Monday, November 30, 2015


  I am so thankful for family. We had such a great Thanksgiving break this year. We loaded up the car and headed down to Anaheim to see Freddy and Annie's new house. Not surprisingly it is gorgeous. Huge, and perfect for hosting. The biggest hit seems to be the hot tub by far. We all went in several times. It really is a great place to chat and bond. Everyone from our family came over for Thanksgiving, except Heidi (she stayed in Minnesota this year), Kyle, and Kenny never comes. It was great to catch up with Colby and it's always great to hang out with the Grand's (FAME). The girls are adorable. The had a really lovely thanksgiving day. Everyone stood in a circle and said what they were thankful for. Grandpa was very emotional. I really felt like I was able to spend time with everyone there. Annie set up a baby pool to bet on when the baby would be born. I'm going with a boy before the due date. Come on baby.
   We also took a trip to downtown Disney with the boys and girls. It was a bit chaotic, and mostly just shops, but they enjoyed seeing all the Disney stuff and eating pizza. The boys loved that they had a Lego store. They recently decided to combine all their money and I think Oliven finally realized why that might not have been the greatest idea since Vander didn't want to buy what Ollie wanted. The boys also took a trip with Freddy and Justin to a play area for one of the mornings and had a good time running and bouncing around.
  When we got back to San Jose we decorated the house with all of the Christmas stuff. The Christmas spirit is not lost on my kiddos. They loved every minute of it.

Sunday, November 22, 2015


The boys asked us a few years back why we get to go on dates and they never do. We didn't really have a good answer for them, so we decided to start taking them on dates. I took Oliven to paint pottery then to Cheesecake factory for dinner and cheesecake. I asked him what his favorite part of our date was and he said, "every minute of it mommy because I was with you."  Justin took Vander to the batting cages followed by fast food and ice cream with cones at home while they watched a cartoon together. We all had great nights bonding together- seperately. ;)

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Grands and Halloween

The Grand family was going to come to San Jose to visit a while back on Labor Day weekend, but life got in the way. We rescheduled and they came up for Halloween weekend. We all had a really good time. They flew in on Halloween morning and we went straight from the airplane to Vander's baseball game. We all got to watch him pitch. I think he did a pretty good job for his first try. We had a tea party, went trick-or-treating and got/ate way too much candy, went for a walk, visited Chuck E Cheeses, and made some faux cookie dough together. I am not really sure where the pics of everyone in their Halloween costumes went, so this cute pic will have to do. The kids really enjoyed having their cousins around.


Major blogging FAIL! I can't believe I didn't write a single blog in October...nobody is impressed, especially not me. I have been working (not that it's a great excuse- I have had write a blog on my list of things to do for a month). Anyway I love my classroom and the boys are both very happy with their teachers. Oliven really loves school. Jeremiah and he are inseparable buddies. It's been pretty chaotic at our house because of all the changes. I have been subbing on Mondays and Tuesdays when they call at the Charter school and teaching at my own school, Anderson, on Thursdays and Fridays. On Wednesdays I am a table leader in Mom's Next (the extension of MOPS).  Then, right afterwards I volunteer in both of the boy's classrooms for an hour each. I also have to plan with my partner after school. It has been a huge adjustment for Justin. I just hope it gets easier over time. I can't garentee that it will be easier when I have a full time job, but it will be more consistant anyway. I know Justin wishes that I wasn't working. We will have to figure out what works best for our family. It's a work in progress right now.
   What did you miss you ask...well, both boys performed fun things about bugs at Fall exhibition. Vander's class taught us all about pollination. Vander was the narrator. Oliven was an ant and taught us all about what bugs do and even sang a song about them with the other kinders. Justin and I went to the Fall Exhibition and this year my school principal, Christy, and the Resource specialist, Camille, joined us. We didn't win much- one pair of earrings, but we had a good time.  My cookbook club took a trip to San Francisco for our 5 year anniversary and walked around the city from foodie shop to foodie shop. We stopped by a Cookbook store, had a fancy tea, went Olive oil tasting, had tons of yummy treats and ended the night having pizza. It was a great day. The guys stayed home and had a great day together. We also made tamales as a cookbook club which was pretty cool.
   Vander lost a tooth and overall, it was a pretty quick month. We also had Halloween, but I think I'll write another post for that one.