Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Cookbook Club weekend

  I always have a great time at Cookbook Club weekend in Tahoe. It's a great time in Tahoe with fabulous women and delicious food. We always do a craft and activities and a challenge. This year we made microwave thingy's. They are basically pot holders for hot bowls. They are really cool and quite handy. It's nice to use a sewing machine with the help of an expert and being mentored the whole time. We also did a potluck based on a book we love. I brought bean pie for the book Ender's Shadow. It got mixed results in the flavor department, but it was a huge hit in the laughter department.
We also made ravioli with a variety of sauces, noodles, shapes and fillings. The mushroom filling, tomato noodles, and browned butter sauce, and the chocolate ravioli with pear cream sauce were all amazing. We made three types of lemon curd, all of which were yummy, but some were definitely more time consuming than others. We also had a roll challenge. Polly and I were making a yule log, but due to elevation she overcooked the cake and while the flip went well, the roll fell apart into lots and lots of pieces and had to be re-purposed into a trifle with rasberry, cake the lemon curd, pastry cream, cake with chocolate frosting, whipped cream and topped with cake and white chocolate shavings. It was really quite tasty. I might even venture to say that it was better than bean pie. ;)
I was in charge of a salad dressing tasting. I made 4 different salad dressings and everyone got to try each one. #1, 3, and 4 were all someone's favorite so I will call that a success. Along with this Abby and I were in charge of breakfast on Saturday. She made a potato bar and I made overnight french toast that was a huge hit. We ate tons of great food and had a good time, but it was tiring. The second night I was awake starting at 3am due to the dryness in the air and the hotness. I just couldn't get back to sleep. Nancy, Polly, Kayte, Christi, Abby, Lana and I had a great time.

Happy Easter

Easter came early this year...we will be in Vegas on Easter this year, so we celebrated with Grammy and Pops on Sunday. The boys had an Easter egg hunt and we had a delicious Easter dinner in Morgan Hill. Mrs. Moo, Vander's class stuffed cow, came with us for the fun and helped hide and hunt for eggs.
  We asked the Easter Bunny if there was any chance he could stop by our house early and he did on Monday in the Afternoon. He dropped off Easter baskets for the kids and hid some eggs for them. Vander said, "I just love that bunny!"

Ollie's tooth

Oliven lost his 1st baby tooth! He is 1 month from being 5 years old and he pulled his 1st tooth out. He wanted to beat Vander to it in age so he was determined to pull it out before his birthday. It's so cute! He likes showing people by sticking his tongue in the hole. Right after it fell out he came to me and said, "I really don't like the way this feels." I asked if he wanted me to shove it back in. He didn't.

Haha...so funny I had to share...

   #1: The boys were sitting at the computer playing a math game that Vander's teacher requested that the 1st graders try at home. Van and Ollie are working together and they haven't really used the computer before so they thought it was pretty special. Anyway, it is meant to be a self-sufficient game that they were playing so Justin and I left the room. Vander, after about 5 minutes, says he needs my help. I figure I will give them a few minutes to figure it out. He calls out to me again and I come in to see what they need. Vander says, " We have been looking and looking at the keyboard and we can't find the number 12 anywhere!" Laughing I suggest they try the numbers 1 and 2. Vander looks Ollie in the eyes and says, "Why didn't we think of that???" It really was precious.
  #2: Vander is writing an Easter card to Emmie and Molly and he writes something like, "Hope you fellows have a happy Easter." I informed him that two girls could be called girls, ladies, etc, but fellows were boys. He looked at me puzzled and erased it to write people instead of fellows. It was really cute. I love how his mind works. :)
  #3: I wake up in the morning and I find that Vander has sealed the envelope for Emmie and Molly's card and he says to me, "I licked the whole thing and NONE of it tasted like candy." I said, "you mean you licked the part you lick to close the envelope?" "No Mommy, I licked the whole thing!" Oh dear!
#4 Vander runs in to me and says, "Mommy he just said the "B" AAAAND the "F" word!" I thought, really, already...he continues, "Butt and Fart!" Phew- those B and F words...
#5 Oliven and I are talking and he says, "Mommy you have to call it a belly not a tummy, because you can't have a tummy button."

Thursday, March 19, 2015

St. Patrick's Day party

Corned beef, cabbage, carrots and potatoes are a must...in my house, so is green milk in your morning cereal and so far the Leprechauns have come every year to sneak some gold covered chocolate coins into the yard...we never catch a glimpse of them because they are so fast and sneaky. They came again this year while we were having a party in the front yard. The kids were scootering around and we had a little potluck. Right before it started I decided to trim the bottom of the fence off so that we could open the gate again. It's not perfect, but it's functional. Yay. Happy St. Patrick's Day. May all the luck of the Irish be with you!

Heather's bachelorette party

  I went down to San Diego for a long weekend. Karen picked me up from the airport and we headed over to Fuddruckers in Mission Valley. We got there around 3:45pm, Uncle Ken met us at around 4pm, and Grandma and Grandpa joined us at 4:30pm. Naps and traffic kept FAME from meeting us until 5:30pm. I'm kind of glad they were late because it gave us a good long time to hang out, chat, and enjoy each others company. After we ate we headed back up to Freddy and Annie's place.
  The next morning Annie and I took the girls out to buy underwear for Heather's bachelorette party for one of the games. We were supposed to bring a pair that matched our personality. We also looked for a dress for Annie (though she ended up wearing one that she already had at home). Then, we went out to lunch at a place called, "Which Wich?" It was a super cute made to order sandwich shop with every option you can imagine and a few more. Yum! We headed home for the girls nap time. Kelly showed up and we hung out at with Emmie and Molly until Freddy got home. We headed out to Temecula for the first night of fun. We got there around 7pm, ate some pizza, had our eyebrows waxed, played flip cup, played "Cards Against Matrimony" and enjoyed some relaxing time in the hot tub. We went to bed really early in the morning after trying to get Heidi into her pajamas, but only succeeding in getting her wet bathing suit on her for bed.
  The next morning we had a breakfast buffet, lounged around by the pool. Kelly soaked up the sun, I soaked up the shade. ;) Then it was time to get ready to go wine tasting. We did 7 tastings at the first winery and 6 at the next. It was really blazing hot at the first winery, but the scenery was gorgeous and the wine was good. The second winery was air conditioned and the wine was really really good. Afterwards they told us about the underground prohibition style bar. Annie, Kelly, Heidi and I headed down while the rest of the party headed back to make dinner. Sangria's, a cheese platter, and great conversation ensued. This was one of the highlights of the weekend. After we were done we headed back to the house we were staying in and Heather opened her presents, played the underwear game, we ate dinner and everyone got dressed up to go out dancing.
 There was supposed to be a party bus, but it apparently broke down in San Diego. Annie, Kelly, John, and I (after I took a bit of a nap on the chairs at the table, but rallied when I ate a cookie) headed over to the club in Pechanga in an Uber around 9pm. While Annie and I enjoyed some dancing on a mostly empty dance floor Kelly was put on "Restriction" by the club for being too intoxicated. She did not like that and ended up getting herself kicked out of the club for arguing with the bar tender and bouncer. The rest of the group arrived about an hour later. As Heidi was walking in her 3" heel broke. Luckily Kelly was on her way out when Heidi arrived, so they traded shoes. Kelly ended up going back to the house and hanging out in the hot tub by herself for about 3 hours. The rest of us stayed at the club and danced for hours. I LOVE dancing! I got compliments on my dancing from three separate people. People are always astounded when you can dance freely without being drunk. They also had Heather do some bachelorette kind of activities like practicing walking down the isle with a stranger, etc. We went home in a stretch limo and hung out for several more hours.
  Most of the weekends detail are not appropriate to put in my blog, but suffice to say it was an amazing weekend full of bonding, laughing, over sharing, drinking, and more laughing. There was definitely not much sleeping involved.
  We headed home Sunday morning and played with the girls the rest of the day. Freddy set up a water area for the girls in the back yard. They were hesitant at first, but ended up having a great time.
 Monday morning I got to babysit the girls and we had a great time together. We did lots of coloring and played play dough for a long time. Afterwards, they both wanted to go pee in the potty, so I let them try and they were both successful. I got them dressed and Annie came home soon afterwards. She packed us a picnic lunch and we headed to the park to play and meet up with Freddy. Annie and the girls dropped me off early at the airport. I proceeded to sit down and rest and fell asleep. I almost missed my plane when I heard them call my name for last boarding call!
  I missed my guys, and while I am still very short on sleep, I am happy to be home. What a fun weekend indeed!

Tball has begun

Tball opening day was a long, hot morning. (I very much did NOT enjoy it at all- why in the world do they do that?) Anyway, the Spring ball is SOOOO much more hard core than Fall ball. The boys are on the Blue Rocks team with a tall, blond, woman coach. Justin thinks she is very hard core. They boys are enjoying tball. There uniforms are pretty cute. They are required to hit off the pitching machine now, which will be an adjustment for Oliven, but I think he'll get used to it. Go Blue Rocks!

Sleep Apnea

  So, apparently, to add to my laundry list of newly diagnosed crapola... I ALSO have sleep apnea- it's mild, but apparently if not taken care of now, in the future it will cause a plethora of health issues. Bleh. So, I tried the mouth piece for several months- it messed up my jaw and pulled my teeth away from where they were supposed to be, my bite was off and I had huge gaps in my back teeth, so on to the breathing machine. The first few nights it caused me major anxiety...I just got my permanent machine. I now have to figure out how to get used to it. We will see how it goes. I hope I adjust faster than I think I will. I could use some good quality sleep.

Cooking class girls night

I had a great time with Erin and her friends at a cooking class with a lovely British home cook at her home. She calls her business, "You Say Tomatoes". She was really sweet and her food was organic, fresh, creative and yummy. I enjoyed the evening and all the ladies were very friendly...I should hang out with them more often. What a nice group and a fun evening.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Clothes shopping with the ladies

  I have not bought clothes for myself in quite a long time...other than a few shirts at Old Navy now and then when they are on sale and a pair of pants a few years ago the only real purchase I have made in the clothing department since pre-Vander has been a couple of bathing suits and bridesmaids dresses, so I asked a couple of my girlfriends to help me out. We took a trip to Marshall's last night and it was amazing. There are actually clothes that look good on me...it was great. Carrie is quite the shopper! I had no idea. I knew she liked to shop, but I didn't realize how  good at it she was. I will definitely have to go shopping with her for work clothes when I go back to work! Christi, Carrie, Ann (Carrie's mom), and I made an evening of it, then headed over to The Cheesecake Factory for a fun ladies night out. It was a really enjoyable evening. Who knew shopping could be fun again instead of just a necessary chore. Thanks ladies!!!

Murder Mystery Party

  What a fun evening! At the Charter School Auction this this school year Justin and I purchased slots in the Principal's Murder Mystery Party. It was the perfect choice since I LOVE Murder Mystery parties and Justin enjoys them as well. It also gave me a little time to hang out with the Principal at the school where I would like to get a job. (Who knows if it will help, but it can't hurt). We had so much fun! The evening started out with just the Principal, Paige, and her husband and us hanging out and chatting for a while. Then, everyone else showed up and the party started (they were all really friendly, fun people). We had several hours of being in character (I was "Molly Ringworm" and Justin was "Steven Spielson" and playing the game. I was to avoid Justin at all costs, and to flaunt my daytime "Emmy" to everyone I saw. We were also supposed to convince people to give their money to us...then, the lights went out and dun dun dun...Justin had been Murdered and was lying on the floor. Paige put tape around him, which was hilarious. Then, we took a break for dinner and continued the fun.  Finally, we tallied up the score and guessed who we thought was the killer, best acting, best dressed and most money. Justin and one other guy that I was the killer. They were the only ones who guessed correctly. It turns out, I swept the night. I was the killer and won all the other categories. It was truly a blast of a night and Justin and I really enjoyed ourselves.