Friday, July 25, 2014

What's up: Raging Waters, the beach, the movies, and Mitch and Katie's wedding shower

  Last weekend, we headed to Raging Waters with the Lim family.  We enjoyed their company, the lazy river, the rides on inner tubes and the wave pool. I had Cookbook club so we had to book it out of there and then we also had the swim team banquet that night. It was a very busy and very fun, wet, wild day.
  We have been going to Twin Peaks beach with the Lim family and it is so nice. It's relaxing, fun, and stress-free. I LOVE days that are full of memory making sans the stress of it all. I am so glad Carrie is taking us along for the ride!
  This week we took advantage of the $1.50 movies in Morgan Hill and the boys and I saw Dispicable Me 2. It was super cute, a bit crowded, but very enjoyable.
  Mitch and Katie had their wedding shower and the whole family was invited. It was really nice to get to see the people important in their lives. The boys really enjoyed helping them open their presents and see what fun things they will get to start their lives with.

Farm camp

Vander spent a week enjoying nature...animals, plants, his best friend Alex, and hanging out on a farm. His agricultural science teacher, Mrs. Funke, opened her home, in Gilroy,  up for the week to the kids at the Charter School. Oliven and I took Vander down each day and then found activities to do while Vander was learning about bees, riding a pony, milking a goat, finding and cooking eggs from the chickens, and shoveling animal poo. He also planted pumpkins and did many crafts.
Oliven and I spent time with Theresa at the park, Barnes and Nobles and Kohls. We went to see Turbo at the movie theater and enjoyed each other's company. It was a good week for all of us, but it was a TON of driving. We even met up with Alex and his family at Gilroy Gardens one day and spent a couple hours riding rides together.

Swim Team

 Overall, Vander had a great swim season. He improved all of his times. His strokes are looking very good, especially back stroke. He loved hanging out with his big buddies-Ben, Nico and David. Justin really enjoyed being a timer. We all liked the family aspect. Oliven can't wait to be a part of the team next summer. At the second to last meet Vander beat all of his times. 
He started the season with Freestyle 48.29 sec, Back stroke at 54.06, breast at 1:02.19 and butterfly at 40.32 (his favorite stroke- the one he went the entire length of the pool without using his arms the first meet). He ended the season with Freestyle 36.06 second, Back stroke at 34.56, breast stroke at 43.18 and butterfly at 45.90 (he had water in his goggles and it wasn't pretty, though his time in the relay swimming butterfly was closer to 39 seconds). He loved the Spirit night and the over nighter. Boat races were super adorable too.
We also had one day for the little kids at Golf Land and Vander enjoyed the water slides too. I am so glad we joined! Vander won the coaches award for "coach-ability, leadership, listening, and being responsible." We are so proud of our little swimmer.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Vander's funny comment: what does it mean?

The other day I took the boys to the pool and we had a picnic dinner since Justin was working late. I told the boys that I was lucky to be their mommy and how much I loved them. I then said you guys have such cute little faces, where did you get them from? Was it from mommy? Yes, they agreed. What about daddy? Vander retorts, "Well, I don't want to be mean or anything, but Daddy has a face that you wouldn't really expect." What in the world does that mean? I started laughing cause it really caught me off guard? He got upset that I was laughing at him, so I stopped and apologized. I still don't know what he meant by it the facial hair? Either way, what a strange and unusual comment...

Rafting trip

Jon came to town to visit and we had a good time spending time with him and enjoying his company. We went to the 4th of July parade (he did work while we were gone), which is tradition on the 4th in Morgan Hill, came home for some quiet time, whent ot Larry and theresa's for a BBQ. Gotta have burgers! Then, afterwards we went to the Morgan Hill fireworks on the field with the Lim family and it was a great show. The fireworks were great, there were even some that spelled out USA. The boys really enjoyed wrestling with Peng. It was a great night, but a very late night.
  Early the next morning Justin and Vander headed to the Stanislaus River in Oakdale to go rafting with the swim team.
They had a blast floating around, squirting other boats from 9-3 and made it back before 5:30pm so we could all (including Jon) meet up for some Chinese food for dinner at Golden Palace.
In the mean time, Oliven and I went to the library, the farmers market, the grocery store (for a couple items), had some quiet time and went swimming. Both boys had great days and quality time with a parent doing a fun activity. It was really nice.