Sunday, March 30, 2014

MAD Friday

   Vander did a program called MAD Music, Art and Drama) Friday at a Church in Morgan Hill for the last 8 weeks. The culmination of the program was a musical that Vander and his best friend, Alex, got to perform in. Vander was soooo cute!!! He did a great job. He was really concentrating and singing his little heart out as well as doing the hand motions. I am so proud of him!The kids got cookies at the end, so they were very happy about that.
  As an added bonus I ran into Melissa Stone, one of my former students, who is now 17 and it was good to chat with her for a bit and catch up.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Oliven is playing soccer

Oliven is playing soccer this year and loving it. His coach even made them jerseys. She is a friend from Las Madres, which is great because it's minimal cost and the kids get to play lots of fun dribbling games.  They aren't old enough to play real games yet so the focus is on following directions and getting control of the ball.

St. Patty's Day Tea Party

  My boys love a good tea party... and it was St. Patricks Day, so this year we threw a St. Patty's Day tea. This was complete with lots of yummy treats, tea, water, and the Leprechauns even left some gold coins. We had lots of spring time fun in the backyard with our friends.

Cooking Class at Sur La Table

  For Justin's birthday this year Larry and Theresa got Justin a cooking class at Sur La Table. It was great. It was really fun, we learned a lot and the chef who taught us was a really cool guy. The class was Chinese Food. While most of it was fried and delicious, it wasn't too complicated. Justin and I made sure we both did lots of hands on cooking. I made the filling and filled the wontons. He fried the chicken and made the soup.
It was a nice laid back environment and it was really easy to find things to spend Justin's gift card to Sur La Table (that he got from Mick and Sol for his birthday) on. Now, we are both convinced that we need to go back and take the knife skills class asap. That will be a life time investment. :) When asked if someone were to give us $25,000, but we could never cook again, we both said we would rather cook. So, that is saying something. (Justin says ask him again when he is 75, he may take the money then).

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cookbook Club Weekend

  I love my Cookbook Club ladies. They are great...I feel like I learn so much from them, about cooking, and about life. Currently we have members in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. You can't beat all that knowledge, experience, and love. I can't say enough good things about these ladies. They are my role models, my teachers, my peers, and most of all they are my friends. This past weekend was our 3rd annual Cookbook Club weekend in Truckee at Karin's mom's cabin. It did not disappoint. There was delicious food, lots and lots and lots of laughter, a few stories, and even a trip to the emergency room. This year it was Polly, Karin, Nancy, Kayte, Hannah, Jett (Hannah's youngest son) and myself.
  We drove up Thursday afternoon and many funny texts were exchanged on the way up including discussing the bunny in the hutch and the parliament coming in to roost. We had a delicious St. Patty's meal of corned beef and cabbage with carrots, dill bread and potatoes followed by pots de creme. Later we had 5 types of hot cocoa- raspberry was everyone's favorite, followed by coconut, peanut butter, mint, and Mexican chocolate. Polly also brought home made fig newtons and kipferls (German hazelnut cookies that taste similar to Mexican wedding cakes).
 In the morning Karin wasn't feeling well and by the afternoon she had Nancy take her to the hospital to help cope with a vicious migraine (by far the biggest bummer of the weekend). Kayte and I headed over to Gorge for cross country skiing after brunch and lattes.(Baked potatoes with eggs in them, candied bacon, and pineapple muffins). It was so much fun. $53 and only 1 fall- what a deal. Kayte went skiing with me for the first time 2 years ago. We had a good couple of hours out in the snow. It was 60 degrees by the time we were done skiing! We were pretty worn out by the time we got back. Polly made up a hash from left over dinner for lunch. We looked worked on the aprons that we had started the night before...I actually think I finished mine Thursday night. It turned out amazing, everyone's did.
  For tea time we had risotto balls that were soooo delish, melon wrapped in prosciutto, cheese and crackers with a carmel brittle. Katie and I made dinner- stuffed peppers with a tomatillo sauce and nachos with all the toppings. Later, Hannah and I served a baked Alaska in all it's was a bit of a mess and also completely hilarious in every sense of the word. We tried to flambe- it was not entirely successful, but we enjoyed trying. Then the alcohol hit... I was laughing so hard. Hannah and Polly joined in with all the giggles. That evening we worked on potholders...they were really fun, bright, and a bit time consuming. So worth it!
  On Saturday we stayed inside most of the day, sewing, chatting and cooking. The next morning met us with cinnamon popovers, an egg dish, fruit platter and fresh squeezed oj. More sewing and chatting ensued. Then for tea time we had charoset on matza, 8 varieties of twists and several types of tea. Many with alcohol flares. We also had apples in puff pastry and rasberries and blueberries with chocolate in puff pastry. After tea was cleaned up Nancy and I went for a walk and when we got back, we got out all my card making supplies and started to let our creativity run wild. This is when we started brain storming ideas for a possible trip for our 5 year anniversary as a club next summer. We each bring $20 to each meeting and by the time we are ready we will have $300 saved up. Sounds like a good plan to me. I was also able to make sets of Thank You cards to give to the kids teachers at the end of the year.
  By dinner time we were in full card making throttle and not super hungry and Karin was still not feeling great so we just had pasta and champagne. We headed back over to the table where Nancy and I bantered as we made cards and had lots of laughter again. Polly brought out the Boston Cream Pie cake to indulge in late night.
  In the morning I made cheese blinzes with berry sauce and we enjoyed some leftovers as accompaniment. Karin was finally feeling better- just in time to clean the cabin. Sorry Karin. :( We cleaned everything up and headed home having had an extremely fun, scrumptious, laughtastic, and quite productive weekend with friends.

Meanwhile...the boys stayed home and had lots of fun together. They were able to fit in: The Lego movie, MAD Friday for Vander and Super Tacoria with Grammy and Pops for Ollie and Justin, the grocery store and Nickel City. The boys had a really good time bonding with their dad and for the most part were pretty well behaved. I missed their little faces. :)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Brotherly love and the future

I was singing to Oliven..."You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are blue, you'll never know dear how much I love you, please don't take my sunshine away." He turns to me and says, "Mommy, Vander is my sunshine."

This morning the kids asked to use our new Chinese soup spoons for their cereal. Justin and I got 6 from a recent cooking class that we took. Vander looks at his spoon, then at me and asks, "When I get older, and I move out can I please have one of these spoons to take with me? And, can I have one for my wife and one for my kid?" Ollie then asks, "and one for me too?"

On the way to a playdate at Alex's house, Van turns to Ollie and says, "Ollie, you have to marry Alex's little sister, Anna. Ollie says no. Van turns to Alex and says, "then we have to get married. I know you were going to marry Audrey, but we have to get married if we want to be related, but I'm not going to have the babies because I don't want my stomach to be all cut up." Alex says, "me either." Van says, "Maybe we can find a girl that has an extra one and she can give it to us." "Babies come out from here, here, here," Alex says. "Mom, do babies come out of your penis?" asks Vander emphatically. "No, Van," I assure him. "Or, we could have it come out our nose," says Alex. "NOOOOO! Then we would have a booger baby! Our baby would be covered in boogers," exclaims Vander. Laughter ensues from all 3 boys in the back seat for the rest of the car ride.

Both boys have decided they are in to writing stories now and it's so cute. Ollie needs a lot of help, but Vander writes them all on his own. Vanders says: Once upon a time a little brother loved his big brother. Ollie's says: Oliven and Van went to the park and played and played.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Sleep study results

  Vander and I each had a sleep study- his was for night terrors. So far we know he has allergies to cats, dogs, grass and a couple types of trees. He has an orthodontist appointment for a possible pallet expansion to open his airways, but that appointment isn't for another month.\
  As for me, my sleep study was for what I call, "bad tastes", but are really more like night episodes. I have had them since I was about 16, but they have gotten bad since having Oliven. Sometimes I wake up 5 times a night. I feel out of it and get up to get a drink of water because I have a "bad taste" in my mouth. Recently Freddie shared with me that I also drool, make a weird groaning noise, flex my hands and appear out of it for up to 30 seconds. When I asked Justin about this he said, "I thought you knew you did that." Hence the sleep study. Well, it turns out (it's not 100% confirmed until I have an EEG), that I have nocturnal epilepsy. This can often include gustatory (taste) hallucinations. So, I'm not crazy...that's the good news. The bad news is that I MAY not be able to drive for several months. I hope this is not the case since I have NEVER had an episode while awake and I don't drive asleep, so that would be RIDICULOUS! I'm fine if they say don't drive after 9pm. Sure. I'm happy to be safe. Anyway, they put me on some medicine Keppra with increasing dosage over the next 4 weeks, another sleep study, and an EEG in which they want me to stay up ALL night the night before so I'm sleep deprived (cause they don't do EEG's at night). I'm so overwhelmed right now. And, to top it off this isn't the only problem I'm having. I feel like sometimes when I move around something inside me (some internal organ) is going out of place. That is not right, and is recent.
~~~Follow up on the Keppra- the pills for the nocturnal epilepsy. I have been taking one a day (at night) and I'm so tired. I need to take a nap and even then I can hardly function on coffee...the Dr. wants me to take 2 the next week, then 3, then 4...I can hardly handle 1. I have not had any seizures since I started the meds, but I've been sleeping 9 hours a night and feeling sooo tired all day....yikes. I hope my body gets used to this...I told the Dr. that I need another week with only 1 pill and we can re-evaluate at that point.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Wontons with friends

Justin and I won a wonton making party at the Morgan Hill Charter School Charity event. The Lim's and the Kurtze's joined us for the fun. We met up at Robin Chiang's house and her Austrian mother taught us her "secret" wonton recipe. We really had a great time. It was good company and delicious food. Who doesn't love squeezing raw pork through their fingers and then wrapping it up?