Monday, September 19, 2016

Fall update; summer readiing final tally

  Both of the boys have been really enjoying the beginning of school. They really like having me as their music teacher - yay! They both got to perform at the back to school Hispanic Heritage festival at CSMH. Oliven performed "De Colores" and Vander did the body percussion and sand "Que Llueva" with the 3rd grade under my direction. They both did a great job. Afterwards they did the macarena. Oliven did not like the buddy shaking. He found it quite offensive.
  Vander is loving baseball and really coming into his own as a pitcher and an all around player. He is also doing really well with his typing.
  Oliven is loving piano and gymnastics. He got to meet Aly Raisman (an Olympic gymnast) over the weekend, which was really cool.
  The boys wanted me to write down the tally for their summer reading fun. Vander got 188 boxes (1880 minutes, which is 31.3 hours) and Oliven read 176 boxes (1760 minutes, which is 29.3 hours) with 49 reflections each.

Monday, September 12, 2016

School started

  1st and 3rd grade are underway and so far so good. The boys both love their teachers and have been thriving in their new classrooms. Vander has Mrs. Swope and they still have no desks, so they are using cafeteria tables until they come in! Oliven has Mrs. Miller and is not thrilled that there are some talkers in his class this year. I am getting into the groove of being the music teacher. It's been a pretty great start to the school year. :) Oliven is loving piano lessons and gymnastics. Vander is excited that fall ball is starting back up. I have some pretty great kids!