Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cooking class, Mystery dinner, Chinatown, Thanksgiving play date, and Scrambl'z

  We have been really busy having tons of fun. I took a cooking class at Cucina Bambini with the Club 2008 ladies and it was really fun- throwing pizza dough in the air, mixing up sauces and pouring lava cakes and of course eating all the spoils of our hard work.
A few days later it was time to go to the Murder Mystery Dinner that I had booked for Justin and my 9 year wedding anniversary. It was in July, but this was the soonest available tickets- that is sometimes what you get when you buy things with a groupon. Anyway it was a fun evening of who done it with actors in the crowd and cops interrogating people. Trust no one. Justin was a little bummed that he did not guess the correct killer, but we enjoyed the food, the conversation, the acting and the mystery of it all.
     My good friend, Zach, from high school took our pictures recently. He
moved to San Francisco this year and is a professional photographer. Anyway, he asked if we would come up to San Francisco and spend the day. We decided to meet up and hang out in China town. They boys had never been to China town before and even though we know people in San Fran nobody has ever really asked us to come up, so we took the opportunity. We had a great time walking around and looking at all the interesting foods. We took the boys to Dim Sum and really enjoyed it. They were very leary because they like their usual Dim Sum place, but they ended up having a good time and Vander really enjoyed the food. It tasted and ran very much like the place we usually go with Theresa and Larry in Cupertino. Afterwards we walked around and went to a Chinese bakery to have a special treat. Vander had a cake roll and Oliven had and almond cookie with walnuts on it. We got on the cable car and rode it up the very steep hill. The boys really enjoyed the ride. We said goodbye to Zach and headed back to San Jose. Both boys fell asleep in the car and took their naps in the drive way while I read a magazine in the front seat.
  Later that day we hosted a Thanksgiving play date at our house. Many of our friends from the South Valley 2010 group came over to play, hang out and eat some delicious Thanksgiving foods. We even got a pretty decent group photo. It was a fun evening with friends.The kids really enjoyed wearing the mustaches for Movember. :)
  The next morning, Veterans day, Vander had the day off of school so we met up with our Almaden 2008 Las Madres group for breakfast at Scrambl'z. It ended up being a pretty long wait, but the kids were very patient and enjoyed each others company. From there we headed to the Los Paseos park to hang out and play with Vander's best friend from kindergarten, Alex, and his siblings, Lucas and Anna, who are just a little older than (but will be in the same grade as) Oliven. Vander and Ollie were so excited for all the fun that they made up a song about how AWESOME the day would be and it was.