Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Little biker

  Oliven decided a few weeks ago that he wanted to learn to ride a bike and then surprise his brother and dad. Today I took him out for his second real practice and he did it all by himself. He took some spills, but overall did a great job. He ran right into the curb once, which was his "thorn", but I am so proud of him and he's pretty pleased with himself. I hope Justin and Vander are equally as impressed.
  A few days later Vander joined the ranks as a bike rider. He has been practicing a lot and really enjoying his new skill.

Music for the rest of the year and drama too!

  The Charter school finally asked me if I would officially sub Monday-Wednesday for the rest of the year in Music and Drama. I decided to say yes despite the fact that it is a bit stressful for me. I am now responsible for planning music for 1st-3rd grade (3rd grade has some songs they want me to help the kids practice and add some motions), putting on a musical for 4th grade, and planning drama for 5th and 6th grade. I am not quite sure when I will do all the planning for Anderson. I usually use one full day to plan for my third grade class. I could tell they really needed me. They are still not sure if there will be an opening next year (that is really up to the current music teacher, but they think if he doesn't come back that will be the only opening). They think they will know more by the end of the week. He has been having trouble with his kidneys for a few years now and it has been really bad this year. Lots of dialysis and hospital stays. I hope he gets better! As for the job, I know a 2nd grade teacher is leaving, but someone on staff was promised that job already. Unfortunately there are no jobs available at Anderson next year as far as anyone can tell, so if their is no music position available at Charter I will have to do some job hunting. Perhaps the Morgan Hill School district??? Who knows. Only time will tell, but not knowing what will be happening can be stressful for planners like myself.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Vander pitches while Ollie jumps around

   This Spring Vander is on the Angels baseball team and he is really enjoying baseball. He has always liked it, but now he wants to practice to get better. He got to pitch in the first game as the opener and he did a great job. He was super serious about it and struck two kids out right off the bat. Pun intended. Yay Vander. It's really nice to see him being so passionate about a sport.
  I told Oliven he needed to pick a sport to be active (especially since he is content to just sit and play by himself). After humming and hawing about soccer, baseball, tennis, and several other he decided he really wanted to do swim team. I looked into it, but it was expensive and far. I promised him that this summer we would of course do LPAC swim team, but in the mean time he has to pick another sport. He wanted to do gymnastics, but Vander was adamant that gymnastics was only for girls. I told Ollie I would look into it. It turns out starting at 6 years-old they split the classes into all girls and all boys. Until then he started a class that is mixed boys and girls and he loves it...every minute of it. He tells me that Wednesdays are his favorite days because of gymnastics. The second day of gymnastics he turned to me and said, "Mommy, this has been the best day in my entire life, or maybe it was last Wednesday because I had gymnastics that day too." Pretty high reviews. :)

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Glowing reviews

   I had my year-end review with the principal, Christy Flores, at Anderson Elementary school. I really think she is great. I feel very supported by her and enjoy working for her. I love how approachable and down-to-earth she is. Back to my review...she said that she was worried that someone who wanted to work with Ann would be difficult. Then, she said that when she met me she could tell that I was competent enough that I could do her job. She liked me from the beginning. She has done 2 observations in my classroom and pops in from time to time. She says that she thinks I am a natural teacher and that I have a gift. In her words to me she said, "You have to keep teaching. I have lots of good teachers here, but only a few that are excellent. You are definitely excellent. I would send people in to observe you to learn from you." I think she may be exaggerating my abilities due to limited times in my classroom, but really you can't receive higher praise than that. Earlier this year she said that she would give me any grade with any partner if I would agree to stay at the school. Currently she doesn't have an opening, but you never know...I'm still hoping for a job at the Charter school, but I do really love working at Anderson.