Sunday, November 30, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

The boys both had the whole week of Thanksgiving Monday we went down to Carrie's to see her new house and to play. We had a fun morning. Their house really turned out nice. I am very happy for them and so glad they got it! Tuesday, we didn't have any plans, so I took the boys hiking. On Wed. morning we headed over to the archery range to watch Justin shoot a few arrows before his meeting and the boys and I did a short hike on the way back. Thursday morning we had our traditional cinnamon rolls for breakfast and then around 11:30am we headed down to Larry and Theresa's house to go hang out with them and Katie and Mitch. Katie brought her parent's dog and her dog to play in the back yard. We had a really nice morning. We helped pack up all the wedding gifts into the back of Gordon's truck so Mitch and Katie could bring everything home. They are starting their first official house hunt...I hope they find exactly what they are looking for.
   Around 3pm, when they took off, the boys were doing some art and Justin and I took a short walk around the neighborhood. We came back and dinner prep was well underway. They boys really helped out this year. Vander made almost all the cranberry sauce with my help and they both helped with the sweet potatoes and the pumpkin tart. It was a very enjoyable relaxing day that we were all thankful for.
  On Friday morning Rachel Esselstein came by and visited for a few hours. It was good to see her and catch up. She is living in San Francisco now teaching high school. We played several games with the kids while Justin did his Black Friday stuff. Then we got a chance to play 7 Wonders with her before she left. The Flowers family came to visit in the afternoon. The kids, Elsa and Taran, are the same ages as our kids and they got along very well. We were able to play games and hang out and chat. We had dinner (and discovered that their kids don't like their foods touching or mixing), so I guess quiche wasn't ideal, but the adults and our kids enjoyed it. After the kids went to bed, we played another game, then I went to bed and Justin, Mark, and Rena played 3 more.
  We all woke up early in the morning and the Flowers family headed out after a waffle breakfast, some art, and clean-up. It was great to see them, and so much fun.
  Saturday night we took the kids out for Indian food for their first time ever. They both really enjoyed the food and we took them out for ice cream at Sweet Retreat afterwards. They were very happy kids.

San Francisco

Zach and I have been friends since before 9th grade's the story...Jennifer Kazules and I were taking Algebra Enrichment so that we could start 9th grade in Geometry. It was recommended to make sure we were ready...she thought Zach was cute. So, since she wanted to write him a note, she thought it would be less embarrassing if I also wrote him a note. Being a good friend, I agreed and we became friends. At that time Zach was painfully shy and I don't recall ever being that shy. He would call on the phone and I would do like all the talking...we also waited in the lunch line together. I tried bribing him to get good grades in Biology, but he wasn't interested. He was a skater boy (still is) and we have been friends now for almost 20 years. So, we met up with Zach in San Francisco to hang out. We invited Mitch and Katie to meet up with us as well. Luckily they were available. So, we met up at the Ferry building. We thought the Farmers Market would be there, but we were wrong on that account- I guess I should have checked online. Anyway, we walked around the Ferry Building and had some bagels. Justin was not thrilled to pay $25 to park (parking is the worst part of going to San Francisco).
Mitch and Katie had to go, so Zach, the kids, Justin and I headed down to fisherman's wharf. I thought the kids would enjoy seeing the Walruses and also they have lots of lunch options. We got some good exercise in walking down the piers. The boys did enjoy the Walruses very much and they liked checking out what was going on while we walked down. We had some fun in front of the Exploratorium and won some apple chips by playing hop scotch. Justin had some fish and chips for the lunch and the boys and I had a shrimp crepe and garlic fries. Then, after picking a special taffee for a treat, we said goodbye to Zach and headed home.

Monday, November 17, 2014

November updates

   We took a family day and surprised the boys with a family hike and a morning a movie theater date to see Big Hero 6. Justin went out of town for 3 days, so we wanted to get some good quality time in first. The boys loved the movie (so did we). Justin took the boys to Rock N' Jump and they enjoyed jumping around on the trampolines (I was at Cookbook Club).
  The night before Justin left we took the boys out to BJ's for a deep dish pizza and pizzookie...the boys thought it was the best thing they had ever eaten. Vander said, "how did I not know that this crust existed before now?" He thought it was amazing. And, how could you not like a warm cookie with ice cream??? Delish.
  On Saturday, the boys played their second to last t-ball game and had their end of the year party because the coach is going to Hawaii next week. Pizza party at Duchman's pizza and the boys got ribbons, including Justin, for their participation on the Power Ranger's tball team. Somehow during quiet time Vander got sick, so he had to miss Maddie's birthday party at Pump It Up. Oliven and I had a great time together.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Mitchell and Katie Katz get married

November 1st, 2014 is the big day. Mitch and Katie tie the knot. We stayed home and planned to go to a tball game in the morning, but it was rained out- again! So, we headed down to the grocery store and Trader Joe's in the morning.
   In the afternoon the fun began. We got dressed and ready for the wedding and then got the boys into the car (we got them dressed at the Winery just in case). We did a few run through practices with our little ring bearers, and while they hit each other and weren't entirely cooperative in practice, they were perfect during the ceremony. I was very proud of them both. They were both super proud to be a part of Uncle Mitch and their new Aunt Katie's wedding. The ceremony was officiated by Katie's oldest brother, Michael. It is always nice to go to a wedding where the bride and the groom are so in love and are so good together. They really are meant for each other. The ceremony was short, but sweet. Katie and Mitch's vows were full of love and very touching.
  After the ceremony there were pictures and a wine and cheese reception. They boys thought this was great, but tried their best to fill up on it as if it were their dinner. We had a lovely dinner, the boys both chose the beef, so Justin and I had the fish, which was delicious. After dinner and chatting we had cake. The boys both inquired as to when that would be taking place several times. The carrot cake was super yummy- why don't I ever make that?
  The best part, in my opinion, was the dancing. It was so much fun. I love dancing-everyone knows that, but my kids really really loved dancing. Oliven was all about running around like a wild man and then having an adult pick him up, or dip him. He was having a blast. Vander liked dancing with a partner, learning to spin, spinning the person he was dancing with. Jerrie said that he was her best dance partner. It was really nice to spend time with the family and see everyone in one place. I wish we had gotten a chance to spend more time with the cousins, but I did get to chat with Drake and Ashley.
  The next afternoon we got a chance to hang out in Morgan Hill with the GG's, Deb, Bobby, Cordy and the Katz parents. I love it when you have quality time. And, you really can't beat Super Taqueria for dinner. What a fun weekend! Love you guys!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


   I wanted to work out a way for the boys to not miss Halloween and to go to Mitch and Katie's
rehearsal dinner. When I told Vander we were going to the rehearsal and dinner he broke out in hysterical crying with heaving breaths and's just not fair to take Halloween away from a 4 and 6 year old- they start thinking about what costume they are going to wear August 1st (because it's ALMOST Halloween- so they tell me for several months straight). It's the second best day of the year for a kid (second only to Christmas, but it ranks above their birthday cause that's a lot more candy than one piece of cake). Anyway, long story short, it just didn't work out, so Justin went to the rehearsal dinner (I really wish I could have been there, but it was 5-8 in San Francisco and that is really ALL of trick-or-treat time).
  The boys and I stayed home and the Lim and Walter families joined us at our house for a pizza
dinner followed by trick-or-treating. (I took Oliven to trick-or-treat in the morning with both families in downtown Willow Glen from store to store as well). The boys were very excited to have friends join them and it was great to see the Walter family again. They moved to Seattle several months back. We always have fun with the Lim family. Jason and Peng made sure that Justin knew that they were thinking of him by laying on our bed in his clothes. I left the candy bucket on the porch with a sign saying, "take one or two," and their was 1/3 of a bowl left when we got back, so I was impressed.
   The kids were very excited to trick-or-treat. Vander said, "trick-or-treat, may I have some ingredients," and he put them into his big metal bowl and whisked them up at each house. It was super cute. The boys were stoked with each piece of candy, informing me what they got and how many pieces. We were out for about an hour and a half before Jake and Elijah were done, so we headed back to our house. My boys got ready for bed and the other families headed up to the mountains for a party. Vander and Oliven enjoyed handing out candy to people who came to our door while I was reading to them and off to bed they went. Justin came home soon after and we went to bed to be ready for the wedding the next day.