to the bowling alley and Hannah and Zade met us there for some bowling fun. Vander fell in the mud while I was getting Oliven out of the car, then Oliven fell in the mud, luckily I was holding his hand, so he only got a little muddy.
Van also split his lip running on the way out, but other than that we had a great time. The boys had a hard time with the idea of taking turns and each getting two turns, but they mostly got it by the end. Vander went for the if you run up and throw your body on the ground the ball will get more momentum approach. It worked surprisingly well. He ended up with a score of 84. Oliven had me help him with the 1, 2, 3 roll approach with the ball already on the floor. Zade tried several different ways including the granny shot. It was kinda fun having the whole bowling alley to ourselves. We had a fun, leisurely morning.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Movable Feast

   Mick and Marisol joined us for a fun meal at Movable Feast. Justin wasn't able to make it due to a late meeting that just came up. It was a bummer, but we had a good time and ate yummy food despite his not being there. The boys opted for a waffle and doughnut burger. For dessert they had a cookie ice cream sandwich. I had a Puruvian chicken sandwich with slaw and yucca fries.

Cookbook Club

  My monthly cookbook club met up for the theme of "Farm to Fork". There was some really delicious food and very enjoyable conversation. I really enjoyed myself at this month's get together. :) We had candied jalepeno and fig and melon platter to start. Then roasted tomato basil pasta, zucchini tian, fresh corn polenta with eggplant, and corn salad. It was Louise Persson, Adele Jenkins, Caroline Fahmy and myself. Nice job ladies!

Great America

Mint oreo and chocolate fantasy.
The Grizzly
   We have gone to Great America a lot this season, but we haven't been on any of the roller coasters, or thrill rides. So, Justin and I went on an afternoon date to Great America. We forgot how long adult ride lines take- more than 10 minutes...can you believe it??? We had a good time. We went on 4 rides: Demon, Flight Deck, the Grizzly, and the Delta Flier. We even caught the Boot Scootin' Boogie show. I really enjoyed that, though I don't think Justin was as impressed with all the country songs. Afterwards we went to a Mexican food place for a quick bite. It was pretty delicious. We grabbed a Sunday at Sweet Retreat and headed home. It was a fun afternoon with my best friend. Can't beat that. :)

Pizza My Heart- take 2

We went to "Pizza My Heart" again for a pizza making session. There were 3 two year olds, Vander (4) and a six year old. It was nice. They had a great time and got lots of one on one attention. Pizza and friends...what could be better...oh, I know- it was free! They got pizza and t-shirts for free. Best. Deal. Ever.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Great America

  We have been so busy lately that we really haven't been able to make it to the theme parks very often, so we asked them if they wanted to go to Gilroy Gardens or Great America. They chose Great America and Vander had quite the ride list he wanted to go was also finally warm enough to enjoy the water area, though Oliven was not interested in partaking in that part of the park, so we had Dip n' Dots instead. I have always wanted to try them and after tasting the "ice cream of the future", I can safely say that I prefer the ice cream of the present. We had a good morning overall, but Vander gave us a run for our money and we almost made him stay home because he has really been testing us. At 40" you really get to go on some fun rides, though they are very short. I feel bad that Ollie has to watch Van go on the faster rides, but he will be there soon enough. We just tell him that he needs to eat more vegetables if he wants to go on those rides. :)

San Francisco Giants game

Larry got some great tickets to the Giants game for Friday night. We didn't find out until Friday morning so I was a little skeptical that we would be able to find a couple to go with us. Nicole and Michael were able to get her niece to babysit so it worked out great. It was the first time I had ever been to a giants game. It was really fun. The park was beautiful with a view of the bay. The game wasn't a super great one for the Giants, but since I have decided that I'm an A's fan that didn't bother me, and Justin wasn't too torn up about it either. Nicole came to the game wanting to get a churro and once she saw the Giradelli Hot Chocolate guy that was a must have as well.
  She wore flip flops to the game and it was chilli so she bought some super orange socks in support of the Giants and warm feet. We had a great time hanging out with good friends in some nice seats with yummy food- what could be better. Vander and Ollie got to spend some time with their grandparents and eat Chinese food so they were really happy too. Van was still awake when we got home at like 11:45pm, needless to say he was very tired all day Saturday and extra naughty.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

boys will be boys

No matter what we do,  when Vander and Zade get together they always end up wrestling with each other. They have such a great time doing it that I don't want to tell them to stop. You can tell by their faces that they really enjoy it. Oliven thought they looked like they were having so much fun that he better dog pile on top and be a part of this testosterony fun too.


  For the life of us we can't figure out how to get Vander to sleep through the night. He wakes up with nightmares and doesn't know what is going on, occasionally he pees in the bed, and other times he comes up with excuses like he needs help blowing his nose. Nobody needs to be waking up at all hours of the night...3am I'm thirsty- not okay! Well, last night the power went out around 12:15am and he screamed bloody murder. You would think the end of the world was going on in his room. His clock had turned off and he flipped out completely. He had also wet the bed earlier in the evening, so that didn't help the situation. What a fiasco. I gave him my battery powered alarm clock that has a light feature, but essentially the only thing the calmed him back down was the power coming back on. Thank goodness it wasn't a very long blackout!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Slip 'n Slide

  Uncle Freddy and Aunt Annie got Vander a Slip 'n slide for his birthday and it just hasn't been super hot this summer. When it has been we have either been busy or out of town. Finally, it was a hot day and nothing was going on in the afternoon, so I set the slip 'n slide up for the boys. Needless to say, it was a smash hit with Vander. He loved it. We didn't have the right hose for the front yard, but it still worked. Oliven went down once and decided it was too cold and the water table was more his speed. He enjoyed sitting with mommy and watching Vander. Vander threw himself on the ground with reckless abandon at least 50 times. Justin needed a nap, so he missed all the fun.

Santa Clara County Fair

  Another first...we took the boys to the Fair yesterday. I got some discounted tickets from one of the groupon like sites. We planned to go in the morning, but were thwarted when I found out that it didn't open until noon. So, we showed up a little before 4pm. We really did try to go early, but kids and parking made early not that early. Anyway, we got to see the Sea Lion giving kisses. We headed over to see the animals in the barn. Vander held his nose the entire time..."What is that I smell?" He was really trying to rush us out of there. I love to see the pigs. The boys got to pet some goats and watch some playing and getting exercise running around.
   We headed over to the art tent. They had a huge display of world music that was interactive and they really enjoyed playing the guitar, keyboard, drums and tons of instruments that I have no idea what they are called from all kinds of different parts of the world. They also had cakes that were decorated. Oliven and I enjoyed looking at those. They were all the theme of this years fair, "Dive into fun".
  There was an area with kids singing and right next to that was a bounce house little kid area with free floating on air to hit at targets, basketball hoops and soccer goals. What boy doesn't enjoy that kind of activity? At that point the boys were hungry, so after gobbling down some delicious kettle corn, we bought them corn dogs and french fries for dinner and a huge rope of licorice for their special treat.
  We went back into the art tent to see the stuff we had missed before and got to see a dance group- Oliven said that was his favorite thing at the fair. Van missed it cause he had to go to the bathroom. We also saw some food "art". People had made animals out of fruits and vegetables they had grown. Vander really liked it, but he had a very hard time not touching it. At that point Vander looks at me and says, "is it bedtime yet, I'm getting really tired." That was our queue to head home. See you next year!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jumping Beans and Old Man Vander

   Oliven has recently decided that he loves to jump. Not only does he enjoy it, but it's become a bit of an obsession. If there is something that can be jumped off of he will jump off of it and if there isn't he will still jump. I am constantly telling him not to jump off the couch. It's really a futile effort, so yesterday Justin and I decided to embrace it and take mid-air pictures.It was pretty fun.
  This last picture cracked me up...Vander has cute little chubby cheeks that odds are he will grow out of...well this picture shows what Vander will look like in 76 years when those cheeks become jowls! He didn't appreciate me calling him old man Vander, but come on...a little foreshadowing never hurt anyone. :)