Thursday, June 27, 2013

Twin Lakes Beach

  I love the beach. I have always loved the beach. Justin dislikes the beach very much. The only bad experiences I have ever had at the beach have all been with Justin. He hates sand and it's makes beach going miserable. Don't get me wrong I have had some good experiences at the beach with Justin, but it has to not be sunny. If it's cloudy or cool he's good, but you can't really plan that, and most people prefer a warm day at the beach. Anyway, I decided if my kids are going to learn to love the beach it will be because I pass my love of the beach on to them. To clarify, I don't think anyone likes that sand sticks to you and goes everywhere or that the ocean makes you feel sticky, but it's an after effect of a great day at the beach, so it's totally worth it. We went to the beach with Arielle, Sabrina,  Maddie, her uncle and some of their friends.
   Vander fully embraces the beach...he loves getting dirty. (Did I mention he lost his second bottom tooth? He did.) Anytime, anywhere...yes please. He also LOVES water anytime, anywhere, so the beach is a great place for him. He plays in the mud, splashes in the water, covers himself with sand, you name it, he does it. He is happy to do everything the beach has to offer. He told me yesterday that he wants to go surfing and also skateboarding. He also mentioned that he thinks it will be easier than riding a scooter, so he is obviously mistaken if he thinks either activity will be super easy. 
  The great part about the 50 minute drive to the beach is that we had lots of time to go over some rules for the beach. Vander did a great job of following the rules- they were pretty simple: only go in the water up to your knees without an adult (I was watching him the whole time), no throwing sand, and stay where I can see you at all times- if you can't see me, then I can't see you. We went in the water twice together and both times Van decided it was just too cold to stay in, so back out we came.
  Ollie is a bit more on the conservative side. He likes to be clean- always. So, we spent the car ride with him letting him know that we were going to get dirty and sandy and that it would be okay. It wasn't going to hurt him and we would get clean afterward. I heard him repeat several times while at the beach, "it's okay if I get dirty, I'm supposed to get some sand on me at the the beach." He stayed with the adults with his tushy on the blanket putting moist sand in buckets and having me help him pack them down and flip them over.
  We all had a really good time at the beach and both boys thanked me profusely for taking them to the beach. They thought the one hour drive home was really long, but I thought it was pretty pleasant. They showered when we got home and rested for a half an hour while I put everything away and took a shower myself.
  After they got up and ate yogurt, we headed down to Morgan Hill for a Little Gym Extreme Sports class, which they loved. We went to Larry and Theresa's and had Super Tacoria food for dinner. It was a fun and exhausting day.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How many rules can one person break?

  Vander wakes me up with...I have a story to tell you. I ask him if it's good or bad. He says it's bad. Ollie and Van decided they wanted waffles with cinnamon and sugar on them for breakfast. So, Vander made it for them. Why is that not okay? Well...Vander is not allowed to use the microwave if I'm not in the room, so that was rule #1. Rule #2 Van is not allowed to have cinnamon and sugar unless it's a special occasion. And, here's the fun part...he thought the salt was the cinnamon and sugar, so he salted his and Ollie's waffles, got salt all over the kitchen, so he threw them away and started over. He also somehow apparently got salt in the peanut butter. I don't know how that happened. So, I had a big mess to clean up-ack! I appreciate his desire to be more independent, but I wish it wasn't so messy and wrought with disregard for the rules!!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Two little ladies

  Two very special ladies made an entrance to the world today.... Annie and Freddy had their babies! Twin girls. I can't wait to meet them. They have sweet little faces. Twin A- Emmie Catherine was 4lbs 16 3/4" long and twin B- Molly Aline was 3lb 6oz 16 1/4" long. Such sweet little ones. They are absolutely precious and I could not be more excited to be an auntie. The boys are really excited to have cousins. They kept looking at their pictures over and over last night. They were born June 19th at 32 weeks 5 days. They are breathing on their own and seem to be doing really well. Congratulations Freddy and Annie and thanks for bringing so much joy to all of our lives!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fathers Day and my birthday

  It's always kind of a bummer when my birthday falls on Fathers Day. Both days are very special, but for different reasons and clearly for different people. I don't mind sharing the day, it's just that Fathers and I do not have the same idea of what a great day looks like. We compromised the best we could. In the morning the boys went to the grocery store while I slept in. Then I went to work out. Justin made pasta bolognese sauce (that needed to simmer all day) and key lime pie for the evening. We then headed out to all you can eat sushi with Pops, Grammy, Mitch, Katie and JAVO. Larry and Justin had the all you can eat sushi, which was fun for Justin because he likes to have someone to share new things with and he really enjoyed his dad's company as well. This was our Father's Day celebration. The boys are also going to go to an A's game in 2 weeks for a male bonding fun day.
  Justin and I headed out to see Superman- Man of Steel, which the boys came back with Larry and Theresa for quiet time and a fun afternoon. We came home for dinner (though to be honest I wasn't very hungry). The key lime pie was delicious! It was a good day. Now that the kids are in bed it's time for Justin and I to watch my birthday movie, Pitch Perfect.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Tooth fairy

Vander and I each have our own theory on the Tooth Fairy...he thinks she buys the teeth and magically turns them into money. I think she works with the Sand man and grinds them down to make into dream dust for little kids to have good dreams. 
  Vander got $1.50 for his first lost tooth in the cute little tooth pillow that Grammy got him. Vander plans to use his money to buy otter pops for his brother and himself over the summer at the pool as they are only $.25 each. I told Vander I may try to buy his tooth back from the Tooth Fairy so I can scrapbook it. ;)

Happy Hallow and a lost tooth

  Colby bought the family a pass to Happy Hallow park and Zoo for the season for Christmas/birthday this year. We finally found a good time to take the boys and get our passes started. I have heard it's best to go any season but summer. I figure with a year pass you will have the pass in the summer either way. The boys loved it. They had a great time and honestly I did too. I got to ride the froggy jump ride with them and I think I enjoyed it as much if not more than Oliven. We got to go on it three times in a row because there was no line. That's my favorite! Van enjoyed it, but he was very preoccupied with a loose tooth. Both of his front lower teeth were loose and he pulled out one of them. He was fiddling with it for a while and it finally came out on our way out of the park at Happy Hallow.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wed. June 5th- salad and preschool

  This morning the boys and I made a rainbow salad for dinner. Vander requested it based on a recipe he saw in his cookbook, "Salad People" that he got from cousin Heather for his birthday.The kids helped cut everything up: red pepper, orange carrots, yellow golden raisins, green broccoli, and purple cabbage, plus brown peanuts and chicken, a touch of salt, olive oil and chicken broth. Also green, orange and yellow noodles. I was thinking of maybe making a rainbow fruit salad for dessert. This will be perfect after our afternoon of swimming. It was really cute how Vander kept showing Oliven how to cut things and telling him he just needed to practice and Ollie could one day be as good a chef as he is now.
   Right now I am home alone...for 3 hours (I'm heading to the gym in a couple minutes, but still). I can't remember having 3 hours to myself at home since Vander was born... Oliven really wanted to go to preschool. I told him he could go when he was 3 and potty trained. While he isn't perfect yet, he has very few accidents, and he can't really night train until he can be without barred shoes at night. Anyway, I made a deal with Little Tree Play school and Oliven gets to go to preschool with Vander for the last 3 Wednesdays of the school year. Today happened to be wacky clothes day. The boys fully embraced the theme.
  Yesterday was crazy hair day. Vander enjoyed that theme as well.
  Update: Oliven enjoyed his day at preschool... the teachers did not...he threw three tantrums and didn't want to eat snack at school because he always eats lunch at home. He wanted a cupcake though, so he eventually ate some of the healthy snack to earn the cupcake. (I'm glad they enforced that rule). He also stood outside and wet his pants instead of telling the teachers that he had to go to the bathroom. Why? I don't have any idea. Either way, he was invited back on a provisional basis...he will be asked to leave at his first tantrum next week. We had a talk and he informs me that he won't have any tantrums and will pee in the potty next time.

Monday, June 3, 2013


 "It's a magic carpet ride, every door will open wide to happy people who, what a beautiful...sunny days sweeping the clouds away, on my way to where the air is clear let me tell you how to get, how to get to to get to Canada." Use your imagination. We have now traveled to Canada. It is the second largest country eh. What do we know about's known for Moose and the national animal is the beaver. They are also known for Hockey and saying "eh".
  My neighbor, Christi, and I decided that this summer we would have some fun with our kids and do a special activity on Monday mornings. Each week we are going to focus on a different country. This week was Canada. We watched a slide show that Christi made with lots of pictures of animals from Canada and some other highlights. We then made some paper plate beavers. The kids decided that was a good time for a trampoline break. When they came in we made a Canadian maple leaf flag out of strawberries and Christi and Nate made crumpets. We put maple syrup on the crumpets. We had those with rolled up meat (we used our imaginations to pretend it was Canadian bacon) and strawberries for lunch.
  I hope the boys retain some of the information we learned today, but at the very least, I know they had a good time and really enjoyed the crumpets. :)

This weekend in review

Okay, Thursday isn't the weekend, but Ollie and I did go to our friends house and go swimming and have lunch Thursday morning. We had a really good time.
  Friday morning I took the boys to a drop in play time at the California sports center. We had a great time and did lots of running around. They even made up some games. In the afternoon we headed over to the Charter School to go to the Family Fun Day carnival. The kids had a great time. They spend tickets as fast as they can. We had a really good time playing all the games, there was good live music and they had some really good tacos for dinner. They got frozen yogurt for dessert and of course traded in their tokens for fun prizes. Van got a rocket that he broke that night and Ollie got a Cars puzzle. When we got home Ollie and I went over to Christi's to pick up some bread she had gotten and when asked if Ollie had a fun day, he replied, "it was okay." Ummmmm, hello....what do I have to do to make it a good day? Good grief!
  Saturday afternoon we took the boys to the Los Paseos pool and our good friends, the Kurtze family,
met us there. Vander jumped off the diving board twice! I couldn't believe it. I can't help but be nervous, but I'm proud of him. Then Arielle stayed and babysat the boys and Justin and I met up with Steven and his wife for a double date at a tapas place, Cascal, in Mountain View. Their paella was really delicious. We also stopped off for some gelato. Afterward, Justin's stomach wasn't feeling too well so we headed home early. The boys enjoyed pizza and ice cream at Baskin Robins with their friends and their favorite part- going to bed late.
  Sunday I was able to go to the Contra/English dance class in downtown. It was so much fun! I really enjoyed myself. It was my second time going. I met up with the boys at The Little Tree play school for Parent Appreciation day. They had a yummy potluck, art activities for the kids and lots of playing on the playground. We all had a good time and it was a great end to the weekend.

"I don't want to make a pooper ever again for the rest of my life."

"I don't want to make a pooper ever again for the rest of my life." This sentiment from Oliven lead to a very painful couple of days. Ollie decided that even if there was poop that wanted to come out he was going to hold it in no matter how painful it was. He laid on the floor crying for several hours after crying on the toilet for an hour off and on. He wanted me to be in the bathroom with him while he desperately tried not to poop. BUT, he didn't want me to look at him or talk to him unless I said the right thing, which I seemed not to do. Finally, I called the advice nurse who said he needed a glycerin suppository. Nothing like pinning a three year-old to the floor on his left side, lubricating his bottom and sticking a little glycerin bullet in his tushy and then holding him down for another 5 minutes to make sure he keeps it in. It felt like torture, but 30 minutes later (lucky for him this was after his bedtime) he finally pooped. I said to him, "Ollie I'm so sorry you had such a rough day." He just responds, "it's okay," in a tone that said, no biggy, it's forgotten. He then told me he was still never going to make a pooper ever again for the rest of his life. After a painful experience the next night that included lots of crying and hurting stomach and tooshy, he decided that he will let the poopers out when they want out from now on...hopefully the lesson has been learned.