Monday, September 29, 2014

San Diego and the end of the craziness

  To end the craziness of Justin's business trip, his cruise, Colby's trip and Justin's brother's bachelor party in Tahoe and 3 other business trips (all in a matter of 30 days)...I headed down to San Diego. To be fair, we booked the San Diego trip WAY before we new about all this other stuff and we couldn't change the dates because the only other people that are in the midst of more craziness than us is Annie and Freddy, cause Freddy's 8 month long deal is FINALLY (hopefully) coming to a close. I didn't want to add to their stress. Let me just say, I am very relieved to get back to normal. Our lives aren't perfect, but they are pretty good and we have all been stressed for the last month- some of us consciously and some of us subconsciously.
  I flew down to San Diego on Thursday and Karen and Uncle Ken met me at the airport. It was such a nice, positive, fun welcoming party. They drove me up to Annie and Freddy's house and we played with the girls and had some fun quality time together as a family. It was really nice. Uncle Ken has this strange idea that Karen and I talk too much and he can't get in to say a word...he even raised his hand, which was adorable. It was so nice to see the girls...they have grown up so much, the little toddlers. They loved the suitcase of books I brought down for them. They absolutely love books.
  On Friday, Annie and the girls and I hung out and played. Grandpa and Grandma came up for brunch at 11 and we had a great time with them one-on-one. It was really great to spend quality time with them. Grandma was being sassy and kept trying to get Grandpa to leave. He would reply, "Why so we can go home and not talk to each other?" I think he really enjoyed the conversation. Annie made Monkey bread, eggs and fruit and I think Grandpa really enjoyed the conversation. They left around 2pm and we took the girls outside to play.
  On Saturday morning (after working until 3:30am) Freddy headed back to work until around 4pm. Annie and I (mostly Annie) got ready for the family to come over for a BBQ in the afternoon. It was so much fun having everyone hang out. Hedy even commented that we should get together more often when it's not a holiday. We even made s'more's in the fire pit in the back yard.
  Sunday Annie had a baby shower to go to in Orange County. Andrea and Jules came down to hang out with Freddy, the girls and I. We had a really good time. It has been WAY too long since I have seen her and Jules has a full head of blond curls and big brown eyes. All the babies got along pretty well together. Then, around 3 Freddy and I headed down to the storage shed in Spring Valley to see what was really in there and how much there wasn't as much as he made it sound. It was mostly photos, video tapes and some other stuff that is probably not salvageable. We were both glad we was good to have an idea for next time and we both know now that it's not worth the $ we pay for it yearly. I took as many pics as I could and we brought a few other boxes home so they don't get
ruined. It's about 5ftx5ftx5ft of stuff.
  Tuesday morning I hung with 3 of my favorite ladies, then Karen came to hang for a bit, Annie made us lunch, and Karen took me to the airport. It was so nice to get some much quality time with my family on this trip! I cherish every minute. :) Miss you all so much. Love you all!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Vander and Ollie isms

    This morning Vander looked at me and said, "We are rich. You grew up poor and now we are rich. I know I am rich cause I have $25 in my crayon bank, so I'm super rich." I have told them many stories about my childhood and we were for sure living below the poverty line. Freddy and I often talk about what we thought was "normal" that we would never in a million years find acceptable now. Partly we didn't know any better and partly we didn't have a choice. Every day I appreciate and marvel at the fact that my mom raised three kids on her own without being able to walk or see well. And, of all the people in my life EVERYONE I know loved and respected it was my mom.
  Yesterday Oliven decided to write a book about preschool and how much he loves it (he did an amazing job), and when we got to his teachers names, Nicole and Sheila, I spelled them out for him. "Mommy, you spelled Msheila wrong, it starts with an mmmm sound." Oliven has known Nicole for a long time so calling her Miss Nicole made sense, but Miss Sheila he met for the first time when he started preschool. He calls her Miss Msheila. How cute is that, he just put the two together to get an amalgamation and has been calling her that ever since. So adorable!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Pre-school, working out and MOPS

  Life is back in full swing. Oliven is back in pre-school. He is attending the Cubbie Hole again this year (with his best buddy Nicole) and he is reading to the class now...he is a REALLY good reader! He loves every minute of preschool time. He is going Mondays and Wednesdays this year. Preschool is giving me the chance to work out (thank goodness, I have been needing to get back into shape. Summer was rough on the exercise front with both kids at my side all day every day). It is also giving me a chance to spend some time volunteering in Vander's classroom this year. I'm excited to see how that goes. I will be there for at art time. I also joined MOPs this year, which is learning to be a better parent for Mothers Of Preschoolers. I have loved both meetings that I have been to so far. I also was asked to substitute teach at the Charter school this year, which is great news for me. :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Colby, Apple picking, and tball

  Colby and I chatted a few weeks back and he said that for his birthday he would like us to buy him a flight to come visit. It's a little out of our birthday gift price range, but honestly we really love quality time with Colby. He is such a great guy and the boys absolutely adore him and love having him around. While Colby was here we wanted to make sure we had some fun. On Friday, Colby, Oliven and I went to the Children's Discovery Museum and got to watch Oliven growing dendrites and connecting synapses as he thought things through and made gears turn and tunnels for balls. It was pretty cool. It was nice to talk Psychology with Colby, he is always full of good insights. He is a huge reader and is always learning. He is also in the process of getting his teaching credential and Masters in Education. He is also growing a beard right's entertaining. Also, I have been informed he is now going by Christian instead of Colby, but let's be honest, I am not going to call him a different name. In the afternoon I made lasagna while Justy and Colby played a game and the boys watched a movie.
  Saturday morning the boys had their first tball game, and it was adorable! They all tried really hard and were proud of their efforts. They were so cute in their gear- how did I NOT get a pic??? It was really hot and bright...after playing a game at quiet time Colby, Vander, Oliven and I headed to Alex McKay's birthday party in San Martin while Justin stayed home and ran errands and got our new tv and dvd players up and running in the computer room. It was a long party with yummy dinner and the boys had a good time on the water slide (after Crystal, Alex's mom, bribed them to get in by offering a secret bite of cake before dinner). My boys will do ANYTHING for chocolate or dessert- especially Vander. They had fun and I chatted with Colb. We headed home and played another game before bed.
  Sunday we headed to Watsonville for apple picking at Gizdich Apple Orchard. We gathered strawberries and apples. It was pretty fun and entertaining (also pretty hot). In the afternoon Colby went to go visit with his friend Chelsea, Vander and I went to sell Cubscout popcorn at Lowe's and Ollie and Justin stayed home to make stuffed peppers (YUM!), and apple pie.
  Monday morning we all got a chance to hang out since Justin didn't have to leave for his flight to Denver until 10am. Van and Ollie both went to school and Colby and I worked on fixing the toilet and pumping up the bike tires (we did not succeed in either endeavor, but later I had Brian come help me and he was able to do both). It was nice to just hang out with my bro. After we picked Vander up from school we headed to the airport to drop Colby off. It's always too short of a trip...the boys asked if he would come back the next day. He declined. Ollie asked if he would come back some time. He agreed to that. I am hoping for Thanksgiving in San Jose and Christmas in San Diego. All I know is that we  all love and appreciate Colby and enjoy his company and time. ;)

Friday, September 5, 2014

Waiting for my love

The love of my life has been away for 9 days now...not gone, just not here and I miss him like crazy. (How can you pass up a free cruise on the east coast of the US and Canada with one of your best friends that his parents are paying for???) He had a 4 day business trip not long before this 10 day trip and he has 8 more nights away coming up for business trips and his brother's bachelor party. The miss I miss is more than just his help around the house. He is a HUGE help around the house. He is a hands on dad and is very helpful. He does the dishes every night and often showers the kids. He is my partner, not just a guy who hangs out, which I know from talking to other women is not always the case. More than that, Justin is my best friend, my support system, one of the centers of my world. We have always enjoyed each others company, but we really are connected and bonded in a special way. I feel like a piece of me is missing. It's not that I can't take care of the kids on my own, I can, but I miss my partner, my friend, my support, my anchor, my love. I can tell when I talk to him that he feels the same way. I am so in love with him. He is so loving and thoughtful. He appreciates me and I appreciate him. We are a team and a part of each other. Tomorrow can't come fast enough. Someone said to me, "you aren't taking it that well that your husband isn't around." And my thought was, should I be? We are truly compatible and so blessed to have each other. I miss you babe...with all my heart.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Big Sur (Fernwood Resort) with the Lim family

  Justin took the opportunity to go travel on a cruise ship with Jon and his family. Jon's mom paid for the cruise part and Jon is our best friend, so I couldn't let Justin pass this opportunity up...I had already committed to camping with the Lim family so I figured I may as well still go. I love camping, they love camping, Justin tolerates camping, but it's not one of his favorite things and it would keep us busy for a few of the 10 days that Justin was gone.
  I picked Vander and Bella up from school a little early on Friday (Vander had his teacher call me because he was crying because he thought it was going to be right after lunch, but I had told him it would be right before carpool got crazy, so I didn't have to wait an extra 45 minutes in the car). Anyway, we dropped Bella off at home, went to the restroom and got into the other car (the one preloaded with all our stuff) and we hit the road. It was a beautiful drive down to Big Sur...the ocean views were just phenomenal. The conversations with the boys were really quality and I felt very bonding. I really enjoyed the undivided attention and great conversation.
 When we got there the boys wanted to go explore the campground. We went down by the creek and the boys threw rocks, we found a stage and the boys danced around while I sang for them. A lady came out and told me I had such a beautiful voice, I must be a professional singer and requested I sing, "The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow" from Annie. Flattered, I obliged. It was fun, low key, and relaxing...a few hours later the Lim family and Carrie's sister, Beth, showed up and we decided where our tent would be set up and we set our stuff up while the kids started playing. We had some dinner and like the party pooper I have to be nowadays, the boys and I headed to bed around 9pm.
  The night time was okay...we mostly slept soundly. Vander managed to pop his mattress, but luckily we brought a thick blanket to put under him just in case. Another family joined us in the morning, Bett, Bob, Santino and Sienna- Santino went to preschool with Jeremiah. We got along very well. I liked their family a lot. They had a pod trailer- an intriguing idea. We spent the day playing in the water, chatting, the kids ran up and down the hill. We ate yummy meals (Carrie is the ultimate food planner and she asked if I would like her to be in charge of food and I would just pay her back- it was awesome! Her meals were all very well rounded, healthy and most of all delicious). The Korean BBQ was the best! We even had a snack of crawdads that Peng and some other helpers caught in the creek. It was fun just relaxing on the beach area of the creek and seeing how much the kids enjoyed just being outside and laying in the hammock. I even got some quality reading time in with my kids. Oliven fell asleep on the table and then in my lap at the end of dinner. It was about 5pmish.
So, I put him to bed, but his 10 minute power nap had given him a second wind, so he mostly just played around in the tent for a while. While roasting s'mores Vander got stung by a bee and he screamed and cried like he was in the worst pain you could imagine. I put some toothpaste on it and took him for a shower. We headed to bed around 8ish and he coughed all night long. I gave him medicine, but it was a rough night for Vander and me.
  In the morning, Vander was sick and coughing, he proceeded to throw up everything he ate that day. He was interested in going home, but really what good would that have done? Oliven was having such a great time in secret hide outs playing with Bella. Vander mostly sat around and sat on my lap moaning and whining. Vander told me that he had to give his cold to someone because he wanted to get rid of it. I had to explain that if you get someone else sick it doesn't make you feel any better, it just makes them feel sick too.We headed to bed around 8:30 and within the first 5 minutes of being in the tent Vander threw up- not in his barf bag, but on my sleeping bag around waist level and his sleeping bag where his head would go. Luckily his was easy to wipe up, mine was not. It was disgusting and I was not a happy lady. Vander coughed all night long and whined mommy and uhhh in between to make sure that I was awake too. Ollie is luckily a sound sleeper.
  When we woke up I promptly cleaned everything up and put it into the car knowing full well that I would have at least 10 loads of laundry to do when I got home. We had a nice leisurely breakfast with friends, took a group picture and headed home. Overall, it was a good trip and I am glad we went. We had a nice drive home singing Disney songs. Now, I am looking forward to going to sleep and catching up on real rest...sleeping with noise, light and Vander next to me is not my forte.
  I should mention that we also went to Grammy and Pop's house in the afternoon for a Labor day and Ollie's back to school hamburger meal.