Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Oliven's 3rd birthday

For Oliven's 3rd birthday he wanted a Tow Mater Puzzle party. He loves Mater and also is obsessed with puzzles. He sometimes does four puzzles on his own at quiet time. He does 24 piece puzzles by himself and generally asks for help on the 48 piece puzzles. It's pretty impressive how good he is and how dedicated to puzzling. Anyway, the challenge was to make a Mater puzzle cake, so out of fondant I made a Mater cake and then created puzzle pieces. I think it turned out nice. I also laminated colored Mater papers and cut those into puzzles for the goody bags. They were a big hit. As for the rest of the party...Ollie chose Los Paseos park for his venue which is close and easy. No activities needed when you have a park party. We had make your own nacho bar and cake for food. The kids had a good time and the weather was perfect, so it was a fun party. I can't believe my baby boy is 3 years old!!!

Recent updates

  We have had lots of special visitors as of late. First cousin Drake and Ashley stopped by for their baby moon to Northern California. We got to have dinner with them and then they came up for the afternoon the next day. We played games and enjoyed their company. It really was a joy to spend some quality time with both of them.
  Then, Jon came up and stayed with us for a week. We always enjoy having him around. The kids are very fond of him. He had a dog fiasco go on at home while he was here and had to cut his trip
short, but we enjoyed some quality game time while he was here. He comes here for work and we are always very happy to host one of our best friends for as long as he can stay and play.
  A couple of days later we were graced with the presence of one of our very favorite people- Colby. He came to stay with us and was here through Oliven's 3rd birthday and party. (See next post). We were able to hang out and have fun as well as putting together a pretty rockin' garden for the season (lets all cross our fingers and hope it thrives). We moved all the river rocks out of the side area of our back yard and replaced it with fresh cow manure. Colby was a huge help in rock moving and tilling the soil. We filled the dirt with squash, corn, artichokes, eggplant, cucumber, peppers, cilantro, basil, and even a lemon tree. It looks great and was actually a lot of fun. We also had our new garage door and door to the patio. They need to be painted, but it's a start.
   In the mean time we also had a tea party and it was a huge success. Both boys have asked when we

can have another tea party. Justin actually really enjoyed the tea party as well, so it seems like we will be having more in the future. We used my tea party set from when I was a little kid. It's super cute. We went to dinner group at Tom and Sarah's with the kids and they had a good time, though this was the best group picture we were able to take. Oh well, we tried.
  One of Van's best buddies, Hunter, moved to South Carolina. We went to his going away play date. It's sad to see them go, but I hope they have a great time and are successful in their new life as missionaries (a form of high tech support missionaries). Other than that we have been doing lots of art and experiments. Vander is very into science experiments right now...if only I can teach him the scientific method...we'll work on that. Oliven decided that turning 3 means lots and lots of tantrums- so much fun....yikes! Overall though potty training is in full swing and MOST of the time he does really well. He hasn't figured out how to poop on the potty yet, but as long as he isn't in tantrum mode he hasn't been having many accidents, so all is well.
  I almost forgot to mention that we also hosted a baseball party again this year for Opening Day
Baseball. I believe this was our 8th annual baseball party. We had a big turnout this year. I think it was a little chaotic, but most people had a pretty good time and a few of the guys actually watched the game. :)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Christi's surprise party

  My good friend and neighbor, Christi, mentioned to me about 8 months ago how great it would be to have a surprise party...she also confided that her husband would never plan one for her. So, I did. I enlisted the help of her best friend, Donna, and we threw her a surprise party at my house. It was fantastic. She was shocked. She suspected nothing! The only down side to that is that she ate dinner right before coming to her party. It was a very nice tea and it was fun to meet many of her good friends. I know that she enjoyed and appreciated the party.

Easter fun

   We had a few Easter hunts this year... at the park with the Almaden group, at preschool and of course the Easter bunny hid eggs for Easter. Oliven got himself invited to Vander's preschool party. He went as Batman with a cape on and everything. It was really cute.Vander and Ollie really got into dying eggs this year. They very much enjoyed the process and made some pretty eggs- Vander did half the eggs while the other three of us did the other half.
  The Easter bunny delivered the boys Easter baskets to our house and hid the eggs in Morgan Hill. We had a nice brunch with Grammy and Pops after the egg hunting (there were several hunts because the boys enjoyed it so much that they re-hid the empty eggs and hunted again.
  In the afternoon we watched the movie Van got for Easter called Hop as a family and had a special roasted Hen and vegetables dinner in the living room together. It was a happy Easter.