Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Vander's potty mouth

Vander's in the bath playing and he says to his toy, "hey you fucker." Justin says, "what did you say?" Vander says, "What? I just said fucker." "What does that mean Vander, " Justin asks. "It means nothing, I was just joking to myself. I made up that word," exclaims Van. "Well, lets not use that word anymore okay?" Justin retorts. "Okay Daddy." Vander says with a clueless look on his face.

Monday, January 28, 2013

We got our house back! Yay!

   Fiasco least on the inside. The roof isn't quite finished, but inside the house everything looks normal again. The first paint color we chose looked mauve when it dried, so we had to have it repainted. The flooring is fixed, the walls are painted, the holes are all gone, the wall is textured, there are no more workers in our house. I'm a happy, not super stressed out lady. Yay! Paintings and frames are back up and you can barely tell what was torn apart and what was fixed. Nice job Chris and Danny!!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Justin's birthday: 32

  Justin's birthday week started out with a delicious meal of Dim Sum with Larry, Theresa, Mitch, Katie and our family. It's always delightful, yummy and fun. On Justin's actual birthday, Larry and Theresa came down for a steak dinner and cake. The boys wanted to celebrate with their daddy.

  On Saturday, Larry and Theresa took the kids to their house so Casey and Jason could come over and play a game with us, we then headed to Johnny Garlic's for dinner. We decided to order 7 appetizers and just try everything. After dinner we split two desserts. It was a fun dinner and we enjoyed all the food. Afterwards, Nicole and Michael met us at our house for worlds longest game of Cities and Knights. It was a week of good food and good company.
  To end birthday week Jeff and Kesenia came over for brunch Sunday morning and we got to spend some time with them.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Vander's holiday story

Vander narrated a holiday story and I forgot to post it. So, here it is:
   Chapter 1: There was a reindeer named Rudolph. He went out flying one day. After a while he got tired and he landed. He landed right next to Frosty the Snowman. Frosty was busy making himself another snowman friend named Ashley. Frosty and Ashley asked Rudolph to join them. Rudolph was excited to join in the fun. Santa showed up in his sleigh with Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen. "Rudolph, I need you and your shiny nose to guide my sleigh tonight. It is going to be foggy and you are the only one who can help me." Rudolph asked Santa if he could ice skate for 1 second first. Santa laughed and said, "yes." Rudolph asked Frosty and Ashley if his reindeer friend, Waffle, could go skating in his place. "Sure," said Frosty. Rudolph called him up on his cell phone. Waffle was on his way. Rudolph had Santa hook him up to the front of his sleigh and they were on their way to deliver presents to all the good boys and girls. Rudolph wouldn't forget how nice Frosty and Ashley had been to him. It was Rudolph's best day ever. The End.
  Chapter 2: "We are making a lot of presents so I need your help elves. Mrs. Clause is out delivering presents," said Santa.

Friday, January 11, 2013


   You know how sometimes you just can't sleep because you can't get your mind to turn off...well, I went to sleep just fine, but I can't stop dreaming of all the things floating around in my head and I wake up thinking about them. Maybe I should just write a few down...
   Justin and I will be celebrating our 9 year wedding anniversary this year- that seems like a crazy big number considering it doesn't feel like that long. I am totally getting the whole "time flies" thing. I want to do something fun for our 10 year. So I guess I have a year and a half to secure babysitting and figure out a fun trip for Justin and I that would be just as fun for both of us- that means no camping or beaches for Justin. Hmmm, where can you go in the middle of summer that isn't too hot?
   Justin is going to start his new job on Monday. I really hope he likes it. I know he likes the guy he is going to work with. I wish his company gave better raises or that he wanted to find a job that would pay him what his skills are worth, but I also see the value in the job he has now. He gets to come home at 3:30 in the afternoon and have every other Friday off. It's hard to hear about the great bonuses and raises my friends husbands get all the time...I just need remember that Justin is good at what he does and for now is content doing what he does at Lockheed. He gets to be here for his family and many of my friends husbands work too much to see their kids during the week.
Katie's brother Chris on the left.
   Vander is going to start Kindergarten in the fall!!! How did my baby boy get so old. Holy moly! There is so much to think about. Early or late day Kinder, when to get all his shots, will he get into the charter school. Little kids have so much free time, now Vander will have school 5 days a week, what a change that will be.
   I wish I could eat french toast for breakfast, but it's too many points on weight watchers. I have never had a great or speedy metabolism, but man turning 30 really didn't do me any favors. Not cool how easy it is to gain weight now.
  I finally found some rain boots for the boys (I waited in case they got them for Christmas) and while I feel like they were ridiculously expensive (probably I'm just ridiculously cheap) they both really like their new Lightning McQueen rain boots. The toe and heel were worn out of Vander's previous fireman rain boots.
  The guys are finally coming today to start the build back of our wall. A month and a half after the original problem we are finally going to see some progress on getting things fixed. Justin and I are so very relieved! Katie's dad, Gordon and his crew are doing the work. I'm really glad we had guys we can trust.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

fun morning with an unfortunate afternoon

  We went with the Paulson family on a hike through Uvas Canyon park (about 30 min from our house) and saw several waterfalls. It was beautiful and the boys really enjoyed themselves. Vander enjoyed throwing rocks and getting close to waterfalls. Ollie rode on Justin's back and enjoyed the scenery and his daddy's company. I got lots of great photos, but I think they are gone.
  Unfortunately, in the afternoon, when I was making dinner, the mandolin proved that it's intelligence is superior to my own and I sliced off all seven layers of skin from my right ring finger. It's a pretty deep hole. I had Christi take me to the emergency room at Kaiser. It's always better safe than sorry. I took the hunk of flesh that I shaved off. The doctor their said it was superficial and there was nothing he could do, so go home and replace the bandaid twice a day until it heals. Man does it hurt!!! While I was there, I dropped my purse on the ground while checking in. I was having a hard time holding things in my right hand. I leaned down and picked it up, then leaned down again to get my magazine and it was gone. Who steals a magazine that quick and why steal a magazine? Well, now I also can't find my camera...I'm thinking that may have been what the thief really stole. And, now that I think about it, I think my purse was knocked out of my hand...hmmm. I have more looking to do, but I may need a new camera. Boo.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Insurance adjuster

  The insurance guy FINALLY looks like after our $2000 deductible, they will cover everything except the fixing the roof for good. He says he thinks that part is wear and tear. I am so very relieved! I can't wait to get my house fixed!!!

Christmas Eve to New Years

  We started off Christmas Eve with Oliven having just finished being sick (6 days with a fever), but Vander still had one, so Justin and I switched off who got to go down and spend time in Morgan Hill with Grammy, Pops, Deb, Heather, GGMa, GGPa, and sometimes Mitch and Katie too. Oliven asked me why his name started with a Cheerio (the O at the beginning of Oliven)- how cute is he???
    Justin went down in the afternoon of the 23rd. Then on the 24th I took Ollie down in the morning, Justin came around 1, when I took Ollie home for a nap, then I came back with Ollie around 5 (the boys and I stopped off at Kiddie Kandids to pick up our family pics after nap time) and Justin went home with Vander. When I got to Morgan Hill on Christmas Eve I was a hysterical mess. I could not hold it together. I was so upset. Our roof was leaking- again!
Insurance people were not helping out at all. This meant if we couldn't get a patch on the roof and Van was still sick we couldn't all go down to San Diego. Not only were the flights expensive, but I wanted to be with my guys. Van being sick might mean he didn't get to see his family in San Jose or San Diego. I didn't want to break my 4 year-olds heart. He loves being around his family, and it wasn't his fault that he was sick. Luckily, we got a guy to come out and patch the roof on Christmas Eve morning. Yay. Vander's fever broke, so he was going to be able to attend Christmas after all and we got to go to San Diego! Christmas Eve we put cookies out for Santa and carrots for the reindeer.
  Christmas morning, the boys woke up to find that Santa had brought them the cookies they asked for and also scooters. Vander is a natural! We headed down to Morgan Hill for presents and brunch by 9am. We spent the day hanging out and having a good time. The boys had some quiet time at Grammy and Pops house. Pops laid down in the same room as Vander, so he loved that. (Pops is recovering from Rotator Cuff surgery from earlier in December). Oliven tried to tell me 2 minutes after he went down that he had woken up and was ready to be done napping. Nice try little guy! Ollie spent much of the day playing puzzles and singing "Jingle Bells". Van and Ollie both went scootering and we all enjoyed our day with the family.
   On the 26th, we left our house as soon as the boys were up in the morning and headed down the 101 to San Diego. We stopped in Santa Barbara for lunch and to walk on the pier. We let the boys pick out some candy and get a smashed penny. Ollie promptly lost his-oh well. We had a lovely dinner at Freddy and Annie's place, opened up presents and got situated.
  The morning of the 27th Sexy Justin came up to the Grand Palace to see us. He only had an hour, but it was really great to see him in person. The last time we saw him was in New York for my 30th birthday, so it's been a year and a half. This was his first time meeting Oliven.
At 1pm was Grandpa Ken's funeral. I gave myself a cold sore I am so distraught about what happened. We left Freddy and Annie's house in plenty of time to get to the site, but didn't know where at the site we were supposed to go, so we drove around the whole cemetery looking for them. We finally found them and they said, "Does anyone want to say anything?" I went up and spoke and so did Freddy. They then said, "This concludes the ceremony." What???? Who has a 10 minute ceremony and doesn't wait for a few minutes for the family to get there???? I get they have a schedule, but are you freaking kidding me!!! I'm still really upset about this! I wish my family would have rallied and begged them to wait or stalled them in some way, or answered their phones when we couldn't find them. They took us over to see where Grandpa's ashes were going to be placed. At least I got to be there for that. It's an amazing site. Absolutely stunning. Grandma Theresa and a bit of Bonzi are in there with Grandpa. I have some of his ashes to spread in Guerneville with Mom some day- when Grandma is ready to let her ashes go.
   That night Heather, Kelly, and Kyle came over to Annie and Freddy's to hang out. We had a great time. We talked, played Cards against Humanity (the adult version of Apples to Apples), drank and had a good time. Freddy starts talking about deep issues when he drinks, so after our cousins left at midnight, Freddy and I stayed up talking until 2:30am. I love spending quality time with my brothers. I really missed having Colby around this year. I know holidays aren't really his thing, but I really miss spending time with him at the same time as the rest of the family. I hope he had fun in Colorado.
  We didn't do much on the 28th, just hung out and were lazy. It was pretty nice. On the 29th, the boys and I met up with Hedy and David Moore at the San Diego Zoo. We all had a really good time. Ollie liked the Zebra's the best because their spots looked like puzzle pieces. Vander liked making smashed pennies.
Uncle David brought enough pennies so that Vander could have 3 and Ollie made 2 as well. Hedy made a couple too. It was nice just spending time enjoying their company and getting to see the boys enjoy the animals close up. Vander and Hedy had a really good time together. Vander also really liked the Polar Bear area that was interactive. I don't know if he even saw the polar bear he was so busy playing. We all lasted 6 hours and saw almost the whole park.
  On the 30th Grandma Gretchen and Grandpa David came up to Freddy and Annie's to hang out and have lunch. I always enjoy spending time with my grandparents. Grandma can't really hold a conversation any more. I miss that, but she is still very cheery and fun to be around. We spent the rest of the day hanging out and scootering.
    We headed back to Nor Cal at 8am on the 31st. We stopped in San Bernadino to see Andrea for brunch. She is such a cute pregnant person. We chatted for a bit and ate Panera. It was too short, but you do what you can. We got back on the road and were home around 6:30pm. We stopped at In N Out for dinner in Kettleman City on the way back. Who knew 2:30 would be prime time for burgers??? We all went to bed early this year. Happy New Year everyone!