Friday, September 21, 2012

Fig theft

   After Colby and I dropped Van off at school on bikes we took Ollie for a bike ride. We saw two fig trees on the curb of someone's house. They were full of ripe figs and Colby said he had never tried a fig before. I thought we should grab one. As Colb gets off the bike to grab one a guy, Article, comes out of  the house. I thought for sure he would yell at us. Instead, he says, "Good morning, would you like a bag and a ladder? Let me get them for you. Take as many as you want. I'm the only one who eats them here." Sweet! We ended up with a bag of figs and a new friend. His grand daughter came out and talked to Ollie while Colby picked figs. Article even came out and helped us pick the best ones. Turns out Colby doesn't like them so I got to eat the figs all myself. What luck!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Flu shots

We were at Kaiser for Ollie's Paedeatric appointment. His feet are doing great. I decided since we were there we should check to see if they are doing flu shots yet. They were so the three of us walked over to the other side of Kaiser because they only do kid shots in one building. Van sat on the table and the lady gave him a shot. He started flailing and crying. I was next, then Ollie. He also cries his little eyes out. When they were done with the crying party and had their stickers on we headed out. As we were leaving Van turns to me and says,  " Mommy, those are not nice girls. I don't like them at all. She just pinched me for no reason!" I could hear the ladies in the back laughing as Vander sincerely explained to me that we should not come back if they were going to be so mean. It was just such a cute kid perspective.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Guerneville with the boys

  I had so much fun last year with Freddy and Colby in Guerneville that I really wanted to share this amazing place with Justy, Van, and Ollie. I have been contacting Eithne about going up again and she was very willing to let me, but her brother Ned was living there for the summer while his house was remodeled. I finally got the the go ahead for September 14-16. We headed up Friday morning and Colby was able to join us for the journey, yay! It was a very tight squeeze as we decided we could all smoosh into one car. Colby's back seat was two inches wider so we opted to take his car. Colb volunteered to sit in the back seat middle. We stopped for In N Out on the way up and got to Guerneville in time for a short quiet time. We brought two strategy games with us, so we got to play them each several times on the trip.
   In the afternoon we went to check out downtown Guerneville. With a population of 1050 people you can imagine that it's a pretty small downtown, one block long with several restaurants and some shops. We stopped in for blended mix in ice cream as our first stop. Oreo and Andes mints blended into chocolate I've cream. You can't go wrong. We walked on the bridge over the Russian river and checked out some trails. We also looked in a few shops. We headed to a Mexican food place for dinner. It was a hole in the wall, but man was there food delicious. I will not soon forget that burrito. Afterwards, we went over to the biggest shop in town, Safeway, to buy groceries for the rest of the weekend. We drove back up to the cabin and started a fire to warm up the cabin before putting the kids to bed.
  It was a very rough night with Van waking up repeatedly and peeing on himself and Justin. This lead to a very tired and cranky daddy. So, after a special chocolate chip pancake and sausage breakfast Colby and I took the boys out on an exploration hike. We found a park, which was of course a huge hit with the boys. We enjoyed the trees and nature and took a hike to the creek. When we got back Just was sound asleep, so we went for a little more time in the fresh air. Then we came in for some grilled cheese and quiet time. When Justin got up he was in a great mood. So good in fact that he willingly took us all to the beach to play. It was a small river beach and was super cute.
We rented a canoe and went for a ride  as a family. Ollie loved that we went under the bridge that we ha walked over the day before. Van was excited to be on his first boat ride.  The boys wanted to do some wading and rock throwing so we got out of the canoe and let Colby take a ride with Justin. There was a four person max on the canoes. When the beach was about to close and the canoe had to be turned in we headed back up to the cabin for some stir fry and a fire. Ollie liked that we had a real fire in the cabin. Bed and game time.
   After a leisurely breakfast and some packing and cleaning up Sunday morning we headed back home. I just love being in the cabin where  my mom grew up- knowing she played there as a girl makes me happy. Ollie liked the canoe the best. We all had a really good trip and it turns out Justin enjoys staying in cabins because he enjoys being surrounded by wood. This bodes well for me in the future. Van says his favorite thing was the chocolate chip pancakes. Justy liked canoeing and Colby liked being in the redwoods again. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cazedero with Andrea

   Andrea and Josh went up to Andrea's step-dad, Ken's, cabin for a few days with Jane, her mom, Ken, and her youngest brother, Robby. They invited us to join them. I haven't seen Andrea in a while and we thought it could be fun to stay in a cabin with them. We went up on Sunday morning and spent the day throwing rocks into the River, which since it is dry season was a very low algae covered pond at the moment, but the boys didn't mind one bit. We had a fun dinner outside. The boys enjoyed putting their puzzle together and just exploring inside and out.

   They got to sleep in the same room, which they loved. They stayed up talking to each other for a good hour and 20 minutes. A rough night followed...Vander was on day 3 of his cold, but he finally managed to get Oliven sick- poor guy. Ollie had to get up at 2:45am to do a treatment with the albuterol machine because he was having very labored breathing. Vander was the real issue waking up crying uncontrollably and inconsolably. He woke everyone up and cried for 20 min. or so twice. It was excessive and frustrating as well as embarrassing. The next morning we did some more rock throwing and took off around 11:30 after a yummy pancake breakfast and some hanging out. Justin and I felt really bad about the night, but had a great time in the day.

Bowling date night

   I bought a groupon a while ago for bowling for four people. It included shoes, a pitcher of beer, two games, and a "mini" munchie. You would be surprised how hard it was to organize actually going! We wanted to go with Justin's cousin Heather, so we finally were able to secure a date and babysitting, but it's a shame to waste one person's worth of the groupon so we had Nicole and Michael join us. We had a fun evening and ended up doing some pretty good bowling too. :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

1st day of 2nd year of Preschool

  As we were walking to preschool this morning, Vander asked me, "Why can't four year-olds go to Kindergarten? I'm done with preschool. I don't want to go anymore." When we got there he cried and said that he just wanted to go home. I asked him how many kissies he would need. He replied, "a lot." Two minutes later he was over at the table with two other kids playing play dough.

Hangin' out with Grammy

  Grammy and Pops came over to our house so that we could celebrate Grammy's birthday with enchiladas and ice cream. Oliven said to me, "I love Grammy and Pop's house. I love Grammy and I love Pops. When are we going to their house?" The next weekend we went down to their house for a labor day dinner. It's always nice to spend time with family.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Uncle Freddie comes to visit

   Freddie finally made his way out to San Jose- Yay. Aunt Annie couldn't make it which was a bummer, but she was busy and then got sick. He got here on Saturday and we played some games during quite time (we made it to 8 games over the weekend)and Freddy ate his favorite meal-toddler food: corn dog, chicken nuggets, chicken sticks, and taquitos. After the boys got up we took them to the Silliman Aquatic Center in Newark. It is an indoor water park. It was utter craziness. It was beyond packed in there. I couldn't believe how many people. Ollie was a bit overwhelmed. Vander loved every minute of it. There was a lazy river, a regular pool and a pool with several slides into the water and water that squirted out. We had a good time and enjoyed the amenities. Oliven asked to be done pretty quick, but I was able to convince him to try everything a few more times. Afterwards we headed to Golden Palace for Chinese food. Yummy as always. The boys were pretty tired when we got home, so they headed to bed and we played more games.  
   On Sunday morning I convinced Freddie to go for a jog/run/speed walk with me. We did four miles and headed back. Freddie fixed the bike tire on my bike! Yay. So, we took the boys for a bike ride. Justy stayed home and made us all hootenannies for brunch/lunch. We played games again during quiet time. In the afternoon we made apple pie and eggplant rolotini. Freddy really wanted to have marble slab ice cream with all the fixins so we saved the pie for labor day at Grammy and Pop's house.
  We rode our bikes to the store so Freddy could pick out some mix ins, grab some more ice cream, and he needed some coffee from Starbucks. We had a yummy dinner, which I think with a couple tweeks will become my signature dish. It's delightful and Italian. How can you go wrong? We played some more games after bed time and had some marbel slab ice cream.
  Monday morning we all had breakfast burritos, Freddy watched some cartoons with the boys and it was time to whisk him back to the airport for his trip home.

Pudding play

  Vander's fine motor skills are not super great yet. It's nothing to be concerned about, but I have been trying to work with him on writing this summer and Justin has been working with him on reading. He has really come a long way. The other day I decided to try a fun project with him. 
I made an edible canvas. I made vanilla pudding and let him choose a color to dye it and the idea was that he would practice his letters and could lick his fingers at the end. It didn't go quite as I planned. He didn't want to taste it because it looked gross- he chose to color it green. He also was only interested in practicing his letters for a very short period of time. He did end up having a great time, but it was more fun and messy than actually academic-oh well, he is only four after all. :)

The Jungle

  Arielle found a deal where if you read your kids 8 books you could get into the Jungle free. 8 books!!! SOOO easy...done and done. We went for the afternoon and brought a sack dinner. We met the Kurtze girls there and the boys had a blast...running through tubes, jumping in balls and having snacks with friends. It worked out nicely that the "Dining for Women" ( to make money for women who need it in other countries) dinner group was a four minute drive away.

Great America in the afternoon

  Justy and I had so much fun on our afternoon date to Great America that we thought it only fair to repeat the afternoon with the boys in tow. However, the show we saw was no longer playing, but we enjoyed the Peanuts gang and their show. We were a little afraid that Vander would be scared as he doesn't like the "guys with the big heads", but he liked the show too. We had dinner out at Iguana's, but not before we had ourselves a funnel cake with strawberries. Yum.