Thursday, May 29, 2014

Last day of the 1st year of preschool

1st day of 1st year of preschool
My sweet little Ollie has come sooo far this year! He has learned a ton and become a really intelligent, capable little boy. He got to "hang out" with one of his best buddies, Miss Nicole, all year long twice a week. What a blessing. He has loved every minute of his first year of preschool I love him so very much. On his last day of preschool this is the letter I was given:

Dear Mom and Dad,
Last day of 1st year of preschool.
  I had so much fun at the Cubbie Hole this year! We learned all about no running and no hitting. It was so much fun to play with my friends, Dylan and Ahlias. When I grow up, I want to be a dad that stays home so that I can...I don't know yet. I will help others by hugging them. This summer we can swim every day! It will be summer! Love, Oliven
 The kids filled in the blanks, but Miss Nicole made sure to say while the other kids answered leading questions Oliven knew exactly what he was filling in. He can read the whole paper himself. I am so proud of him!

Sur La Table- knife skills

For my birthday this year I asked Justin for a knife skills class and a knife. It may seem like an odd request, but there aren't many things in your life that you use several times a day that you don't know the best way to use them. A good knife is one of those things, and knowing how to hone and sharpen a good knife is a very useful skill that will carry over my whole life (and my husband's and my kids's lives), so we went to Sur La Table. Larry and Theresa watched the kids (which the kids love- thanks!), and we headed to the cooking store. We signed up for a 9am class the Sunday before a 3 day weekend, so there were only 4 people in the whole class-SCORE! We learned some cool new tricks, got to try out 6 different types of chefs knives, learn how to hold them, hone them and sharpen them. We practiced with onions, garlic, carrots, celery, learned a trick with an orange. It was very informative and the teacher was excellent. What a great, useful, informative morning, and also a fun date with my honey. I only wish I didn't have cookbook club right after so we could have spent more quality time together. I now have two new snazzy knives, a honer and a sharpener that should last me at least the next 20 years. What a great birthday gift. :)

Did you know- for all the Grandparents out there

 Vander says to me the other day, "Mommy, did you ever notice how much nicer Grandparents are than parents. They are like WAY nicer. They let you eat way more candy and go to bed later. They don't make you follow the rules a lot."
  An astute observation...I explained to Vander why Grandparents can be soooo much nicer. They were parents first. They had to teach their children how to be good parents by being good parents. They made their kids eat healthy, exercise, and go to bed on time. They didn't fill them full of candy and not make them follow the rules. They taught them right from wrong. They EARNED the right to spoil their grandkids. I explained to him that Mommy and Daddy will some day be the grandparents of his children and we would spoil them the way his grandparents spoil him and HE will be the one who has to make his kids follow the rules and eat healthy.
  "That doesn't sound very fair," he retorted. 
  Ah, but it is because some day you will be a grandparent and then you too will have EARNED the right to spoil your grand kids. You gotta love the circle of life. :)

Vander's innocently innapropriate request

  So on the way home from the Kindergarten gymnastics party the kids decide that Bella and Vander will get married, Jeremiah will marry Addison, then Oliven can marry Maddie and the Lim, Katz, Kurtze and Walter families will all become one BIG very happy family and will all be related. I'm not sure what Jake and Sabrina are doing, but I know that Elijah (who is currently 2 is going to be the older kids collective child).
I told Carrie this little tale and she shared one with me:
  Vander and Bella were sitting next to each other in the back seat and she was driving them somewhere. Vander turns to Bella and asks, "Can I see your boobs." Bella says, "Sure," and flashes Vander. Vander looks and says, "You have little nickels, not like our moms. There boobs are bigger and bigger nickels." Carrie says she wishes someone else were in the car to hear this conversation. 
   Needless to say, we had a little talk with Vander about private parts and how even though girls are not developed at six years old, we shouldn't ask them to show us their private parts. He held back tears and was very confused. I explained to him that the older we get the less people we are naked around. He said, "but it's okay to be naked around family." I said, "at your age, yes." He was baffled that mommy and daddy couldn't run around naked in front of Grammy and Pops. I could see how that could be confusing at 6. Ah, the face of sweet innocence.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Vander's birthday week

  How in the world did my little baby turn 6 years old!!! Holy moly! We had Grammy and Pops over for dinner, ice cream pie and presents last night (since tonight we have his 1st cub scout meeting). He is such a great kid. He absolutely loves math and is very attentive and loving in his own way. He is intelligent and kind. He has a naughty rebellious streak, but it seems to only come out around Justin and I. He is super kind and thoughtful. He questions if only he would listen to the answers the first time. I am blessed to have such an interesting, independent,  and dynamic little boy as my son. Love you Vander.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mother's Day

  Prior to Mothers Day, Oliven's preschool did a little Mothers Day celebration with cookies, lemonaid, and a song...There is a mommy who's the best and Mommy is her name oh. M-O-M-M-Y,  M-O-M-M-Y, M-O-M-M-Y, and Mommy is her name oh. So sweet, and a little art project.
 Larry, Theresa, Katie and Mitch came over for a Mother's Day brunch. Justin and the boys did all the breakfast prep and I got to sleep in. Colby is in town, so it was extra special. The boys chopped bananas for the banana walnut pancakes. Delish. Vander made me a large picture of a Robin and a bookmark with fingerprints. Justin added a shirt to the gift. I sure love my boys!
After brunch Larry and Theresa took the boys to Gilroy Gardens for like 5 hours. They had a great time and told us there their highlight was eating cracker jacks! Colby, Justin and I stayed at our house and played games. Since it was Mother's Day, I got to choose all the games, so that was pretty fun. Justin just made a new spreadsheet for game playing so he is enjoying tweeking it and seeing who is truly the better game player. He is so silly, but it really does make you want to get 1st place, cause you don't want to look like a fool on the spread sheet. ;)

Vander and Oliven's birthday party

  The boys decided this year that they wanted a joint birthday party at the pool. They were very excited to have their party together and since they both wanted it at the pool we figured that would work out nicely. Their only caviat was that they each wanted their own cake. Vander wanted a Curious George cake holding a banana made of chocolate banana cake. Oliven wanted a screw driver Phillipe cake from Handy Manny made out of funfetti cake. We ended up with a pretty small turn out, but the boys had a good time. They wanted pizza and fruit salad and chips. So, what little kid wouldn't enjoy that. They did lots of swimming, but it was pretty chilly with the wind when out of the pool. We brought blow up balls for the kids to play with in the pool and they all had a good time.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Fun weekend

  On Saturday Larry Theresa took the boys out to the movies to see Rio 2 for Oliven's birthday present. The boys had a great time and were so very excited when they came home. They saw a movie, at hamburgers and had frozen yogurt with toppings. They loved every minute of it.
  That night Justin and I went to Sarah and Tom's house for dinner group. It's been a while. Having kids makes life a bit crazier.
 On Sunday, we had the Rogerson's over for brunch and games. The kids watched Alladin, while the adults played Hawaii. They had a great time and so did we. In the afternoon we headed over to The Kurtze house and spent time with more friends. The boys really do love the Kurtze girls, they always have. It was a very loud afternoon, but fun.