Monday, June 30, 2014

House painting

  Our house was in bad need of some paint. The trim was starting to peel off, so now we live in a chocolate house with dark chocolate trim. 3 days and they were done. Love it!

GGMa and GGpa come for a visit

  Anyone who knows me knows that I am a family girl. I was thrilled that Van and I got to see Colby and Freddy on the same day (though in different cities). Then, the GG's came to town when we got back. More family! Yay. GGMa, GGpa, and Theresa joined us at swim lessons and swim team practice on Wednesday morning and got to hear both boys read and watch them both swim. It was pretty fun for all of us. They seemed to be impressed by the boys, which is always nice. We then spent Thursday evening, Friday evening and Saturday evening at Larry and Theresa's house hanging out and spending quality time with the GG's, Heather twice and Mitch and Katie once.
  On Saturday the GGs, Larry and Theresa joined JAVO for Vander's swim meet. He ended up getting 4th in Breast stroke, 4th in Back stroke, 3rd in Butterfly and 2nd in his relay. It was really a nice day (though a bit hot and not as cozy as at our pool). They had me borrow a bathing suit to swim the parent relay. We ended up loosing the swim meet by one point! Bummer.
  Anyway, it was great to spend time with Genny and Bob. They are such sweet people and we always enjoy their company. As for the Dihoodimaneer- I think the boys got GG every time but once. He got them on Saturday night for sure. Vander really wants to know what it means and why they do it. Some things are supposed to remain a mystery.

Emmie and Molly turn 1 year old

Vander and I headed down to San Diego to celebrate the first birthdays of Emmie and Molly. Man, time sure flies. It has been WAAAAY too long since we saw these little ladies! I am such a proud Auntie. I love those girls so much. They are the sweetest, most smiley and calm little girls. Van and I flew down to San Diego and Hedy picked us up (after much drama- she thought she wasn't going to be able to get out of work and wanted us to ask Heidi, but decided it would be too much gas and driving, and was able to pick us up after all). She took us to Fuddruckers in Mission Valley, where we met up with Karen, Grandpa David and Grandma Gretchen. Heidi joined us an hour later. It was really nice. Grandma was in a great mood- very cheery. Karen and Hedy had both brought some treats for the boys, which Vander very much enjoyed. Hedy also brought me a birthday gift. It was such a nice relaxing lunch at a place we know Grandma loves. It was a good choice. 
After lunch, Heidi drove Van and I to the Grand residence (which I call FAME for Freddy, Annie, Molly and Emmie). It was nice to get some one on one time with Heidi in person. She is a great lady. I'm so excited for her graduate school adventures in Minnesota! We spent time hanging out with Emmie and Molly and Annie (we haven't been to San Diego since November so it was almost 7months and that is A LOT when you are talking about babies). They are the most calm, smiley babies. 
We took them for a neighborhood wagon ride and Vander pulled them most of the time. They were a pleasure to spend time with. Freddy showed up as we were finishing dinner. Vander wanted to help the girls get ready for bed and he was surprised and turned to me and said, "Mommy, they are growin' baginas!"
  On Saturday, Freddy and Annie were finishing with prep work for the party so Vander and I gladly spent time entertaining and hanging out with Emms and Molls. They were a joy. During their first nap we hooked the kayak, affectionately named, "Big Blue" (it's a green kayak), up to Freddy's car and then during the second nap, around 3 we headed down to the lagoon for a boat ride in the lagoon. We paddled to the other side of the lagoon, had a snack and made a drip castle in the mud. Vander told Freddy, "Water is my life." He really enjoyed the mud castle, it was his second favorite part of our trip. We came back for dinner and bed.
  On Sunday, it was party day. We helped entertain the babies and finish preparations for the party. Vander showed how little he knows my side of the family when he predicted that Hedy would be the first to arrive (Hedy is always last to arrive and if not last, at the very least- never first). Vander was pretty shy during the party, but he very much enjoyed eating guacamole with Charlie in the back yard. Family and friends were all around and the smash cakes were awesome- truly the highlight of the party (other than getting to spend time with my family). Molly really got into it and looked like a warrior princess by the end. Emmie did good too, but wasn't as excited about the idea. Freddy got in on the fun too and ended up with a purple streak in his bangs. Family stayed for present opening mayhem.
  Monday we stayed at played with the girls. They really enjoyed their water table. Vander chose to partake in a science experiment that consisted of throwing a wet paper towel at the fence with various amounts of water  and seeing if it would stick. This went on for about 45 minutes before the paper towel went over the fence. We also took them to the pool and brought them into the 1 foot baby pool. Vander enjoyed showing Annie all his strokes and dived into the big pool, which to his dismay was a salt water pool. The girls were not big fans of all the splashing. Freddy showed up at the pool just as we were getting the girls out to take them home for dinner. After the girls were down for the night we made s'mores, which Van will tell you was his favorite part of the trip.
  Meanwhile at home Oliven and Justin:
Friday:   Dropped Vander and Ashley off at the airport
·         Stopped by Lowe’s to get lock for our new door

·         Went home to say good-bye to Colby

·         Stopped off at Radio Shack on our way to Nickel City

·         Played at Nickel City for a couple hours, Ollie was really into the car racing games this time

·         Had sushi for lunch (Ollie had tempura shrimp and carrots and tried a little piece of fish)

·         Watched Monster Inc in the afternoon as the painting crew wrapped things up on our sweet new chocolate house

Saturday:   Ollie ate snap peas and raspberries for breakfast because that is what he had for dinner the night before and he liked the idea that he could have the same thing for dinner and breakfast
·         Went to the mall and did some shopping at Target and Sears and window shopping at the Disney store

·         Grammy came over to do laundry and play with Ollie

·         Walked over to Flames for dinner, Ollie had french toast with scrambled egg and sausage, I had a skillet with chorizo, potatoes, mushrooms, and onions with two over easy eggs on top

·         Celebrated Ollie’s reading 80 books with a sundae at Baskin Robbins, marshmallow topping over various chocolate fudge ice creams

Sunday:  Grocery store in the morning after cartoons
·         Grammy and Pop’s house for puzzles and reading in the afternoon and pork al pastor tacos and nachos for dinner

Monday:    I had to work so Ollie watched cartoons in the morning until we left for swim lessons
·         On the way over Ollie fell off his scooter and bit into his lip which set his mood for class when Coach Izzy was on vacation

·         Eventually he got in and had a great time swimming

·         Grammy came up and did ore laundry and stayed for dinner, Ollie’s choice for dinner was shrimp scampi with sweet onions over noodles and broccoli

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Oliven's current stats

  Oliven went to Dr. Nauchbaur today for his 4 year check-up and not surprisingly he is in good shape. He is 3' 4.5" (40.5"), which is the 48% and weighs 37.8 lbs, which is the 62%. We had so much fun at his doctor's appointment today. Oliven read 4 books, got 4 shots (only 2 needles), and then we headed off to day 2 of swim lessons. He is such a little fish and a delight to be around (especially when he isn't tired).

Monday, June 9, 2014

Vander's second swim meet

Vander had his second swim meet, the 1st real one (the first one was just his team to get times). He did a great job. He cut 12 seconds off his back stroke time!!! He swam butterfly in the relay (2:13:33) for 4 laps (one of each stroke), butterfly 25 meters (41.42sec.) 5th place; back stroke 25 meters (42.41sec.) 4th place; and free style 25 meters (40.44sec.) 6th place. The Los Paseos Penguins beat the Almaden Gators 129.40 to 121.12. Almaden has been undefeated 2 years in a row AND the Penguins haven't beat them in 11 years! So, Justin and I figure, what's different this year? Clearly, it's that Vander joined the team. We are sooo proud of him. He really swims his heart out! He has great form and puts all his effort into this swimming. The kids get points for improving their times AND for beating the other kids, so Vander earned his team points for sure! Grammy and Pops came to see him race and Oliven cheered his brother on too. Justin has really enjoying being a timer at the meets and watching his little dude swim.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

50 books for Oliven

Oliven read 50 books and decided to go to the Children's Discovery Museum. We asked Kristin and Trevor to go with us and we had a great time. We brought Ollie's lunch and made a morning out of it. They had some new areas Oliven really liked. They had giant tinker toys and a story book come to life area that included "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie" and "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" complete with the letters going up a conveyor belt in the coconut tree. Oliven really liked building Olaf and giving him a warm hug.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Reading this summer

  At the beginning of May I challenged the boys to read 100 books this summer. Justin and I came up with little rewards for every 20, 50, 70, and 100 books...well, this has gone WAY better than expected. Oliven has now read 44 books and Vander has read 24! Keep in mind that Oliven reads to me while Vander is in school. Well, the boys redeemed a treat for reading 20 books the other day... they decided on ice cream from the ice cream man. This may have been both of their first times buying ice cream from the ice cream man. They both chose chip-wiches...2 cookies and ice cream in the middle---score! They were very excited. I see lots more book reading in my future. :) They are both such good little readers!

Van's first swim meet

  Saturday morning was Van's first swim meet. It was time trials with their team only and it was a great experience. Justin did timing in lane one and really enjoyed it. As for Van, he got to swim every stroke so they could get his base time. I only got to see his first two events because Oliven's buddy Daniel had his birthday party at 10am. So, I saw butterfly and back stroke. His butterfly kicks were amazing. Very technically sound and fast. It was super cute because he didn't use his arms once the entire lap and he still came in first. Everyone said to him, "Man you are going to be really good at butterfly when you remember to use your arms!" He did a good job on the back stroke too. It looked a bit like bumper bowling between the lane lines as he didn't swim straight, but it was adorable. Justin says he did a good job on his other two strokes as well. 
   He also got teamed up with two big buddies, Ben and David. Ben is the head coaches son and he's a really nice kid. He's around 17ish, and Vander felt very special hanging out with him. With a giant smile on his face Van tells us, "he let me sit in his chair and he offered me an apple. I said no thanks." Van hung out with Ben after Oliven and I left while Justin fished up timing in lane one. So cute. What a great experience for all of us. We are excited for next Saturday.