Monday, February 23, 2015

Tahoe with Michaela and Blake

   Thursday to Sunday we took a trip to Gary and Jerry's new "Katz Kabin" in Incline Village. Let me start by saying that the cabin is amazing. Four bedrooms and beautiful with a view of Lake Tahoe. The highlights included: spending time and playing games with Michaela and Blake (and the boys), making and eating delicious foods, seeing the snow and going to the beach within the same hour. Some people actually went into the water. No thanks on that one. Lake Tahoe really is pristine and majestically beautiful with the mountain backdrop.
  The first day we drove to Tahoe and counted flags on the way there. When we arrived we went out to lunch at a cute little Mexican food place and went grocery shopping. Vander wasn't feeling well and he threw his lunch up (he was bummed because it was so good)...I gave him a bag to throw up in just in case- he instead threw up all over his lap in the car. We took a dip in the hot tub later and Oliven and I enjoyed some exploring in the wilderness between the cabins. That was my favorite part of the trip.
  The second day we ventured down to South Lake Tahoe for the morning. The boys and I decided to try a scavenger hunt to unique things and take pictures with them. We walked around for a while and then stopped to have lunch. We had a yummy pizza lunch. The boys colored Blue Dog pizza sheets and got them put up on the wall. They were very proud. We also headed over to Nestles Toll house and got cookies. We traditionally get the big cookie, but they take a while and South Shore is a 40 minute drive from Incline Village, so we skipped that this year. In the evening Justin and I watched Blended the movie (Justin's favorite part of the trip because it was so relaxing.
  Day three Michaela and Blake joined us and we put together several puzzles and played a game after having a yummy egg brunch...we headed to the snow (which was not very much and very slushy), Oliven (Ollie claims this was his favorite part of the trip) and Vander enjoyed throwing snow balls. Oliven cried when they hit him, so it didn't last long. We headed down to the beach and sat and chatted while enjoying the views and the boys played in the sand. We went in the hot tub when we got back and the Michaela and Blake made us all a delicious steak dinner.
  Sunday morning, we were set to leave pretty early and as luck would have it we got to enjoy some snowfall. This was Vander's favorite part. He has seen snow before, but this was the first time he has seen it fall from the sky. It was pretty cool to see him enjoying this experience.
  Overall, a bit of a rough trip with Vander being sick- he is a miserable sick person and threw up several times. Now that we are home Oliven is sick too.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

In the zone

Here we are just living our lives and I am in the zone...I just realized that I haven't updated my blog in a while...Freddy is usually the one who tells me to get on it and he has been busy job hunting here we are. I am finally normalized on the seizure meds I am taking, now it's just seeing what is normal and what is a side effect from the meds. The boys are both great- Vander is always testing his limits and my patience, but he's such a creative and inquisitive guy. He is spelling everything right now. "M-o-m-m-y, w-h-a-t-i-s-f-o-r-d-i-n-n-e-r? It's a fun exercise in decoding, especially since he is still working on correct spelling. He was on time out three times today-once was because he decided to empty my mechanical pencil lead into his and his brother's water cup. Nobody knows why he would do this, and yet he does. As for Oliven, we went to Pizza My Heart with preschool today and it was so much fun. They threw the dough in the air and did tricks with it and then the kids got to make their own pizzas. It was really fun and the kids loved it. I had a cup of soda mixed with seltzer water (and I haven't had soda in like a year) and it tasted like bubbly sugar. I really didn't enjoy it. I prefer my seltzer with a hint of flavor. I guess that is better for me for sure. Back to Oliven- that kiddo is SOOOO smart. Holy cow, he is such an amazing reader and is good at math too...I just hope the school can challenge him enough! Justin is currently in Florida. He has had a business trip every month for the past 6 months. It's not my favorite thing, but when it's only 2-3 days it's not so bad. Alright, nothing else really new right now. Bye bye for now.