Saturday, July 27, 2013

Our 9 year anniversary

We took the boys to see Monsters University as a family date since we bought tickets for a Murder Dinner party and we can't get tickets until possibly October. It was a good movie- really cute and the boys enjoyed having popcorn. Afterwards got a little dicey. We picked up Chinese food on the way home and the boys ate as slow as possible to stay up later and were not very cooperative. Not to mention Ollie spilled his entire plate on his lap. Ack. At that point I got a headache and we were all a bit frustrated. Lesson learned- anniversaries are meant for couples!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Vander's first sleep over, pool party, & block party.

   Vander has been asking for a while if he could please spend the night at Grammy and Pop's house. They said that he could and we planned a date. They met us at tball and took Vander to their house from there. Vander did great at his first official sleep over. They went to 3 grocery stores, played games, did puzzles, made pizza for dinner, went out for frozen yogurt and watched a movie. In the morning he had special pancakes. He had a great time and can't wait to go back. He was so good that he was also invited and welcomed to come back. I'm very proud of him. I knew he would be okay, but it's always nice to have confirmation. 
  The only down side was the monster we had to deal with the next day. He was over tired and wined all day long. His excuse was that he was tired so it's okay to be fussy and mean to your brother and parents. He also came down with a cold. Vander always turns allergies into a cold-it's very annoying, but what are you gonna do?
  In the mean time we had a nice afternoon with Oliven. It was really nice to have two adults to one kid. We got lots of quality time in with the littlest fellow. Justin took Oliven out to breakfast at Flames for a little Father/Son bonding time.
  On Sunday we had a South Valley 2010 pool party at the Los Paseos pool. The kids were late because Vander was so cranky, but ended up having a good time.
  About an hour after they got to the pool we left to go to our street's block party. It was a little smaller this year, about 8 families showed up. It was nice because we got to have real conversations and not just small talk. Christi and I also organized a little fund raiser for the girl on the street adjacent to ours, Jessica, who was hurt in a car crash on her way to college. We sold ice cream cones for a donation and we are going to give the money to her family. It's not much, but it's more than nothing. :)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Recent fun: 4th of July, the beach, Oakland Zoo

  We have been busy people lately...for the 4th of July we went to the parade in Morgan Hill in the morning, then in the afternoon we went to Grammy and Pop's house for a BBQ. The boys enjoyed playing in the backyard in the little pool and watering the plants. After dinner we headed out to the fireworks with the Walters and Lim families. The kids ran around crazy and had an absolute blast. Oliven wasn't afraid of the fireworks this year, so that was good. Leaving was like herding cattle and many people moo'd as we all exited the same gate.

  The boys and I hitched a ride to the beach with Christi and Nate and another family. We went to Natural Bridges for the day. The boys enjoyed the sun and sand. It was a bit chilli for Oliven and I, but we had fun making sand castles from buckets and Vander enjoyed finding a crab in the rocks with Nate. Vander also did lots of shell collecting.
  Yesterday we took a family trip to the Oakland Zoo. We were going to go
earlier in the morning, but I ended up interviewing for a teaching job at the Charter School of Morgan Hill. Fingers crossed. Anyway, the Zoo was great. It was super hilly, but the animals were very cool. I thought the bats were the coolest. They were super big and all upside down. The boys enjoyed the bears, lions and zebras, especially since they had names for them from Disney movies. Justin liked the tamarind, which was a little monkey. They also had camels on the hillside, which was pretty fun.

Funny stuff

Oliven was changing his clothes and he starts playing with his penis.  I asked him to please put his underwear on and Ollie says, "he's fun, he likes to play." Yikes!!! 
Van wakes up and we hear him asking, "why is this happening? What is going on?" It turns out he sleep walked over and peed in his hamper in the middle of the night. He was upset because there was pee on his feet.
 The other day Vander called me Grammy. I asked him if we look alike...he thought about it and said, "No, because you usually wear toenail polish." That cracked me up...that is our main physical difference in his mind huh? Interesting.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Camping trip- Mount Madonna

  I convinced Justin that we should go camping and he said yes! We rented a yurt (which is basically a really fancy tent cabin with a light and a locking door, as well as beds with mattresses, a couch and a small table) and headed down to Mt. Madonna with the Zwingman family. We did lots of hiking and exploring, Vander got super dirty (which drove Justin crazy), we enjoyed sitting by the fire, we made banana boats and smores. The second night Justin grilled corn, sausages and beans. It was really cool-rustic and fun. We all got out and had some time with nature and the yurt protected us from most of the bugs. We also got to sleep on matresses on bunk beds. The boys both chose to sleep on the top bunks- they had railings.
A banana slug named Bananie.
We went down to the amphitheater and enjoyed live music as well as seeing reindeer. Vander really enjoyed collecting sticks and Ollie and I enjoyed all the trees. It was cool and shady- around 65 degrees in the heat of the day, so Justin liked that. He is looking forward to when the boys are a little older and don't need as constant of supervision so we can sit down and play some games. Overall, I think it was a pretty good trip and Justin was a huge fan of the yurt. He even mentioned..."the next time we come here..., "which is always a good sign. The worst part was that I came home Sunday with an all-day massive migraine headache. The boys really enjoyed playing with Emma, and next time we will make sure to bring their scooters!

My sweet little nieces

  I am so lucky to have two brand new sweet little nieces, and it just worked out perfectly how the day before I came down for four days, the little sweet ladies came home. Emmie Catherine and Molly Aline...they are perfect and precious as can be. They are still in the sleep all the time stage. Mostly just being cute, eating every three hours, pooping and enjoying being held. I wanted to meet them, but I also wanted to help Annie and Freddy adjust to being 1st time parents. In all reality it would have been better if I could have stayed for a couple months. Life doesn't really permit for that with a 3 and 5 year old boy at home. Justin had a rough weekend with them while I was away. Vander is very big into testing every limit at the moment and Oliven is learning that being three doesn't come with getting everything you want when you want it, which leads to tantrums. Anyway, it was a very peaceful time for me. I helped Molly and Emmie get their 2:30am and 8:30am feedings in hopes Annie could get a little rest, but we all know being a new parent is purely exhausting. Luckily, Annie's mom, Nancy, lives nearby and is a fantastic grandma. I can't wait to go see those two little ladies again when they get baptized (I am going to be Emmie's God Mother!!!) sometime soon.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tee ball

  Last summer Vander played tee ball and he loved it so much that he has been asking all year if I could please sign him up again. Good news...Ollie is old enough to participate this year. They have gone to three classes so far and have really enjoyed themselves. They got t-shirts and hats to wear and they really think that is cool. They are just so darn adorable. The stuff fits Van really well, but it's a bit large for Ollie- which makes it even cuter. I'm really proud of both my boys and I'm glad they are enjoying tee ball so much.
  Grammy and Pops joined us once and got the boys bagels. They always enjoy treats-especially bagels. :)

Pool fun

    This year we decided to get a membership to the nearby Los Paseos Association pool. The price was high...$525 for the summer, but Justin reasoned that we pay $485 every three months for swim lessons and they are only in the pool 30 minutes a week. Well, when you put it that way, it's not so bad. The kids are loving the pool and so are Justin and I. We put the kids in swim lessons for two weeks with Kira and now they are confident and capable little swimmers. Vander routinely jumps in the pool from the diving board and swims to the side of the pool without any assistance. Oliven loves to jump in a swim to us. They both enjoy getting rings off the bottom of the pool. They are both working on diving quite often too.
  Last Sunday they had a family pool party. The Zwingman family joined us for all you could eat pizza and drinks. They then had games. Van and Ollie joined in the fun. They had a biggest splash off the diving board competition. Vander joined in and won for his age group. For the first time ever Ollie decided that he wanted to jump off the diving board too. (He has mentioned it before, but never followed through). He did a great job! He was a lock for his age group considering Vander was the next youngest kid to compete! They both won a bag of M&Ms.   
They also participated in the smallest jump. The next game was the penny toss. They each were able to find a penny and get it from the bottom of the pool winning a fun size bag of skittles each. They also won popcorn. They were beyond thrilled and can't wait for next year. We left at that point because we were already late for bed, but what fun! They had more games that we promised we would stay for next year...what a blast. I am thrilled at what great swimmers both boys are and at their confidence in the water. This has been a truly worth while investment. Not to mention all the great exercise we are all getting!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Baby Jules

   Josh and Andrea had a wedding to attend this weekend and it happened to be in Morgan Hill- yay! How lucky are we? Well, last week Lindsay and Eric came to visit because Lindsay was in a wedding (we met up and had breakfast at Los Gatos cafe) and now Andrea and it! Jules came up with his Mommy for his first flight at 2 1/2 months old. They were going to take him with them to the wedding, but it was outdoors with temps in the high 90s, so Jules stayed here with us.
It was really fun. He is such a little sweet heart. He never cried...I've never had a baby that didn't cry
profusely all the time. Vander told me in the morning that he did not like babies and would not like Jules. They cry and spit up. Well, he changed his tune with Jules got here. He was enamored....he wanted to hold him and feed him. He wanted to watch him and be around him. At one point Jules had some poop leak out of his diaper onto Van's lap. Vander said, that's okay, it was only an accident. Oliven on the other hand was quite jealous. He liked Jules and wanted to kiss his head and kept reminding himself to be gentle, but he also suddenly needed to be very close to me at all times, needed to be in my lap, and wanted my help with everything.

Elmo Live

For the second year in a row we took the boys to see Elmo Live. This time the Walter family joined us. It was a really fun evening. We met up at Peggy Sue's Diner in downtown for some hamburgers and then leisurely walked over to the Elmo Live stage. It was really warm since the building had no air conditioning, but the kids didn't seem to notice or care. They each got a giant cookie and to hang out with their friends...what could be better? How about a fun play area to explore during intermission...score!