Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Swim team

  This year we decided that Vander should try swim team (we may have missed t-ball sign ups. Oops!) He had his first day yesterday and it was adorable. The 5 and 6 year olds basically got into the pool and flailed around, but with complete confidence and tons of effort. I can't wait to see how he does today...whether he makes the team or not, I am proud of him for trying.
  Update...he made it! Vander is officially a Los Paseos penguin! He is thrilled. We went out for ice cream at Baskin Robbin's to celebrate!


Vander and Ollie got up this morning and played (way too early and way too loudly) and announced to me when I got up that they are BFFs! Oliven says, "yeah mommy, we are P fef fefs." Vander then tells Ollie, "Now we don't have to say please or sorry to each other." I quickly corrected him on that little misnomer. They are very happily discussing how they will be best friends forever. I love it! I sure am a lucky mom to have boys that love each other so much.

Las Madres Luncheon

This year since I decided not to be on the Las Madres Executive board, I instead joined the Luncheon committee. I was in charge of food. The price was more than we wanted, but the food ended up being delicious! The theme was: "Be calm and mommy on." It was a tea party and the tea plate was fantastic.
The ambiance was really nice and the luncheon was truly lovely. Hannah planned it this year and did a great job. She put together an amazing raffle. I sat with Carrie's 2014 group since 6 people from the South Valley 2010 group were there and I was the only one not in a second group. I won year passes to The Children's Discovery Museum, which Vander will LOVE. I'm going to have him earn them by reading 20 books- he will be a better reader and get to go to his favorite place. Win-win.
Carrie and I decided to scooter to the light rail. It was actually pretty fun over all. The down side was carrying our stuff home- Kira brought the centerpiece tea pot home for me. I got a chance to wear my bridesmaid dress from Andrea's wedding and I wore the shoes from my wedding.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Sacramento trip

The boys both said that seeing the Capitol building was one of the two highlights of our Texas trip (along with playing with Collin's Ipad), so we decided why not take them to Sacramento? We are only about 2 1/2 hours away and the only time Justin and I have ever been was when we stayed at Jason Panning's parents house in college and went to see a triple A game. We were hoping Michaela would be there, but no such luck. Thursday afternoon Van said he was feeling lots of allergy symptoms, well we should have postponed our trip, but Justin booked a non-refundable hotel room. So, we buckled in Friday morning and headed to the Meadowlark Dairy in Pleasanton. We each got an ice cream, except Vander who was too congested. He got donuts. It was little more than a storefront. I was expecting more, but the ice cream was tasty. Justin got pineapple, Ollie got strawberry and I got chocolate. After that we went to Fairfield and took the Jelly Belly Factory tour. The boys loved the tour and especially the hats and free Jelly Beans. We got to see how they make the jelly beans from start to finish. It was pretty cool. We bought some beer flavored Jelly beans for Freddy, Annie, and Colby.
  We drove the rest of the way to Sacramento and parked at the hotel. After we checked in and dropped our stuff off we trounced through the rain to the Capitol building. We walked around inside for a bit and took the last tour of the day at 4pm. The boys did a great job on the tour. The building was really cool with bears carved all over the place. It was really neat- not as big as Texas, but with definite finesse and pretty chandeliers. When the tour was over we were all hungry, but not much was open, so we settled for Subway, grabbed some medicine at the 7-11 and headed back to the hotel. We all went to bed at 7:30 since we were all in one hotel room. Ollie cried at 9pm because he was twisted up and Van spent several hours coughing. Not ideal, thank goodness we went to bed early, cause were all awake around 5:30am when Vander decided he was bored (he tried this at 2am originally!)
  Saturday morning we went down and had breakfast at the hotel and headed to Old Town Sacramento. It was really neat looking, like out of the 1850s. We went to the Train Museum first and learned all about trains and how they shaped America. It really made me reflect on my great grandpa Jerry and how he spent his life working on the railroads. They really did pave the way for the life we lead today. The boys loved the toy train level. I think they would have stayed another hour if we let them. Afterwards, we walked around down town and decided to take a train ride. It was a 45minute round trip ride where the engine was detached from the train and put on the other end in the middle of the ride. Vander found that part fascinating.
  When we got back to the station we were all hungry. Van had a corn dog, Ollie had fish and chips, Justin had clam chowder and I had a gyro plate. Yum. At that point we grabbed a couple souvenirs, but the boys were pretty tired, so we walked back to the car to head home. Oliven slept the whole way home and Vander slept most of the way. Other than Vander being sick it was a pretty fun trip and a great place to visit.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Deb, Heather, Drake, Ashley, Grayson; Easter; and Ollie's bday

   It's ALWAYS great to spend time with family. We got to go to Katz parents house for Pop's birthday on Thursday night. Almost everyone named GGMA as their hero at dinner as without her none of us would have been there celebrating. It was a really nice night and the paella that Theresa made was really delicious. Deb and Heather joined us and Larry turned 60 so it was a very special evening!
    On Friday we got to join the gang in MoHill for dinner again and spend quality time. Lots of tball
and basketball as well as game and puzzle playing ensued.
    On Saturday we met up at the A's game for what can only be called a really exciting game. The A's were down by two in the bottom of the 9th and 3 runs later, they were victorious. Way to rally boys! Drake, Ashley, Grayson, Mitch and Katie all joined us along with a couple of Drake and Ashley's friends, Larry, Deb, Heather, and JAVO. Heather picked some pretty great seats and for the 1st time that I can remember (other than in Chicago) it was a bit chilli during the game and we were rooting for the sun to come warm us up. We all had Subway sandwiches (Thanks Larry) and enjoyed the game and the company. We headed to a fundraiser dinner for Petra's husband (our house keeper), who just came out of a coma and still can't speak.
    Sunday morning was Easter and the boys were thrilled the Easter bunny did such a great job. He filled their eggs with puzzle pieces, jelly beans, and nickels. They also got Frozen and Rise of the Guardians (which we watched as a family in the afternoon). Chocolate bunnies, peeps, and malt balls topped off the baskets. At 9am we headed down to Morgan Hill where the Easter bunny had filled even more eggs for the kids to find, and Deb, Heather and the GGs had a big basket of goodies for the boys. Grayson had his own little egg hunt in the middle of the grass. The boys wore the Superman ties that I made them and were super adorable. They had a great time and we had brunch with the family. Larry's birthday week was still going on so other than the deviled eggs and the avocado deviled eggs that we made it was a meat, cheese, hummus, bread and fruit, affair. We stayed and hung out until Oliven was getting too tired, so we headed home for quiet time. What a great visit with family. We are so excited to see everyone again in November!
  On Oliven's birthday, the 22nd of April Larry and Theresa came over for some birthday dirt cups. We had dinner, opened present and spent time appreciating Oliven and what a special guy he is. Four years old...he is the sweetest, most encouraging, thoughtful, loving little boy. He is an avid (and incredibly good) reader, who enjoys doing anything his older brother does, being and giving hugs. He is the loudest and quietest person in our house. He can be very very sneaky. We are blessed every day to have such an adorable little sweetheart in our midst. Love you Ollie Paesano!

Friday, April 18, 2014

No more NIGHT shoes for OLLIE!!!

Oliven is officially done wearing night shoes...he has basically had them since he was born...3 days after his birth he had casts put on, changed regularly, then surgery to extend his heel cords, then more casts, and then straight into his "night shoes" to make sure his feet stayed right where they were supposed to. At times it was an arduous task to put them on- nap time and night time, through learning to crawl, throwing fits, refusing to wear the shoes, being babysat, going on vacations, camping. I can't say it's been easy, and we have followed strict orders strictly, but Oliven's feet are perfect and he has no trouble walking or running, tippy toeing or walking on his heels and he never will. Thank you Dr. Goldley! Oliven is now, from his mouth, "FREE AS A BIRD!"

The recent happy haps

  Okay, so it's about time for a little update.
  First off, we hosted a monthly dinner with the Lim, Kurtze, and Walter families and said goodbye to our good friends: Casey, Jason, Addison, and Jake. We have been close for the last 5 years and now they are moving to Seattle. There is no doubt that they will be greatly missed.
  Next, I got sick and had to cancel my trip to San Diego (10 days later and I'm still not fully better- stupid sore throat). But, we all know that bringing a cold to babies or grandparents is not okay. So, despite the fact that I miss my San Diego family very much, I stayed in San Jose and luckily didn't get anyone else sick.
  Third, Oliven went on a field trip with his class to the Joice Gulnac Ranch and did some hiking and was so excited that he wants to go hike there again with me on his Spring Break.
  Also, Justin and I have planted our Spring/Summer veggie garden, so fingers are crossed that this year will bring a bountiful harvest.
  In Addition, Justin and I finished a series of parenting classes at Kaiser and while we aren't perfect, I do feel we learned some valuable techniques and at the very least the boys LOVED the quality time they got to spend with their grandparents while we went to the 6 sessions. Thanks Larry and Theresa!
  Recently, we went to Carrie and Peng's house for a popcorn and movie night and the kids (and most of the dads) watched Frozen and got to stay up late, which they always love. On a couple other nights Carrie had sewing nights and I was able to make both boys a cape and tie with Superman materials that they each picked out for themselves.
  Lastly, on April 12th, we had a day that we spent celebrating my mom's life. I told the boys stories about her and we had meatloaf smothered in BBQ sauce with Chocolate shakes at Johnny Rocket's for dessert in her honor. The boys also got to go to an Easter Egg Hunt that morning and we signed Van up for Swim team for the summer. I hope he makes the team. I think he would really like it. I know he can swim across the pool. I just don't know if the deep end will be too much as I know he has a fear of not being able to touch the bottom even though he is a good swimmer.
  Did I mention that we decorated Easter Eggs...things got a little scribbly, but the kids had tons of fun and were VERY enthusiastic. :)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Vander's Spring Break

  We didn't go anywhere during Spring Break this year, but I still wanted to make it special and memorable for Vander...so on Tuesday and Thursday (Oliven's preschool days) I took him on special dates of his choice. On Tuesday he chose to go for a hike. We hiked (even though it was pretty muddy) for about 2 hours. Then we stopped at Flames for a hot cocoa. It had a cherry on top, so Vander liked that a lot. 
  Then on Thursday he chose to go to Scrambl'z and have a pancake breakfast with syrup,  a fruit face, an egg, and of course another hot chocolate. This one came with sprinkles, marshmallows, whip cream and a chocolate stick....best hot chocolate ever in Vander's world. He was ecstatic. We even waited for the bus at the restaurant since Ollie has gotten to sit in the bus before, but Vander hasn't. We went over to the dollar store and got Oliven a birthday gift from Vander while we waited. Afterwards he chose to go on a long scooter ride around the neighborhood. He is fast, I have to scooter full speed to keep up with him. It was really fun, very special and great bonding time for the two of us. 
  Wednesday we went out to dinner with Mick and Marisol for pizza and ice cream. The boys (and Justy and I) love spending time with Marisol and Mick. They loved posing as flowers before we had dinner. There favorite part was going to bed late...ah to be a kid. ;)
  Friday I wanted to take the kids to Happy Hallow, but it was raining so I took the opportunity to go to MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) and the kids got to have a drop off playdate with Jeremiah and Daniel and do crafts, which they enjoyed.
  On Saturday, Grammy took Vander for lunch, facepainting and to see Cats the musical at her school. He loves going to plays with Grammy and that gave him a very special afternoon with his Grandma. He also got to skip quiet time, which he loved.
Ollie eating carrots from our winter garden.
  I wanted to finish the weekend with a bang so after the morning of gardening- we planted our summer vegetables...we spent the afternoon at the skating rink. This was the first time that the kids had ever gone skating and they both did a great job. Vander skated the entire time and worked up quite a sweat. By the end he could even skate without holding our hands. Oliven had less confidence, but still enjoyed himself quite a bit. It was the perfect ending. Vander asked me to add it to the list of sports to sign him up for. Sadly, the only skating rink in our area is closing in May. :(
  Ollie is looking forward to his Spring break so he can have some special dates too. I would say Vander enjoyed his time off school very much. My favorite part was making him happy and getting an extra hour of sleep every morning.