Thursday, May 26, 2016

Vander turns 8

Vander wanted to make sure he could invite as many people as possible to his birthday party and so decided a pool party was the way to go. Two other kids from his class ended up having their bday parties on the same day. We chose Sunday afternoon so that we wouldn't have to compete with baseball and soccer. He ended up having a great party. Bella, Peter, and Naveed's came so that made everything great. Nate also showed up and they had a great time.
   The next weekend we had the family over for a family dinner, which was really nice. We didn't get a group shot though because Evan decided he was ready to go. It was really neat though because Deb was in town too. :)

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Oliven turns 6 and a seder

  This year Passover happened to be on Oliven's actual birthday and he agreed to go over to the
Kurtze house for a Sedar. It was a really neat evening with friends. We got to hear part of the Passover book read in Hebrew. It was a long and entertaining evening. Justin and Arielle's brother were having a great time laughing throughout the whole evening. It was nice to see Justin being such a part of the fun.
   The sweetest boy I know turned 6 this week. Oliven decided this year to have a bowling party with his best buddies: Jeremiah, Jacob, Cooper, Shane, Audrey, Ryan, Vander, and Nate. Every person he invited made sure to come to the party. The boys that Oliven has made friends with are a very close group who love to play together. He is not a huge fan when they chose to play light sabors or swords, but other than that he really enjoys their company. It was lots of fun and Ollie felt very special.
It wasn't a great family venue though - especially for a newborn baby, so we decided to have a family dinner party at our house the night before. It was a really nice evening with everyone at our place. It was special and a great quality get together.

Quotes to remember - so cute!

  I taught Ollie and Vander to ride their bike recently. While Ollie was riding around at Martin Murphy on the basketball court I said to him, "I'm proud of you Ollie. You really persevered!" He says, "what does that mean?" I explained that he kept trying even when he thought it was difficult and now he is riding really well. He said, "Oh, yeah, I persevere a lot." It was truly precious.

  The other day Vander said something that was really sophisticated vocabulary. I said, "Wow, Van, nice vocabulary word." He turns to me and says, "You should really thank yourself Mommy, you are the one who teaches me all the vocabulary words." (That was the cute part). I then said aloud, "Why Thank you Ashley, you are doing such a nice job teaching your kid great vocabulary words." He turned to me with his head cocked to one side and said with a smirk, "Mommy!"

Vander also gave Oliven credit for inspiring him to ride a bike.