Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

   We started Friday off at Dr. Rabitz dentist office after battling the early morning traffic, we arrived. Vander was fantastic and cooperative. It turns out that he has two loose front teeth on the bottom. Oliven was less enthusiastic. He was adamant about wanting to watch the movie, but absolutely didn't want anyone looking at his mouth. He was a pain. I really really miss my sweet two year-old. Who is this crazy three year old? Yikes! This is going to be a VERY long year.
  Rachel Esselstein from college came over for the day and we had some game time with her during quiet time. The boys also roped her into a rousing game of Candy Land. After quiet time we scootered over to the park to fly kites. The wind was very sporadic, but it was good exercise trying to keep the kites in the air. We headed home for dinner and a game night joined by the Rogersons for ice cream sundays and strategy games.
  Saturday morning we headed down to Morgan Hill with Rachel for the Mushroom Marti Gras. The best part by far was the magician's show. It was a very entertaining and corny show. We headed home and so did Rachel.
  In the afternoon we took the boys to the pool for a swim. The pool was nice, but he air was chilly, so after about an hour Ollie was too cold. During adult swim I was the only person in the pool, which was really nice. I had the boys time me swimming laps.
  Sunday we headed up to San Francisco to go to The Academy of Science. Justin and Vander enjoyed the planetarium. I couldn't go in since Ollie was too young. I liked the albino alligator and the octopus was fun to watch up close. Oliven says he enjoyed doing a puzzle in the kid area. Go figure. The earthquake simulation was pretty interesting. We were there from 10-2:45, then we headed over to the AIDS memorial park area and had a nice picnic linner with Grammy, Pops, Mitch and Katie. We enjoyed the scenic area as well as the cheese and crackers.
  Monday we had a leisurely morning and in the afternoon we went down to Larry and Theresa's house for a Memorial day BBQ. We had a good time just hanging out. The boys played some tball and we all enjoyed sliders for dinner.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Doorknob...are you freaking kidding me???

So very frustrating...What you may ask...well, our door has a lock on it. That's not the problem, the problem is that Oliven thinks it's funny to lock the door with nobody in the room. You can't get in the room from the locked glass door or the windows with latches on them. Our room is very secure, which is great- most of the time. The first time Oliven did this we were mad, but it wasn't until we shelled out the $150 to get it unlocked that we were really frustrated. We punished the kids and they understood that we were mad. Justin figured they would never do that again. I told him that we needed to change the door know anyway, just in case. He didn't do it. Fast forward a month...Oliven decided that it would be funny to lock the door and shut it with Vander in our room. Vander decided he didn't want to be stuck in there so he ran out first. He came and told on Ollie. I lost it!!! I could not believe this was happening AGAIN!!!! I was able to talk the locksmith down to $125 this time and then I changed the doorknob around. I was not about to wait for Justin to do it this time....that was clearly a huge waste of money. SOOOO maddening! Nothing like flushing money down the toilet.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Vander's birthday

Our first born little man had his 5th birthday party on Saturday at the Los Paseos pool. It was small, but fun. The kids all had a good time splashing around and I didn't have to plan much. We had pizza, fruit and chips and of course a cake. Vander wanted Handy Manny...it was not my best cake despite how much work I put into it, but he enjoyed it, so that is what really matters. Sunday morning we went to dim sum with Grammy and Pops. That was Vander's choice of a birthday meal out. On

Vander's birthday morning I made him a special breakfast- french toast with marshmallows. He wanted chocolate chips, but we didn't have any on hand. We also did some sand art as a special fun birthday morning activity. Afterwards, we frosted the cupcakes we made for Vander's birthday to take to preschool. He chose fun fetti this year. In the picture Vander is talking to Uncle Freddy and Aunt Annie who called to wish him a very Happy birthday.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers Day

 On Thursday there was a tea and celebration for moms at Van's preschool. It was really sweet. Vander decorated a vase with an artificial flower in it (that he colored) and he made me a card. He put some purple stickers on it, but since I don't really like purple he colored over them.
  Sunday we had Theresa over for brunch of caramel rolls and eggs rolls (not eggrolls, but rolled up eggs with yummy insides). That evening the boys made me special sandwiches and peach cobbler for dinner. I wanted a meal the boys could help with. Oliven did a great job. (Van decided not to help cause he wasn't feeling good).
  We had a fun weekend, but busy. Saturday we went to Lockheed's employee appreciation day at Great America. The boys loved the water area and it was finally hot enough to enjoy it. I took the boys to Emma's birthday party in the afternoon at what Ollie called, "the farrest park we have ever been to!" That evening Justin and I went to see Billy Elliot (which was really good) and the boys had a special evening with their grandparents which involved staying up late and watching extra tv. They love that stuff.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dancing...no, wait, Freddy!

  I was planning to go dancing again this Sunday (English and Contra). I went a couple weeks ago and had so much fun. I have been itching to go again. Well, then, while we were at the grocery store this morning we got a call from Freddy. He was in Monterey, CA for a bachelor party. He wanted to know if we wanted him to come hang out from like 1-6pm. So, we of course said yes! We got to a surprise visit from one of our favorite people for the afternoon. We made him work for it...Freddy played Kingdoms with Justin and I during quiet time over lunch, then Quirkle with the boys when they got up, then puzzles, then t-ball, watch the kids do tricks on their scooters, and afterwards tostadas for a theme friendly Cinco De Mayo fiesta feast. Justin drove Freddy to San Fran to catch his flight while I put the boys to bed. Thanks for stopping by Uncle Fred.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Freddy turns 30 and Annie's baby shower

  What a weekend! I flew to San Diego Friday morning to spend some quality time with my grandparents- Grandma Gretchen in particular. She has been like a second mom to me my whole life and I could not have asked for a more hands on Grandma. She has always been full of positive energy and had my best interest at heart. She is extremely loving and quite a character. She is a crack up and a lovely lady to be around. She is no longer able to hold a conversation as her Alzheimer's has progressed. She knows who I am and asks about my boys constantly. We are securely in her heart and on her mind, but putting a conversation together is no longer within her grasp. I have come to realize that while she can no longer be here for me, I can still be there for her. She deserves that much and I am doing my best to fly down and spend some time just showering her with love every few months. I call and talk to her on the phone several times a week. Grandpa David says that my phone calls put her in a good mood for hours. I wish I lived closer and could do more for her and for Grandpa as well. Anyway, I spent Thursday at her house with her. Colby and Alex came over for a little while and Barbara Wells stopped by to drop off a baby shower gift for Annie and Freddy. It was nice to see her. I haven't seen her in many many years and she was a substantial part of my childhood. She provided the majority of my spirituality as a child. She picked me up for church once or twice a week for many years.
   That night, Colby, Alex and I went up to Carlsbad and went out to dinner with Freddy and Annie for Freddy's birthday at a delicious Brazilian Tapas place. We had a good time and shared some great laughs before coming back to their house for presents. Annie had bought Freddy a beer flight kit and beers, so the boys really enjoyed that part of the evening. We stayed up until 1am talking and having fun.
 The next day was Saturday and it was the big 30th birthday bash for Freddy. He has never really been into big parties in his honor, but he thought it was acceptable since he was turning 30. Alex and I helped Annie prep for the party, while Freddy went on a time out to the grocery store. It was a cowboy theme and was a lot of fun. Most people cam from 12 to 4ish, several people showed up at 5pm and one even stayed the night. Annie even bought hay bails and gave out prizes for the best dressed Cowboy and Cowgirl. It was really fun seeing all the people I hadn't seen in a long time- like Justin Davis- who I didn't even recognize! The boys and Alex stayed up until 4am. I followed Annie to bed around 11pm after a rousing game of "Crimes against Humanity" and some "slapping the bag"- this is a game played with a bag of boxed wine, where you let someone pour it into your mouth and you slap the bag before they can pull it away...not my favorite game, but Freddy has a way of always making sure I drink when I am with him and this was right up his alley.
  Sunday, Hedy helped me throw a baby shower for Annie and the twins...how fun is it that I get to be an auntie to two identical twin girls!!! So, we had a gathering at the club house connected with Annie and Freddy's house. We got friends, family and family friends together to celebrate the new lives that will most likely grace our presence in July. Annie is an adorable pregnant lady, but pregnancy is not easy on her small frame. Carrying twins has got to be sooo exhausting! We had onesie and bib decorating as well as food and tons of games with prizes. Annie and Freddy got lots of
awesome baby gear including car seats, diaper pail, and baby monitor. It was fun, but exhausting.
  Monday, I spent the day with Grandma and Grandpa again and headed home in the early evening. Back with my boys I realized I didn't have any pending trips without them coming up...well, the next day I booked a weekend trip out to San Diego to help Freddy and Annie with the twins in September. They are in for a real "treat".