Monday, January 25, 2016

Dec and Jan.

So here's the skinny on our late Dec. and January in no particular order:

 We went roller blading with the Lim family. It took a long time to find a date that the Sports Plex was actually open for skating and both our families were available. We went to Mod Pizza beforehand and the kids really enjoyed the skating. It was the first time my kids have gone. I think they will want to go again for sure. (Which reminds me - I REALLY need to teach them how to ride a bike).
  Justin went to Spain for a week for work over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend. It was the day after his birthday.
The boys and I used the holiday to listen to the "I have a dream" speech and learn all about the Underground railroad and Harriet Tubman. Later that day I took them to see a movie (The Good Dinosaur). I was not impressed. Happy family, then dad dies, then little dinosaur gets lost. Pretty much a bad remake of Land Before Time. Oliven is really into dinosaurs though, so hopefully it was helpful to his research. He is writing a book about dinosaurs of his own volition. (Inspired by Vander deciding to research and make a posterbboard about fish of his own volition).
   For Hannukkah this year Katie and Mitch gave Vander a gift card to take a cooking class at Cucina Bambini and so I took him for a pasta making class that was "mommy and me." We had a great time making pasta from scratch and learning how to make marinara and alfredo sauce. Vander thought he was going to be judged and critiqued. He was plesently surprised that this was not the case. He really enjoyed it and was inspired to make another pasta meal at home for the family. He is quite the cook. He made a deep dish pizza over the break as well as a chocolate dessert.

   Over the break the Los Paseos penguins were invited to the pool to take a "Polar Plunge" and get hot cocoa and donuts for their craziness. All three of my guys decided to do it. The water was 45 degrees. Yikes. A lot of the swim team kids joined in the fun/crazy.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

  It's tradition! Vander and Oliven headed over to Grammy and Pop's house for a night of fun. They left around 2pm for some pants shopping, followed by lots of games, dinner treats, a movie, and of course ringing in the new year (at 9pm). They of course had a blast. They love New Years Eve with their grandparents! This year they even got new superhero jammies and pillowcases. What a fun surprise.
We stayed home and played games with Camille and Jon (who flew in for a few days to hang out and play games). We played games, drank sangria, and played the night away. We even made it to midnight this year. Happy New Year everyone!


  I feel like I neglected to post about Hanukkah- it was pretty uneventful. The best part is always Larry's delicious latkas. This year we actually ran out.


      I made a deal with Justin last Christmas that we would stay home for Christmas this year. We hosted Christmas Eve by having Larry and Theresa join us for a night of appetizers and clam chowder. It was a delicious spread and a delightful evening. The kids opened up their minion jammies and we had a nice evening.
   In the morning the boys were up at 6 checking out the stuff that Santa had brought, which is always a joyous occasion. We had to say goodbye to Teddy for the year. Vander had quite a penpal situation going on with Teddy this December as he was challenged to exhibit good choices and behavior.
The boys both got games and books and were stoked. Larry, Theresa, Mitch and Katie joined us for cinnamon rolls, egg mess and fruit salad for a lovely brunch before opening up with Christmas presents. Baby Evan came in Katie's tummy. Holiday music, good food, and family- now that is Christmas. I of course missed seeing my family, but it was a truly enjoyable Christmas morning in every way.
When everyone left, the boys had some quite time and we headed down to Grammy and Pop's house for Thanksgiving dinner: take 2. Always yummy. We tried to take a family picture, and Justy decided that it would be better if we were laughing, so a funny face pic would make that happen. He was right. Here is the funny one for everyone's enjoyment. Justy got four new games so he's pretty happy this year.