Thursday, June 18, 2015

Colby's Master's graduation

  Freddy and I flew to Portland to see Colby complete and celebrate a huge milestone. He graduated with his teaching degree in English and a Masters degree in education. We are soooo proud of him! He made it though a very tough year and came out the other side with some thing great to show for it that nobody can ever take away from him. Go Colby Christian!
  Freddy flew to San Jose and we met up at the airport in to continue on to Portland, Oregon to meet up with Colb. When we got there Colb had one last class to go to, so he dropped Freddy and I off at his house and we walked around from there. We ended up at a cute little bar that looked like a house called Starky's. We ordered a spinach artichoke dip and citrus beer. The beer was good for beer, but the artichoke dip and the bread it came with were amazing! It tasted like they went out back to the garden to grab the spinach and the artichoke and melted it with some cheese! YUM! It was on Stark street in South East Portland. We enjoyed the start of our trip and headed down to a food truck pod called "Good Food Here." It was recommended by a local nearby. Freddy and I decided to share a gyro (I love lamb and Greek food, but don't usually get to eat Greek because Justin isn't a huge fan), and a mushroom beer burger.  Freddy got some beverages and we sat and chatted for quite a while, so long in fact that Colby came to meet us. We headed back to Colb's place after we sat and marveled at how light it was after 9pm. We stayed up way too late hanging out and chatting.
  The next day Colby introduced us to a game called, "Rise of Augustus". It was really fun. We ended up playing it 10 times while we were there because we all enjoyed it so much. (Alex enjoyed it the least, but she was a good sport and we played a couple of party games for her). We walked over to Blue Star doughnuts and split some good flavored, but very expensive donuts. Colby couldn't believe the prices and had a burrito instead, which he ended up giving part of to a very friendly homeless man after discovering that it had some beans in it. Freddy decided to try cold pressed coffee- it was delicious. After playing some games we headed to graduation. It was a very very very long graduation in a super hot auditorium. We were happy to be there though to see Colby get hooded. We are all so proud of him and what he accomplished. I know it was a long hard year for him, but he made it though and has a Master's degree to show for it! Yay Colby!!!
  After graduation we headed out to Sen Yai Noodles for a congratulatory dinner. Spicy Thai food and noodles- how can you go wrong for Colby? We enjoyed our meals and then decided to go for the Durian ice cream. Everyone was a good sport, but it really did smell horrible. Freddy and Colby enjoyed the texture and it tasted good, but getting past the smell was no easy feat. So, we headed across the street to the "Salt and Straw" ice cream parlor. There was quite a wait, so, you know it was good. We ended up ordering two ice cream flights- almond brittle, woodblock chocolate, potato champion, coffee bourbon, snicker doodle, peanut butter, olive oil and chocolate gooey brownie. I thought the olive oil was the best. Colby liked the potato ice cream. (They had several food truck savory dishes that they had turned into ice cream flavors). Then we headed back to Colby's and played some games.
  The next morning we walked over to Voo Doo donuts and had some very interesting and gigantic donuts. From there we picked Alex up and headed to the Saturday market and Farmers market in downtown Portland. It was very cool, and super fun. Down town is really beautiful and Colby knows so much about Portland that it was like having our own tour guide. We walked across the bridge and saw the Portlandia statue after sampling the fruit at the farmers market and Freddy buying some Vietnamese coffee. We had some food truck lunches. Freddy and I shared a lamb gyro salad and the other dish was like shredded lamb with tomato sauce over a pita or something like that. It was interesting. After several hours of walking around we headed back to the car and decided to head over to the "Hair of the Dog" bar that Larry recommended. We got a flight and shared it. It was really hot in there and loud. It wasn't my favorite and the beers where pretty bitter, but I could see the appeal if it was a cooler day and you like bitter beer. I still really enjoyed Starky's. Back to Colby's for more game playing fun. We also had some conversations that got a bit too serious.
 Sunday morning Colby and Alex took us to a breakfast place what was cute, quaint and delicious. We all really enjoyed our time and had some good grammar discussions. It was very intellectually stimulating. Colby took us over and gave us a very fun, informative history lesson all about the cemetery across form his house. Then, of course, more game playing fun. Mom showed up in one of the pictures. We know she is super proud of her three kids all having Masters Degrees! Too soon it was time to say goodbye and head to the airport. What a lovely trip to Portland. I LOVE spending time with my brothers!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Swim team

  The time has come to spend quality time with our summer family at the pool. This year Oliven tried out to be a Los Paseos penguin. I had my doubts, but he made the team and he is doing pretty darn good. We had time trials over the weekend and after the boys got past their anxiety they both did great. They are buddied with Maddie and Ben this year, which couldn't be a better match for the boys. Ben and Maddie are both great roll models, super sweet people, and very smart.
  At the first meet Vander did great in all of his races, and improved several of his times from last year. Oliven had a rough butterfly, but man oh man was his breast stroke awesome! Yay for my penguins. I am a very happy, proud mama!
  The second picture is from Penguin Madness- it's on the bulletin board. The boys were on the black team together and they really did a great job sticking together and watching out for each other. They really are best friends and good buddies.

Oliven is officially done with preschool

 May 27th, 2015 marked the end of an era- Oliven is officially done with preschool. He is going to LOVE elementary school. He is really excited about it and about going to the same school as his brother. He really wants me to be a teacher at the same school- fingers crossed. He was so cute at graduation and I only cried a little bit, but only cause the ceremony was so quick. I love my Oliven. He is just growing up so darn fast! Tell me he is not the cutest little fella you have ever seen! I'm so proud of my little munchkin.